Monday, 31 December 2007

Thankgoodness for Frozen Mixed Vegetables

They come in handy when you step on stuff !

So this is what i did.
I am FOREVER on Sams case about wearing shoes in the garden, front yard etc etc....i am like a scratched record...Sam put your shoes on, put your hat on, come and get some suncreen on...yadda yadda yadda...thats most mums but isnt it....

ANYHOO so im on the phone late yesterday chattin to my sis....i walk outside chattin away and head to the garden and start weeding (why cant i just sit still when im on the phone) as im thing... "AHHHH (insert swear word here)...something just bit me " My sis laughs ....THANKS SIS....i say I gotta go and race inside.
"Shane something bit me, get me something to put on it"
So good ole hubby grabs ice cubes..???? umm darl they will melt everywhere, can you get me something else???? Picture me hopping around going OWWWWW and shrieking this at him. So he heads back to the freezer and im yelling "Get the frozen veges we use for the dogs!!!!!"
And he did....
Ahhh they felt soooo good.

By this point my whole foot is throbbing and actually burning a thinking great a spider got me, a funnel web, a redback, oooh not gonna start having convulsions,foaming from the mouth, my legs gonna fall off....all sorts of nasty thoughts filling my head. I cant see a bite mark but. So i figure that theorys maybe out the window.Maybe.....

Then Dad comes in "whatd you do?"
"Something bit my foot"
he suggests i should wear shoes next time
Thanks dad, thats great advice....

So ive got my aching foot propped up on a pillow with the frozen veges...i ring my mummy for support:

Me: Mummy something bit me on the foot
Mum : When?
Me: About 45 minutes ago, i was outside in the garden.
Mum: Well look at it this way, if it was a Funnel Web Spider you'd be dead by now.
(Subtle as a sledge hammer my mother)
I tell you, the emotional support is very strong in this family...

After hours of severe ouchies i was still alive, with all limbs in tact.
I have come to the conclusion that it may have been just an ant,,,boy those things can really pack a punch if it was.....
Now i just hope that the little bugger got a really bad headache from my size 9 foot stepping on him ! That'll teach him (or kill him even) !

Today: said foot is just fine. May go treat her to an exfoliating scrub and then some toenail polish and pretty her up after her most harrowing ordeal. LOL.

And to my oh so concerned family...thanks guys...i think next time im injured i'll just go straight to the MANSON FAMILY.


Luv Shann xxoo

Saturday, 29 December 2007

Awww......Is it Over Already ????

Was it just me or did this Christmas just fly by..??? Maybe im getting old, i dont know... Seems one minute its here and then ZIPP its all over and done with.

Well we had a great Chrissy Day anyhoo. Lotsa giggles, great company and lotsa great food !
Santa was very kind to all my family, they must have all been good this year...yeah sure, i could tell some stories !! LOL.

Sam left Santa a little note with some cookies, milk and a carrot for Rudolph..
This was his reply from Santa...with a special jar of Magic Dust just for Sam..

Heres some piccies of our lovely Christmas Day at my sisters house.

Sam checking out what Santa left for him in his stocking :)

He was sooo happy and i might say a tad speechless (which is not like Sam at all) when he saw that Yes Santa had left him the Spiderman Ultimate Web Blaster....we have all been getting web blasted ever since....LOL

Mum, Me and my eldest niece Becca. The pics a bit blurry but i still love it...hmm maybe it had something to do with the wine i drank....???

Hmm, now does this look like a trouble maker to you..??

Ahhh Chocolate Fountain for dessert...yummy.

Besides my Celine Dion concert ticket, this was my favourite gift, from my sis-in-law Sarah. A HUGE cup and saucer thats now full of petuna seedlings and on my front porch !

At the moment im busy working on some new creations and some new paintings. I hope to have them all completed soon to show you all ! Lots of new ideas running around in my head...its hard to keep up with them sometimes! LOL

I hope you all had a safe and happy christmas and i wish you the absolute best for the New year.

