Thursday, 31 January 2008

~ You Can't Keep A Good Woman Down ~

Ive been sick AGAIN. Yep, yukky icky pooh feeling really gross kinda sick. So has my poor lil' Sam. Sam gets bronchitis so ends up with a dreadful cough for weeks on end. Right now he is feeling much better but is still on antibiotics (much to his disgust). Me? well i will survive ! We have to dont we? When we get sick we still have to be mums and wives and keep the household running. Like i said...You cant keep a good woman down!

Even when i am sick i cant sit still for long....i lay in bed making/creating/glueing/ name it. I am hopeless.
Heres some things ive been doing just for me.
I FINALLY painted my wrought iron Candlelabra. It was an engagment present and that was loooong ago now. Now i just need some crystals and candles and im done. It fits nicely into the corner of our bedroom (well i think so anyway..Shane just said Oh great more crap..)Men..UGH !

Some pretty Fairy Floss paint for my 3 tiered stand that use to be a creamy colour.

I found this table on the roadside on the way home from visiting my lovely friend
Sue @ Junkit Junction. Sorry but i cant find the B4 photo anywhere. It had a glass top and the scroll work was black..ICK.
Sam actually spotted it before me "Mummy look at that stuff, is it for free?" Ahh i have him trained well dont i . Anyhoo i pulled over and grabbed it with Sam yelling out "get the lamp too mum" Oh man i was laughing so hard... what a little legend he is :)
So here it is now all prettied up.

I had to take the cake stand and cuppies off as the cats were starting to take an interest.So now i have these pretties on top instead.

Oh and i also made another lamp! I really needed a smaller shade for my bedside table as my bigger one was blocking my lovely mirror/print from Gail. It and the other one i made both passed inspection with mum so i figure i didnt do too bad :)

I also painted up this divine tray and will be painting it maybe a little bit french and rosey..not quite sure yet. You'll have to wait and see !

Hope everyone is well and happy. I will be doing some major blog hopping today, im having withdrawels from not visiting everyone ! I know its sad isnt it .

Lotsa Pink kisses,
Shann xxxooo

oh i had to show you this. Heres my boy at the park last week. He was having sooo much fun! Oh to be a kid again....

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Im Hop Hop Hoppin' into Easter already !

Maybe its the effect of all the Cadbury Creme' Eggs Ive eaten already...i dont know, but i am HOPPIN' MAD for EASTER this year!

Ive started on some New Faux Cuppies..i was going to wait till id done a bunch of them but geez i just cant! Im so hopeless.
So heres my first little set.

Now how could you resist the patty cases with little eggs on them and those sweet pink chickies.....
They will be available in lots of different colours really soon, so we can all start some easter Decorating.....and not just on our thighs (or is that just me?).

I 'hopped' (see i really am going easter crazy) into Spotlight yesterday with my Mummsy and we were like kids in a lolly shop "Oohing and Ahhing" over all the sweet lil' easter decos. There were even fluffy bunny ears (hmm...may go back for them later..if ya know what i mean..LOL).
Mum and i bought some cute things.....paper eggs, banners..but my favourite were these gorgeous little bunny garlands.

I bought pink and white of course and mum bought blue :)

Arent they just sooo squishy cute.
I wish i could have a real bunny or a little duckie.....

ahh lookie at their cute liddle faces...they want to come home with me :)

Ok i better go now and HOP TO IT..oh ha ha yeah i know enough already with the pathetic references to Easter.

But seriously i am just sooooo EGGSTATIC....

*grin* couldnt resist one more.

Shann xo

Monday, 21 January 2008

Awards, Sweet Gals, and pretties i made !

Before i start my usual rambling on i want to say a BIG KISSY KISSY AND HUGGY HUGGY THANKYOU to all my lovely and caring friends (yes YOU reading this) who left comments and/or emailed me to see if i was ok when i sold my sweet horse (see previous post). Yep i was pretty grumpy alright...just ask my poor hubby Shane.
BUT all your cyber hugs and kisses made me feel lots better. I luv you gals so much and i am sending big huge massive hugs right back to all of you! I hope you can feel them {{{{{{{{HUGGING YOU NOW}}}}}}}}

Ok now for some serious stuff...
Nah not really.

I am AGAIN just overwhelmed by the friendship of the following lovely gals.
Alison,Kara,Kerryanne,Mandii and Joan who all gave me this awesome award !

Well girls lil' ole me is so humbled. Each of you are so important to me in so many different ways. I hope you know that and i say RIGHT BACK AT CHA and give you back the award! i am again just TICKLED PINK to have received this award from a new bloggy buddy, Brittany. Now this girl is FUNNY, i liked her right away !

Thankyou Brittany, you sweet thing. I also say RIGHT BACK AT CHA with this one and i will pass it onto my sweetie pie friend Joan.

Ok Ok enough with the awards already!

NOW lookie what i did !

yeah yeah i did, i made a lamp ! I am totally chuffed with myself *hee hee*.
I kept it kinda simple and not too Frou Frou because im putting it on Shanes bedside table so i really didnt want him having a spak attack at me...poor guy is so overloaded with pinkness..... Oh and i sooo need to steal a prettier base from my mummy...Oh Mummy....????

