Friday, 31 August 2007

Whats New Pussy Catt ???

News on the home front is that Pussy Catt Mr Scampy is doin' just fine :)
He sends purrs and licks to all you lovely gals who were worried about him and his sooky la la mummy (yes that would be me). xxoo

So keeping my mind occupied this week i have been painting,creating and this and that..

Sweet lil Planter Tin that i painted white with some of my pretty roses.

Rosy tea sign on old timber.

My signature Polka Dot Jars. Just love these with their big Frou Frou bow and cuppies on the lids!

Im also FINALLY getting a start on this dresser that i bought yonks ago. I am painting it all white and have bought gorgeous hand cut glass knobs for it. I hope to have it finished in a few days. As you can see it was done up in Winnie The Pooh colours, now i happen to loooove ole Pooh but really, these people sprinkled glitter into the paint! Makes it such fun (NOT) to sand.

Just a quick one today.Sams at pre-school and i have lots of painting to do. Oh and the postie just delivered my GORGEOUS Cupcake Bunting from Nikki @ Chi Chi La La so i gotta go hang it up b4 Shane gets home ...hee hee.

Back with more piccies in a few days!

Luv n Hugz Always,
Shann xo

Monday, 27 August 2007

Can my Kitty Catt have some prayers please???

My Scampy is home today and doing great THANKGOODNESS.I am soooo glad to have him home again and he is getting lotsa cuddles. Thankyou so much all my lovely bloggin gal friends who left such sweet and thoughtful messages for us. My cup runneth over big time xxoo.

Today i am an absolute wreck, i cant stop crying.I have rushed my Lil Scampy off to the Vet this morning. He has a Blockage in his urinary tract and was in alot of pain. I noticed right away that something was wrong with him so i raced him to the vets. Lucky i did apparantly. The vet said i was to be commended for knowing my cat so well to notice his behaviour was different.That didnt stop me crying my eyes out but. My poor lil Scampy will have to stay there for a few days and i will miss him so much. I know he will frett for me too which makes me worry about him even more. I hate to think of him wondering where i am and being in pain. I do have 3 other cats to cuddle up to but my Scampy is my bed time buddy and my shadow, it will be so weird without him following me around.
So if you could just add a little prayer in for him i would truly appreciate it. Our animals are our family arent they. When they hurt, we hurt. Just like our children.

Ok i gotta go, cant see through the tears anymore.

Love Shann xxoo

Saturday, 25 August 2007

There's a good reason why you can hire a Piano Removalist.

So the story goes a little something like this....
Saturday mornings seem to be my day for waking up and going YUK i hate everything in this house, lets move something, paint something or just change something. Shane by now is used to this. Being as handy as we both are its good as we have gotten many things done...including ripping up carpet in 2 bedrooms, family room and the Pretty Room, Plus me being the Painter that i am i will just say ok i am painting the Bathroom or whatever today and Voila' its done.
Anyhoo...i digress, today i said 'You know what i need that Piano moved to the other side of the room.' Sam straight away put his hand up for the job (bless his 4 year old cotton sox) whilst Shane sort of looked at me like "DOH" Homer Simpson style. Yep C'mon i said. So we did. Now just between you and me it nearly killed me....we got halfway across the room and i wanted to turn and run away, yes because that would be the mature thing to do...wouldnt it??? HOWEVER i did not run, i huffed and puffed and chanted "I think i can, I think i can," while Shane cursed at me (and i just laughed at him and smiled sweetly).... but we got it there in the end and thats the main thing :)

So with that done it meant re-arranging a heap of other stuff in the family room. Unfortunately since we have 4 cats i really have to think about where i put alot of things so there isnt as much 'stuff' where i'd really like there to be. Oh well, small sacrifice to make for my Kitty Katts.
So this is my little Cafe' Corner. Cant wait till we get those gross tiles up and polish the floorboards.

Now i know that my lovely Gal Pal Lori wants some kitchen pics but sorry Lori i am in the midst of painting in there so i will do a Kichen Post when im finished. Ok Chickie :) I promise.
But heres a snippet of part of it, with my favourite cabinet.

Want to see inside????

Im ending this with a photo i took of Sam yesterday watching the Plumber outside his bedroom window. The flash didnt go off and now im glad because i think this photo is really great.

Hugz, Shann xo

Monday, 20 August 2007

" Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down "

I thought of this song by 'The Carpenters' this morning when i woke up and saw that yes, it was STILL raining. I know we need it so i shouldnt complain. Sam kindly informed me of the weather status the minute he woke up, with this long and breathless burst of information "Mummy its a rainy day again and we cant go anywhere today.But i bet your plants love it dont they? I can hear them saying Yumm Yumm, can you hear them?"

Well now how could i be feeling 'down' when i have that little guy to make my rainy day sunny :)

So Sam and I have now decided that tomorrow, no matter what the weather, we are going to Gloria Jeans to do one of favourite things together, sit in a big comfy chair by the window with an Iced Chocolate with cream (yes even on a cold day its soooo GOOOOOD)and a piece of warm Banana Bread. Yummy. I love that my son will do these things with me. Its so cool.We just sit there together and chat away :) I hope he remembers these moments as he grows up.

