Sunday, 30 September 2007

Sweet Awards and Random Stuff

I am TICKLED PINK to have received this sweet award by my gorgeous gals friends Kara @ Innocent Charms Chat and Alison @ Creative Arts and Crafts.Thankyou soooo much girls. Big big hugs to you both.

**The 'Lifts me up ' and 'Schmooze' award.... "The Power of Schmooze Award is for bloggers who effortlessly weave their way in and out of the blogosphere, leaving friendly trails and smiles, happily making new friends along the way. They don’t limit their visits to only the rich and successful, but spend some time to say hello to new blogs as well. They are the ones who engage others in meaningful conversations, refusing to let it end at a mere hello - all the while fostering a sense of closeness and friendship.**

I would now like to pass this award on to my sweet friend Lori @ Pink Faded Roses. Lori's posts are always so fun, cheeky and heart warming and i love that she includes little kitty cat pictures and messages just for me :) I always feel my day brighten after i read Loris blog.

Oh NOW...
Alison also tagged me for 7 RANDOM THINGS. Oh wowza, i am racking my brain for stuff thats not too incriminating...remember my mum will read this!!!

1. Once my friend Vicki and i both called in sick to work, (we worked at Grace Bros together) and we went to The Midday Show with Ray Martin (back when he was the host). This show was filmed live by the way. The camera guys must have loved us because we were constantly being filmed. The next day at work we were busted big time by our bosses...turns out the electrical department at work had all the TV channels set on the show we had gone to ...and there for the whole world to see was my friend and i at the show when we were meant to be home sick! Talk about being sprung!

2.I have been kissed big time ON THE LIPS by none other than JAMIE DURIE. In my 'younger years' ha ha, i was obsessed with him. I must have gone to see MANPOWER a zillion times. I was sooooo in love with Jamie Durie. I have some really kool pics of him and one of me sprawled across his lap! (i really must find it and scan it for you all...hee hee). He is LUSCIOUS and wow can he kiss **giggle**!

3.I never walk over a drain and i have taught Sam not to as well. I am so afraid it will fall in. Well, it could happen you know!

4. I cant stand listening to people whistle. Weird i know, but i find it so annoying. I figure if you are going to take the time and energy to whistle then you might as well just sing the song for crying out loud!!!

5.I am a bench wiper. I swear i will die with a sponge in one hand and a bottle of Nifti in the other. I cant help it, i see a spot and i have to wipe the whole bench (i think i inherited this from mum).

6. One of my favourite shows is American Chopper on foxtel. I Looooove it soooo much. Its brilliant and i just love Mikey and Vinnie to pieces.They crack me up.

7.AND FINALLY..... Apparantly i am shrinking. Well this is according to Sam who informed me of this tonight. In all his 4 year old wisom he comes out with this cracker "Mummy i think you are shrinking." I think i laughed so hard i wet my pants a little !!!

So thats weird and random me. Do ya still luv me?

So now i think i will pass this punishment on to...umm...let me think...hmmm....ok KARA you are it girlfriend!!!!! *GRIN*

Today was my Daddys birthday.HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD. I am pooped from cooking and decorating the house with balloons and streamers! So its off to bed for me now.

Big Hugs,
Shann xo

Thursday, 27 September 2007

This hero doesnt wear a cape...she should but :)

I am so proud to have been asked by Joy @ The Joys Of, to join in this special day for our friend Amy @ Some of you may know Amy, some may not.
Amy who is currently fighting Breast Cancer,is an amazing woman and friend to so many. I read her blog with each new post,just waiting to hear how she is. Some days i laugh so much at her wicked sense of humour that my tummy aches, and other days when Amy doesnt feel so amazing i sit at my computer feeling helpless and i cry with her.
So today a bunch of us have joined hands to form a big circle and offer a huge hug to Amy and her family to let them know we are all here for them in our own ways.
Now to Amy i offer the words of this amazing song written by Australias own Deltra Goodrem. I used to play this song to my husband (who is currently in remission from cancer) when he was feeling like "Why Me?".....I hope you dont mind.

