Wednesday, 30 July 2008


Today the lovely Glenda @ sweetdaisydreams is hosting a virtual Tea Party and i was cordially invited. THANKYOU MISS GLENDA :)
Well girls i was going to set the table for all of you to join me for tea but i decided to set it for Sam and i see my boy started a new pre school yesterday and he is kinda sad about new stuff, making new friends, fitting in etc etc....breaks my heart to see him so sad and crying, so i thought this Tea Party might cheer him up when he gets home!

Ive invited some of Sams 'friends' to join us....oh but his best mate 'Stinky' is with him at pre school for a bit of comfort, so Stinky will have to find a spot on the sofa when they both get home *grin*

Now....onto the sweet stuff !

A sunny spot in the Pretty Room for our Tea Party.....

Sams chair is at the table, all ready for him.....with some friends waiting patiently behind on the sofa.

Yummy we love Fairy Bread and Pink Lemonade Jelly at our house....

Ooooooh baby meringues and pink musk sticks at CAFE' PINK ..LOL !

Looks yummy doesnt it? There is gonna be some serious teeth brushing after this tea party folks, LOL.
Oh we have water in our teacups so it's not too bad *wink*
ok now...all i need is the guest of honour to get this Tea Party started!

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm waiting waiting...............
Oh look heres my boy now !

I think he was surprised and excited!

And being a good best friend he let Stinky have a drink and join in :)

So now our tummys are full (if not a bit queesy also..ick) and we are off to brush all that sugar off our teeth!

Thanks for popping by, maybe next time you can all join Sam and i for a huge Tea Party :)
Thanks again Glenda for hosting. Girls make sure you pop by and visit Glenda, she's a doll!

Shann xxx

Monday, 28 July 2008

Brrrrrr someone turn the heat up !!!!!

If my typing goes wonky it's coz my fingers are frozen and im shivering....brrrrrr...teeth chattering....
It's been so cold here yesterday and today, i have hardly left the house. Im officially a hermit. A frozen hermit.
Sam however, has found a way to keep cosy and warm in the afternoon when it gets EVEN COLDER ...yes...even colder !

He pops a dvd on, turns mummy and daddys electric blankets on and hops on into their bed in the warmth (usually with at least 2 pussy cats in tow)!
Not so silly are they?
(sorry the pics are blurry..the little rat kept moving.)

Me.....well i still suffer for my art...Ok everybody say AWWWWWWWW.... LOL.
Yep im still sittin up late in the cold family room painting and creating away.
Im so cold ....but i just cant help it !

Ive even managed to list them all on Ebay now, even with my frozen fingers! :)
i think the temperature has dropped even more while ive been typing!

Tomorrow Sam starts his new Preschool and if its still snowing up the mountains we are going to drive up there when i pick him up from preschool...oh boy oh boy am i crazy??!!!!!!!! What am i thinking????!!!!!!!

Ok im off now to make a mug of hot chocolate and i think i'll get under the covers with Sam and the cats!

Love and Blue Kisses today coz my lips are frozen !



Saturday, 26 July 2008

Feeling A Little Bit Dotty !

No, not Dottery, just a little Dotty, LOL.

I was looking back at some of my old work...oooh way back when..*grin* ...and found some of my past creations that were fun and sweet and very polka dotty! So i thought id do a little more along that line.
Do you ever discover a photo of something you created forever ago that you had tottaly forgotten about? Its so fun to look back and see how your style has changed etc.

So heres 3 of my newest, sweet creations, inspired by some older ones!

They are all cute and a little bit fun and are available on my website now :)

************* NOW **************
Before i go and plant all these bulbs (thanks to my lovely mum in law for getting me these)

.....i have to have a small say about something that is very hurtful to me.

I have had some very nasty and petty emails directed at me lately from other bloggers and i want to say to those responsible if you dont like me or what i do then just go away, dont read my blog, dont look at my website.....just go away and leave me alone.
I am not going to name names because thats petty and so school girl-ish and im not wasting my breathe on it anymore.
Enough said. I hope.

NOW i hope youre all having a gorgeously sweet weekend with your families and those you love.
I know i will be! Lifes to short to waste it on stuff thats not worth the effort right :)


Shann xxx

Thursday, 24 July 2008


Jannet @ Jannet's Country Cottage.


My trusty assistant Sam pulled your name from the pink bowl (sorry no pic of my handsome assistant, the camera batteries are flat as a tack).

