Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Anzac Day.....Got Me Thinking......this is a long one too.

Today being what it is got me thinking about people i love who have passed away. It all started when i watched a John Edward DVD this morning. The man is amazing. I am a believer through and through. I know many are not, the skeptics we call them.
I believe when you die you are, in a sense, still here, around those who loved you. You don't just die and that's it, it cant be. God went to all the trouble of creating us, he wouldn't just end it so simply......
I am a firm believer that nothing happens by accident, there is a reason for everything, even if that reason isn't always clear at the time.
I know that when my time comes i will make sure that my loved ones know i am still here.
That's why i love watching John Edward so much......i believe.
I have had a few very significant 'moments' of my own. I remembered one today which prompted me to go searching for an old drawing i did when i was about 18 (sad to say i cant find it). My grandad loved the French singer Charles Aznavour, I drew a caricature of him once for my grandad and i spilt oil on it so i did another one the same, he framed it and he was always the one person who told me i was talented.
One day a few years ago i found the drawing and i got all teary thinking about my Grandad.....a few hours later i went over to my mums and when i walked in the door she was playing her old Charles Aznavour could have knocked me over with a feather, she never plays it, she just stumbled upon it and put it on......I truly believe it was Grandad telling me he was with me.
Another time i was just at the sink washing dishes and i smelt my Pa. It sounds weird but i truly did. I couldn't pin point the smell but it was him. I stood there, dishes in hand bawling my eyes was an amazing feeling.
And only today i asked my mum if my Nan had lots of Pinwheel cushions because they remind me of her so much.And she did, on the lounge i used to hide behind, and my Nan would sneak me butterscotch lollies.....she died when i was young so i hang onto the pinwheel cushions memories very tight......
Last but not least, when Sam was 2 days old, in hospital, the blues hit me....i had been crying all day. Sometime through the night i felt someone sit on the side of my bed, i thought it was a nurse, i spoke,....but no-one was there.....i don't know who it was but someone was with me making sure i was OK and SAM was OK :)

So i hope that all the people today who are thinking of those they lost in the war can take comfort in the thought that we are never truly gone, a part of us stays behind and we will always live on in the memories of those we loved and those who love us.....

I'll end this with 2 drawings i did find (back when i was Shannon Davis, not Thompson) Grandad would have loved these. They are badly damaged though.
Clint Eastwood and Rock Hudson.

Take Care,
Shannon xo


Jules said...

Loove it better than mine
glad you are happy with it

Cherub*Kisses said...

Hi Shannon,
This is what i luv about blogging... I learn so much about things I would not have known before ... I see Anzac day on my calendar but had you not posted about it this morning, chances are I would've never known what this day commemorates at all :o(
Thanks for your beautiful post ~ Have a good day :o) Dionne
p.s. the mantle pic is of my sweet 81 years young Grandma Hilda (don't tell her she's elderly LoL!!)

PurpleFlowerFairy said...

thanks shannon, i thoroughly enjoyed this post. brought a thoughtful smile to my face... debbie =)