Saturday, 28 April 2007


I am soooooo excited to be having a GIVEAWAY !
What Fun!

You can win 7 of my Gorgeous Faux Lollies just by leaving a comment on my Blog.The fabrics i have used include Ashwell and Mary Rose fabrics. So sweet and so cute!I have lots of these little sweeties around my home, in bowls, inside teacups, you name it! They look so adorable.

** All your names will be put into a basket (PINK OF COURSE) and will be drawn on SATURDAY MAY 5TH ** Australian Eastern Standard Time.
I will contact the winner by email to give them the great news!

GOOD LUCK and Thanks for visiting my Blog!

Shannon xo

On another note, i went 'junkin' today (as Debbie, purpleflowerfairy, calls it)with my niece then again with mum. I got some great items and at bargain prices!
Heres the FAB Parlour Chair i got for $30 WOW, it needs a good clean and when i win lotto i will have it re-covered LOL. Shane thinks its repulsive.....what do men know!
Besides, my sweet Molly cat loves it :)

This next photo is a few of the other bits n bobs i got as well.
LOVING the blue thermos so much and very pleased with the little pale blue vase as i actually collect that porcelain, it has sweet pink, blue and yellow roses around the bottom. I practically knocked two women over to get to it! It was so worth it but!

Till Tomorrow!
Shann xo

Friday, 27 April 2007


I must give snaps to my gorgeous gal friend JULLIE (Jullies World, i really must work out how to put her link right here) for creating my Beautiful New Banner, complete with a photo of my very own Faux Cuppies!
THANKS JULLES you clever lil chook!

I had a lovely surprise today when one of my New Customers sent me a photo of a Faux Cake i made for her that she received today. How lovely and thoughtful is that! Its always nice to see where your Artwork ends up. So THANKU KAREN, you're a real sweetheart and it was my absolute pleasure.

My cake in Karens Home :)

I managed to grab myself some big old Globite Suitcases FINALLY. I am just dying to 'do them up all shabby'. I have been on the lookout for some for ages now. Cant wait to get started on them. I have a zillion ideas buzzing around in my head for them. I shall post pics when they are done! Wont be long, i cant help my self.....

Sam and i made Anzac Biscuits today (i know, a few days late but better late than never) and genius me decided we should double the mixture so Grandad could have some too....Consequently i spent the next 2 hours at the oven. Not the sharpest tool in the shed sometimes.... LOL. BUT they do taste yummy!
Here is my Sam 'mixing' whilst my cat Bruce (i swear he is Cat Maffia)waits for one of us to walk away so he can see whats to eat....

This is my new Faux Cake i listed today on Ebay.It sold within hours...i just cant keep up someties! I must say it was a favourite...all that PINK.

Remember My GIVEAWAY starts tomorrow. Make sure you check back to see what you could win, just by leaving a comment! YES IT'S THAT EASY!!!

See You Tomorrow!
Love Shannon xo

Thursday, 26 April 2007

Trinket Boxes and Roses

I thought i'd just do a quick post today.
This is a photo of my Pretty Trinket Boxes on my Dressing Table. A collection that happened by accident (just like Peta's).We were talking about them a few days ago so i thought i'd blog them :)

I cut back some soggy roses today but managed to save these. I love this teapot.Perfect for roses!

My BLOG GIVEAWAY will be announced on Saturday the 28th so feel free to spread the word!


Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Anzac Day.....Got Me Thinking......this is a long one too.

