Saturday, 30 August 2008

BLING YOUR BIRDCAGE...(and ive found my girls)

Got a bird cage laying around that needs some help in the Frou Frou Department??
Well let me introduce you to Birdcage FROU FROU extraordinaire, and all round BLING MASTER.....Samuel 5 !!

Take one very basic birdcage...

Get mummy to spray it a little bit to freshen it up...remove the base (and bird first of course)LOL.

Then take one cute (and very funny) kid

and then let him loose with the birdcage and some of mummy's stuff.

Hey enough posing, you're not done yet!

Get back to work.................yes thats better.

AND FINALLY...after much frustration and hissy fitting to get it 'just right' (oh no, not by me)

I present to you.....
Sam's Instant Blinged Birdcage!

Isn't that the sweetest and most stinkin' cute thing you ever saw! I taught him everything he knows...LOL.

Now I've been told quite bluntly that i can never move it.....hmmm makes the work space on my desk a little bit crowded *wink*

Funny kid....but I'll play along *grin*

Oh, Sams One off, Original Masterpiece Birdcage is for sale at the very reasonable price of 1.25 million $.
Thats fair dont you think??

Ok so now i have to let you all know that I've finally found MY GIRLS ! Oh you lot had me wetting myself laughing at your i wasn't running around looking for my boobs!! *fits of laughter* But yep that would have been a pretty darn funny sight...or a scary not so sure LOL..

So i can finally add you all back on to my favs...ahhh breathes a sigh of relief.
(don't feel sad if you're names not there right may take a while)

Now off you all go and have a happy and safe weekend!
Lotsa Love and Pink Kisses

Shann xxx

Friday, 29 August 2008

I've lost all my girls!!!!

*ARGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH* Runs screaming from the building!!!!!
This was the scene last night when in fact i ran screaming from my office and ranting to Shane that i'd lost all the girls!
Shanes face?
Bordering on DAZED AND CONFUSED...

What on earth was this crazy wife of his talking about????
THE GIRLS! i told him. I LOST EM ALL!And by the girls i mean all of you!
Look over at my sidebar....yes, over there to the right >>>>>>>
You see any blog links??
thats because i lost you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was trying to be clever and add a new background and i lost all my widgets (good grief thats a funny word). Even as i was doing it i was telling myself COPY AND SAVE THE OLD ONE SHANNON.
AND STILL...i hit delete without thinking...
And in a flash you were all abolished.
And i became insane.
I could cry.
In fact i did.
Just a little.

So now i start the journey of re-doing my page (i lost my pics on the side bar too).
I need your help!!! Leave me a comment so i can re-add you all....otherwise i will still be here when im old and grey (and lets face it, that aint too far off) looking for you all in blogland.

You know what but? I dont blame myself entirely...Nooo,truly i dont....and with good reason too.

I blame the nagging male voices who are constantly in my ear whenever im trying to do anything in the office. See they distracted me with their whining and bickering(hey thats my story and im stickin' with it).... My Husband, My Son and My dad. I love em but GEESH fellas will you all SHUDDDUUUUPPPP once in a while! LOL.

Ok so now the long journey begins....finding my girls again.
Bear with me on this wont you.
We'll be together again soon chickie babes! I promise....LOL.

Lotsa Love N Pink Kisses Always...

Shann (who is lost without her girls and going slightly grey in the hair now)

Monday, 25 August 2008

A little trip to the Library....

Sam and i tootled off to the library today after preschool.....Ooooh but first we stopped at Cookie Man but thats a whole other story...*grin*
Anyhoo i found this gorgeous book called Tattered Treasures, YEAH I KNOW RIGHT, how good is that title. I grabbed it without even flicking through the pages first.

Just look at this page will you!

Now me and chairs, we have a very strong bond happening...a deep kind of love that only other chair-a-holics (like you AMY) can grasp....LOL.
So this piccie i am LOVIN! It's so stinkin' cute! I think i need to buy some tiny chairs now.....

And this! I have lots of old bottles on top of my dresser...but this idea is so gorgeous i may have to do some rearranging!