Lots of Pink Hugs,
Shann xo

Sunday, 23 December 2007

A Merry Merry Christmas.....

Is what i wish for you........

My gorgeous friends i wish you all a Safe and Happy Christmas surrounded by those you love and those who love you......

If i could dream all your gifts....oh the things i would think........

On Christmas Day i will give Thanks for my wonderful family and my happy and healthy life....i will remember those who are no longer with us...i will take the time to send blessings to those who are not as fortunate as me..... I will celebrate the good things in life and never ever take them for granted.


Much Love
Shannon, Shane, Sam and all our animals too :)

Friday, 21 December 2007

Great lunch with Great friends and A Good Ole Giggle !

***URGENT UPDATE*** Please pop by Ali's Blog..some special little boys need all our help.

What more can a gal ask for....And no alcohol in sight either! LOL.

Yesterday i had the loveliest day out with 3 sweet gals. My mum Coll @ Colls Garden, my dear friend
Julles @ Jullies World and the lovely Sue @ Junkit Junction.
We met up at a great Cafe in the Blue Mountains and stuffed our faces with yummy food and had alot of laughs! It was our little Christmas lunch together.

Left front is me and thats my Mum peeking out from behind my hair, LOL,sorry mum. Front right is Julles and Sue is next to her.

*The funny thing was when we were sitting at the table and i said "Ok i bought prezzies"....then the girls all said "So did i". LOL neither of us knew that the others were bringing prezzies! Great minds think alike hey.
Sue gave us each (and Sam too)a pretty little wrapped bag of the yummiest caramel lollies (Sam was just tickled pink when i gave his to him later that day, he ate all of them in about 5 minutes) with some special 'Bling' in each one, mum gave the girls some super yummy Cadbury chocolate puddings (not me hoo, she was thinking about my waist line i guess..thanks mum). Julles made mum and Sue the cutest little paper cone/boxes with chockies and little trinkets inside.
I made the girls a Tussie Mussie each as my little gift, with a candy cane inside.

I went to Jullies house before the cafe' so we swapped our prezzies there. Julles knows me so well. She made some of her TOO CUTE snow men on sticks for me (i had admired them on her blog and she was being sneaky)and gave me a sweet teddy bear box filled with lots of goodies just for me. Julles always packages her gifts so lovingly, there is always so much thought in it. Oh and she even found this ADORABLE little chair for me!

Now you all know im a huge Chair-o-holic but at least this one doesnt take up too much room!
Heres some of my goodies from Julles (Sam seems to have 'borrowed' alot of them...)There was all sort of bits and pieces in there...mostly PINK of course, LOL.

My snow men (isnt she so clever)

And Jullie being the sweet thing that she is also had a prezzie for Sam. He was sooo excited (he loves jullie) when he saw the TOY STORY torch! And dinosaurs Julles you know him so well too.

For Julles i made this little hanging birds nest and one of my sweet Angels.

Ok back to lunch....
Well i forgot to take a photo of us 'digging into out food' but i did remember the Dessert...hmm funny how i should remember to photograph that :)
The girls...making the very important decision of what to have for Dessert...

We all ended up chosing the same ! LOL
Chocolate brownie with cream on the side.MMMMMM

It was sooo yummy but we couldnt fit it all in !

After 3 hours of non stop chatter we headed home in the rain....
Thanks girls for such a lovely day. Next time there will be wine!

Ok ...i think im finished rambling on now.....
I will be back b4 christmas day to wish you all the very best.

Until then...
Lotsa pink hugs,
Shann xo

Saturday, 15 December 2007

To Paint Or Not To Paint...

Oh the stress, oh the indecision, i just cant take it anymore......LOL
Ok girls, help me out here.
This is the table and chairs in my kitchen eating area. I won these chairs on Ebay for a whole 99cents...I know BARGAIN huh ?.

Well anyway, being a lover of antiques i generally will not paint any furniture that is really old and vintage and may have history to it. BUT the more i look at these the more im leaning towards painting them.....
I have some beautiful fabric from the U.S to re-cover them and im afraid it will just look lost and kind of 'Blah' against the timber.