Jannet i will be in touch to get your mailing address and get your cottage sign shipped off to you.

** Now girls if you havent been by Jannet's blog yet i highley recommend you do. She is so sweet and sooooo creative! While you are there you have to check out her website. Jannet is the Crochet Queen and makes the sweetest cuppie cakes and oh my the cutest lil' crochet strawberries i have ever seen! They are so unique!....i think i need some of them actually!

So pop by 'HERE' and say hi to Jannet!

THANKYOU so much all you awesomely gorgeous gals who entered my giveaway. They are sooooo fun , i think i'll be doing them ALOT more from now on. I love love love giving people prezzies. Oh and of course we all love receiving prezzies dont we *grin*


** NOW My news of today is that im feeling really icky blah. I have some HUGE mouth ulcers that are causing pain in my ears, throat and neck...all due to lack of sleep, stress and generally being run down. to rest i go like a good girl (well i try).

Oh b4 i go i have to apologise for not getting around to everyones blogs as much lately as i usually do. Please know i will visit really soon and i havent forgotten you all, ive just been so flat out busy (hence the mouth ulcers).
BUT i will see you all soon i promise.

Lotsa Love n Pink Kisses

Shann xxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Painting Pretties and Sweet Blog Awards

Before i get into the foofy pink stuff i have to tell you all something. I just enrolled my Sam at Primary School for next year and i wanna cry so bad! I cant believe my lil guy is 5 now and wont be home with me every day next hoo. What am i going to do all day ??? Well i will probably cry lots and paint lots i think.
*sniff sniff*
I think us poor mummys get the rough end of the deal there dont we :(

OK CHEER the foofy stuff..LOL.
remember the Dressing Table i was doing up?


Oh isnt she lurvley now!!! If i didnt already have 2 id be keeping her....but i was brave and have listed her in my Ebay now. I think she's fit for a Princess.
I sooooo love the pink glass knobs. I get all my furniture knobs from the gorgeously sweet Jane @ knobsmacked, id never buy them anywhere else. So if you ever need any pretty draw/door knobs go see Jane and tell her i sent you!

Ive been feeling rosy this week so here are 2 more finished items.
This 'Linens' sign is on my website..

And this Queen Anne side table is in my Ebay..

Shameless plug there hey...LOL

AND THE AWARD GOES TO..............
ME !
Actually 4 awards. WOOOHOOO
I have been slack and kept forgetting about these super sweet awards that have been passed onto me by my gorgeous friends.

From my new friend Kelly who i instantly clicked with! She is just so gorgeous.

From my girl Brittany. I adore her, she is an absolute crack up and sweet as pie.

This one from the sweetest gal ever...Miss Kara. Love you lots 'mum 2 B'.

Last but certainly not least..This one from the gorgeous southern belle Barbara.A sweet and dear friend to me.

Theres no way i can choose just a few girls to pass these awards onto so im throwing confetti and streamers into the air and inviting you all on stage to accept an award.

APPLAUSE APPLAUSE...The crowd goes wild.
Now take a bow, you deserve it (but please keep the speeches short ok) LOL.

Now im off to dance to Hi-5 in the Family Room with Sam.
See what i mean..?? Now how can i possibly dance to Hi-5 all by myself next year? It just wont be the same(but it could be funny to watch).....Oh lordy, someone pass me a tissue PLEASE!

Love n Pink Kisses,

Shann xx

** Oh and dont foget to enter my giveaway below..theres still time **

Thursday, 17 July 2008

*~*~* GIVEAWAY TIME *~*~*


I love love love giveaways soooo much!
I look at giveaways as a THANKYOU to all the sweeties who pop my blog to say hi and who care about me and my family.
So this is me saying THANKS AND I LOVE YA!

To enter all you have to do is leave a comment on this post and you are in the draw to win this lil handpainted sign by me.

Painted on a super vintage piece of timber that was once part of a wardrobe and ready to hang with vintage chain attached.

If you dont have a blog you can still enter, just leave me an email addy to contact you if you are the winner. THANKS :)

My trusty assistant Sam will draw the winning name out on Thursday Evening 24th July.


I hope you all have a gorgeous weekend ahead.

