Tuesday, 27 January 2009


My little boy was so tiny and wore these shoes to his 1st Birthday Party.....

Now he is 5 and a half (yep he insists you say the half) and getting ready for his first year of school next week.

Today we went shopping for school stuff.....and my boy wanted new shoes for 'just around mum'
He wanted thongs (ok now to us in Aussie land, thongs go on your feet, not ya backside, ok)

So, gone are the sweet,little brown loafers....
Today he chose these....scary skulls and flames...geez...

My boy is growing up. BUT he still loves holding his mummys hand and swinging it when we are out and he still loves to snuggle on my lap at night time when we read a story. So to me he's still my little boy...i think he always will be.
He also informed me today In a very matter of fact voice mind you) that when he is big and has a wife, he is getting Bunk Beds and she can sleep on the bottom one or hit the road. ** LOL ** You gotta love how their minds work hey.

So i have my boy home with me for 5 more days.....yes im in serious denial about the whole school thing.....maybe it will get cancelled????
One can live and hope huh?

This is the handsome face im gonna miss every day.....it will be weird being home by myself....counting down till 2;30pm when i can get a cuddle :)

SO i imagine with Sam at school i will be painting up a storm at home...hmmm...or eating cookies and watchin' Ally McBeal and McLeods Daughters re-runs on Foxtel..LOL.

Maybe i can combine them all hey?

Before i go...heres a few finished projects for the week. They are available on my Website now.

Ok im off now to kiss the kid :)

See you all soon and my SINCERE apologies for being sooooo darn slack and not visiting you all. I Promise im on my way (especially to you Lori honey).

Luv and Pink Kisses,
Shann xxx

Tuesday, 20 January 2009



As of last night we have a new addtion to our little (cough splutter) household.
She is a tiny, fluffy and oh-so-sweet little ball of Kitten.
NOW before you say it....
YES i NEEDED another cat !
Im a sucker for little balls of fluff...i cant help it.
Plus Shane took one look at her and said Yes you can have her. (Or was it because Sam and i were wearing those pitiful looking faces we pull on him occasionally that we KNOW darn well will get us ANYTHING we want..heehee)
That might be it...but im not admitting anything that could be used against me later.

Anyroad.... without further ado...let me introduce you to Charlotte (Charlie for short)

This lil darlin is only 5 weeks old and had been dumped at the local vet and rescued by my friend Matt who does Cat/Kitten Rescues. (Thanks Matt, we love her so much).

Now...the task of deciding on a name for this cutie was HUGE...due to a certain 5 year old who kept insisting on names like 'Spongebob, Patrick, Gary, Gaston and Maleficant'
In the end we came to an agreement. Mummy chooses the first name and Sam chooses the middle name.

So heres what we came up with.


Heres some more pics of the lil bundle already getting into mischief.

The mischief is being encouraged by Sam of course *wink*

So yep we are a full house here and WE LOVE IT ! HONESTLY WE WOULDNT HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY.

Thanks for popping by! I'll give Miss Charlie a smooch for you.

Love and Pink kisses,
Shann xx

Friday, 16 January 2009


LOL , well not quite. But i do have some cute news.
Last week i received and email from a Journalist at our local newspaper asking if i could contact her in regards to a story on my Faux Cupcakes. After i shrieked and giggled hysterically i then thought Hmmmm Is this is a joke...Am i being Punk'd ..??? LOL.
Well i rang the lovely gal and 2 days later her and the papers photographer came to our house to interview me and take piccies for a Feature on Local Artists.
I'm tickled PINK now to show you the article.

OR you can click on the link HERE and read it. Page 3.

I'm so honoured that i was chosen out of all the beautiful and talented ladies i KNOW are out there in my local community.
So, a little BUZZ for me and im thrilled. Tee Hee Hee.

OOhhh ive also updated My Website with some new and pretty goodies too (i know, about time), so pop by if you want to peek !

Ok im off now, the Paparazzi are surrounding me like vultures and i hear Mr DeMille calling me....*WINK*

Bye For Now
Love and Pink Kisses,
Shann xxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 8 January 2009


Good Grief Charlie Brown its like i blinked and 2008 was gone and there was 2009 right smack bang in front of me, lights flashing, confetti throwing, sirens blaring, rearing to go! (ok so i over dramatized it just a little bit, but you know what i mean). AND Ok i admit, i personally am not, in any way shape or form, rearing to go! I am soooo behind in everything. And i mean everything. Time is my worst enemy right now. So if you have emailed me and are waiting on a reply....PLEASE HANG IN THERE...I'll be with you as soon as possible! This is a recording. LOL.

So whats keeping me busy already? Well mainly this handsome young fellow right here.
'SMILES' love of my life :)

Sam starts his first year of school On February 4th so I'm clinging to him like glue right now. I honestly cannot bear to think of what it will be like to have my little mate away from me all day, 5 days a week....breaks my heart (queue the violin music).

I'll be the mum clinging to the gate, crying hysterically on his first day (oh did i say on his first day? I meant his first YEAR..LOL) NO JOKE ! I may need an intervention!

Next...well I'm working on some new paintings and some furniture (for me and for my website). Plus my website needs and EXTREME MAKEOVER...the list goes on and on and on.

Here's a couple of pretties i finished.

Picked this gorgeous piece up for $5.00 at the local St Vinnies (they love me there, and vice verse). Potential PLUS huh??? YOU BETCHA SWEET BACKSIDE !


It's definitely a keeper so i thought i better be good and do up my timber one and sell it.

So of course Shane says "Oh i like that one better"
WHAT ??? NOOOOOOO !!!!!! Don't make it harder for me to choose!
Uh...honey for future reference...please don't confuse and irritate a woman wielding a staple gun...! best to stay on her good side. LOL.

So anyroad, that's a bit of what I'm up to. Busy busy like a little bee, that's me.

I PROMISE i am going to make it round to visit you all...even if it takes me all day and night ( i may have to start drinking coffee...Yikes).

I hope you all had THE BEST AND SAFEST CHRISTMAS' AND NEW YEARS. Thankyou for spending another year with me ! I hope this year will be full of pink, frou frou, friendship and more 'wet your pants' kind of laughter !

Love You All A Whole Bunch !

Pink Kisses (yep, for another year)