So, What do you think? That particular part of my kitchen doesnt get alot of light so im thinking white chairs......hmm....i am talking myself into it here arent i....Oh i am sure there would be Antique dealers all over the place that would be furious with me right now *chuckle chuckle*

Heres the fabric to re-cover them.

Wont they look lovely painted white....

Oh and i'd like to say a big THANKYOU from the bottom of my pink heart to all you lovely gals who popped by my blog for Karlas What Do You Love About Your Holiday Home Party.
I loved reading all your sweet and funny comments so much.
Thankyou sweet Karla for the opportunity to take part in such fun.

Now be sure and let me know what you all think about the chairs !

Bunches of Pink Hugs,

Shann xo

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

'What do YOU love about your Holiday Home'........

Well, ok, its not really that type of party....but by all means pop on your prettiest christmas 'frock' settle back in your comfy chair with a glass of eggnog, some sweet chocolate truffles and some Sinatra playin' softly in the i welcome you with open arms to the
PAINT MINE PINK version of 'What do you love about your Holiday Home' ,hosted by the lovely Karla @ Karlas Cottage

I am sooo lucky that my hubby and my lil guy allow me to go pink crazy in our home...any time of year. Unfortunaltely i do have 5 cats in my home now so i am restricted with my use of 'things that are tinsel related', 'things that jingle' and basically anything sparkly within paw reach that can be whacked, pulled, yanked and chewed on.

So..without further ado.....

Welcome to the Thompson Family Christmas......

This is what you'll see when you first step inside
A pretty wreath on the front door....

And some sweet little reindeer along with my Snow Angel from Alice and a christmas stocking from my dear friend Cherrie @ Country Wishes.

Our front room.My favourite room in the house.
I strung fairy lights from the ceiling and Sam just loves it, he calls it 'Fairy Land' in there now :)

My pretty Glitter card from Alice is the centre piece of the swag on my sideboard.

My coffee table with tinsel, trees, gift boxes and baubles...lots of pink happening here..LOL

Well he's not pink but isnt he gorgeous!

"I'll have a blue christmas without you..."

And of course our Christmas Tree. I gave up the search for a white one so i sprayed the green one with Santa Snow. There are 3 glasss glitter bells on there that i made for us. An S for Sam, a D for Daddy and an M for Mummy. Plus many other decoration i made.

See what i mean about cats and decorations.....i'd love to know what my Georgie is plotting there..

Mr and Mrs Reindeer sitting proudly under the tree. Mr Deer asked for a smallish blue bow, not wanting to look too 'Doe-ish' i guess....
I popped a little 'BELIEVE' sticker on his tushie...because shouldnt we all believe in a little magic...

Sams room.....his stocking that Poppy gave him when he was a baby, and his big santa sack (this kids not silly, you see its sooo deep that santa has to bring lots of toys to fill it...)
Last night he set up his little Fibre Optic tree and Christmas Penguin on his bedside table amongst some tinsel. I just had to sneek in when he was asleep and take some photos.

So what do i love most about my Holiday Home.....I love the people in it, the animals in it, the amazing and emotional feeling that overcomes me on christmas morning when Sam see's that Santa has been and his stocking is full and there are gifts under the tree just for him. I love my job as 'Present Giver Outer' when the whole family is together around the tree.... I love snapping photos of my family when they think no-one is looking, capturing the emotional smiles on their faces...i love sitting down to lunch and not being able to hear myself think for all the chatter that is going on around me...i love when we all jump in the pool and go totally crazy because we are that happy to be together.....i love Sams tired little face at the end of the day, hes so worn out and so gosh darn happy to be a kid....
Above all i love my son and my husband and i especially Thank our Lord that we made it through another year with my husband Shane remaining in remission from the Cancer that almost took him from us not so long ago...

So from my Blessed Family to yours, we wish you all a very safe and joyful christmas surrounded by those you love and those who love you.


Love Shann xo