So now i have discovered something else i can 'create' i will no doubt have a house full of lamps pretty soon :) Oh how dreadful would THAT be...hideous, horrendous...LOL

OH and ive decided to get back into making some Faux Cuppies for Ebay....i like em, they are just fun!

Heres some i 'whipped up' today.

Thankgoodness they arent rear end is expanding by the why is that......surely these yummies below have nothing to do with it..????

No surely not. It cant be....

Ok well im off then to find the solution..and more Cadbury Creme Eggs....hmm now where did i put that packet.....

Lotsa Hugs,

Shann xxoo

Friday, 18 January 2008

No Pink Today......

It's not like me to post something so devoid of pinkness and frillyness....but today i am feeling very un-frou frou like and mostly blue...not pink at all.

You see a week or so ago i made the decision to offer my horse for sale to the lady who leases him....big took some real strength on my part.
The reason being that i know in my heart i will never ride him again. For those who dont know i had a bad fall a few years back, then some other problems with my back to follow...resulting in surgery. Even though i wasnt told to 'Never ride a horse again', something inside me tells me not to. My fear is having another accident and doing more permanent damage to my back.....damage that may prevent me from ever running around crazy again with Sam, picking him up in my arms for a big "Guts Squeeze" as he calls it......stuff like that.
And so, i made the family and my life are more important.

So today the lady (Sue) is coming over with the money......i am dreading it...i keep watching the clock and my stomache is in knots... It makes it so official you know....this beautiful big animal whos been in our family for 11 he will legally belong to someone else.
Gosh im crying as im typing.
Anyone who is an animal lover will understand this im sure.....imagine that little furry friend who's sitting on your lap now or curled up at your feet...imagine them gone.....its a heart breaker.

I know i am doing the right thing, Kobi (my horse) has been at Sues for 2 years now and she adores him...its where he now belongs....but will someone please just tell my heart that.

Ok sorry to ramble on and put a damper on things, thats so not like me is it.

I guess i just needed to get it out, write it all down and for a friend to re-assure me that the sun will come out tomorrow.

Thanks for reading my lovely sweet friends.....

Big Hugs,

Heres my boy...oh cant i still say hes mine for just a little while longer..??

Monday, 14 January 2008

Creating Bits and Pieces

It's been so hot here the past few days and this weekend was truly just gross...i really dont do hot very well. I turn into a dreadful old hag who will bite the head off anyone who looks at me the wrong way. LOL. Ugh i hate that sweaty feeling. Thankgoodness for the air conditioning but...otherwise i might be in the midst of a divorce right now...ha ha ha.
Anyhoo i kept myself busy and sane by creating a few bits and pieces.

This year on Ebay i am getting back into some stuff i used to make ages ago.
Like my Butter Iced Flowerpots.
This one has yummy pink 'icing', bits of an old colclough saucer (smashed to pieces courtsey of my naughty cat Bruce), lots of beads and faux crystals and a divine Millinery Flower feature on the front.
I take lots of special orders for these.

I have a few of these pots in my home and in my garden too.They look so pretty.

An old hanging cutting board that i have painted white and added some of my roses to.
Would be a sweet addition to any kitchen i think (but i definately wouldnt use it for chopping your veges on...LOL.

I loved this old silver bowl when i found it. Ive painted it creamy white, added some more roses and slightly distressed the edges.

Now a sweet pair of Romatic mixed media hangings. Lots of glass glitter, pretty paper, millinery flowers and ribbon . I love these just hanging over the backs of my chairs. Too too pretty.

Not sure what will make it to Ebay or Etsy but feel free to email me if youd like to purchase something before i list it !

** Oh now back to the subject of weather..... Yesterday was a real stinker here, about 40c i think..erky perky... BUT all of a sudden these monstrous clouds came over, the sky started to rumble..amd within 10 minutes it was like a mini cyclone here.Never one to miss a photo op, I stood on our front porch getting blown away and saturated as i took pics of poor Shane tying the front gate to the fence b4 it bashed into his car and throwing blankets over my car to protect it from the hail. Ahh my knight in soggy armour *giggle*.

Hard to see but man that rain was bucketing down and the wind was a million miles an hour (ok slight exaggeration there...)

This is the first lot of hail that covered our lawn.

Storms dont usually worry me but this one was a real Lu Lu !! My roses however loved it !

Now, As i sit here typing this sleepy little face is peering down on me....

My sweet companion Georgie. I better go give him a cuddle i think......

Lots of Pink Hugs and Kisses,
Shann xxxooo

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Re-arranging is good for the soul....

