Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Ok so you know that a few weeks ago my Dad moved out right? Well what better use to make of his old bedroom than to turn it into a pink haven for yours truly *wink*.
Ive been sharing an office with Shane for waaaaaaay toooooo long now, and when i say sharing i mean i had 3/4 of it and he had a corner for his desk (that's all the space he needed right) time goes by, Shane is referring to my 'stuff' more and more as 'that crap' or 'that piece of junk there', and constantly asking "what are you planning to do with that old piece of crap?"....So yes, time for me to move on out !
And move i did !
Armed with my spray bottle of Nifti and several sponges, i entered THE TOXIC WASTE DUMP, aka Dads old room. I moved furniture,i cleaned, i mopped, i vacuumed, i swore very loudly ALOT...but in the end i got it ready for painting.

Here is a general idea of the BEFORE stage...

Beige walls and really icky flooring under the icky carpet we ripped up.

Here's a couple of shifty girls pretending to be all cute and innocent...Hmmm they dont fool me one bit.

Midway and things are looking good i think....

My trusty assistant...always ready to lend mum a hand *smiles*

NOW...drum roll please.....
Come on in and have a seat on the comfy sofa !
SORRY, NO BOYS ALLOWED (except Sam and the kitty's of course)

This is where i sit and chat to you all (I'm waving right now) LOL.Don't you love my old monitor from the Jurassic Era? HAHA i let Shane keep the new flat screen, he needed it more than me, so i just prettied mine up a bit !

My 'mess desk' where i paint, etc etc

oooh some works in progress...

Cupboards and shelves full of 'stuff' that i need.

I made this little LOVE box for Sam to put letters into for me. He likes writing me love notes *smiles*

PHEW that's it !
So what do you think? Im really kinda loving it and its nice to be surrounded by pretty colours and pretty things when you are working on something creative.
And when i need a little break i can usually find a kitty or a kid to snuggle on my sofa with for a while.....

Thanks for popping by my office. Come back anytime !!!!

Lotsa love
Shann xxx

P.S before i go i wanted to say a heartfelt THANKYOU to all of you who left comments on my previous post and emailed me as well. Ally is doing very well right now and may be home from hospital tomorrow! She is a trooper that girl.

Monday, 27 April 2009

~ GOT BREASTS ???? ~

If you have then you should read this.
My gorgeous friend of over 20 years is in facing surgery today as i type. A double Mastectomy. Her name is Ally (Grum to all of us who know and love her) and she is my Hero right now.I am inspired by her energy,laughter, positive attitude and overall determination that she is gonna KICK SOME SERIOUS CANCER ASS (sorry if you think my use of the word ass was crass but i think its called for on this occasion).
Below is a message Ally posted on FaceBook and im sure she wouldnt mind me posting it here. I know she wants to get the word out and help as much as she can.

Post #1 Allison Lavey wrote on April 14, 2009 at 8:11am
I am a 36 year old girl who has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. It was not detected through scans or a mammogram but by me squeezing my nipple and a small amount of discharge coming out. The books I have been reading stress that not enough information is out there on the correct way to do your monthly checks. Squeezing the nipples gently should be included in every check! Had I not done this the outcome would have been fatal if I had left it just another 2 weeks. The cancer has spread that far that I am having a bilateral mastectomy on the 24th of April. Just 6 weeks after I found the discharge. I urge you to let every female in your life know about this. Squeezing is just as important as feeling for lumps. I hope I can save someone from the agony and frustration I have had to endure over the past weeks. Allison

Until Ally told me this, i had never squeezed my nipples when checking my breasts...i just DID NOT KNOW.How many other woman dont know that?

This past weekend Ally hosted a BOOB VOYAGE party to say goodbye to 'her girls'. Just look at this cake ! I luv it.

They raised over $600 that night for Cancer research! Full SNAPS to everyone i say !

So today Ally faces the C word head on and i know she will be fine. She is a gutsy gal AND she has the most precious angel watching over her....Our beautiful friend Sharyn whom we heartbreakingly lost last year to Cancer. We know Sharyn will look after her.

So, today Ally, my biggest ever hugs are coming your way and my heart is so full of love and admiration for you.

Ally and her lil cherubs.



Lotsa Love,
Shann xxx

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


This past week my kitchen has been a hive of activity with cupcakes and cakes galore ! Only one problem...they arent real *insert sad face*
Oh well, its not like my backside needs them anyway. Lord only knows whats goin' on back there! HAHA.
But anyroad, i digress.....
I had the pleasure of being asked by the gorgeous Vicki over at Shabbily Romantic to create 30 yummy faux cuppies for her sweet daughter Lily's 1st Birthday party.
We went with, pink, mint, cream/white, butterflies (flutterbies) and roses.

Yummmm if only i could eat one....

Double eeekkkk...pretty pink butterflies.

Now im really getting hungry...

I made the Birthday Girl a special lil' cuppie of her own...

Glitter glitter everywhere !

I hope everyone at the party has a sweet time and loves their cuppies!

My kitchen was starting to look normal again...then i decided some more Butterfly cuppies were in lots of colours.


hee hee

Till next time,

love and pink buttefly kisses
Shann xxx

Monday, 20 April 2009


On this day, 7 years ago, i married this handsome fella *grin*

Every new anniversary for us is extra special as it means one more year of Shane being in remission from Cancer.
So today we celebrate for lots of reasons.
Heres one of them.....we made this special little guy.

And every day we smile, laugh and love.
Life is good.

