Thursday, 5 April 2007

Prezzie from Mum and Easter Plans

I just had to add the above picture i found it on the net. So so pretty.

This must be my lucky week! First i received my sweet prezzie from Mandii and then yesterday my lovely mum gave me the sweetest little treats bowl with pretty pink crystals. She knows me so well. I have popped 2 of my bigger lavender strawberries in it for the moment until i make some smaller ones for it. It's so pretty. I took the photo of it on my side board but have now put it on my dressing table.

Plans for Easter aside from the obvious (eating way too much chockie)....Going to drag the Compresser out and spray some furniture. I have so many pieces waiting to be made over. Also some paintings....
Perhaps a family picnic on Sunday after Sams Easter Egg hunt in the front yard. I cant wait to see his face when he see's what the Easter Bunny left. The Easter Bunny has been leaving him little surprises this week to let him know he is a good boy and that he should stay being a good boy (thats one very sneaky bunny) LOL.

I have also added a photo of my rolling pin that i covered with fabric and have attached hooks to hang some pretty teacups. It hangs above my Dressing Table.

Hugs, Shann xo


PurpleFlowerFairy said...

you have the BEST mum! what a wonderful easter present =) happy easter!!! debbie

Jules said...

How clever are you although it
doesnt really suprise me,although our
decorating tastes are different i could happily live at your place

Peta said...

Gorgeous pressie from your mum and love the teacup rolling pin!

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

I just found your blog today (linked from Peta's), and I love it! Everything is so soft and pink and pretty! I'll be back! :)


Thankyou Gals!!! Love ya's xo
Big new hello to ~becca~bluebird rose, thanks for loving my blog! Hoep to see you again!

Shann xo

Jules said...

I need to see the whole sideboard it looks so pretty ,the one the cake plate is on.It all looks delicious.