Saturday, 31 March 2007

Garage Sale Day

I actually had an hour to myself this morning (trust me, that is a rare thing)so i spent it driving around to some local Garage Sales. I bought 2 big metal pots that i plan to 'shabby up'and list on ebay, actually i have one half done already.I may finish it tonight and list it tomorrow. I also purchased a gorgeous old Bevelled Mirror to add to my collection of mirrors. I just love old mirrors.They always remind me of my lovely Nana and Pa. Our hallway is fast becoming a Hall Of Mirrors (like and amusement parlour one might say) LOL. I love it but.

A couple of blogs back i had some pictures of the Rose Porcelain that i am now collecting. I mentioned my mum has a gorgeous lamp with just the pink roses on the base.....
well here it is below. I love it. Along with a gorgeous jug that, funnily enough my lovely stepdad bought my mum MANY years ago and we were mortified, we hated it. Funny how things stepdad was way ahead of us in the Shabby Chic department!!!!
Tomorrow i will add some pics of my Fave things in my home i think.

Everybody have a great weekend!!

Shann xo

Friday, 30 March 2007


I am soooooo excited. Some of my cupcakes have been featured in this months edition of Country Home Ideas mag. They did a story on my great gal friend Rexine's home and they loved my cuppies so much they did a blurb about them and me.
I havent seen it yet as it doesnt hit the stores till next week but heres some pics Mandii sent me. Thanks Mands XX

Faux Teapot Cake and Rosy Cupcakes

I almost is my Faux Teapot Cake with fluffy butter icing, that i mentioned yesterday. I think it turned out really sweet. Shane just looked at it and said "it's different", well thats the whole point....geez sometimes men just dont get it LOL
I shall list it on Sunday and see...

Also a pic of some Rosy Cupcakes for a customer. These are my favourite to make. I think i would buy one if i saw it in a real cake shop. One day i
will make some for myself to keep.

God takes another Angel......

Late last night i discovered that the husband of one of my Ebay friends passed away suddenly a few months ago. My friend had all of a sudden dissapeared and i wondered had they up and moved back to Chicago. I emailed her with no reply and she wasnt at work either.....i am kicking myself now that i didnt try harder to get in touch with her....she was going through hell.
I can in a way imagine the pain she is feeling because i nearly lost Shane last year, and though he didnt die he was almost there. I remember i could not breathe....its a feeling you cannot begin to explain if you have not been there yourself.
I know my dear friend will get through it eventually, time heals all wounds and she is strong, he taught her that.

When Shane was in hospital i was quite fond of this quote....
'Life is not measured by the amount of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away'

(Luv Ya Michelle xo )he is an Angel now.

Thursday, 29 March 2007

I have been struck down with the dreaded flu, so has Sam. We are a real sight to see at the moment LOL.Coughing and Sneezing all over the place.
Last night whilst laying in bed unable to sleep :( i had lots of new ideas buzzing around in my head ( albeit a bit fuzzy at the moment). i will share 2 of them with you.
The first one was for a new Original Painting.Sam and i have been watching Cinderalla alot (he loves it) and i would love to do a painting of a Carriage like the one in the movie. I think that would be just gorgeous.

I also had an idea for a rather different Faux Cake. A TEAPOT! I am planning to make a 'prototype' today. Depending on how it goes i will post a photo later.
Even though i am sick i have LOTS to do today including filling Faux Cupcake orders and a lovely big new Faux Cake for Lisa5352, one of my loveliest customers. I am also creating a sign for Shelley of Pretty n Chic Online for the door of her Work Cottage. AND an Original Painting full of Luscious Pink Roses for the lovely Danny of juneofsummertime. She is the sweetest gal!

I better hop to it. I have aleft a pretty photo today of some things i will be listing on Ebay soon.
Have a great day!!!


Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Porcelain, Roses and Smashed Pots

I have just started collecting this gorgeous rose porcelain. So far i have these 2 pieces, a single candle holder and a trinket box. My mum (see link at bottom of page for CollsGarden) has a lamp with just the pink roses on the base and i so want it ! Also Debbie (see link at bottom of page also)has the most gorgeous lamp base that my mum made a shade for. I WANT THEM ALL!!

The gorgeous timber table is an old one that i picked up at St Vinnies. I am undecided as to whether or not i should paint it...i really dont think everything has to be white, i sometimes think you should just leave well enough alone. I like the Vintage feel it gives my room. It suits my old pair of Lustre Jugs to a T as well. I usually have some old doileys on there too but they are in the wash.

I just had to add the Pot was one of my Mosaic Pots that i made a while back, a real favourite dad ended its shabby life yesterday when he knocked it off its stand...oh poor shabby mosaic pot. I have forgiven my dad :) alas Sam ( my 31/2 year old ) has not..."Grandad you are naughty, Mummys gonna rouse on you!"
Out of the mouths of babes hey!

Monday, 26 March 2007

Happy Birthday Alex

Today is my nieces 16th Birthday! She's a gorgeous gal. We bought her a Gift Voucher to get Glamour Photos done. I also made her this Funky Memory Board, she can put some of her sexy pics in it when she gets them done. The fabric is not my style, she is into Bold Funky colours, but at least it has Pink and Green! All is not lost.
My sister and i made her a cake of a Whale...long story, it was meant to be an Artists Pallette but my sister kinda sfuffed it up....Oh well, its a really cute whale now!! LOL.

Sunday, 25 March 2007

Pretty Things and Yummy Cakes

The 1st pic is a Gorgeous Thermos i bought from a new little crafty type shop a few days ago. I went there with my mum and we agreed it definately needed some 'shabbying up' ! The lady who owns it is a little ummm weird.... I would love to have my own little shabby shop some day.....i could decorate, create and play all day!!!
Oh Sweet Shabby Heaven.

The 2nd is a pic of some of my Faux Cakes, Cuppies, Lavender Strawberries and one of my Original Paintings in the background.
I wish the cakes were real (though my ass does not).

I think you can see my sweet little cat Molly asleep on a chair in the background.She is my little Darlin'.

Saturday, 24 March 2007

It worked!!! Heres some more then!

Well yee of little faith....i managed to add some pics and change the fonts etc.How exciting!
I have just taken some photos of my new Lavender Strawberries that i will be listing on Ebay tomorrow night. This is just a little snippet of what they look like, along with some other pretties.

My First Blog.

Day 1 of my Blog. I seriously have no idea what i am doing.... if this all ends up a complete shambles just bear with me. I am going to attempt to add some pics of some of my shabby stuff. If it works i hope you love it, if not, i'll keep trying!