Thursday, 28 February 2008


The wait is almost over !
Oh yay oh yay, yeah im happy dancin' all over the place..

I am at this moment attempting to fill my Website with LOTS of pretties!
(anyone with a website will sympathise with me here...first go, its a loooong learning process..LOL)Im getting there but! And i sure do have the enthusiasm which can only be a good thing right!

So please pop back in a few days and i will be announcing MY OPENING DAY !

I really hope you'll join me!



ok girls firstly THANKYA ALL for the room makeover advice.
I got up yesterday morning and hopped right to it (just as Mum knew i would..she knows me too well)


I still have Rosalie curtains to hang and a few other bits n pieces...but i am pretty happy with it. I can relax on the lounge with a magazine and a wine and look out to my front yard at the birds and the roses...ahhhhh.

Ok its just a short one from me today....gotta get back to work!

catch you all in a day or two.

Shann xo

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Itchy Feet

No, not literally..LOL
I need help girls. PWEASE PRETTY PWEASE
My front room, commonly referred to in my family as 'The Pretty Room' is due for a bit of a makeover.

It seems that somewhere along the lines i managed to have all my furniture around the perimeter of the room, all except for the coffee table. I dont like this look (thats just me personally but) of everything around the outside, its making me feel boxed in.

Its a big room but i do have a fair amount of furniture in it.....
Ok things you must know before YOU HELP ME.
I am going to paint the old Jarvi lounge antique white...VERY SOON. The sideboard is in the process of a makeover (hence the putty you can see where the old handles use to be). I have gorgous Ashwell Rosalie curtains to hang up too..YIPPEE.

My main aim is that i want my Dining Table in the centre or close to it (i have gorgeous new fabric to re-cover my chairs too) with a big Chandy hanging above it.

I do have some ideas, but i guess im kinda limited to where i can move things....
BUT id love to hear some suggestions PLEASE.

View from the kitchen.

View from the Hallway/front door.

Bit more of a look.

So thats it. Ignore any mess you can see (a half done footstool under the sideboard, cupcakes and mums lamp on the sideboard..)

Love to know what you think :)

thanks Lovelies!

Lotsa Pink Kisses being Blown Your way

Shann :)

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Sweet Lil' Chickies

Last night was one of those nights for know the one where you cant sleep...i seem to have alot of them...i hop into bed and my mind is racing with ideas for new paintings and last night i gave in and i just got up.
I popped a movie on in the background and sat at the kitchen table and went to work.

This is what i came up with !
Baskets of Chickies !
Be sure and click on the image to get a closer look :)

Arent they so cute (oh can i say that about my own creations?)!
I am really getting into Easter this year ( no it has nothing to do with all the chocolate..oh ok well maybe just a little)...but mostly due to my Sam and his innocent( and contageous) enthusiasm for just about everything in life !

I might pop these little sweeties on Ebay. Be sure and let me know if you'd like to grab one first or if you'd like one special ordered.

When Sam got up this morning and saw them he asked could he have one?? Then he decided he needed one BIGGER...that way it will fit more chocolate in it Mum.

LOL a chip off the old block thats for sure.
So he chose what he wanted on it and this is what we put together.

Remember the days of waiting for the easter Bunny to come....yep the good ole days.
AND we didnt have to worry about what all that chocolate was doing to our hips! Boo Hoo i wanna be a kid again Mummy :(


Shann xo

Friday, 22 February 2008

Im All Sparkley !

I am Tickled Sparkley Pink today !
My sweet bloggy friend Alison has given me another award :)

Thankyou so much Alison.You make my day sparkle too sweetpea! Im so excited, i feel like im at the Acadamey Awards...but without the Alex Perry dress and the Jimmy Choo shoes..oh and not forgetting the million dollars worth of sparkly bling......and the perfect hair and makeup..oh and the hot body with ample bosoom (oops sorry, got the bosoom..hee hee)....oh and i guess George Clooney on my arm...oh bugger really :(

BUT I DO LOVE MY AWARD and in my trackie daks (thats sweat pants i think to the U.S gals..LOL)and t.shirt covered in paint, i accept it ever so graciously :)

Now id like to pass it on to some lovelies who never fail to make my day SPARKLE.