There are sooo many gorgeous inspiring pages. I think i will go find a sunny spot in the garden and read a bit....

Sam borrowed some really sweet books too, and i chose one for him that im hoping will help his sadness with me leaving him at pre school. He goes Mon to Thurs from 9am to 11;30am, i would love to keep him home (as you all know) but its important that he learns to be in a school environment for next year when he starts Kindergarten.
So onward we trudge each the gruelling and teary task of dropping Sam off at pre school.

This book is about a lil' Guinea Pig who misses his mummy so hoping it will help Sam a bit...we can read it together and talk about how we can make it easier and more fun for him :)

This is how i picture him at Preschool...without me....ACK its an awful feeling.

SO i might just grab my little man now and take him out to the garden with me to the sunny spot and we will snuggle and read together and maybe eat some of those cookies i mentioned......

Hope you are having a sweet day too!

Love n Pink Kisses...
Shann xxx

Saturday, 23 August 2008


okey dokey so this weeks theme is SWEETS..ahh yes something close to my heart (and my tummy...and my butt...and my thighs...hmmm) *wink*
Thanks Tegan for choosing a SWEET theme for this challenge.

Tegan has chosen me to be the next host *SQUEEELLLLLS WITH DELIGHT* so read on and i'll tell you the theme at the end of my post!

Now...without further ado...
Bring On The Sweets!!!!

Some of my faux treats from the early days LOL....

Yummy candy! Furry Friends chocolate, banana lollies, jaffas (oops wont be long b4 they are in my tumm)and meringues!

Now the BEST SWEET OF ALL...My son Sam *smiles*

** Now all this talk of sweet made me think of songs about sweet stuff and now i cant get Sweet Caroline outta my head...which is not so bad because i love Neil Diamond anyway !LOL.

Ok so you are all thinking COME ON SHANNON whats the next theme?????

Ok i thought and i thought and i thought some more....Uh where were the jaffas while i was doing all that thinking ..???


So get out into the great outdoors and start snappin those photos! Let your imagination go crazy and get close to nature at the same time!
Date of this challenge will be Friday the 5th of September.
I hope you can all join in !
If you havent participated b4 just pop on over to the Brenda Photo Challenge Blog and let us know you'd like to join in!

Here are the rules for the next lucky hostess.

1. If you're asked to host the next challenge, and you accept the mission, pick a date (usually two weeks gives everyone time to gather their subjects and snap their photos).
2. Pick a theme (can be anything that tickles your fancy).
3. Post the rules and the next host, on your post. The next host then does the same!


Have a great weekend and now im off to blog hop!

Love and Pink Kisses,
Shann xx

Friday, 22 August 2008

Things that start with F

The first thing that starts with F is FLU !! Geez louise i cant seem to kick it! I woke up this morning looking for the truck that ran me over and the handle to loosen the vice on my chest! Needless to say i havent found either one yet...but i will plodd on anyway.
Sam is feeling better but still has an icky chesty cough. Maybe some sunshine would help us....ooooh bring on SPRING !!!

The next thing that starts with F is FLOWERS of course. I finally found some oomph in my weary body to finish a large painting i started last week.
I love big sprays of roses and have wanted to paint one like this for ages....i just needed a frame big enough.Im really pleased with how it turned out. I have listed it on Ebay HERE

More Flowers...of the sweetpea kind....
This painting on a shelf was one i did for my friend Cheryl. It even has a cut glass knob on the bottom section to hang somethin' pretty from. Cheryl deserves a medal for waiting so long for this one. Its on its way to you sweetpea *wink*

Now last but certainly not least...the final F is for FRIENDS !!

I have 2 gorgeous friends in Kerryanne @ shabbyartboutique and Kylie @ abiteofcountrycupcakes.
Both chickies gave me an award this week and it made my yukky sicky blah blah days just that lil bit more bearable *THANKS GIRLS* I love you both right back!

It's the Wylde Woman award! HA HA i dont feel much like a Wylde Woman this week but i'll happily take the award! .

I would like to pass this award on to a few gals who continually brighten my day and make me chuckle my backside off as well!

