Friday, 30 November 2007

Decorating For Christmas and some new creations (lots of pics)

Ohmigosh ive been a bit absent havent i ! i think that happens this time of year but doesnt it....theres so much to do. So my sincere apologies girls, i promise that i will get around to all your blogs shortly to see what sweet things you've all been up to.
In the mean time we have started some chrissy decorating. Heres some snippets....

Our Chrissy Tree...

Trees, Angels and Gift Boxes... all made by yours truly.

Sweet little JOY banner i made myself.

And some sweet little christmas pieces ive been doing, some have already been sold out.

My rose petal tree, covered in glass glitter with a glass glitter star

Cute lil' stockings to hang anywhere you please

glass glitter bells...soooo pretty when the light hits them

Pretty Pink Ballgown painting with a hint of mint my Ebay now

Another christmas wreath, covered in glass glitter (hmm, do you get the feeling im lovin that stuff). I kept this one simple yet pretty so it can be used all year round. Its also in my Ebay now.

just some of my recent Faux Cuppies with my new leaf design.

Im making lots of these for orders so be sure to let me know if you just 'have to have some' !

***So yep ive been pretty busy but last sunday we took some time out to go to the
park and the lolly shop *big grins* and to just be silly!Sometimes you just need to put your silly hat on hey!
So heres my 'kids' having fun.

Sam the man in action on the slide....

Even Daddy had a go..LOL.

This last photo is especially for Lori. The lip candy was part of
Sams halloween parcel that Lori sent him. Who needs botox hey! PUCKER UP BABY !

Thats it from me....i'll try not to go missing again.

Bunches Of Pink Hugs,
Shann xo

Saturday, 24 November 2007


First of all a BIG HUGE GIGANTIC ENORMOUS THANKYOU to all you lovelies that entered my lil Chrissy Giveaway :)
I wish i had enough supply to send one to everyone!

Ok then , on with the show...

I printed out all your names and comments...

Cut you all up (in a manner of speaking) and popped you into my favourite Jardoniere...(no Mum you still cant have it)

I then called for my Trusty Assistant Sam....Sam...Sam??? Oh Sam ?????? Seems that Sam wasnt able to make it this time...he was very busy watching 'The Land Before Time' and pretending he was a 'Sharp Tooth'. LOL

So it was left up to lil' ole' me.

(You can tell thats my hand with the paint on it)


Ele @ abitofpinkheaven. Congrats Ele !!! Im Tickled Pink for you. You're truly such a sweetheart and always so supportive of everything i do.

But wait...whats this???? I have this sudden urge to draw one more name....Oh i am feeling so jolly and christmassy today *grin*

Who will lucky winner number 2 be......????

Why it's the lovely Gail McCormack Yikes now i am really nervous sending something of mine to the fabulous and ever so talented Gail :)
CONGRATS GAIL you're a Doll.

Im on my way to your blogs to let you know you won.



Luv Shann

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

~* CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY *~ yippeeeeeeee

Yes, it's definately time for another GIVEAWAY dont you think??
Well since i missed my 100th post (it was 3 posts back...derrr silly me) i have decided that this Christmas Giveaway will be in honour of all you lovely gals who have left so many comments and become such great friends to me.

I am really getting into Christmas now and madly planning my decorating in my head, so i thought this giveaway should be something pink and christmassy for you to add to your decorations this year.
On account of it only being 4 WEEKS (yikes) away ive kept it small so that if the winner is from O.S the sweet lil' package will arrive in time (you can never tell when you send a bigger parcel just how long it will take to arrive....right Lori).

ANYHOOO...all you have to do is leave a comment on THIS POST and tell me one thing that you would ask Santa for this year. The winner will be picked at random by my ever trustworthy assistant Sam.

Oh so what do you win ?????

One of my newest creations....this sweet pair of hanging bells made from heavy card with the prettist pink paper all covered in German Glass Glitter, the softest pink ribbon bow for hanging, a frosted paper rose and even hanging faux crystals to ding dong the bell with (LOL). It's all ready to hang on your tree, mantle, wherever you please.

The winners name will be announced this Saturday 24th Nov for postage the following Monday. So hurry and get in with those entries!

Good Luck Everyone!

Bunches of Hugz
Shann xo

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Extreme Makeover PART 1......Paint Mine Pink Style...

So when i start to paint something i walk around the house with the brush going Gee what else can i paint ??? (Now i know lots of you can relate to that) I become a crazy woman, im obsessed, i must paint, i must re-vamp stuff !
So the other day i did.
The target???
My dining table and chairs in the 'Pretty Room'.
I forgot the before shot with the chairs but. See i was just too excited and couldnt think straight.
All this timber is usually hidden under my Ashwell Rosebloom table cloth.....

Now it's time to say......

Two coats later...

I really wanted to get them finished this weekend but the weather is too hot for painting so i will have to wait a bit.
These are the decals im putting on the front and back of the chairs. They are from Amy @ , she custom made this size for me and even sent me an extra sheet. She is a real sweetie and her decals are the best ever!