My sweetie pie Kara @ Innocent Charms chat...awww chickie what can i say..I LUVS YA, you can always make me giggle.

Funny and oh so talented Brittany @ Adelines Shabby Cottage...the first time i read her blog i just 'Got her' know what i mean.Shes an awesome gal.

Sweet Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage.....talented, strong, beautiful, and always smiling even when her skies a bit grey. I have so much respect for you Amy xo

My sweet friend Cherrie @ Country Wishes..for her humour, sense of style and just all over gorgeousness! Luv Ya !

Sarah @ Gypsy Mermaid about FUNNY and sweet and TALENTED like you have no idea! Awesome gal!

Tracie @ My Petite Maison..Oh well whats not to adore about Tracie! She's funny and clever and talented and i love that she is obsessed with Alan Rickman. An all round doll.

Now of course i saved the best for last...
MY MUMMY Coll @ i really need to say why? She's my mum, shes my best gal pal, she is everything to me. I think its so kool that my mum blogs!

I could really go on and on and on and list everyone who's on my Favs list over there to the right but it would take allllll day believe me.
Just know that in your own unique way you all make my day SPARKLE :)
{{{{{{{{hugging you all now}}}}}}}}}

Ok ok now onto JUNK
Yes JUNk
we all have it, we look for it on the roadside, we push over the elderly at markets just to get THAT PIECE (or is that just me) we MUST HAVE JUNK, WE NEED THE JUNK...its like a drug..without it we become shadows of our formerselves...let me tell you, ive seen it can be very scary.

Well anyhoo I found a great piece recently. YAY for me.
Here Tis.

Im thinking it used to be part of a coffee table maybe...Thought id clean her up and hang her from the ceiling in the kitchen maybe...with lotsa pretties hanging off..What do you think?? I'd love to hear some suggestions!

Lotsa Pink Kisses blown your way...
Shann xo

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

And a good time was had by all...Well kind of.

2 days early in fact...oh man dont even get me started on it but....
Can you believe after all this time, waiting to go away and just vege out, lay still like broccoli, drink wine and generally have FUN, my husband gets sick on day 2 !
I know, i know, unfreakingbelieveable huh??! Well i kidd you not. He got sick. He is sick. We came home sunday morning instead of Monday nioght. When we got home i promptly said to him "Right, we came home because you are sick, so get to bed and be sick!"
I know its not his fault he got sick but really can you blame me for being totally bummed out? Sam was not fussed either way, he was missing the cats !

Ok so up untill Mr Sickie got sick, we were having a good time. Although Sam has declared he will "NEVER GO TO THAT BEACH AGAIN" after he had a bit of a stack in the water and sand...face first, when we were walking along the beach...poor lil dude. After the initial shock i couldnt stop laughing at him and of course took pictures of him all wet after the stack. Yeah i wasnt a popular Mummy for that. Bad Mummy, Bad.

On Saturday we drove down to Batemans Bay and a little town outside of it called Mogo and went to the Zoo. I havent been there for 12 years so i was amazed by how much bigger it was.
I am now officially in love with Otters. They make a little meow noise like a kitten..sooo gosh darn cute but they'd bite your finger clean off !
Oh and the Meercats..GOSH..they are too sweet.
The highlight of the day however was Sam feeding the Giraffe!
Everyone was so amazed that he just walked right up there, no fear, and off he went. I was a proud mama :) My lil' guy the sooky la la animal lover, just like his mum.


Oh Finally!

Ok i have to show you some Zoo photos...please dont fall asleep..
The Otters...cant you see why i love them??

Meercats! They are soo cute and so intelligent.

Sam and a Monkey in deep conversation....look the monkeys listening !

Part of the zoos White Lion Pride...breathtaking animals, they brought tears to my eyes.

This cheeky Bengal Tiger is called Rosco. He scared my socks off by roaring at me when i leaned in for this photo! Apparantly thats what he does best, he's a game player. yeah real funny Rosco.LOL.
I actually saw Rosco the week after he arrived at the zoo 12 years ago. He and his sister were seized by the RSPCA from a property not far from me. They and many other large cats were in dreadful condition. I was sooo ecstatic to see Rosco still there and so happy and healthy! His sister unfortunatley died a short time ago :(

Look at these cuddly Red Pandas, SAM and FRODO from the Lord Of The Rings movies, how cool is that!

