Sunday, 1 April 2007

Ebay Listings and My Pretty Room

Well it's listing night on Ebay tonight so i've been busy taking photos today. It takes me quite a while because i like to set things up to look like a beautiful display rather than just a quick photo of each item.
Here are 3 of my listings. The first one is the metal pot i mentioned i was doing yesterday. The second one is some sweet little jars that i have had laying around for ages and i finally decided what to do with them. I love how sweet they have turned out. I may just do some for myself too.
The third one is a gorgeous Queen Anne Bedside Table that i have made-over.. I have one myself with 4 draws that i will get around to painting one day...

I have also included a few pics of our front room 'Mummy's Pretty Room' as Sam calls it "You dont take toys in there, uhh ahh" he says. Funny kid.
Still lots i want to do with ithis light fittings, get my HUGE provincial style mirror put up, hem my curtains and hang them...a big pink rug on the floor....
It will get there.

This last photo is Sams recent Artwork that he did for me. It is hanging on our bedroom wall. I love it. Better than a Picasso any day.

Hope you all had a gorgeous weekend full of glorious sunshine like we did!
Shannon xo


Peta said...

Sam's artwork is gorgeous, what a little artist he is!
Love your pretty rooms!

PurpleFlowerFairy said...

thanks bunches for sharing pic's of your home - i love 'em!! and sam's art work is divine =) hugs, debbie

The Salisbury Family said...

how gorgeous is your house?come and help me decorate mine now!!

Cherub*Kisses said...

Hi Shannon,
I love your blog & the very pretty pics... nicely done :))

Jules said...

wow shannon you are a deco genius loves the loungeroom my mum frieked today i showed her your blog (she is starting to understand the blogging thing)she has my lounge she said and so you do so you do good taste both of all the new pics