Tuesday, 16 February 2010

In love with painting.....

Sometimes i just don't feel like painting....i used to pick up a paintbrush and try to force myself to do it....but that only creates BLAH and YUK...anyone who paints knows what i mean. I have learnt by now that if im not 'feelin' it, i should just walk away before i cause too much chaos.
This week (so far) the painting bug has bit me on the bum big time. I have soooo many ideas, i cant stop! I'm loving it!
Shane was recently given a massive pile of timber with bevelled edging and stuff (well im sure its called something more technical but my brain cant think of it), so im having a ball with it.

These are my 2 big ones i have done this week (sunday and monday night).
I'm feeling all french and pastel like. Oooh La La. LOL.

This one is available HERE to purchase

This one is available HERE to purchase

And a few smaller cuties i worked on last week .

So for now i have my groove back. I hope it stays awhile!

Thanks for popping by! I'll be updating my other BLOG tomorrow so please pop by and see whats been happening in my cake world!

Till next time, i'll probably be painting the cats if they stand still.....HEEHEE

Love Shann xx