' BE STRONG ' Lyrics By Delta Goodrem

Are you swimming upstream in oceans of blue?
Do you feel like you're sinking?
Are you sick of the rain after all you've been through?
Well I know what you're thinking
When you can't take it
You can make it
Sometime soon I know you'll see

'cause when you're in your darkest hour
And all of the light just fades away and
When you're like a single flower whose colours have turned to shades of gray
Well hang on, and be strong

We're taking each step one day at a time
You can't lose your spirit
Let live and let leave, forget and forgive
It's all how you see it
And just remember keep it together
Don't you know you're never alone

'cause when you're in your darkest hour
And all of the light just fades away
When you're like a single flower whose colours have turned to shades of gray
Well hang on, and be strong

No you're not defeated
And soon you'll be smiling once again
Then you won't have to feel it
Let it go with the wind
Time passes us by
And know that you're allowed to cry

'cause when you're in your darkest hour
And all of the light just fades away
When you're like a single flower whose colours have turned to shades of gray
Well hang on and be strong

oh oh
hang on, hang on
be strong
da da (in background)
hold on and be strong

Amy you are wonderful and brilliant and strong and we admire you and thank you so much for sharing EVERY aspect of your fight with us.
Now kiddo you keep smiling that wonderful smile and keep kickin' some serious Cancer Butt ok !

We Love You,
Shannon xo

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Ok Now Everybody Say "CHEESE"

Ok i think i caught my Brucie mid way there! LOL
I'm soooo gosh darn excited! I finally got a new camera. Yippee Yaaa Hooo (picture me doing the happy dance right about...NOW).My poor Old Faithful Camera went into some sort of mid life camera crisis on the weekend and i thought it was best to just let it be.
So....there i was in the midst of taking photos for Ebay and OH NO, Shane!! Quick the camera is going insane!!!Diagnosis...Inoperable....awww.
So off my men went to the store to buy me a new one...Out with the old, in with the new.
Apparantly its my early birthday prezzie. Thats ok as long as i get chockies on my actual birthday :)
So i am loving the new little camera that takes the clearest photos ever! its my new best friend (oh, after my Sam of course).
So heres some of my new items i have just listed on Ebay, courtesy of my new camera. Oh have i said NEW CAMERA too many times?? Sorry for going on and on about my NEW CAMERA.. LOL. But i just love it so.Tee hee hee

Totally cute Cupcake storage box with lil' pom pom trim.

A pretty way to welcome family and friends!

This cupboard was a great find! i painted it and distressed it and added my big pink roses and buds down each side, plus a few littlies on the front.

A huge THANKYOU to all the gals who left me some halloween info and for those who emailed as well. Sam and i cant wait. Literally Sam cant wait...every morning the same question..."Is it halloween today Mummy?" "No darlin, not for a while yet." Then i get the cranky/sad face from him, like i make the rules about when its time for halloween! We have lots of ideas for decorating now though! Sam just wants a Jack-O-Lantern and candy i think :)

ok im off. Oh but heres a piccie i just found on the computer of part of my mums garden last Spring. Isnt is gorgeous! Hope it brightens your day!

Hugs Bunches,
Shann x0

Sunday, 23 September 2007


Ok girls HELP IS NEEDED big time here !!!
Sam and i have become srtangley obsessed with Halloween this year and we need your help. Being in Australia we dont celebratee halloween and well quite frankly and honestly i think that sux big time.Theres so many horrible things going on in the world...why cant we celebrate a fun night and give the kids some candy and some giggles !!!!! Oh and Mummys need candy too...hee hee.
So for my dear lil' Sam, my gift from God, my reason for breathing, we are having HALLOWEEN in our home this year!! YIPPEEE i am soooooo excited just thinkin about it :)
I plan to decorate our front room (i really want to have bats hanging from the ceiling..hee hee) and have the blinds right open on halloween evening as that room looks out to the street. We are even going to make a big sign to let all the neighbourhood kids know that our home is open for TRICK OR TREATING !!!
Sam is jumpin around like a fool at the thought of this.
I asked him who'd he'd like to dress up as and he said 'MALEFICANT' from Sleeping Beauty

LOL yes my son is a huge fan of hers!! Thats gonna be fun making that costume :) Me , im just gonna be a Witchy Poo i think (as Shane said, i could just go as myself then...hardy har har husband). Well ive got the black cats already (Lori should i dress them up too??hee hee).