Today being what it is got me thinking about people i love who have passed away. It all started when i watched a John Edward DVD this morning. The man is amazing. I am a believer through and through. I know many are not, the skeptics we call them.
I believe when you die you are, in a sense, still here, around those who loved you. You don't just die and that's it, it cant be. God went to all the trouble of creating us, he wouldn't just end it so simply......
I am a firm believer that nothing happens by accident, there is a reason for everything, even if that reason isn't always clear at the time.
I know that when my time comes i will make sure that my loved ones know i am still here.
That's why i love watching John Edward so much......i believe.
I have had a few very significant 'moments' of my own. I remembered one today which prompted me to go searching for an old drawing i did when i was about 18 (sad to say i cant find it). My grandad loved the French singer Charles Aznavour, I drew a caricature of him once for my grandad and i spilt oil on it so i did another one the same, he framed it and he was always the one person who told me i was talented.
One day a few years ago i found the drawing and i got all teary thinking about my Grandad.....a few hours later i went over to my mums and when i walked in the door she was playing her old Charles Aznavour could have knocked me over with a feather, she never plays it, she just stumbled upon it and put it on......I truly believe it was Grandad telling me he was with me.
Another time i was just at the sink washing dishes and i smelt my Pa. It sounds weird but i truly did. I couldn't pin point the smell but it was him. I stood there, dishes in hand bawling my eyes was an amazing feeling.
And only today i asked my mum if my Nan had lots of Pinwheel cushions because they remind me of her so much.And she did, on the lounge i used to hide behind, and my Nan would sneak me butterscotch lollies.....she died when i was young so i hang onto the pinwheel cushions memories very tight......
Last but not least, when Sam was 2 days old, in hospital, the blues hit me....i had been crying all day. Sometime through the night i felt someone sit on the side of my bed, i thought it was a nurse, i spoke,....but no-one was there.....i don't know who it was but someone was with me making sure i was OK and SAM was OK :)

So i hope that all the people today who are thinking of those they lost in the war can take comfort in the thought that we are never truly gone, a part of us stays behind and we will always live on in the memories of those we loved and those who love us.....

I'll end this with 2 drawings i did find (back when i was Shannon Davis, not Thompson) Grandad would have loved these. They are badly damaged though.
Clint Eastwood and Rock Hudson.

Take Care,
Shannon xo

Monday, 23 April 2007

Sick kids and Swap Prezzies

My poor little guy is sick again. I was up all night with him so we are both very tired now. I lost track of how many times i had to change his pj's and his bedding. My poor little darlin'. I hate it when kids are sick and you cant fix it. Sometimes though i think cuddles from mummy are the best ever remedy :)

A lovely surprise was at our front door this morning swap prezzie from Joyce. I LOOOOVE PREZZIES!!! She really spoilt me and knows me so well! Sam helped me open it and it cheered him up a little which was great (so another big thanks to Joyce, good timing).Sam told me "you have a lovely friend Mummy". And yes i do indeed.
Heres a pic of all my lovelies

While Sam was watching dvds on the lounge i did a bit of painting. I finished this one in the pic below, it has a hand cut glass knob to hang your pretties on.
I also had a customer pop in to collect some items which is always so nice.I love meeting the people who buy my work.

Just for fun heres a few piccies of some of my 'stuff' LOL

Kitchen shelf (i have a thing for shelves)

One of my Fluffy Icing Mosaic Pot's i threw together last week. I love it. Its huge!

Gorgeous Vintage Collage' i made.

Coming up in the next week i am going to be having a Blog Giveaway!
Be sure to check back!

Shannon :)

Friday, 20 April 2007

My Wedding Anniversary.

Today is mine and Shanes Wedding Anniversary. 5 years! You get less for murder dont they say? LOL
We had a yummy candle lit dinner at home with Sam, followed by the yummy Parfaits i made for dessert......i will be forever trying to get it off my waist line now :(
Sam thoroughly enjoyed his. Oh damn i can feel the calories on me already.
Shane bought me a gorgeous necklace that i will take a pic of tomorrow.

Sam having fun pigging out! (I am painting that table and chairs on the weekend.)

I took this photo of my sideboard tonight while i had my candles lit. It looked so pretty. I never really realised until i looked at the photo, just how full my sideboard is. I'd love to sell it one day and buy and old white one. We had this one restored for us and i was never happy with it.Though it's lovely, the colour is just not my taste.

Here are some little paintings i have just put on Ebay. Some shabby little cuties :)

Off to bed now...
Hugs, Shann .

Monday, 16 April 2007

Parcels from Overseas and My Funny Son

This morning i woke up to some lovely parcels on my doorstep.It was like Christmas!
My lovely items from Lori @ , had arrived.
I just could not resist these pretty cast iron rose hooks.Now i just have to find the perfect spots for them.....cant rush these things you know LOL.

Now...the most GORGEOUS and DIVINE light switch covers ever in the universe! I just have to convince Shane now that i've bought them we really need to get an electrician in to convert the switches over.....I may need to use my feminine charms here!

Last but not least this awesome tin print from another seller on Ebay that i have already hung in my Kitchen. I have a fair amount of 'Cake Art' in my kitchen....makes it look so yummy and inviting.