Happy Anniversary Shane, i luv ya, ya big ole doofuss !

Love Shann xx

Friday, 17 April 2009

CURIOUSITY KILLED THE CAT ...or was it the mad cat lady who dunnit?

This morning i awoke to the sound of cats fighting (nothing out of the ordinary here) know that sound MEEEOOOWWWW GGGRRRR FFFFTTTT (yeah yeah you know what i mean) i jump out of bed, run into the front room (aka The Pretty Room according to Sam), my eyes stare in the direction of my sunny corner....

A few steps closer and thats when i see it.....and i also notice that the culprits are hiding under the lounge (fearing their lives as they should)..

The dirty rotten little sods ripped my curtain right down the middle.

Sam was mortified as you can see (or was it the thought of the HUGE trouble his cats were in for?)

I wont tell you the profanity that left my lips!

The guilty parties...

Miss Molly and Miss Charlie (look at their oh-so-sweet pics on my sidebar....dont let those faces fool you!)

Well i hope that swinging from my curtain a-la Tarzan style was worth it.....

I had to remind myself that i love my cats....(said through gritted teeth and with my face twisted like a sandshoe)

Now will someone please remind me why i have 5 cats???
I think i need my head read !

Till Next Time....
Love N Pink Kisses,
Shann (aka the mad cat lady)

Wednesday, 15 April 2009


You know when you see (or know) someone who is so gosh darn creative and just has that certain something special? Well i know someone like that and i want to introduce you all to her. Her name is Allison (Allie)Godwin, ive known her for about 18 years, and ive truly NEVER seen photos as GORGEOUS as those she takes! I am completely in awe of her work.

See for yourself.....

Here are a couple of Allies amazing pics.

Allison is now in the process of starting her own small photography business and i think she will be busier than a bee! I adore that her photos are so unique... she just seems to capture so much beauty in each shot. I think such a wonderful talent should be cherished and shared with the world!

You can pop by Allies blog @ SUGAR 'N' SPICE and see some more of her beautiful work, including photos of her 2 gorgeous children, Bella and Jack.
I know Allie would LOVE for you to stop by and say hi ! Tell her Shann sent you!

I think it's so important that we creative gals all give each other as much help and support as we can. Sometimes all it takes is a kind word or compliment from a stranger to make your spirit and confidence soar.

Till next time...
Love and Pink Kisses Always,
Shann xxx

Tuesday, 14 April 2009


...and maybe a hundred more as well.....lalalala.
Seriously at my house theres no shortage of places to 'Park Ya Backside'.If you're a long time follower of my blog, this will not come as a shock to you, you all know my weakness' and obsessions, LOL.
Im a chair-a-holic and proud of it. Hey i may even make a T.Shirt.
Yep it has a certain ring to it....dont you think.

So anyroad, i have this chair on my front dad has been 'parking his butt on it' a fair bit, so i havent bothered to fix her up at all because i knew she'd just get all blah looking again. BUT dad moved out last week (yes, yay we found him a cute lil place of his own)so guess what i did?
"Heres ya bags dad, see ya, yep it's been great...bye, dont let the door hit ya on the way out"...THEN i grabbed that poor ole chair, took her out the back to the garage and let rip with the paint!

Now theres good Shabby and theres bad Shabby and this ole girl was waaaaay past good Shabby if you ask me.

Now, im thinking i need some more colour on my lil' porch so guess what? I totally bypassed the pink paint, yes, thats right, you read right, i DID NOT, i repeat DID NOT paint her pink. Ok get a hold of yourself, it's not the end of the world. LOL.

Look what i DID do though....(and there is pink roses at least)

"If you cant say anything nice....come sit by me"

So despite the lack of my usual 'pinkness' i kinda like her in her new sunny spot on my porch.

Now im off to park my backside.

Till next time,

love and pink kisses,
Shann xxxx

Sunday, 12 April 2009


Just hopping by to wish you all a very safe and Happy Easter ! I hope the little fluffy guy was kind to you :)

Enjoy your easter holidays with your family and stay safe and happy.

Heres some piccies of Sams easter hat and basket that kicked some serious backside at his schools Easter Hat Parade. (click on any photo for a better look).

Love Always,
Shann xxx

Thursday, 2 April 2009


So this week im not very well at all. I have a slipped disc in my back and now to top it all off, i have a chest infection.Did i run over a chinaman and not realise? Surely i must have run over 2 or 3 to feel this pitiful.
So today, fed up with laying flat in bed and watching re-runs of everything on foxtel, i thought id do some easter tweakin'. Not too much, just a little somethin' on the sideboard to get that 'Hoppy' feeling going on in the house. Plus Sam will love it.

I forgot i had this banner! Shhhh dont tell my hubby,but i climbed up a chair to get it from the storage cupboard (ouch, paying for it now, believe me).

A little bunny and chick happiness.

Pretty darn stinkin' cute huh?

Sams easter basket from his first year at Pre-school,when he was 2, and my Villeroy and Boch bunny from my sweet friend Peta @ Pretty In Pink.

Now these...these i am busting to eat!!!

They were part of a mega cute and yummy easter swap i did with my gorgeous friend Laurie @ Momof2Roses

Now that ive done some easter tweakin' i really wish it was easter now! Mmmm i can almost taste the red tulip bunny right now....Hmm and i can clearly see it on my hips right now too!

Ok, thats all from me, my backs starting to give me bother so im off to lay down again, cuddle up to my kitty katts and get ready to watch The View (im addicted).

Love and Pink Kisses
Shann xxoo