ANYHOO if you have some traditional Halloween decorating ideas, recipes, ANYTHING really kool you'd like to share with me, i would LOVE some help. My email is
Oh, we really want to make a big Jack-o-Lantern too, so any clues on getting that done would be MUCH APPRECIATED.

Oooh i cant wait, its like christmas, only scary and with more Candy!!!

Lots of Hugs N Kisses,
Shann and Sam ( Halloween Wannabe's )

Saturday, 22 September 2007

Yellow Rose Day

The lovely Polly @ Counting Your Blessings is hosting Yellow Rose Day for all us gals who love Yellow Roses.
Ok i was meant to do this yesterday (friday) but i totally forgot.... SORRY POLLY. Here i am but and better late than never right !
So sit back and relax and soak up the beauty of the Yellow Rose....dont they just make the day seem all that much brighter .....

One of my Original Paintings featuring a jug of Yellow Roses

Some of my tins with the sweetest Yellow Roses

My Yellow Rose Faux Cupcakes!

I hope you enjoyed them!
Thanks Polly for including me in your day :)


Wednesday, 19 September 2007

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas...

Well almost.....
Last year i kinda got caught in the rush and had so many last minte orders and things to do, so i have made an executive decision to be more prepared this year.
Plus i just loooove Christmas.I love creating things with a Christmas theme, decorating my home and i looove giving prezzies. Ok i love receiving prezzies too but isnt there just something so magical about the look on someones face when they unwrap a gift that you know they will love to bits! It gives me such a warm,mushy and squishy feeling inside :) C'mon you all know that feeling.

So i have some sweet new creations that i am toying with at the moment and lots more buzzing around in my head (hmm could be whats causing the migraines). Its just finding the time to do them all. Not enough hours in the day is there.

Here are some of my creations from last year that i sold on Ebay and privately also. I will be making and taking orders for them again this year.

Cute Polka Dot Reindeer. I will have variations of them this year including ones with fabric :)

Fabric wrapped Candy Canes. I still have mine hanging on a Candlelabra in the Dining Room. They were so popular, they look really pretty on the Christmas Tree

Faux Bon Bons for your table setting, made with the prettiest fabrics and adorned with trims. These were a real hit also.

Faux Gift Boxes wrapped in pretty fabrics and trims ready to hang on the tree! Mine are still on my window ledge.

There will be plenty of Faux Lollie's/Candy's too and in some cute Christmas colours!

I think that will all help keep me busy dont you?

Now, here are some pics of the Cotton N Candy Swap i sent to the cheeky and sweet Dolly @ From My Cherry Heart. I had to pinch Miss Dollys pics for this because i forgot to take some b4 i sent her parcel !
I will post pics of my goodies when they arrive. Mmmm cant wait...candy.... :)

OK hope you enjoyed the pretty pics today. I best be off and get to work creating and painting!No time like the present right?
Hugs Always,
Shann xo

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Giveaway Winner and Just Me Raving On (this could be long)........

