Monday, 28 April 2008

I have no idea what title to put on this post...

Seriously now you get stuck with that too? Some days i think ahhh geez this post is all over the can i call it anything?? Then i usually just sit and stare at it and a title pops into my empty blonde head...BUT oh no, not today...ive been looking at the screen for ages (well dustwebs are forming on my hands if thats any indication) heads still empty.....i throw my hands up in defeat.
So here is my NO FRILLS, NO TITLE, NO IDEA post

THANKYOU FOR POPPING BY...maybe you can give it a title??

So anyhoo...Ive mentioned before that Sunday in our house is Family Day. Strict rules apply! LOL.
So yesterday my handsome men and i went to our favourite restaurant for lunch. We had such a nice time. Sam was so funny, the waitress loved him. He wore his new clothes and couldnt stop posing for photos (this is VERY unlike him).
My handsome little young man :)

Now look closely at this pic (click to enlarge it) and you will see Sams beautiful Pink nailpolish :) We did our nails together on sunday morning.... he really wanted pretty nails just like Mummys.

Once the day was over and Sam was tucked into bed i put my new jammies on (are they the cutest or what)....and finished a few things id been working on.

A new painting. Im feeling very 'french' lately !

And a Chalk board to remind you to do all those important things...

These will both be on my website tonight!

A few weeks ago i was tagged by the gorgeous Sarah and the equally gorgeous Pearl, to do The Six Word Memoir that represents your life's motto.... The rules are:
1. Write your own six word Memoir.
2. Post it on your blog.
3. Link to the person who tagged you.
4. Tag 5 more blogs with links (leave a comment on their blog with an invitation to play).

Ive been thinking and thinking about this one and on the weekend after spending time with my men and feeling so happy and loved i decided this was it...


I know i am supposed to tag 5 girls but i just cant choose (i love you all) so i am tagging my Mum Coll @ Colls Garden.
Have fun Mum!

I hope eveyone had a beautiful weekend and has an equally beautiful week ahead.

Pink Kisses
Shann xo

Saturday, 26 April 2008

I can see clearly now the rain is gone....

Yep, this morning we woke up to sunshine! At last ! We've had so much rain, so many cold days...i was starting to get webbed feet....

So off we go today into the garden to soak up the glorious sunshine (we slip slop slap first of course...dont want any sunburn, thats a definate NO NO in this house ).

Hows this for a beautiful sky....

Even Logan is soaking up the sun....

Love this spot in my front yard...i love scattering the fallen rose petals everywhere..they look so pretty (even on top of cats..LOL).

After the rain the roses are glad to see the sun too...

And of course i had to cut a few littlies for inside....i placed them beside the photo of my sweet friend Sharyn who passed away..i hope she can smell them :)

So what are you doing this weekend? I hope you have a gorgeous and safe one whatever you do ....

Lotsa Pink Kisses

Shann xo

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Rain Rain Paint Away....

Whenever its cold and rainy you can be sure im there having a whinge about it to anyone who'll listen..LOL. I secretly do like it but...i love being all warm and cosy inside my home with the air conditioner on, a warm cup of milo (thats a yummy hot chocolate milk drink for my O.S friends)in my hand (perhaps with a few marshmallows too)..hee hee...Ahhh....Night time is the best, especially when Sam, Shane and my Dad have all gone to bed and i can vege out in the warmth and the silence and paint away....
So thats what ive been doing this past week or so painting, painting, painting(oh in between nursing a sick kid, a dog at the vet and me sick as well...but who am i to complain hey)... BUT will someone PLEASE pass the pain killers right arm is about to drop off and my head is thumping!

Ahh, doesnt matter *grin*

Anyhoo heres a piccie of my new painting and some sweet signs..all listed on My Website now :)

Something else thats kept me order of 84 Faux Cupcakes for a gorgeous new store opening soon not far from me. It's called 'La Queen', dont cha just love that name? I'll be sure to take some pics and blog it when it opens soon.

Okies thats all from me this's late and im soooo tired...gotta go nite nites, i need my beauty sleep you know :)

Have a gorgeous rest of the week my lovelies!

