Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Yay i got my Compressor!!!!!

My lovely hubby bought me Machinery!!! I am sooo excited about it. I finally have an Air Compressor and Spray Gun for my furniture. Problem is i just want to spray EVERYTHING. Even Mum is making a list! I sprayed my 2 huge cane chairs and have kept one for me and listed one on Ebay. Mine looks so lovely in its sunny corner (see pic). I plan to do my Dining Room chairs and our Kitchen Chairs and Table as well. But the most excellent thing is i can paint the outside of the house!!!!! Thats a bit down the track but it will come.

I had an item removed from ebay today because i had ~Customer Orders Welcome~ in the listing. HOW PATHETIC is that? I would say that someone has had a pathetic little whinge about me (someone who is not making any sales and is jealous perhaps) doing extra sales outside of ebay. Everyone does it! I was so mad, the filth that came out of my mouth was hysterical!
I sent Ebay a not-so-happy email. Hee Hee.

Sam is off to pre school tomorrow and i plan on doing my Kick Boards to see how they look.
Will post a pic when they are done.
Heres some of my Ebay items for this week.

*My gorgeous Wicker Chair*

*Shabby Chippy Hall Table*

* My Handpainted Cupcake Sign*

*Sweet handpainted Mirror*

Bye For Now
Shann xo

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PurpleFlowerFairy said...

oooh, i want one of everything!!! damn ebay... it was somebody who is jealous and turned you in. that sucks when they do that. glad to hear you gave ebay an earful - lol!!! debbie =0