Love and Pink Kisses,
Shann xx

**** Before i go i want to send a special hug to my sweet friend
Lori @ Pink Faded Roses. Lori is going in for back surgery tomorrow (18th) and i want her to know i am thinking of her and sending my love and hugs. You can do it chickie! You are amazing! LOVE YOU ****

Monday, 14 July 2008


Yep, today my gorgeous boy turns 5. I cant believe it...boy time flies doesnt it!
I can still remember when he was a baby...seems like yesterday.

We are so very blessed to have this beautiful little dude in our lives...he is so funny and cute, cheeky, smart and witty (oh you have nooooo idea)loving and affectionate...i could go on and on but you get my drift..I think it's how most mums feel about their kids.
In his 5 years my Sam has been through a fair bit ...2 operations on his foot and almost losing his Dad to cancer .....i think he is such a strong little man, he came through it all like a trooper.Im so proud of him.

This morning Sam woke up to our Family Room full of streamers and balloons...

Blowing out the candles on his Spongebob Cake i made him.

At his Birthday Party on saturday with his friends at Lollypops Playland

So today its all about Sam...we are off to the river for a family picnic and to play in the park in the sunshine (and eat Spongebob cake).

Happy Birthday Sam..... Mummy and Daddy love you to the moon and back.


Friday, 11 July 2008

2 PART POST: Friday Flea Market AND Brendas Photo Challenge !!

Gosh im a busy lil bee today.
Its Friday Flea Market as well as Brendas latest Photo Challenge.
So without any further ado....


Some little cuties for you this week. Remember to leave me a comment or email me @ if you are interested in any of the items.

A sweet tray for your sweets (sorry my lil cuppies are not included but you can find them on my website later today).
$10.00 plus $5.00 postage Au wide and $10.00 shipping to O.S

Item#2 GORGEOUS cream table runner with hand embroidery. Im thinning out the linen cupboard and havent used this sweetie in over a year! Measures 110cm x 35cm not including tassles.
$20.00 plus $4.00 postage AU wide and $ 10.00 shipping to O.S

Item#3 Vintage clutch purse/hand bag. Has a few blemishes with age but hey dont we all...?? LOL.
$5.00 plus $5.00 postage AU wide and $10.00 shipping O.S

Don't forget to pop by and visit all the lovely girls who participate in FFM each week (link on sidebar) and particularly the lovely Miss Polly who hosts this each week for us :)

ok now...onto PART 2
Brenda's Photo Challenge.
This challenge is being hosted by Karen (thanks Karen) and the title is
'Patriotism' What i love about my country

Theres so much i love about my country i wouldnt know where to start i thought id go with a verse from an Australian classic....

I love a sunburnt country,
A land of sweeping plains,
Of ragged mountain ranges,
Of drought and flooding rains,
I love her far horizons,
I love her jewel sea,
Her beauty and her terror
The wide brown land for me.

I know we are only meant to have 3 photos but i couldnt help myself *wink* I took the last 2 pics on the South Coast of NSW and the first 3 on the Central West of NSW.
I hope you enjoyed my country and i look forward to popping by everyones blog to see their Patriotism pics!

Lotsa Love and Pink Kisses,
Shann xx

Wednesday, 9 July 2008


I always thought my 'thing' for chairs wasnt THAT bad....surely 40 or so chairs is not too many...??? Is it ???
Well anyway i never dreamed it would get so bad that it would extend to something LARGER in the chair department....Im talking LOUNGES/SOFAS/COUCHES...whatever you like to call them. Im calling them UH OH's from now on.

UH OH because when you see a gorgeous ole lounge on Ebay for $25.00 and your hubby says JUST BUY IT... you do....knowing full well you have NOWHERE to put it...But hey, when has that ever mattered before??

MAYBE i shouldnt have bought it.....but how could i not??? Me and vintage, pretty, lovely, gorgeous old lounges...well we BELONG TOGETHER.
See for yourself.

See what i mean? I HAD TO HAVE IT...didnt i. It belongs in my front room.
Well i blame Shane anyway, he said BUY IT.
So now we have 5 lounges...including one currently sitting in the middle of my kitchen..LOL.
What did you say?? Sell one? SURELY YOU ARE PULLING MY LEG!
I will work it out...i always do.

So then i took the flowers that were twisted around the back on the other lounge and put them on my standard lamp.

Pretty huh? My super talented MUM made that lamp shade for me, aint it gorgeous! I loooove it.
Speaking of lamps...look at this gorgeous fabric i got to re-cover the big shade for my other standard lamp in the Family Room.