Luv n Hugs,

Oops almost forgot...THANKYOU so much for all the anniversary wishes for Shane and I for last Sunday. Truly appreciated :)

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Four score and seven years ago.....

Well not really...but 6 years ago today i married this fella.

Not bad huh? *grin*

Now as husbands go he is pretty great...of course he does do the usual irritating blokey stuff like leaving the toilet seat up (ok only occasionally), leaves his wet towel on the floor, bits of shaven hair in the bathroom sink, doesnt pick up the dog poop as often as i'd like...yadda yadda yadda... BUT then theres the sweet man who loves his family unconditionally, supports me in everything i do and who tells me every day he loves me and that i am beautiful, even when im in my jammies in bed all sick and yuk with bed hair and red nostrils from blowing my nose..ICK.

My hubby is a hard worker and a fighter. For those of you who dont know, Shane is in remission from Hodgekins Disease and we almost lost him several times (You can read his amazing story by clicking HERE and scrolling down a bit to page 3.), so when something like that happens you realise that the annoying things i mentioned before are really not worth all the fuss and bother.
Whats important is right now.

And together we made this precious angel so if thats not worth celebrating then i dont know what is ! :)

So today i say Happy Anniversary Babe to my Best Friend, My Soul Mate.
Heres to many more happy and healthy years Shane...I love you.

Shann :)

Thanks for reading !

Friday, 18 April 2008

Come Shopping With Me..It's FLEA MARKET FRIDAY !!!!!

Quick Quick, hurry, faster, grab your bag (yes yes the BIG one), put your comfy shoes on,ok now grab a chockie to eat on the way (purely for stamina of course)oh what the heck grab 2, now get in the truck (yes a truck..we may need it) and LETS GO SHOPPING ! ARE YOU WITH ME???? C'MOOONNNNNNN
Ok first stop..
Paint Mine Pink !!Yippeeeeeeee.

oooh lookie what i see here.....

2 Gorgeous hand painted wooden coat hangers...all chippy and pink and rosie..just what we like...oh and look they were painted by me :) Fancy that!
For $18 for the pair plus postage/shipping ,i think they'd be gorgeous in your bedroom. Dont you ? Quick grab them b4 someone else does.....i think i see someone else looking at them right now...oh just push her over then, i wont tell.

NOW wow whats this....

Ahhh a sweet set of 3 hand stitched doilies...oooh i love that blue (oh and i hear there are actually 6 available if we need more, you just need to tell the seller if you want them). How great is that! I think you should definately get them at the bargain price of $9.00 plus postage/shipping ! They'd be gorgeous on your Dining Table.

Ok im loving this so much.

I have a bit of a thing for pretty teabag holders and this one is oh so sweet. Oh and look only $7.00 plus postage/shipping! That definately wont break the budget will it!

Ok did i miss something? How did we get to France??

Well Bonjour Madamoiselle i must say that 'Le Bain' sign is Tres chic'. You agree? Oh Oui Oui.
I saw it first, but i guess you can have it for your bathroom....oh look it's painted by the same girl who did the sweet coathangers...oh that was me wasnt silly of me ! And it's only $16 plus postage/shipping. How do i say Good Grief Charlie Brown Thats a Bargain,in French ???

All this Fleamarket shopping is making me having so much fun!

Ok im told that if you are interested in any of these items you just have to leave a comment here or email Shannon @

Ok we still have room in the truck for more bargains so lets go visiting all the other wonderful girls for Fleamarket Friday (theres a link on the sidebar).

Have Fun Shopping and Thanks for coming with me.
BONJOUR, See you next week ?


Monday, 14 April 2008

Warm Sox and Lotsa Giggles

Brrr somebody please turn the heat on!!! It's kinda cold here today so im thinking ok, time to pull out the woolie jumpers and pop on some socks instead of walking around the house in bare feet.

These are my absolute favs...dont cha just luv em! hee hee i can almost hear the carnival music playing when i pop these babies on....

And arent they fab with my new sneakers i bought yesterday! LOL. Dont worry i wont really go out in public like that!

Are you loving the pink laces or what ???

