Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Painting My Mirror Doors and Special Friends

Today i made the executive decision that i am going to paint our repulsive Sliding Mirror doors on our equally repulsive Built In wardrobes in the bedroom. Do you get the impression that i hate Built In's ??? UGH i really do! BUT i have to live with these ones for quite a while to come so i am going to paint them. I would love to wallpaper them but wallpaper is so expensive and we are talking 3 very large doors here. I cant fabric them, it would get too dirty (husband, small child, 5 cats). So, yes painting it shall be. I'm just not really sure EXACTLY what to do yet aside from paint them white or pink. Maybe a Decal thing, i do my Original Paintings in oils so i cant paint anything on there myself like roses etc, it would be ruined in 5 mins by (see previous names in previous brackets).I may do like a half/half thing. Top half one colour and bottom half two colours in stripes ...who knows. And so... the thinking cap goes on. ANY SUGGESTIONS GREATLY APPRECIATED.????????

Well i also received a very special little surprise today in the mail. A very sweet and totally unexpected little Easter gift from my lovely friend Mandii (see link to her Ebay auctions).I met Mandii via ebay early last year and we just clicked. You know when you can just tell that someone is meant to be your friend?? I feel like that with Mandii. We email constantly, text messages, and ring each other, yet we have never met in person. All thats about to change when i go to Melbourne in a few weeks!!! YAY im soooo excited!!!

Heres my little prezzie, aint it the sweetest thing? LUV YA MANDII xo

STILL waiting to actually see my cupcakes in Country Home Ideas.....the magazine doesnt come out in stores til tomorrow or Thursday and it's driving me insane. I have only seen an email of them. ARGH !! Hopefully i will get a copy tomorrow.

ok thats all from me.
everyone have a fab rest of the week and of course a very safe and yummy Easter!!!


Peta said...

Shannon, rent out the Barbie movie, Rapunzel. I am not kidding you, the murals of roses she paints are gorgeous. If I had the time, I would paint those on our wardrobe doors.

PurpleFlowerFairy said...

ooh, i love making executive decisions. i'm always saying that at work - lol! can't wait to see pic's of them when you're done. lucky you to get a "present" in the mail. i always say those are one of "life's simple pleasures"... hugs, debbie

Peta said...

Have you got the magazine yet????