Sunday, 8 April 2007

Easter Day Fun !!

Did everyone eat as much chocolate as me???? I feel like i am going to burst! Our fridge is just brimming with the stuff! I can feel it on my butt already....sigh.

Well Sam had a great day, waking up to a box of easter goodies under his bed and then lots of Egg Hunting in the front garden. He was most excited to see the Easter Bunny had left his footprints too.....heres a pic of him following them and collecting them down the steps. It was such a buzz to watch him do this. I am such an emotional person, i get all teary when i see him so happy like that. I'm allowed to, i'm a mum :)

Tonight i sat down and made a list of all the things i want to do to the house, room by room. I am fortunate enough that i am a very handy kinda gal and can pretty much do most things myself (unlike some husbands who, when asked to put a certain shelf up for me, leave me with 6 holes in the wall and still no shelf....). The lesson here.....never send a man in to do a womans job.

My unique idea was to wall paper my kickboard in the kitchen! I was looking at it thinking Gee Shannon you really must finish painting that kickboard, when i had the idea to wallpaper it. Actually i have all this gorgeous wrapping paper that i am planning to use. I will varnish it all when i am done, to protect it. I think it will look great.This is it. Sorry the picture isnt that great ( its night time so i had to use the flash). What do you think???

Before i head off to bed....BIG kisses and hugs to my niece Becka who is feeling sore and very sad after a car crash last night. She is fine thank goodness. I Love ya Becka xxoo.

Nite Nite, Shann xo


Jules said...

Oh it made me almost cry seeing your lovely easter hunt pic,i so miss them days,its not the same anymore alex says just hand em over dont hide em but he and my friens who just passed aways grandson had a hunt yesterday and it was fun.Treasure it all shann as i know you do for its here and its gone so fast,happy easter.

Peta said...

Love the Easter Hunt!!!
I covered my kickboards in my last place with a pretty toile contact which lasted and was easy to wipe clean.

PurpleFlowerFairy said...

awww, sam looks soooooo sweet! love those bunny prints you did - fabulous idea =) debbie