1. Super funny, sweet and oh so gorgeous Connie @ livingbeautifully. Chickie you absolutely give me the giggles like no-one else!

2. My sweet Bunny girl Amy @ bunnyrosecottage. Amy you are without a doubt the most caring and gorgeous soul ever and i luvs ya bunches!

3.M @ Tales from an O.C Cottage. I adore M's blog, her creativity and fun sense of humour and her love of life. Oh and her love of all things PINK like me !

I could go on and on and on because really you all make my day when you drop by for a quick hello, and i love visiting you all so much. So if you're reading this right now then i officially declare you a WYLDE WOMAN !!!

So go do something WYLDE ok...not me but...the wildest thing i'll do this week is to take 3 tablets not just 2 like the box says...WOOOO crazy wylde chick i am ! LOL.

ok off now to blackmail Sam into taking his medicine...(those lil packets of lollies do come in handy at times like this).

Have a gorgeous and safe weekend everyone!!

Lotsa Love N pink kisses (if you dare because i cant guarentee they are germ free)

SHANN xxxx

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Dreaming of a Country Life

Well its no secret that im a country gal at heart. I really dont like cities and i dont really like living in the 'suburbs' either.
I wanna move soooo bad...i wanna run to the hill top Julie Andrews style in The Sound Of Music and sing soooo damn loud! Hmm doubt id sing The hills are alive with the sound of music, though.....maybe more of a Bon Jovi tune or something..,LOL.
Anyway my sweet friend Kylie over at abiteofcountrycupcakes is livin' my life! Oh how i envy her! Its ok, she knows that too :) Im so happy for Kylie and her family to have that beautiful country style life that i personally believe is the best way to live.

We are going to move, when the time is right....(she says all the while looking at the clock and asking Shane "IS IT THE RIGHT TIME YET ??????")
BoooHooo i just wanna go NOW. Im so impatient. When i get an idea in my head i just wanna ROLL WITH IT BABY!

Oooooh i long to have cattle again, horses, goats, chickens and ducks.....and PINK gumboots and overalls of course to go out and feed them all in *giggle* And a pink flowery hat in summer too right *GRINS*

Oh anyhoo....theres a house we found a few months back.....we fell in love with it so much... BUT (dont you just hate those kinda but's?) it is not the time for us financially to buy it...oooooh i could cry and spit all at the same time!
Then just now....ok about an hour ago.....i went online to 'check my house' and well it was still there....and the price was dropped too.....i rang Shane and told him, then started screaming hysterically...CAN I HAVE MY HOUSE NOW??????
You know what he said dont you? yup he said NO, STILL NO.
Phooey he is a big spoil sport (just between you, me and the fence post, i had a little cry).

This is the house on the link below and you will see more info and piccies too...and you'll see why i cried.

NOW YOU SEE ???? oooh cant you see me repainting and redecorating in there????

Oh i know things happen for a reason...i just wish they were happening us.
I hope whoever buys her will love her and look after her as i would.

AND if she is still there when we are ready then it was MEANT TO BE....if not , well then thats because something better was waiting for us all along.

Like Kylie said in her post....Sometimes you cant rush or push things, you need to let things find YOU.
Thanks Kylie....that kinda made my day sweets :)

Have a beautiful day everyone! Oh and prayers for me to win the lottery would be much appreciated *wink wink*

Lotsa love n pink kisses

(p.s. thanks for the get well wishes...Sam and I are both still feeling BLAH but we will be ok ) Oh i know what would make us feel much better! A NEW HOUSE !!!!! and i know just the place too.......hee heee hee.


Monday, 18 August 2008

Flowers for mummy.....

While i was in bed feeling icky, my gorgeous Sam took the dogs for a walk with his Grandad.....when he came home he ran into my bedroom and thrust a little posy of flowers into my hands "Get Better Mummy" he said and kissed me on the cheek. He had picked the flowers himself while out walking.
Yep, i cried. Thats the good stuff right there isnt it.