You still with me???

Ok you want to see some beach photos now dont you????
Of course you do!
Ok on the way home from the Zoo we stopped at a place called Narrawallee where my Grandparents use to live and where i spent most of my holidays untill i was 16 and they moved away.
I took Sam down to the beach that i spent so much time on with my family, particularly my Grandad......i was a bit overcome with emotion going back there but to share it with Sam was so great and i know my Grandad was looking down on us and smiling that another generation was at "his beach". I hope it made him happy :)

Ok Ok enough, i know.
i promise thats it.

Back to reality now and to the DREADFUL TASK of sorting out this Website issue im having.
I am just itching to get it done and get my boutique OPEN !! i have so many pretties for you all! So PLEASE bear with me.

Okies i am off and i'll be popping by your blogs to say hi!

Lotsa Pink Hugs as Always,
Shann xo

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

OWOH Giveaway Winner..Website update and pretty stuff.

Before i announce the winner of my One World One Heart Giveaway I wanted to say a huge THANKYOU to all the wonderful gals who entered. The response was so overwhelming! I also want to thank the lovely Lisa S. Oceandreamer for hosting this great event ! THANKYOU LISA :)

Now...for the good stuff.
Due to the amount of entries i have had to use the good ole random Number Generator to draw the winners name!
I did still get my Trusty Assistant Sam to press enter on the keyboard for me though .
Here he is now pointing to the winning number which is......


Congrats to Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio !!! Hip Hip Hooray !!! I will be emailing you Penny!

Ok now i was feeling kinda yep you guessed it, I DREW ANOTHER WINNER !!
I couldnt be more excited about the number that came up !!!

It was our very own OWOH Host LISA !!!!! YAY LISA.
Lisa i will be sending you a set of 3 of my Petite Faux Cuppies.


Thankyou once again to EVERYONE to entered and left some lovely comments as well. I have made some sweet new friends and i do hope you all pop back to visit when you can :)

Ok i am told its not unusual to have Technical problems when setting up a Website..well i dont know if that makes me feel any better but at least i know i am not alone. So yep we are experiencing a small hiccup that now has to wait until next week to be attended to as i am going away tomorrow for 5 days. ZIPPADEEDOODAHHH for me. Yes Shane, Sam and i are headed off to a friends caravan on the beach (which is quite huge im told) for a much needed break and to have lotsa fun! Personally i will be taking a few bottles of wine, a good book and some chockies.... ahhhh dont you wish you could come with me???
Im sure i'll bore you all with photos when i get back :)

Ok now for some things ive been working on.

A couple of shutters ordered by some sweet gals.

And some pretty signs a customer ordered for her daughters bedrooms.

PLUS when i return.....i have an order for 84 cupcakes (Hi Annette) ! Thats a whole lotta baking hey! Lucky they arent real, with that many cupcakes could you imagine how many times i'd be licking the mixing bowl??? YIKES my rear end would be so huge !

Ok thats it from me until next week. I really dont know how i will last without my computer....hmm may have to pop into an Internet cafe' for a fix.....Oh gawd thats so sad and pathetic of me.

See you when i get back!

Lotsa Love

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Just a lil' sneaky peek

I thought id be nice and give you all a little preview of what you can expect in my Webstore when it opens soon.
Aside from my paintings im going to be doing alot of other gorgeous and girlie creative stuff! There will always be something for everyones style and colour needs ( YES im stepping outside the safety box of PINK ) and of course everything will suit the bank balance (this is soooo important to me, i cant stress just how much).
So heres a little lookie lookie....BUT i cant show you the WHOLE PICTURES...that would be cheating wouldnt it.Plus you know how i love to tease and drag things out...LOL

Absolute Pinkness Galore here!

Now...what could these be you ask...

Cupcakes you never seen before !
You will gain calories just looking at them all !
Hey that rhymed :)
(and this is just a small sample of them too)

Even something for the little girls..or maybe just us big girls too.

