Monday, 16 April 2007

Parcels from Overseas and My Funny Son

This morning i woke up to some lovely parcels on my doorstep.It was like Christmas!
My lovely items from Lori @ , had arrived.
I just could not resist these pretty cast iron rose hooks.Now i just have to find the perfect spots for them.....cant rush these things you know LOL.

Now...the most GORGEOUS and DIVINE light switch covers ever in the universe! I just have to convince Shane now that i've bought them we really need to get an electrician in to convert the switches over.....I may need to use my feminine charms here!

Last but not least this awesome tin print from another seller on Ebay that i have already hung in my Kitchen. I have a fair amount of 'Cake Art' in my kitchen....makes it look so yummy and inviting.

My fun story for the day has to do with my sweet son Sam. I have been feeling really tired and very 'headachy' the past few days so tonight i ran myself a lovely bubble bath, lit my candlelabra over the tub, poured myself a kahlua and milk and settled in....I also told Sam in no uncertain terms that he was not to annoy me and he had to go and play with Daddy in the loungeroom. WELL being almost 4, Mummys shadow and very head strong we didnt really listen to Mummy's instructions. I was in the bath for a few minutes when i heard 'creak creak' the door opening slowly, about an inch, 'what do you want Sam?' 'I just need to sit in the hallway and watch you' hmmm... 'ok but no talking.'.....10 seconds later (if that) 'can i talk now mum?' NO!....another 10 seconds 'can i talk now then?'....
this went on for 5 minutes..... I tried the 'Sam, Daddy is calling you' trick, to no avail. My son is not that stupid.... he did however go into the lounge room and tell daddy that he would have to play the Rolla Dice game by himself because he was very busy watching Mummy have a bath, and also told Daddy 'now dont cry'.
Suffice to say it was not the ideal relaxing bath but it was definately amusing having this little pair of eyes watching me and whispering to me (because thats not really talking you know) through the door.

Now, I know 3 people who will read this little story and laugh.
1)Mum. She knows her grandson soooooo well.
2)Jullie. Now she has met Sam she will totally picture all this.
3) Debbie. You can tell Meggan that this will be her and Ashton one day :)

I love this photo of us.

It's those small daily happenings that make life so spectacular .

Shann xo


PurpleFlowerFairy said...

shannon, sam is too darn cute! lol! it's been a long time but i do remember those days... i would go in the bathroom, lock the door and tell both kids to leave me alone for a few minutes and that i would talk to them when i was out of the bathroom - lol! not more than a few seconds later there would be notes being shoved under the bathroom door - ha! they weren't talking... good lord! i couldn't even pee without them wanting/needing something - notes, notes and more notes - lol!!! ya love 'em to death, but there are days you crave just 15 minutes to yourself =) meggan has lots to look forward too... lol! but they are worth every second of it. have a wonderful day! debbie p.s. love all of your treasures that arrived =)

Natasha Burns said...

Shannon add me to the list of those laughing! Gosh you could replace the words 'kahlua & milk' with 'baileys on ice' and 'Sam' with 'Leroy and it would be at my house. Hysterical! Even the same thing 'Now don't cry Mummy'! Aren't they such treasures!!! Leroy's latest is (and I bet this resonates with lots of mums) "Now Mummy, we aren't allowed to say 'stupid' and 'idiot', they're not nice words. No 'stupid' and no 'idiot', ok?". Kills me every time trying to keep a straight face!
Take care now said...

I need to be added to the list of laughers also. How cute!

Oh, I love the rose sign you painted. We do seem to have a similar style. I painted a few this week too. Nothing is better than a day alone to finally get to paint anything I want!! I had all day yesterday.

Jules said...

Love that photo of you sam and smelly.yake a picture of sam and smell and smelly on his own,you MUST scrap a smelly page !Finally worked out the pic in comment problem