Im on the mend now well and truly *smiles*

Love and pink kisses

Shann xxx

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Feelin' a bit Blue

Noooo not blue as in as in the colour blue! Well truth be told im feeling icky blue because i have a nasty virus AGAIN (i know! whats up with that??).I swear i get more colds and flu more than anyone i know. UGH.
So why am i on the pooter when i should obviously be in bed getting better? Ooooh im a dreadful patient....i hate just laying there, doing nothing...blah blah boring. So i got up and thought id do some rearranging and maybe that would tire me and id go have a lil nap....well it did kinda, but first i had to make a quick stop over in blogland *grin*
Sooooo that brings us back to BLUE...well while i was 'tweakin' i realised i do have my fair share of blue stuff so i thought id take some piccies of some of it for you.

*pretty plates with blue on my sideboard

*blue thermos and trio in the kitchen

*blue suitcases in my bedroom (yes, very similar to the ones the Bunnys packed for their long trip to Amy's)

*bits and pieces of blue on my it!

*pretty blue trio with blue a sunny spot

Now dont get me wrong....i love blue BUT i am and will always of these..

Gotta go now....beddie byes is callin' my name..

Lotsa Love N Pink Kisses
Frenchy xx

OOOPS i mean Shann xxxx

Friday, 15 August 2008

Friday Flea Market....And a prezzie for me ???....yeehaaa

Ohmygosh do you ever sit down to type and just go blank? ACK thats me right now. Im blank. Maybe the blonde hair thing is true...hmmm. For me anyway.
But seriously, i had all this stuff to say (you know, more raving on) and now NOTHIN', ZIPPO, ZILCH. Space For Rent sign inside my head.
Good Grief Charlie Brown!

Ok so i'll just get on with the Friday Flea Market Goodies then shall i ?
Item # 1
sweet lil cruet set for a whole purse bustin $5.00 plus $5.00 postage for us aussies gals and $12.00au Postage for OverSeas.

Item # 2
Gorgeous Lustre Swan Dish. I used to collect Lustre ware but im thinning some out.This piece is beautiful. If you collect or just like lustreware you will love it.
$15.00au plus $10.00 postage within australia. Email me for an exact O.S postage cost.

Just comment me or email me @ if you'd like to purchase!
Thats all the bargains i have this week. Im in the process of checking out just exactly whats hiding in the boxes of my storage cupboards....goodness only knows!
Come to think of it i havent seen the neighbours cat for a kitty kitty kitty...

****Now today i heard the parcel man pull up out the front..i waited for that lovely knock knock at the door to tell me i had a parcel...waiting...waiting a bit more...nope, nothing...FROWN.Bugger. Then a little while later i went to collect the junk mail from the letterbox and wouldnt cha know it THERE WAS A PARCEL INSIDE !!!! I let out a huge WHOOP WHOOP YAY and confirmed for my neighbours that yes i am infact a little bit insane.
I dont care but
I GOT A PREZZIE..and yep im saying that with my tongue poking out and a little NERR NERR at the end !

So my prezzie came from my new gal pal KYLIE @ abiteofcountrycupcakes.It was a JUST COZ prezzie. Awww arent they the absolute best sort!
Lookie what she sent me....even a little jigsaw puzzle for Sam. (I swear this kid is just reaping the benefits of me getting parcels)

How stinkin cute and sweet is that faux sundae!!! Kylies makes some very sweet goodies so go to her blog and have a little lookie! Also a sweet lil Paint Mine Pink dish that i have now put some old buttons in, and a gorgeous lil angel who shall hang over my desk and watch over me while im working (oh ok, blogging and chatting, who am i kidding).
* Kylies son Lucas included a drawing of lots of random pics for Sam, including Spongebob which i must say was a huge hit with Sam! Unfortunately Sam has 'filed' the picture away in his 'special folder' and apparantly i am not allowed to look at it now. So no pic just yet. Funny kid.

Lately the painting bug has really hit me which is good and bad...good because i love to paint but bad because i also love to sleep and unfortunately for me the 2 dont seem to go hand in hand. Oh well. Suffer for your art hey!
SO anyhoo expect lots of painting from me in the next few weeks cause i am going all crazy-like with the brushes!
I did this lil cupcake cutie last night while i was watching Will and Grace...ya gotta love that show! It's listed on my website now...HERE

Ok lovelies im off now and NO i havent remembered what i was going to say at the beginning of this post..hee hee heee...the mind boggles huh?

