Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Phone table makeover...in the making...LOL

I cant remember if i blogged this awesome piece of furniture already...way back..??
Oh well in case i didnt....

Do you love it?
Cant you just see the pink potential in it? My mum in law scabbed it off the side of the road for me. How kool is she !

Anyroad, i finally found a spare second to start making it over.

Heres a sneakie peakie. Slappin on some paint.

Hoping to get it finished soon, REAL soon.
Im so impatient, when i get something in my head I WANT IT RIGHT THEN AND THERE.

Oh and for those who are waiting on 'Pimpin my Birdcage Part 2', well im half done, ive hit a bump...can you believe i cant find the candles i want? Geesh !

Ok if you havent already, PLEASE pop on over to my NEW BLOG for a squizz.
I guarantee a giggle :)

Love Shann xx MWAH.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Anyone for cake ?????

Hi girlies,

Just wanted to let you all know that my new blog is up and running and id looooooove it if you could pop by and say hi.
You can catch me here @


Thanks a bunch and HAPPY WEEKEND !

Love Shann xx MWAH

Thursday, 14 January 2010

An Awfully Big Adventure.....

A change was definitely in the air...i could feel it, and as soon as 2010 hit i knew it had to happen. It's been on my mind for a while now.
This year I'm headed down a new career path, I'm so excited i cant tell you how much!
With a new career came a decision that in the end wasn't so tough, i knew it was the right thing to do.
The decision was to close my Website down.
Yep, after 2 years, im saying farewell to Paint Mine Pink, Art By Shannon Thompson.
I will be sad BUT the excitement for my new journey kinda overpowers the sadness.
You see, ive been making faux cupcakes and cakes for well over 4 years now......and the last few months i have been really loving the cake creating so much that i finally woke up one day and thought 'You know what, you should make REAL cakes, wedding cakes, all occasion cakes, YOU WILL BE AWESOME at it'.
So i am doing it....and for me, to feel confident like that, it's big thing !

I start my Cake Decorating tafe course in early February and im soooo looking forward to it. I have also bought a few books on techniques and baking and will be 'self teaching' alot at home.
I even have my first order....a valentines day cake. I'm bursting at the seams to get started.

I'm excited about learning this year, and while i wont be making items for my website anymore, i will still be selling on Ebay, mostly my paintings/painted items.
I just felt that with this new beginning i would not have the time to maintain and stock my website.

I know in my heart it's the right decision because seriously you just cant wipe the smile off my face right now. I feel like i finally have all my ducks in a row.

I will be starting a NEW BLOG for anyone who wants to read about my 'caking journey' and I'll be sharing lots of photos of my learning process, not just the good parts either ! LOL.

So that is my news.

Very soon i will introduce you all to my new blog and my new business name....

Wish me luck!
Till next time...I'll be in the kitchen mixing sugarpaste and loving every moment of it!

Love Shann xx MWAH.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Gorgeous Curtain Hooks

It was my HAD TO HAVE day today.
While visiting my friend Rick at his store and delivering his Faux Cupcake order, i came across these gorgeous rose hooks sent straight from shabby chic heaven :)

They only had one blue and one cream in the shop........that sent Rick on a mission in the stock room looking for more......and YAY there was...it was as if the heavens were smiling on me...ahhh bliss.

Now to get them on the wall. A job for tomorrow...first thing !Eekkkkkk i love them so !

okies, back tomorrow with my PIMPED BIRDCAGE, LOL. See post below :)

Love Shann MWAH xx

Friday, 8 January 2010

Pimpin' My Birdcage........Part 1.

So I'm in a cleaning and rearranging frenzy right now...there is 'stuff' (and i say that lightly) EVERYWHERE. It's been like this for over a week now. Oh well...things have to resemble chaos b4 perfection, right?

So anyroad, while I'm fixin' and tweakin' i walk into the bathroom and i think WHY ON EARTH have i got that super pretty pink (???) birdcage hanging up there where no-one can see it? Collecting some oh so lovely dust too i might add. Hee hee.
So down it comes and gets a wash. Oh yes it was PINK under all that dust. Fancy that !

Now, said birdcage is sitting in my loungeroom waiting to be 'Pimped'.
Im thinking white candles, 3 in different sizes.....perhaps wrapped in vintage sheet music, tied with twine........hmmm we shall see (Sam suggested the cats should go inside it when they are annoying me). He's not really evil my son :)

So....stay tuned for PIMPIN MY BIRDCAGE PART 2 .

oooh 2 posts in one day...im on a roll folks!

Love Shann xo MWAH.

A long long time between posts.....

I think I've grown grey hair since i last posted! It's been quite a break!
One of my New Years resolutions (this is the first year I've actually made any) is to be a better blogger!
I have some new and exciting things happening this year for me professionally so as things get closer i will be sure to share my experiences with you. I may even need a name change....! Gotcha thinkin' now haven't i...? LOL.

Well right now it's school holidays here and apart from enjoying all this time with my beautiful son i have also been crazily house painting! So far i have done our large family room, NOT PINK...can you believe it??? No, it's all WHITE. I love the freshness of it all. I will post some photos within the coming week, just have to finish 'tweakin' a bit here and there.
Ive also paint some furniture pieces, frames...shutters....the list goes on.

Oh i have to share this sweetie with you. I just finished her yesterday!


Now comes the tough decision....sell...OR...keep???

Anyroad, i wish beyond wishes that 2010 will be an amazing year for ALL OF YOU. May you enjoy happiness and love and all the things your heart desires.

Love Shann xo MWAH.