My fun story for the day has to do with my sweet son Sam. I have been feeling really tired and very 'headachy' the past few days so tonight i ran myself a lovely bubble bath, lit my candlelabra over the tub, poured myself a kahlua and milk and settled in....I also told Sam in no uncertain terms that he was not to annoy me and he had to go and play with Daddy in the loungeroom. WELL being almost 4, Mummys shadow and very head strong we didnt really listen to Mummy's instructions. I was in the bath for a few minutes when i heard 'creak creak' the door opening slowly, about an inch, 'what do you want Sam?' 'I just need to sit in the hallway and watch you' hmmm... 'ok but no talking.'.....10 seconds later (if that) 'can i talk now mum?' NO!....another 10 seconds 'can i talk now then?'....
this went on for 5 minutes..... I tried the 'Sam, Daddy is calling you' trick, to no avail. My son is not that stupid.... he did however go into the lounge room and tell daddy that he would have to play the Rolla Dice game by himself because he was very busy watching Mummy have a bath, and also told Daddy 'now dont cry'.
Suffice to say it was not the ideal relaxing bath but it was definately amusing having this little pair of eyes watching me and whispering to me (because thats not really talking you know) through the door.

Now, I know 3 people who will read this little story and laugh.
1)Mum. She knows her grandson soooooo well.
2)Jullie. Now she has met Sam she will totally picture all this.
3) Debbie. You can tell Meggan that this will be her and Ashton one day :)

I love this photo of us.

It's those small daily happenings that make life so spectacular .

Shann xo

Saturday, 14 April 2007

Workin' My Butt Off....!!!

You know those days when you are just so busy you dont even stop to eat? Well thats been me today.I have gotten so much done but, so i am happy.
This is a photo of the handpainted sign i have just finished for the lovely Shelley (Pretty and Chic Online)that she is going to hang out the front of her gorgeous Cottage that is her work cottage. I hope she loves it.

This yummy Faux Cake is for another customer, Lisa, a real sweetheart. She wanted pink, white, blue and green,roses and pearls...she got the lot! I am really pleased with this one! I want to eat it .It is still drying so it's on a plate on top of my pretty new Cake Stand that i bought this morning. I have needed a cake stand for ages. Not wanted one....NEEDED one...theres a major difference.LOL

This last pic is some totally gorgeous and Oh So Shabby Faux Cupcakes i made today. I wanted to make some smaller ones that were simple yet still sweet and shabby. I will list these tomorrow night. I may even make some for myself......I am just lovin the colours!

Well yesterday Sam and i went to Jullies and it was a blast! We were sooo spoilt! Jullies house is just amazing.There is something gorgeous to look at in every corner.
She has her own Blog (see link to it on side of page) but i wanted to add some pics i took of her unique home.Enjoy!

I love this photo,the roses are from my garden and Sam and i cut them for Jullie. I love how the sun is beaming in on them.
See you all tomorrow!

Love Shann xo

Thursday, 12 April 2007

I finally started on the Kickboards in the Kitchen. I am loving it already but i so wish our totally gross tiled floor wasnt there. I really want nice big white tiles, not the ugly blah that is there now. I cant believe someone actually liked them enough to lay them ! UGH !! I also want to repaint the cupboards now so that the roses on the kickboards stand out. Maybe a very pale pink...maybe white. Gee i am lucky my hubby works for a paint company!! YAY to free paint!
Eeek the more i look at the photo the more disgusting those tiles become.....

I also took this photo today of our Guests Bathroom for my friend Peta (hi Peta xo). She loves green. This bathroom was very dark timber panelling on the walls and a dark timber vanity, made the whole room look so pokey. I woke up one day and said to Shane "we are painting that bathroom today". He is so used to me doing that. I wanted to go green and i just love the colour i chose.The timber panelling looks so fantastic now. It opened the whole room up. We didnt fill in the holes in the timber because i love that it looks so old and rustic yet still kinda shabby provincial.I still need to re-grout the floor tiles but. I also painted a brick feature wall in our kitchen the same colour and with the pink and white it looks fantastic. I have hung some 'cake art' on the wall and it looks quite yummy!
Not the best pics of the bathroom , its on a weird angle (oh and really who wants to see a photo of my toilet).Oh and my towels are all on the line today, hence the hooks being bare. The scrolly wall sconce is actually a darkish chippy green, i was going to paint it but it looks so great as it is, it really suits the style of the room.