Have a gorgeously fun and sweet weekend and stay safe !

Luv n pink kisses

Shann xxx

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Frolicking Bunnies and some pretties too!

Hi girls! I thought id take a break from the paint brushes and the jigsaw (as in electric, not puzzle)and show you a sweet lil somethin' ive just completed.
Ive been madly creating and selling my kitty cats...

But i really wanted to do a bunny....even better a pair of bunnies!
So without further ado..... here they are !

Arent they so stinkin' cute you could just spit!LOL.

Before i could list them they were already sold to my sweet friend
Amy @ Bunny Rose Cottage. Now we all KNOW they are gonna love living at Amys Bunny Cottage soooo much!

Look they've already started packing their suitcase.....they must be so excited!

And they're off......woops i think you dropped a carrot guys!

I hope they make it there safely to you Amy *grin*

**I have listed my bunnies and cats HERE on my website where you can place an order if you'd like**

***I received some goodies in the post today from another gorgeous gal, Kathryn over at ourshabbycottage. Ive been waiting for Kathryn to list these gorgeous rings and she was so sweet to keep me up to date on them so when they were finally ready i snapped em all up baby! They arrived yesterday all packaged in little boxes with pink ribbon and lots of care.
These are the 3 i got for myself,

Arent they gorgeous! Sam wanted to wear the big pink rose one to PreSchool *chuckle*
I also bought 2 rings for mum but she took hers home today b4 i could take a photo (due to someone named Sam who hid my camera from me..little ratbag, took me ages to find the thing).
I love having a mum who loves everything i do because none of my close friends get the whole girlie shabby chic thing at all...Good grief! So at least i can buy prezzies for my mum and i know she will like them.Plus she's a great mum and she deserves prezzies.
So THANKYOU Kathryn for the BEAUTIFUL rings...2 happy gals here thats for sure!

For those who have asked...Sam is doing a bit better at his new Preschool....still plenty of tears in the mornings but we are getting there slowly *smiles*
He is such a funny kid...makes me laugh with his imagination!

I'll leave you with a piccie of some of my pretty flowers on the front porch.

Have a gorgeous rest of the week my friends!

Love n Pink Kisses Always

Shann xxx

Saturday, 9 August 2008


Ohmygosh when i was signing in to do a new post i noticed that the number of posts ive done was at 196 ! OHMYGAWD what on earth have i been raving on about to you all??LOL. Well i gotta say THANKS FOR ALWAYS COMIN' BACK MY LOVELIES! awwww i feel kinda mushy now.
Ok so more raving on...see its part of what i do bestest :)
(oh and yes bestest is most definately a word) *grin*

I have been soooooooooooooo super dooper flat out this past week with orders coming out of every nook and cranny, plus furniture piling up waiting to be painted (with Shane in my ear saying CAN YOU HURRY UP AND GET THAT OUTTA MY GARAGE?? (Mandii can you relate??) Oh geez men just dont get it sometimes....nagging me will only make me go slower out of spite, you'd think he would have learnt that one by now !*giggle giggle*

So anyhoo.....i wanted to show you 2 signs i did for a suuuuuuuuuper sweet friend and now customer too, Cheryl. Im not usually a cream and green gal but when i finished these i kinda loved them!

Now this one i just finished and was pretty tempted to keep it but i'll be good and it will be available in my website later today.

Now for some pretty parcels that have arrived on my doorstep this week.
First off i bought these gorgeous fan cards from my beautiful friend Carol Anne
I pinched your piccies hon, hope thats ok.

I gave the Victorian one to my mummsy as a lil' surprise prezzie and she loved it!
Carol Anne is such a beautiful, kind and caring lady, she sent me these gorgeous vintage sheets as well! Totally made my day.

LUV YOU GIRL and still sending you lots of hugs and kisses.
Make sure you all pop by and say a big HELLO to Carol Anne because she is just beautiful.