Well i wasnt really gone. Just pre-occupied. My Step sis and her kids have been visiting for the past 5 days so its been all systems Go here. AND I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT.
I havent seen my Step Sis and my niece (she is 5) for over 2 years and had never met my nephew (he is 16 months old now), so there was plenty of cuddles and kisses from Aunty Shann let me tell you :) I wish i had photos but they are mostly on mums camera and she hasnt had a chance to email me them yet. CMON MUM PULL YOUR FINGER OUT AND GET MOVIN' !!!!
Anyhoo we had so much fun while they were here, did some touristy stuff, went to a farm yesterday and fed the baby animals, had a tractor ride etc etc...good fun!!!! Me being the Farm lovin gal that i am i loved it! Yes girls underneath the pretty pink stuff i am a country girl who loves the smell of cow poo!!! LOL
The word of the day yesterday was 'MAGNIFICANT' and i am proud to say it came out of the mouth of none other than my Sam who exclaimed that the Roosters were MAGNIFICANT. Thats my boy!
Oh and drama of the day was our friends little girl swalowing her 2$ coin and starting to choke..ENTER Super Shann (yes thats me, i wear my pink cape on weekends mostly) and her quick thinking and grabs the kid, throws her over my lap and gives her a few good thumps on the back to cough it up! All was well in the end (albeit a tad scary for her and her poor mum) and that poor kid will never speak to me again for thumping her so hard :(
And so ends a day in the life of Super Shann.

Ok so moving on.....
Mr Sam was in no mood to have his picture taken today (grumpy and sad coz the visitors have gone back home)so i had to do it myself.
In they go !!!!!


Congrats Priscilla! I will be emailing you and letting you know you won!
Thanks to all you lovely gals who left comments to enter. Im sure there will be plenty more Giveaways from me to come!

Ok now i'll just show you a couple of pics of some pretties i made a few nights ago.
First up is this sweet sweet trio of Lavender Strawberries. I just loooove this fabric for them, its so ummm 'strawberry-ish' LOL

Next is a PINK PINK PINK Tussie Mussie that i used Rachel ashwell Rosalie fabric on, my favourite fabric i think.
Ive listed this and the Lavender Strawberries on Ebay.

Well thats all from me today, the oven is now calling me to clean it. Oh yes its all non stop partying and fun and games here!

Tutt Taa
Shann xo

Thursday, 13 September 2007

You Say It's Your Birthday....


Sam and i made you a Lamington Cake in honour of your special day.
But....since you cant be here to eat it.......I guess i will step up and do it for you (honestly the things i do for you).

Here i am saying Helloo sweet friend, i think you shall taste yummy.....

THEN out of nowhere Sam the man swoops in and pinches it.....

Oh well...perhaps i can lick the crumbs up...LOL.

Anyhoo, Happy Birthday Chickadee, we hope you have a wonderful day.

Lotsa Love
Shann, Shane and Sam

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Tea For Two and Two For Tea......

Im so glad you made it. Come on in.....

Ive set up the Cafe Corner for the two of us...aww we even have matching Teacups (because good friends always want the exact same thing) and i popped one of my Lavender Strawberries in them for us.. I bought your favourite biscuits (oh ok, mine too) .....Hundreds and Thousands...we love them because they are PINK and they remind us of when we were little and we had pretend 'Tea Party's' together :)
If you dont want Tea i will make you a Hot Chocolate, just like me because i dont drink tea...but you remembered that anyway.

Ive popped some reading material on your chair in case you get tired of listening to me chatter away ( i am quite YAKKY and thats a word i am borrowing from my sweet friend STEPH )...i doubt you will though....i will tell you stories of when we were little and dressed up in our mums prettiest dresses and thought boys were yukky and had 'Boy Germs'. That will be fun wont it.
We can still look at the pictures of the Pretty Roses in the book though if you want to. Hey while we are looking at them, what say i put my Michael Buble' CD on and we can sing into our hairbrushes and giggle some more about how dreamy and cute he is..... hee hee.

I love having Tea Party's with you my friend. I hope you come back tomorrow and we can be silly girl friends again.....

Oh i almost forgot....while i was waiting for you today, Sam made us both some MUDCAKES.... i took of photo of him preparing the ingredients....perhaps we will have them tomorrow???? I cant wait!

