Thursday, 12 April 2007

I finally started on the Kickboards in the Kitchen. I am loving it already but i so wish our totally gross tiled floor wasnt there. I really want nice big white tiles, not the ugly blah that is there now. I cant believe someone actually liked them enough to lay them ! UGH !! I also want to repaint the cupboards now so that the roses on the kickboards stand out. Maybe a very pale pink...maybe white. Gee i am lucky my hubby works for a paint company!! YAY to free paint!
Eeek the more i look at the photo the more disgusting those tiles become.....

I also took this photo today of our Guests Bathroom for my friend Peta (hi Peta xo). She loves green. This bathroom was very dark timber panelling on the walls and a dark timber vanity, made the whole room look so pokey. I woke up one day and said to Shane "we are painting that bathroom today". He is so used to me doing that. I wanted to go green and i just love the colour i chose.The timber panelling looks so fantastic now. It opened the whole room up. We didnt fill in the holes in the timber because i love that it looks so old and rustic yet still kinda shabby provincial.I still need to re-grout the floor tiles but. I also painted a brick feature wall in our kitchen the same colour and with the pink and white it looks fantastic. I have hung some 'cake art' on the wall and it looks quite yummy!
Not the best pics of the bathroom , its on a weird angle (oh and really who wants to see a photo of my toilet).Oh and my towels are all on the line today, hence the hooks being bare. The scrolly wall sconce is actually a darkish chippy green, i was going to paint it but it looks so great as it is, it really suits the style of the room.

I decided to add this photo below as well. I have a lovely customer who is just the sweetest gal and we have become very chatty. I love it when an Ebay customer turns out to be just so lovely! This is just a snippet of some of the things she has on layby with me. I am delivering them to her when i go to melbourne in a few weeks. I took this photo today and sent it to her so she would remember all the pretties she has bought. She really is just gorgeous and i am honoured that she buys from me. I am probably as excited as her about her finally getting the items! Not much longer Danny!!!

Tomorrow Sam and i are off to my friend Jullies house. We are in a chat group called PrettyChic and have never actually met in person but get along like a house on fire! Cant wait to meet her and see her amazing home. I am taking my camera so i can Blog her!!

Have a great night!
Shannon xo


PurpleFlowerFairy said...

I love what you've done to your base boards in your kitchen!!! That's FABULOUS! I never thought of doing that before. Makes me want to go do mine. Mine are a butt ugly brown - UGH! Also LOVE your bathroom. That green is gorgeous! And your lucky friend Danny, what a lot of pretties she has won =) Hugs, Debbie

Peta said...

I love that green, what is it called? I also need to see a picture of the feature wall in the kitchen, pretty please!

Jules said...

Love the bathroom was going to say I will swap but you saw mine today so its a no go.Love the kickboard hmmm could steal that idea.Love the white pretties.Hmmm white you are a bad influence. said...

I saw that you were complaining about your floor? Have you thought of painting it? Looks like you know your way around a paint can! (I ADORE my big air compressor too!)

I painted my vinyl floor and it lasted years till we remodeled the kitchen and I was able to change to the tile I wanted. If you want directions, feel free to ask me, I'd be happy to help.


I have painted our Bathroom floor and also the tiles in the bathroom and kitchen. I considered the gross tiles too but its such a high traffic area , if it gets scratched up it will look just crap.I am still thinking about it though....HUGE job too.
thanks for the help offer, you are too sweet!
i'll be sure to let you know if i do it!