So anyhoo yesterday our picnic and duck feeding went out the window when it decided to rain...PHOOEY to the rain. So Mum and John popped in later in the day for a visit and were promptly attacked by Sam and his Spiderman Web Blaster.

Look out guys..he's gettin' ready to Lock and Load....

Run Poppy Run ! Dont laugh're next on my hit list!

Told ya !

The face of an Evil Genius...baahaaahaaaa

It was fun to just put aside all the worry of getting orders done and just have some fun and a big ole laugh!

I hope you all had a gorgeous weekend with your families too

Lotsa Hugs,
Shann xo

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Who said Night Time was for sleeping??

Well not me thats for sure. My eyes are hanging out as im writing this and it's only 4 in the afternoon...but this is what happens when you spend too much time burning the candle at both are all nodding your head now and thinking yep i know what she means...arent you?
I wish i could get to bed at a normal hour but it just never happens no matter how many times i i work best at night.

So ive been working on some new things for my Website...i hope to get them all in there by this evening...failing that it will be tomorrow..right now id probably take a photo of a rock and think it was a cupcake...LOL

But heres a peek at what you can expect.

Lots of pretty and sweet Lavender Strawberries

Big ones and tiny ones......
And a perfectly pink storage box

Handpainted Corner Shelf

Sparkly for a Princess

This is half of an order i did today for a store i supply to, and i tell you what my right arm is killing me...i think i may be needing the panadol tonight! LOL. Or perhaps a massage even??? One can only try huh? ..."Oh Shane......"

Thanks to everyone for your Super Expert Opinions on what to do with the empty still not sure..i really want an organza/tulle swag but like a few of you said, im picturing 5 cats having a merry ole time swinging from it tarzan style...Oh wouldnt that be a classic photo but!
I also loved Siobhans Teacup idea...but again, those pesky cats might decide they are good for swatting...smash smash smash
Ahh decisions decisions....i really need that massage now..oh and perhaps chinese food for dinner too...

Thanks for popping by!

A very weary.... Shann

Monday, 7 April 2008

An Empty Space..and No it's not inside my head..LOL

"Space For Rent" "Spaced Out" "Gimme some Space"

Well really they all have nothing to do with my dilemna, they just have the word SPACE in them, and thats what i have...SPACE.
This particular space in my wall is driving me barmie but.

This is the view looking from part of the kitchen into the hallway.

From hallway, at front door to the kitchen area.

I need help (yes mentally as well i think).
Most of you would know i have 5 cats and they kinda like sitting up there so anything breakable along there is simply out of the question...hence only 3 things sitting on there right now that arent breakable(oh how id love to be able to put old china along there...)
*sigh* Oh well.

I have some ideas. Want me to run them by you?
Im thinking maybe a big swag of soft pink organza pulled in at the corners and top with bunches of faux roses, and hanging down at the sides....
OR still with the swag but INSIDE the framework and painting roses along the top and sides of the timber???
Hmmm what to do. what to do. I dont want it completely closed in because it does provide light and a nice breeze in summer from the front door.

So what do you think? Expert opinions much appreciated here. LOL.

Thanks Girls!

Lots of Pink Kisses,
Shann xo

Oh and this is what i mean by the cats like it up there...

Sunday, 6 April 2008

A funny thing happened at the Celine Dion concert.....its a long one girls !

Ok girls so there i was last night, all excited to be going to the concert...

See here i am at home with my ticket.