Ok i think you've seen enough....

You will just have to wait untill it opens now wont you.
And be sure to join me on OPENING DAY for some yummy cupcakes (yes real ones too) and a glass of Bubbly to celebrate!

I will even be having an OPENING DAY LUCKY DOOR PRIZE !!

YEEEHAAAAA i hear ya !

Tutt Taa For Now

Lotsa Pink Kisses

Shann xxxooo

Wednesday, 6 February 2008


The cats out of the bag, Elvis has left the building, The chicken's flown the coop.... and anymore appropriate phrases you can think of.

Yes girls..its that time...

Firstly im sorry to say that those who had a go at guessing were WRONG....bummer for me because i liked some of the guesses, expecially Gails one about a new kitty Cat :)

OK without any further ado......



yay, the crowd goes wild, its absolute chaos.....the applause is enough to deafen me..LOL !

So, pretty exciting for me. Lotsa hard work, i am madly painting, glueing, glittering,cupcaking, you name it, im doing it and loving it !

It will be a couple more weeks untill it's all up and running as we are going away on the 14th for 5 days and i wont have any computer access....OH NO how will i survive ! Im trying not to think about it.It's just too harrowing to even contemplate.

I will let you all know as OPENING DAY draws nearer and i hope you can pop in and have a little peek and please spread the word!

Perhaps i will fly my jet over all your homes to remind you.....

How cool is that hey !

Pop back in a few days and i'll have a little sneaky peak for you of what you can expect to see in my VERY OWN WEBSTORE...oh can you tell im excited???

Lotsa Pink Hugs and Kisses,

Shann xxxxxxoooooo

Sunday, 3 February 2008

It's a GIVEAWAY ~ One World One Heart ~

This giveaway is now closed. THANKYOU so much to all you lovely Gals who entered. I have announced the winners in a new post.

xxoo Shann

I have joined the One World, One Heart Giveaway Event !
Heres a little run down on what its all about.....

"It is a blog-wide giveaway event. The original idea behind this was to bring bloggers together from around the world who may never ordinarily meet. It closes the gap of the blog community and enables us to interact, discover new and wonderful people, and in the process possibly win a prize or many prizes along the way. Last years event had nearly 100 participants and many connections were made because of it......friendships that are still going strong."

Why not click here and join yourself OR just visit the list of all the wonderful ladies who have joined in the giveaway fun! It's such a great idea. I know i have made many friends through giveaways, be it my own or theirs.... SO GO ON..DO IT.

NOW >>>>>> I have decided that my Giveaway should be all about sweetness....
No sorry i am not ofering my lil' guy Sam :) (LOL)

But how about these?? A set of 3 of my very own Faux Cuppies..

SWEET ENOUGH FOR YOU ? LOL and no calories either !

Everyone and anyone is welcome to enter. just leave a comment on this post and a way to contact you if you are a non blogger :)

My always faithful and trusty asistant Sam will draw the winning name on the morning of Wednesday 13th February . I will then pop by the winners blog or email to let you know you've won !


GOOD LUCK LADIES and Thanks for supporting The ONE WORLD ONE HEART Giveaway.

Oh and dont forget about my SECRET/SURPRISE....see post below...ITS COMING SOON !

Bunches Of Pink Hugs,

Shann xo

Saturday, 2 February 2008

What's New Pussycat ????

Well i have a little surprise coming very soon.......

NOOOOO I AM NOT PREGNANT (ok how many of you thought that straight away??)

*giggle giggle*
But alas it's not the news.

So what is it then you may ask????



You'll just have to wait and see wont you.
Oh go on, stop whinging about how you cant stand the suspense....



I promise.

Guess you will just have to keep popping back to find out !

noooo i am not going to leave a hint...YET...

Oooh i am so enjoying this.

Tutt Taa Lovelies....


Shann :)

p.s Those few who do know THE SECRET.....'Zipp ya Lips' and act totally normal...and PLEASE under no circumstances succumb to blackmail from those who wish to lead you astray. I know this is a huge task my friends but you have been chosen and you CAN do it....May The Force be With You.