I also have some TO DIE FOR fabric coming from O.S to re-cover the chairs.
When i's all done i will post EXTREME MAKEOVER...THE FINALE' PICS. LOL.So make sure you pop back mid-week to see.

Now heres my gorgeous Antique Jarvi Lounge, i love it to bits (i also have the 2 lounge chairs). I have had soooo many people say Oh paint it them i say this...There are some things YOU JUST DO NOT PAINT and this is one of them.
I am however totally over the covers on it, so last night i threw this vintage bedspread over it. Why didnt i do it ages ago?????

AND....a few nights ago while i was watching tv i added some Frou Frou to this pink candlelabra. I am known in my family for not being able to just sit and watch a show and do nothing...i have to have something in front of me to create. I know mums the same, maybe its genetic....

*** Oohhh I nearly forgot....i dragged Sam to some Garage Sales with me this morning and came home with a bundle of goodies. Sam even scored a free Winnie The Pooh Treehouse from a lovely gentleman who thought that Sam was just so cute and well behaved (ahhh hmmm he had him fooled alright!). But wasnt that a lovely thing to do!
I just about knocked over people to grab some gorgeous frames, i HAD TO HAVE THEM (Gail and Alicia i know you will totally understand that).
My bundle of 'stuff' ready to be transformend.

And these 2 totally shabby and awesome chairs that followed me home *grin* i know, i know, i need more chairs like a hole in the head...but how could i not?? Really, no come understand dont you...???? I NEEDED THEM

Ok now i see out my office window that a storm is coming....i might just get to paint that table and chairs yet....
Hope everyone has a gorgeous weekend (we are picking up a slippery dip for our pool tomorrow..hee hee i cant wait!).

Luv N Hugz
P.S Im having a CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY in a few days so make sure you pop back and leave a comment to be in the draw!

Friday, 16 November 2007

Beautiful Presents From A Beautiful Friend (long post warning applies)

This morning Sam woke up sick so i kept him home from Pre-school (hmm...or is he pretending....).
ANYHOO lucky i did, the timing was PERFECT !
At 9am, when i would normally be dropping him off to preschool, the bell at the front door went ding ding and i heard my parcel guy Glen (yes we are on a first name basis) yell out "Delivery Shannon". I ran to the door ( yes i run when i get sooo excited). I was thinking Oh Yeah it'll be my fabric from O.S....NOPE EVEN BETTER !!!!!
The LONG AWAITED, MUCH ANTICIPATED, PARCEL from my beautiful friend
LORI @ pinkfadedroses had at last arrived.
Lori sent this off almost 5 weeks ago, it was meant to be here for Halloween and never arrived. We have been so upset that this parcel looked like it was gone for good......


Sam and i were yelling and jumping around like we'd won lotto! And honestly it felt like we had. Then the excitement went through the roof as we started opening up this box of goodies. I was crying like a baby too ! Everything wrapped in little halloween bags, orange and black tissue paper and a personal card for both Sam and I from Lori ( we love you too sweetpea).


Little parcels wrapped up just for Sam..... books, candy , halloween cutouts, stickers, toys, playdoh....the list goes on. All for Sam.

I think Sam was in shock. He just couldnt believe all that was for him.

Then he was just beside himself with excitement !

There was even a special package made just for me :)
Look at how gorgeous this is ! I love it Lori!

And i love love love what was inside....mmmm CANDY CANDY and more CANDY ! I can feel my thighs exploding already :) AND pink playdoh 'specially for ME Yippeee yippeeee
Oh am i meant to share this candy Lori ???????? LOL, Not likely *wink*wink*

Well by this stage Sam had endured enough waiting so he thought he better pack up some of his goodies and hide them before Mummy eats them all (smart boy).

Lori we cant thank you enough. You are such a doll to do this for us. WE LOVE YOU. Sam has been talking about you all day now and asked me "How do we get to America to see Aunty Lori?" i said "On a big plane Honey" his response was so simple "Well lets go then."
Now wouldnt that be nice......We could give you big hugs and giggle our silly heads off and you would know just how much we adore you.Hopefully you know already but.Im so glad we found each other and i keep our friendship very close to my heart.

Ok im grabbing another tissue now....

****Well i am off to have a snack now...hmmm what shall i have.....yes i think i hear a hersheys lollypop calling my name....ahhh sweet!

Shann (who will no doubt have a tummy ache by tonight)!But it will have been worth it.

p.s There are no pics of me opening the parcels as i had a bit of an accident with a bottle of hair dye last night....hmmm lets just say 'Swamp Green' is not my colour..... LOL (yeah at least i can laugh about it).

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

New Etsy Items And My George Of The Jungle

I've finally listed some new items in my Etsy today so i thought i'd share some quick n pretty pics with you all :)

Its going to be a pretty pink tussie christmas !
This sweet tussie is covered in German Glitter Glass (dont cha just looove the stuff).

Some sweet n simple decorations for the chrissy tree......Made with old fashioned Mica Flakes! I love the vintage look Mica Flakes bring to something.