So now,picture me there waiting at the door to get la la la la skipping away, oh so happy, this is gonna be great....Now i knew we'd be up the back, we only had the $100 tickets and were at door 58, but thats ok, we just wanted to hear her off we go, Yes Sir heres our Tickets, Oh thats our seats??? well..ok then...climbing up and up the stairs...higher...higher again...Hmmm second row fron the very back..well ok if we have to...So we sit down, i put my bag at my feet, still happy and oblivious to my surroundings, la la la la, get comfy...THEN I LOOK UP.
HOLY TOLEDO BATMAN!!! Panic sets in right away. According to my dad i went white as a ghost "I cant sit here dad. Oh man i feel sick" It was like peering over the edge off a cliff...i was freaking...Never knew i got Vertigo before now...i wasnt liking it much either. I could feel my legs turn to jelly and my breathing was getting quicker by the second...."Dad i have to go out, i cant sit here". So after a minute when we realised Noooo this wasnt getting any better we got up and walked back down, Oh if you could have seen me, legs buckling, clinging to the side rail for my life....The usher looked at me weird then realised what was going on i think and gave me a Poor Thing smile..err i felt like an idiot.
So we stood outside waiting for me to calm down b4 the show started.....after 30 mins i said ok lets try again... I walked back in..NOPE not gonna happen.
THEN the sweetest act of random Kindness ever for me....The usher realised now that i was in trouble and he pulled my dad aside and gave us new tickets DOOR 6 GROUND FLOOR !!!! These were the $240 tickets! I was overwhelmed! We couldnt thank him enough. That man is a Prince, an angel, a godsend.(I wonder if my Angel above, Sharyn, was watching me and whispered in his ear...)
So once more we skipped merrily along to our new seats and the concert was AMAZING AND FABULOUS and i ended up having the best time! Celine was just as beautiful and brilliant as i knew she would be. When she sang The Power Of love i cried, i walked down the aisle to that song on my wedding day :) then tears again for my friend Sharyn as she sang Im Your Angel with her male back up singer.
Our very own Anthony Callea was her support act..he was also just amazing!
What incredible voices..and i think i sound good in the shower..ha ha ha.

So now its all over and we have great memories and the new found knowledge that this little rubber duckie gets VERTIGO..oh brother.

Oh well onward and upward i say..and now im waiting for next month when i go and see Michael Buble..YIPPEE thankgoodness we got dance floor seats!

Thanks for reading and yes probably laughing at me too....

Love n Hugs,
Shann xxoo

Saturday, 5 April 2008


A short but sweet post to wish you all a very Sweet and Happy Weekend.
What will you be doing this weekend?

For me, today is full of sunshine already, but then it always is when i wake up next to my beautiful husband and i hear my son singing away in his bedroom to one of the cats or to no-one in particular....just because he can....
Tonight i will be going to the much anticipated Celine Dion concert in Sydney, with my Dad. I bought us tickets for Christmas, so we've been waiting a while...We are so excited.
Sunday in our house is a strict NO HOUSEWORK day. The 3 of us spend the day together at the park, visiting family,or just outside in the garden playing (usually this involves several cans of silly string and lots of giggles), and generally just celebrating being together.

SO i hope for a very safe and sweet weekend for you all...and remember it takes just a moment to lean over to someone and tell them "I love you"...and those 3 words may make their day just that little bit brighter.

Yes i am feeling very nostalgic this morning.
Its because i have so much to be greatful for. I am so blessed.

Today is also my big sister Traceys 38th Birthday! Happy Birthday Doofuss, I love ya !

Happy Weekend my friends.


Thursday, 3 April 2008

If I Knew You Were Coming I'd Have Baked A Cake..

Oh well i did in fact...actually several...cupcakes that is...faux ones...ahh they are the best kind arent cant get a big backside from them! LOL and they look so prurty too :)

ANYHOOOO its time for me to clear out some of my Cuppies as our house is being over-run with them. Every where i turn there they night i dream of them...ARGHHH!!

So im having a Faux Cuppie sale.
Just leave a comment or email me if you would like a particular set.
Postage is included WORLDWIDE girls so jump in!
(click on any image for a larger look)

Set 1. $30.00 (larger size)SOLD

Set 2. $25.00 (petite range)

Set 3. $25.00 (petite range) SOLD

Set 4. $25.00 (petite range)SOLD

Set 5. $30.00 (larger sized)

Set 6. $25.00 (petite range) SOLD

Set 7. $25.00 (petite range)

Hope i didnt make you hungry !

Lotsa Hugs,
Shann xo

P.S Why not pop on over to this blog PrettyChic Rooms it's a bunch of us PrettyChic Girls (including yours truly) and each month we will showcase a different room in our home (this month is the Dining Room) and share decorating ideas and lists of things we simply must have! LOL.
We'd love for you to pop by and say hi.