I decided to add this photo below as well. I have a lovely customer who is just the sweetest gal and we have become very chatty. I love it when an Ebay customer turns out to be just so lovely! This is just a snippet of some of the things she has on layby with me. I am delivering them to her when i go to melbourne in a few weeks. I took this photo today and sent it to her so she would remember all the pretties she has bought. She really is just gorgeous and i am honoured that she buys from me. I am probably as excited as her about her finally getting the items! Not much longer Danny!!!

Tomorrow Sam and i are off to my friend Jullies house. We are in a chat group called PrettyChic and have never actually met in person but get along like a house on fire! Cant wait to meet her and see her amazing home. I am taking my camera so i can Blog her!!

Have a great night!
Shannon xo

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Yay i got my Compressor!!!!!

My lovely hubby bought me Machinery!!! I am sooo excited about it. I finally have an Air Compressor and Spray Gun for my furniture. Problem is i just want to spray EVERYTHING. Even Mum is making a list! I sprayed my 2 huge cane chairs and have kept one for me and listed one on Ebay. Mine looks so lovely in its sunny corner (see pic). I plan to do my Dining Room chairs and our Kitchen Chairs and Table as well. But the most excellent thing is i can paint the outside of the house!!!!! Thats a bit down the track but it will come.

I had an item removed from ebay today because i had ~Customer Orders Welcome~ in the listing. HOW PATHETIC is that? I would say that someone has had a pathetic little whinge about me (someone who is not making any sales and is jealous perhaps) doing extra sales outside of ebay. Everyone does it! I was so mad, the filth that came out of my mouth was hysterical!
I sent Ebay a not-so-happy email. Hee Hee.

Sam is off to pre school tomorrow and i plan on doing my Kick Boards to see how they look.
Will post a pic when they are done.
Heres some of my Ebay items for this week.

*My gorgeous Wicker Chair*

*Shabby Chippy Hall Table*

* My Handpainted Cupcake Sign*

*Sweet handpainted Mirror*

Bye For Now
Shann xo

Sunday, 8 April 2007

Easter Day Fun !!

Did everyone eat as much chocolate as me???? I feel like i am going to burst! Our fridge is just brimming with the stuff! I can feel it on my butt already....sigh.

Well Sam had a great day, waking up to a box of easter goodies under his bed and then lots of Egg Hunting in the front garden. He was most excited to see the Easter Bunny had left his footprints too.....heres a pic of him following them and collecting them down the steps. It was such a buzz to watch him do this. I am such an emotional person, i get all teary when i see him so happy like that. I'm allowed to, i'm a mum :)

Tonight i sat down and made a list of all the things i want to do to the house, room by room. I am fortunate enough that i am a very handy kinda gal and can pretty much do most things myself (unlike some husbands who, when asked to put a certain shelf up for me, leave me with 6 holes in the wall and still no shelf....). The lesson here.....never send a man in to do a womans job.

My unique idea was to wall paper my kickboard in the kitchen! I was looking at it thinking Gee Shannon you really must finish painting that kickboard, when i had the idea to wallpaper it. Actually i have all this gorgeous wrapping paper that i am planning to use. I will varnish it all when i am done, to protect it. I think it will look great.This is it. Sorry the picture isnt that great ( its night time so i had to use the flash). What do you think???

Before i head off to bed....BIG kisses and hugs to my niece Becka who is feeling sore and very sad after a car crash last night. She is fine thank goodness. I Love ya Becka xxoo.

Nite Nite, Shann xo

Saturday, 7 April 2007

Sweet Little Gift Bags and Easter Eggs I Ate !!

I found these gorgeous little bags in a junk shop today. I am going to go back next week and get more (when the males arent with me LOL). They are so sweet and just .75 cents each !
I finally got the magazine today and saw my Faux Cupcakes in print!!!! I must say i am actually over it all now, so it was a bit of an anti-climax. Still nice though. My friends house looks really gorgeous in it but ! I aim to get mine in there within the next year. It's always good to have goals. Sometimes i have way too many!