Dont you agree? I know i get sooo tired of looking at everything in the same place all the drives me BONKERS, LOONEY..UP THE WALL.
So there i go, on a mission to re-arrange and mix things up. Well kinda.
yesterday i was feeling particularly bummed out (insert violin music here) i couldnt fathom the energy or sparkle to 'tart myself up' and go junkin' to get cheery, so i decided to just work with what i had in front of me.
So this led me to my dresser. I stood there looking at it and MAN WHAT WAS I THINKING when i put this together. It was all too darn neat and kinda sparse looking (hmm heres where goin junkin would have fill the gaps you know). So i added, shuffled, dusted and VOILA...... i am still not happy with it *groan*. Oh well, for now it will have to do.

* I've been on the lookout for some old Window Shutters to paint up for soooo long now and YAY finally i got my hands on a bunch of them ! Funny thing was that my sweet friend Gail was doing the same thing at the same time. I decided we must be psychic.

Heres my first one, just finshed this morning. This one is going on Ebay but i have lots more...should keep me off the streets for a while i think.....!

And how gorgeous is this? AN old drawer front that i painted and distressed and then added this gorgeous blue glass knob to it. Perfect for hanging some 'bling' on or your handbag.

Well now i am off to 'create' some more pretty valentines magic for my partner in Dollys Vintage Heart like a kid in a lolly shop with this swap....WAHOOOO to Dolly for such an AWESOMELY SWEET IDEA. Bunches of hugs to ya sweetpea!

Thats all folks

Kisses n hugs
Shann :)

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

OH No...tagged again...LOL

The lovely Deb @ Chantilly Cottage has tagged me and i had to sit and think long and hard about 10 more weird things about me...boy i tell you, i got quite a headache...

Ok so im not sure if i'll make it to ten...ha ha Shane reckons he could think of 100 weird things about me at least..

ok here goes...

1. I dont drink Tea OR Coffee. YUKKY...ive never tasted them....and no i dont want to, they smell gross.

2.I am allergic to alot of shoes. Bummer hey. I come out in a huge blistering and itchy rash and will literally rip my skin apart scratching...ive had this all my life..nice hey!

3. I hate the beach...yep its pretty to look at but i dont want to go in it.

4. When i was in high school my friends entered me in The Miss Gee Bees competition (a beauty quest thing for our large retail store Grace Bros). I came in the top 20 out of about 300 girls. Geez i think id be the 300th one now ! LOL. My rear end aint what it use to be !

5. I know the words to most of Kenny Rogers and Neil Diamonds songs off by heart. I grew up listening to them and now Sam listens to them.

6. I am OBSESSED with this Tv Show 'Outrageous Fortune' . Its a New Zealand show and ive watched every episode so much that i keep talking with a N.Z accent...Shane thinks its hysterical (his family are from N.Z). I love it !

7.I know ive mentioned this one before but its worth mentioning again...I am terrified of clowns. I hate them..and dolls...eek. Scary little critters they are.

8. If Shane makes our bed i usually sneak in and re-make it...i appreciate the effort but im so anal with my cushions...they have to be just right.

9. I am guilty of wearing bright purple lipstick in high school, when i was abut 17 i think..UGH...what was i thinking !

10. I didnt start eating pizza untill a few years ago...i cant believe what i was missing out on all this time !

WOW i did make it to 10. I am WEIRD then.
Whats more embarassing is that i thought of a few more...!

Ok so now i pass this onto um...lets see...who can i torture.....maybe umm...Joan @ Joans Journeys. Joan is so gorgeous, i adore her blog. Good luck (and sorry...) Joan !

Bunches of Pink Hugs,
Shann xo

Friday, 4 January 2008

Paint it Pink Indeed !

So right now i am trying some new painting styles....i think it somehow became my New Years Resolution...definately by accident as i dont normally make NY Resolutions.

So here is where ive been the past few days...painting...creating...and awake in the middle of the night sketching an idea so i dont forget....LOL....I bet im not the only one hey. How many of you have a note pad and pen beside the bed like i do ??
Most of us i bet :)

So heres a snippet of whats coming up in the next week....

A garden Oasis..Just waiting to be framed.

A middle of the night quick sketch of a corset...this will be so pink, ribbony and rosey.....i cant wait to get started.

Another quick sketch of an idea that i had forever ago....A magical Horse and Carriage......i have just started painting it.

This one is ready to go on Ebay tomorrow....A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet...

I have just completed this painting...A field of Pink Blossoms...the frame is an old ornate one that i have painted and distressed.

Ive also been creating some little mixed medias and tags for my Etsy...will be adding them tomorrow..if i remember *grin*.

Thanks for popping by again...its been lovely having you here :)

Lots of Pink Hugs
Shann xxoo

p.s Shane asked me to say this "Can you tell all those blog girls Thanks for the Happy Birthdays they left for me "

So THANKS Girls xxxooo

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Happy Birthday To My Hubby

Well todays post will be seriously lacking in anything pink and frilly....
Because today is my husbands im giving him the spotlight.

Most of you would know that Shane is a cancer survivor, so all birthdays are a real celebration and blessing for us as we did almost lose him a few times.
So to my brave and amazing husband i say this....
Thanks for hanging in there 'while you were sleeping' for so long...i knew you'd wake up eventually and come back to us....

Happy Birthday Baby....we love you so much.

i wont go on cause i'll cry.....LOL