Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Can you believe christmas is only 4 weeks away?? YIKES !!! Ssshhh dont tell, but i havent done ANY shopping AT ALL. Oh man, looks like i'll be out with the crazies on Dec 24th grabbing the prezzies! Have you done your shopping? I hope im not the only one who hasnt.

Perhaps once i get all my custom orders finished i will have a chance to hit the shops...ho hum..maybe.

At the moment im suffering some pretty bad back pain and sciatica so we'll see.

Anyroad it's a been a few weeks since i posted so heres what ive been up to amongst doing special orders..
My Website has been a bit neglected so i've stocked it up with some sweet goodness!

Christmas Trees in my store HERE.

And some of my Songbook Angels are there as well....

I've even managed to get some painting done.....

UPDATE:Bread Bin SOLD now Thankyou !

UPDATE: Shutter SOLD now, Thankyou!

Sometimes the painting frenzy just hits me and im like a crazy woman, painting anything and everything in sight! Next stop with the paintbrush??? Umm...our family room i think!

Anyroad, all of these items are over on my Website if you'd like to pop by for a fix of pink and pretty!

Thats all from me, i'll try and be a better blogger....i promise :)

Hoping everyone is well and safe,

Love Always,
Shann MWAH xx

Friday, 6 November 2009


Just a quick one today girlies. I wanted to show you all a big order i did for one of the stores i supply to, 'Rick Rutherfords Country'. I supply Rick with my Faux Cuppies and Cakes and to kick off his festive Christmas Season i supplied him with 6 Dozen Faux Puddings ranging in sizes. They were a labour of love that's for sure but i was so tickled pink with how they turned out! Rick loved my cheesecloth 'wrap' design to give them a real country feel. Lucky for me Ricks stores are only a hop, skip and a jump away so i deliver his orders to him personally which is great because we get a chance to have a chat! Sam always comes with me...he thinks Rick is the bees knees!

My Dining Table was over-run with Puddings!

Some little cuties i made for Rick as a gift.

I have lots more ordered so i need to get cracking! I will also have some listed on My Website in the next day or two and am also taking orders.
Phew, as well as my Christmas Angels, Trees and sweet paintings!
I think i need more hours in the day please.....! Anyone else agree?

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, whatever you are up to!
Stay safe and happy :)

Love N Hugs,

Shann xx

Tuesday, 3 November 2009


This is our 4th year of doing Halloween and i think the locals still think i am a little bit crazy...perhaps even crazier this year.Well i dont care, and PHOOEY to those Aussies who say we shouldnt celebrate it because we arent American. We love it and we have a ball!
So anyroad...we had a little party at our place this year...great friends and all the kids. We all had the best time, i havent laughed so much in ages! Ok ok maybe that had to do with the champagne as well...but oh well, hee hee.
Heres some piccies of my decorating this year on out front porch/yard. We set everything up out the front and freaked out the neighbourhood! Sam dressed up as a skeleton and i went as a naughty cowgirl. My hubs doesnt do the whole dressing up thing...big party pooper he is, LOL.

We had the BEST and FUNNIEST night ever....i hope the neighbours have forgiven us by now, hahaha.
Can't wait for next year! Im already planning my outfit !

Love n Hugs,
Shann xxoo