Had to do some last minute Easter Egg shopping today.....i got the munchies last night and ate one of Shanes Red Tulip Eggs ha ha ha. It was super yummy too. Cheeky me. Funny thing is that he later said to me (not knowing i had eaten his egg) "if you want some chocolate i'll give you one of your eggs now"......LOL i was very casual and said "no, its ok"....I had just eaten a huge one !!!!hee hee.
Thats our secret now ok ?????

Again from me....HOPPY EASTER!!!

xxoo Shann.

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Prezzie from Mum and Easter Plans

I just had to add the above picture i found it on the net. So so pretty.

This must be my lucky week! First i received my sweet prezzie from Mandii and then yesterday my lovely mum gave me the sweetest little treats bowl with pretty pink crystals. She knows me so well. I have popped 2 of my bigger lavender strawberries in it for the moment until i make some smaller ones for it. It's so pretty. I took the photo of it on my side board but have now put it on my dressing table.

Plans for Easter aside from the obvious (eating way too much chockie)....Going to drag the Compresser out and spray some furniture. I have so many pieces waiting to be made over. Also some paintings....
Perhaps a family picnic on Sunday after Sams Easter Egg hunt in the front yard. I cant wait to see his face when he see's what the Easter Bunny left. The Easter Bunny has been leaving him little surprises this week to let him know he is a good boy and that he should stay being a good boy (thats one very sneaky bunny) LOL.

I have also added a photo of my rolling pin that i covered with fabric and have attached hooks to hang some pretty teacups. It hangs above my Dressing Table.

Hugs, Shann xo

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Painting My Mirror Doors and Special Friends

Today i made the executive decision that i am going to paint our repulsive Sliding Mirror doors on our equally repulsive Built In wardrobes in the bedroom. Do you get the impression that i hate Built In's ??? UGH i really do! BUT i have to live with these ones for quite a while to come so i am going to paint them. I would love to wallpaper them but wallpaper is so expensive and we are talking 3 very large doors here. I cant fabric them, it would get too dirty (husband, small child, 5 cats). So, yes painting it shall be. I'm just not really sure EXACTLY what to do yet aside from paint them white or pink. Maybe a Decal thing, i do my Original Paintings in oils so i cant paint anything on there myself like roses etc, it would be ruined in 5 mins by (see previous names in previous brackets).I may do like a half/half thing. Top half one colour and bottom half two colours in stripes ...who knows. And so... the thinking cap goes on. ANY SUGGESTIONS GREATLY APPRECIATED.????????

Well i also received a very special little surprise today in the mail. A very sweet and totally unexpected little Easter gift from my lovely friend Mandii (see link to her Ebay auctions).I met Mandii via ebay early last year and we just clicked. You know when you can just tell that someone is meant to be your friend?? I feel like that with Mandii. We email constantly, text messages, and ring each other, yet we have never met in person. All thats about to change when i go to Melbourne in a few weeks!!! YAY im soooo excited!!!

Heres my little prezzie, aint it the sweetest thing? LUV YA MANDII xo

STILL waiting to actually see my cupcakes in Country Home Ideas.....the magazine doesnt come out in stores til tomorrow or Thursday and it's driving me insane. I have only seen an email of them. ARGH !! Hopefully i will get a copy tomorrow.

ok thats all from me.
everyone have a fab rest of the week and of course a very safe and yummy Easter!!!

Sunday, 1 April 2007

Ebay Listings and My Pretty Room

Well it's listing night on Ebay tonight so i've been busy taking photos today. It takes me quite a while because i like to set things up to look like a beautiful display rather than just a quick photo of each item.
Here are 3 of my listings. The first one is the metal pot i mentioned i was doing yesterday. The second one is some sweet little jars that i have had laying around for ages and i finally decided what to do with them. I love how sweet they have turned out. I may just do some for myself too.
The third one is a gorgeous Queen Anne Bedside Table that i have made-over.. I have one myself with 4 draws that i will get around to painting one day...

I have also included a few pics of our front room 'Mummy's Pretty Room' as Sam calls it "You dont take toys in there, uhh ahh" he says. Funny kid.
Still lots i want to do with ithis light fittings, get my HUGE provincial style mirror put up, hem my curtains and hang them...a big pink rug on the floor....
It will get there.

This last photo is Sams recent Artwork that he did for me. It is hanging on our bedroom wall. I love it. Better than a Picasso any day.

Hope you all had a gorgeous weekend full of glorious sunshine like we did!
Shannon xo