Hugs Always.....
Shann xo

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

September 11..Raise Your Teacups Please Ladies....

I woke up this morning remembering.......that dreadful day 6 years ago......i remember i was on my way to work....casually,happy, with a bright day ahead.....totally unaware that on the other side of the world tragedy had struck, tragedy that was so unimaginable, so inconceivable it couldn't possibly be real.
I cried when i found out, i cried for days like so many others i am sure.
The feeling of disbelief was enormous. How could something like this happen ???
Today i will think about all the loved ones that were lost, those who were injured and those who risked their lives to save others.The world came together didn't they.....even here in Australia we felt the pain like we were there with you all. I remember thinking how strong and how remarkable we can be in the face of tragedy.When you think you have nothing left, you find an inner strength you never knew you had. I hope those affected by September 11 continue to grow strong.

So today in honour of the people of September 11, i ask that we all raise our Teacups at our Tea Party's and take a moment.... just to remember.......

May Your Cup Always Runneth Over...
Shannon, Shane and Sam xxxooo

Monday, 10 September 2007

Giveaway AND A Tea Party...Pinch Me, I must be Dreaming....

So who's up for ANOTHER GIVEAWAY????
Spring Fever has hit me and in honour of all its glorious beauty i am having another GIVEAWAY. This time you will receive my pretty handpainted ROSES signs that is shown below !! You can never have too many roses right?
All you have to do to win is leave a comment on any of my posts between now and 6pm AEST on Monday the 17th and you are in the draw! Its sooooo easy peasy. I will get my trusty name drawer (Sam, LOL) to draw a name out of the pink basket and the winner will be notified via their Blog.
Be sure to spread the word now!

NOW...This week is the start of the MAKE MINE PINK TEA PARTY. I had lots of plans today for it but they all fell apart when an emergency arose. So catch me tomorrow for some yummy TEA PARTY treats.
For now let me invite you to feast your eyes upon some delicious non fattening treats...all made by me :)
So come sit with me, grab a cuppa and enjoy.......

See you lovely ladies tomorrow !

xo Shann

Saturday, 8 September 2007

What's In A Name ...

Ok i got to thinking today about names and all because i have been tagged by Kara and Alison for the name game.So just for you 2 lovlies i will do it at the end of the post.

But for now i was thinking about the names we choose for our animals...ok dont ask me why or how just go with the flow ok :)

So for some frivolity (ok is that even a word?...bit like Stephanies 'YAKKY' really...) and just all out no reason other than 'i can ' i will tell you why i named my pets their names....Oh and i'll do them in order of purchase so as not to show favouritism ( because they may read this you know, they are way clever) LOL
1. Fraser our Golden Labrador was named after the YUMMY actor Brendan Fraser (its no secret in my family that i would kick Shane out if Brendan Fraser 'came a callin'... well he might.....i live in hope

2. My cat George... named after George of The Jungle (played by Brendan Fraser in the movie)...sad i know but it had to be done.

3. George's brother Bruce..well he was already named when we finally got him...named after Bruce Willis and thats kool by me because i am a Die Hard freak!.

4. Chloe our Golden Retriever...our darlin was already named when we got her too...oh man this post is rapidly going down hill isnt it......but i was told that she was named Chloe after the perfume and that would suit her to a T actually.

5.Cobi my Arabian horse. This is a classic one for any Star Wars fan (like me). Cobi's show name is 'Warren Park O.B One'. Warren Park after the stud he was bred at and O.B One from Star Wars. So...Cobi for short :) kool huh?

6.Scamp my lil bugger cat who you all know by now. Well basically i always wanted a lil scunge bucket of a cat to name after Scamp the rascal puppy from Lady and The Tramp. This soooo suited Scamp because we rescued him from the bush, he was feral and covered in ticks and yuk and now he's my bubby (everyone say awww ).

