Saturday, 28 March 2009

EARTH HOUR in our home.

Tonight from 8;30pm to 9;30pm is Earth Hour and this year im giving myself 'snaps' for actually remembering to turn the lights out. Yep, last year i forgot..OOPS.

So Shane, Sam and i have lit some candles and while im typing this, my boys are playing Ben 10 Monopoly by candle light. This is my quick escape from it, LOL,...Sam and i have been playing it for most of the day and let me tell you the kid has houses on everything and steals money from the bank when he thinks you arent looking (hence the ability to buy sooooo many houses)LOL.
Anyroad, i digress....
I took some piccies of some of our pretty flickering candles....our little part in Earth Hour.

My candlelabra on the Dining Table

Now im just fiddling with colours and angles and stuff....hey this is fun.

I loved the glow these little tea light candles made on my china.

My pretty wall sconces and a tealight against the photo of my friend Sharyn.

Man, i loooved how this lit up just those little more tweakin with the colour *grin*

So while we giggled by candle light i hope we did a little something helpful for the planet. Afterall it's up to us to save it for our kids and grandkids right.


Love Shann xxxx

Friday, 27 March 2009


You know when you see something and you JUST HAVE TO HAVE IT?? I mean REEEEAAALLLYYY have to have it. Like if you dont you just cant imagine how you'll go on..?
Well thats how i felt about something i came across on Ebay a few weeks ago.
AND this 'something' was calling my name...yep truly it was...serious, i could hear it..oh be quiet it was too ! LOL.

So anyway i did have to buy it and today it arrived all the way from Malaysia. AND it only took 4 days to get here! OHMYGAWD how is that for AWESOME SHIPPING.
So whats got my knickers in such a tangle? My feathers all ruffled???


Can you see why im sooo in love? Arent the colours so gorgeous!
(yep i just need a new white bed now hey)
I want to stay in bed wrapped in this all day now :)

Oooh and i have to tell you the seller i bought it from is the loveliest, most kind hearted lady i have EVER dealt with on Ebay. Her name is LeeKhyn and her beautiful Ebay store is MyLovelyQuilt
You really have to pop by and visit this gorgeous lady, i cannot speak highly enough of her,she truly is a doll.

Now...the real problem arises....HOW DO I KEEP THE FURRY BABIES OFF IT....???
Hmm...the mind boggles.

Oh well, i will figure it out.

In the mean time...I HEART MY NEW BEDSPREAD !!!
Have a safe and happy weekend everyone!
We are off to the Blue Mountains on sunday for BIG family picnic!

Love and Pink Kisses
Shannon xxx

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Put a little 'Whoopee' in it.

So off we go to the local supermarket this morning....Sam knows if he is good he gets to choose a treat....usually some sort of sugary sweetness....But not today. No, today we chose this......
A Whoopee Cushion.

Endless laughter in the form of a blow up piece of rubber.

So today in our house this is what you'll be hearing...

...followed by fits of laughter that makes your eyes well up with tears.

Thats our crazy, fun house and hey WE LOVE IT.
Lifes too short not to laugh !

Love Shann xxx

Friday, 20 March 2009


No your eyes don't deceive you, it's really me. It feels like Ive been gone for yonks doesn't it? Oh man i had the worst Bloggers Block. Do you ever get that? Boy oh boy i just went blank for a while there and couldn't get out of it. That's ok, i don't mind admitting i go blank sometimes, hee hee.
BUT I'm back now minus the blankness and hopefully my block will stay far far away in Happily Never After!

So whats been happening? Well I'm still in the kitchen re-modelling process. We had some very hot and muggy weather for a while so i didn't do any kitchen painting, it takes waaaaaayyy to long for the paint to dry and it just isn't good to paint in that kind of weather.
SO i got stuck into some orders instead and i also ventured into our garage to see what i had hiding in there that id forgotten about. YIKES I'm lucky i made it out alive! I have so much 'stuff' in there. (notice i didn't refer to it as 'crap', unlike a certain husband,who shall remain nameless, did).
I say STUFF and STUFF is good!
So anyroad, i got a chance to cut, sand and paint some more of my timber shutters.
You can click on the piccie for a better look :)

(left and right shutters SOLD now)
I removed the slats from a couple so you can hang your pretty linen from them!

The shutters in the middle are listed on My Website now.

A few weeks ago i went Antiquing with my lurvley mum and grabbed these gorgeous goodies! I couldn't resist them and i looooove them.

These candle stick holders were screaming my name!

I got these porcelain roses for the bargain price of $5 each. I'm pretty sure they were so cheap because they would once have had another rose on each of them.

Mum bought tonnes of stuff (i was being very good watching my pennies) and i may just have to take my camera to her house soon and do a post on it because her home is looking JUST GORGEOUS !

Ok I'm off to finish watching 'The View', I'm hooked on that show!

Oh b4 i go i have to tell you that my Sam is LOVING kindergarten and doing sooooo well, he has already received 5 Kinder awards and then a special Blue Shield Award ! Yep I'm a gushy proud mummy. I volunteer in his class 3 mornings a week as a helper, having the children do literacy activities and they also read to me in groups and singly. I'm really loving it, they are a great bunch of kids (and Sam really loves his mum being there too.).
Maybe i missed my calling as a Teacher huh?

'Till next time,
Love and Pink Kisses,
Shann xxx