Another Songbook Angel. Isnt she dreamy! She has been sprinkled all over with glitter glass as well (hmm i see an addiction to the stuff here) and it gives her a real 'snowy' kind of look i think.

Last but not least an XL hanging Lavender Strawberry. I used a favourite Paris Bebe' Cameo fabric on this one and adorned it with vintage lace, paper roses, ribbon and a handmade beaded trinket. Mmmmm the fragrance is soooo relaxing....

~ ~ ~ * * * * * ~ ~ ~ ~ * * * * *
Now this fluffy fellow is my George, named after George of the Jungle. He is a smoochie boy and loves to sleep wherever, whenever on whatever. Favourite places....wherever mummy is of course, and the weirder the better it seems....take a look for yourself.
This is where George propped himself on the weekend while i sat at my desk creating :) needless to say Georgie ended up a tad glittery by the end of the day!

Couldnt you find a smaller box Georgie?

You gotta love the fluffy family members dont ya!

Okies im off to vege out on the couch with a wine and a chockie!
Ahhh a womans work is never done...

xxoo Shann

Friday, 9 November 2007

Heaven, I'm In Heaven.....

MARSHMALLOW Heaven that is !!!!
Oh yummy, my 2 fav things to eat are chocolate (ha, who's isnt) and marshmallows...MMMM Marshmallows (insert Homer Simpson voice here)
Today Shane and i took Sam to TOYS R US and you would not believe what they had at the counter....

No your eyes arent playing tricks on you...they are SHABBY CHIC CHRISTMAS TREE MARSHMALLOWS
Now who on earth could have opened that packet???? tee heee heee

Oh Yeah Oh Yeah Im happy dancin' all over the place!
Obviously they were designed by a woman, i mean the colours C'MONNNN!!!! How much more girlie and chic can ya get??? AND did you notice the FAT FREE in the top left corner. OH YEAH BABY BRING ON THOSE SUCKERS ! Sorry, think im on a sugar high.

Am i excited?? Well maybe just a little **grin**
I am going back tomorrow to buy the whole shop out (i kidd you not). Mum has already stressed that she NEEDS some too :)
SO if any of you lovely gals would like some and dont have a Toys R Us near you, let me know and i'll see what i can do (yeah Lori i know you are jumping up and down right now going PICK ME PICK ME, you little marshmallow-a-holic...hee hee).

Gee i was really getting into the christamas swing of things and now this has made it even SWEETER (ha ha get it, sweeter...) Oh yep its a sugar high, the bad jokes have begun.

Ok i am off now to um ummm, ah, ummm...."eat more marshmallows" (said in whispered voice so i dont have to share)
*chuckle chuckle*

Luv Ya's

Shann (who is currently typing incredibly why could that be???)


Tuesday, 6 November 2007

My Husband Bought Me A Huge Bunch Of.......


Awww how romantic ! LOL
I must be weird because i was so excited! Now i am not a huge vegetable eater but here are 3 of my favs that i love to stir fry. I will only eat stir fryed veges, i am weird that way. So when Shane handed me this huge bunch i just thought YUMMMMM. I am not a 'buy me flowers' kind of girl. I have a garden full of them so i see no need to have them bought for me. Thats just me but. If i want some, i'll go outside and pick them. So here i am all happy and crazy with my huge bunch of green veges **grin**

Thought i'd share with you now some pics of my latest creations. Most of these are in My Ebay now, or will end up there eventually.
I bought some gorgeous new Robert Gordon cupcake cases the other day so i have been crazily making some new Faux Cuppies to add to my list.

These are my newest creation....Pretty Pink 'HEARTS A-FLUTTER' cuppies !They are a sweet bit of fun!

Simply Pink.....paper roses and polka dots! Two different sets here with the heart cuppies at the back.

My CHOIR OF ANGELS. They come complete with Songbooks (i even wrote a little song in them)and glittered Halos, like all Angels should.

Larger sized Angel with songbook. Think i will make one for myself for the top of the Chrissy Tree.

I found this sweet lil' birdhouse whilst out 'junkin' with mum a few weekends ago.
Here she is BEFORE...just screaming out for a makeover wasnt she ! LOL

and AFTER, feeling much prettier...with Climbing pink roses, a pair of oh-so-sweet lil' birds and a garden bed of paper roses.

Pretty enamel teapot that i painted a soft shade of mint, then painted on some of my roses. This one might make it to ebay...not sure yet :)

Last but not least....I am feeling so inspired by Mels christmas decorating that i decided to make some Christmas Cupcakes last night.
What do you think?

All glittery and christmassy with frosted roses too! Definatley Unique !

Ive also been fiddling with some other pretties for Christmas (again more influence from you MEL)....will post more on them in a few days.

Hope everyone is well and happy and not freezing like i am. I cant believe how cold it is here at the moment! Wheres the lovely Spring weather gone???? My toes have icicles forming on them (well ok, slight exaggeration there but it is VERY cold).
Ok then i am off now to make a hot chockie (that will help de-frost my toes you see) *GRIN* and play more Hide and Seek with Sam :)

Feel free to email me if you'd like to order anything from this post !

Luv N Hugs,