THEN yesterday another GORGEOUS parcel arrived from my girl Jannet.
When i saw these on Jannets website i HAD TO HAVE SOME. Then she surprised me by adding extras for mum too!

You have to pop by Jannets website HERE and grab some, they are too sweet to be true!
Jannet even sent a lil prezzie for Sam...a lego car and he was so excited. THANKYOU JANNET YOU ARE A DOLL.
Oh and Jannet YES we have to do that cupcake swap real soon remember!

Okies now im sending you all over to KYLIES blog to say hi !
Kylie and i have become Gal Pals via her visiting my blog regularly, and let me tell you she is a hoot! Her blog is quite new but she's doing a great job (with not so limited computer skills after all hey Kylie, LOL) and i know she would love some new visitors to pop by so she can get to know you all :)

Okies i think that might be it.
See this is why i now have 197 posts...on account of all the raving on.
Well i'll be around for a long time so i say strap yourself in coz theres plenty more raving on in the future!

Now off you all go and have a gorgeous weekend with family, friends and pets alike.


Shann xxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 4 August 2008

Out Junkin' and gettin' those men of mine workin' !

Yesterday Shane, Sam, mum and i all went to our local Trash and Treasure markets for some serious and much needed Junkin' Time ! Well, Sam and Shane didnt need it quite so much but mum and i sure did ! Oh and i gotta tell you, my mum, The QUEEN of hagglers! Im so proud, LOL. Yep, she really knows how to get the prices , not so much, im a big wuss. SO YAY to mum for the bargains of the day.

This is my little load i came home with.

This wall pocket has some chips in the leaves but geez i couldnt seriously leave her there...all alone......with noone to love her....LOL, she's just so darn pretty!

I grabbed this umm...whatever...paper weight maybe....because it is soooo pretty, im going to paint it white or maybe pink.....hmmm decisions... decisions.

This pics a bit blurry sorry (maybe that second bottle of wine was not such a good idea after all....LOL)

The rose print is actually a breakfast tray and ive already pulled it apart and started painting the frame to hang it on the wall in the back room.
I will work my magic on the knife stand and the teaspoon rack in a day or so.

When we got home i had an order waiting for lots of these in different colours etc

So i put dear Shane to work with the jigsaw and even Sam helped out a little.

Look at that concentration :)

So then i started thinking hmm ive got kitty's, now how about some bunnies...cupcakes...birdhouses....lots and lots of things!
So off i go to draw up some templates and have them waiting for Shane to cut them out for me when he gets home from work! Poor guy...and of course he will ask why i didnt just do it myself and i will say "Honey i was very busy finding a new place for my pretty wall pocket..." *wink*

Okies back to the drawing board, literally.

Love n pink smoochie kisses,

Shann xxx

Saturday, 2 August 2008

The One Where Something Really Pulls At My Heartstrings......

So last night i was watching The Vicar of Dibley (i know, its the best right.) and they were discussing the important topic of 3rd world countries and the amount of people who were dying of starvation.
It really got me thinking and remembering....
Years ago, before Shane fell sick with Cancer, we sponsered a little boy through World Vision, from Swaziland called Ciniso...he would be the same age as Sam now i think....he was a sweet..i felt like he was partly mine. When Shane got so sick i wasnt sure what would happen to us financially so i cut back on alot of things....this included cancelling our sponsership of Ciniso..i was so sad and felt so guilty. I have always wondered about that little boy.....and today whilst cleaning Sams room i found a letter from his sister to us...

So i have just emailed World Vision with Ciniso's details in hope that they may find him for me....I will let you all know when i hear back.

You can sponser a child through World Vision HERE on their website. If you already have a sponser child then BLESS YOUR HEART and i'd love to hear about your sponser child. My mum has been sponsering a girl named Nathando from swaziland, for over 4 years now i think. YAY MUM.

So...then i was thinking about this

Remember the song ??

watch it HERE

Now why cant we do something like that again ???

Ok thats it from me, i dont mean to preach....BUT it gives you something to think about doesnt it?

Love N Pink Kisses and have a happy and safe weekend my friends.

Shann xxx