7. Last but not least, my Molly cat. Well i always loved the name Molly for a little girl so when i stumbled across miss Molly whilst out 'junkin' i figured well ok lets call the cat molly :)
Then low and behold Molly turned out to be a boy.It was too late but, the name had stuck, so now we have a cat who definately has an identity issue. But now Sam has discovered the old Molly Moo Cow cartoons and thats funny because we always call her Molly Moo Cow .

So there you have it. Have any of you named your pets after someone or something weird? C'mon tell the truth.

NOW this dreaded name game.
I cant remember the rules but you all prbably know them by now anyway.
Ok so my Middle name is.... i have to ???...........
ok ok but i warn you.....
Sorry to anyone out there called Gai but i loathe it,but thats just me.
( Mum what on earth were you thinking, were you still high on happy gas??????)
ANYHOO i digress, i do that from time to time...

G is for Ghastly photos. I seriously pick to bits any photo of myself and will inflict serious pain on anyone who tries to shows such photos to other people! I am my own worst nightmare.

A is for Artistic which i do like to think i am.

I is for I am In Love with my son and my husband :)
oh and I is also for Idiotic middle names (MUM!!)

Well now i am meant to tag 3 gals since my middle name has 3 letters. So i tag Polly, Shelly and Mum (ha ha you have no middle name mum so you have to do your first name). Thats called PAYBACK i believe :)

ok well this brings us to the end of my rather RANDOM post
And to answer all your questions NO i have not been drinking :)
Just high on life gals, high on life......

Shann xxoo

Friday, 7 September 2007

Everythings Coming Up Roses

Yesterday was a happy day so i celebrated by painting sweet pink roses....
The reason for the happiness and roses??? (not that we ever need a reason for roses)......Shanes Catt Scan results came back and showed us that all was once again looking good with his cancer :) So we are very tickled pink in this house.

So i sat up again late last night and painted my pretty roses on an old timber draw panel. I am really pleased with how they turned pink and pretty and of course very girly and sweet. I have listed it on ebay already.

But today i have been crazily cleaning up my office AND our Guest Room (in anticipation of my step sister and her kids who are arriving next week...YEAH !!) and whilst i was re-arranging (yes Katrina, just like you...are we mad???) and decorating i found my gorgeous Faux Iced Christmas Tree i made last christmas. I was soooo excited, jumping around like a fool saying Shane Shane look what i found!!! of course he was like Oh Ok yeah, its a tree.... Why do men not get it?????
Anyhoo here it is :) I sold a heap of these on Ebay last year so i think i shall start taking orders for more, they were so fun.

I sent my Cotton and Candy Swap off last week to sweet Miss Dolly over there @ From My Cherry Heart and i totally forgot to take photos of everything i sent. I did remember one thing but...the cute Tussie Mussie i sent her.
Now Dolly DONT LOOK if you havent received your parcel yet. Or if you are like me and hate surprises and snoop everywhere for your presents till you find them....THEN YOU CAN LOOK :) I loved making this for her and i hope she loves it. I even used the sweetest cherry fabric.

Now onto my most favourite subject... SAM hee hee
Well poor darlin has been feeling awfully left out because mummy keeps getting parcels from the 'Parcel Man' (way too many ebay purchases etc etc) and he never gets any, so he took it upon himself to yell out to the Fairies and God to bring him a parcel please. So i sent Shane to the shops the other night on a mission to buy some pencils and things to package up for Sam.
The next morning as it turns out i got another parcel (oops another one from Gail) so i sent Sam out to see if there was one for him on the front porch too.....
Well the squeel of delight and the smile on his face could have lit up the whole sky, and as you can see, its from The Fairy's and God and even had Fairy Dust on it.
Plus i added a postage stamp to it otherwise the smart little rat would have asked why there wasnt one if it had really been posted...???

He ripped that open quick smart too ! By the way, ignore the dummy in his mouth , its a night and morning thing....we're workin on it, slowly but surely :)

Thanks for popping by again,
Im off now to my warm lounge room to sit and have a hot chocolate and watch something trashy on tv LOL

Shann xo