Isnt it beautiful! I cant wait to get it done.

Ok so im off re-arrange lounges (again) and maybe get started on that lamp and some customer orders too.
Should keep me off the streets for a while ! LOL.

See you Friday for some Friday Flea Market pretties!

Love and Pink Kisses,
Shann xx

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Let them eat cake !!

Well, cupcakes anyway.
Oh and actually you cant eat them.
Ooops sorry !

But you know when you are sitting up late at night and that creating bug just hits you BIG NEED to make something, your mind is surround yourself with 'stuff' to begin something FANTASTIC. Well thats me most of the time...not too sure about the fantastic part but...ANYHOO after 3 days in the bush i was just DYING to 'fiddle' with my craft supplies. I sat at my desk staring at everything (as we do) and waiting...waiting for the penny to drop....what to make......i havent felt like painting lately (and when i dont feel like it i just dont try because i know i will end up with a pile of i let it go till im ready)....So all of a sudden i felt the urge..TO MAKE FAUX CUPPIES. I havent made any for a few months so im thinking geez do i have everything????
Oh YEP, everything and more actually.
So thats what i did for a few hours.
Even Shane walked in the room and looked at me weird and said "Umm youre making cupcakes???" Yes i know, at 10 o'clock at night its weird...but just go with the flow ok honey.

And heres my sweet treats on the image to see them up close wont you :)
Unfortunately the photos arent bringing up the 'sparkle and faux sugar' on the roses...but take my word for it, they look super pretty!

I did some new pale pink leaves too, instead of just green, i think i will make coloured leaves my new thing...who says leaves have to be green anyway?
Some will be headed to my Website and some to Ebay.

I also have another project to finish.
This gorgeous old dressing table that ive painted white since i took this pic. Just have to put the pink glass knobs on tomorrow and off she goes for sale.

Well i have sooooo much blog hopping to do later on tonight that i guess it will be a late one for me again.
Im off now to make Sam and i a hot milo and to play dinosaurs apparantly *grin*

Se you all at your blogs soon!

Love and Pink Kisses,
Shann xx

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Country Roads...Take Me Home....

Hiya lovelies! I missed all my bloggin' gals so much, but it was soooo nice to go away for a few days and get grubby in the bush! LOL.
We had such a good time....not relaxing as such...after all we had Sam with us, and being almost 5,he is quite fond of these questions " What can we do now?" , "Who is going to play with me now?", " Can we go for a bushwalk now?" yadda yadda yadda and so on.
So we played, we ran around, we fished, we bushwalked and we chased kangaroos. They were everywhere!
Sam was determined to pat one...umm sorry honey they are wild, not like at the zoo.

Ok so i'll stop chatting and bore you with some pics now *grin*

Heres the cosy cabin our friends own that we stayed in. Its not a palace but we loved it.

View from our cabin.

We spotted this mamma kanga with her joey in her pouch and hopped out of the car to take a photo.
Boy was she checking us out !

Sam trying to reason with one of the kangaroos...he was standing there saying "It's ok i wont hurt you, just come here and let me talk to you and pat you." By the way all the kangaroos are his pets and they are all named Debbie (dont ask, i have no idea either).
*if you enlarge the pic you can see the kangaroo better, she's on the right just under the trees*

Sam and i down at the dam...can you tell it was kinda chilly ???? LOL.

The men did a spot of fishing....Umm we had steak for dinner that night.

Even Stinky joined in! (for those that dont know, Stinky is Sams birth toy and best friend)

Shane demonstrating how to 'make fire' by rubbing 2 sticks together....
Umm excuse me Shane but isnt that a lighter in your pocket ????

We toasted marshmallows....hmm i think the fire was just about kaputt at this stage.

And Sam ate them.....

But...all good things must come to an end.
And it was time to leave.

We are going back in a few weeks! We are even talking of selling our house soon and moving a little further up into the mountains on some acres where we can have some cattle and sheep and whatever we please.

The country side is a callin my name folks!

Okies thats it from me..hope you enjoyed our piccies!
I'll be back in a day or 2 with some new pretties and hmm i think i sense a GIVEAWAY coming'll have to check back and see wont you *wink*

Shann xx

p.s Sam has a new song...Bon Jovi's been given the its "Mickey" by Toni Basil !!! remember that one?? "Oh Mickey you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, Hey Mickey"...LOL.