ANYHOO on this Rainy Monday (queue that Carpenters song again)i have tried my best to capture what little light there was so that i could photograph some items to list on Ebay this afternoon.
Heres a little peek at what ive been up to.

My 'Tiara's Make You Taller' Mixed Media. Handpainted Tiara with sparkle galore!

Pink Iced Flower Pot

Chocoltae Mud Faux Cuppies and Pink and Mint Faux Petit' Fours

Handpainted roses on chippy timber with Glass Knob centre to hang something pretty from.

Another of my sweet Roses signs

Cafe' Pink..for something different. Woops forgot the ' above the E. Better fix that LOL

A Rosey Tussie Mussie i made the other day for Mum just cause i love her :)

Gorgeous Tall Boy with cabriole legs that i finally got around to re-vamping )

I have been a busy bee and have lots more to come!
Oh b4 i go i must say a huge THANKYOU to all you awesome and sweet gals who signed up for the swap! I hope you are all having fun gathering your Cotton N Candy!Remember to email me if you have any problems :)

Luv Lots,
Shann xo

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Things to do on a cold and rainy day.....

If you are a 4 year old boy and stuck inside because its raining and you have the attention span of a flea for doing Arts and Crafts, then what better than having a good old faithful, genius MUM who will drag her breakfast stools into the loungeroom, throw a sheet (pink of course) over them and VOILA instant tent ! You can hide inside with all your toys, some choc chip cookies,(again, genius mum) a few cats and your day is complete!

Perhaps we should all build ourselves a tent every now and then and escape......

OR if you are a cat you may prefer to snuggle on mummys bed like my lil bedtime bubby, Scamp has done. Brrr he looked so cold, i just had to put a lil' blankie over him (now you are either thinking Awww how adorable, OR ,Oh for goodness sake Shannon, its a cat). And yes he is under there.

Hello lil buddy sound asleep, you look so cute and cosy......

Woops i woke you, have a stretch and go back to sleep....

Or just be like my big, fluffy Georgie and find a comfy cushion in the family room in direct target of the warm air blowing from the air con. Now who says cats are stupid!!!

Ok gotta go, i have been invited into the Royal tent for 'a cup of tea' and "Can you bring more cookies when you come in mum?"

Of course i will :)
You gotta love it.

Hugz as always
Shann :)

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

How Random is that !!

Oh this was just too too funny not to share. Ever laughed so hard you've had tears pouring down your face, your tummy aches and your throat hurts, not to mention the whole 'wettin yourself laughing' thing.....? This is such a random act of funniness i had to post it.
I was just leaving a comment on a lovely gals blog that has comment moderation enabled. know the little letter thing you have to copy....well this is what i got !
I kidd you not!
How classic is that!

POOFOOD, ha ha ha
Talk about LMAO
If you are laughing too GOOD ON YOU and welcome to my world :)
Hope you had a good chuckle :)

Gigglin' Shann

Hurry and Join the SWAP GALS

The deadline is approaching's not too late....c'mon over and join in the Fun Fun Fun and the Yum Yum Yum !
I must say a BIG HEARTFELT THANKYOU to all the lovely gals who have already signed up. This is my first Hosting and i am so Tickled Pink that you have joined.

You will receive your partners info on Thursday :)

Hugs, Shannon xxoo

Sunday, 12 August 2007

I change my sideboard like i change my undies.

Ok Ok some of you might think thats a little too much information and all that...BUT you gals that know me, well you know thats JUST ME !
And anyway i really do change my sideboard like i change my undies!
So today, again, i was 'fiddling around' with stuff at home, moving this and that to here and there, i am constantly doing that by the way, i get really tired of things being in the same spot for too long (hmm some may say i have an OCD when it comes to this), ANYHOO.... i was 'prettying up' my sideboard (which i still have to paint, yes add it to the list)and i stepped back and looked at it and, well, i dont mind sayin' but i thought Geez girly that looks so darn pretty! So i decided to be a show off (*grins*) and take some piccies for all my bloggin gals. Just sharin the love round gals, sharin the love :)

Some of my favourite pieces of China are on there along with some of my Faux Goodies.
At the back are 2 gorgeous lil' rose candle stick holders, ones blue and ones pink, i absolutely adore them, i bought them from the lovely Becca at Bluebirds and Roses, i had to have them as soon as i saw them..There is also a gorgeous Jardinere that i bought at the Junk Markets for a whole $5. Mum loves this particular item....i have to keep an eye on her when she leaves my house....sneaky woman, cant be trusted amongst my pretties LOL .Luvs Ya Mummy :)
So thats my pretty sideboard, well as it stands today and maybe for a few days....yeah till i get bored again and change it all back LOL.

Love Love Love Shann xo

Tuesday, 7 August 2007


I am so excited to announce my first Host Swap ! I came up with this idea Yesterday and i hope you will all love it!

If you love CANDY and pretty things made from COTTON then this is the SWAP FOR YOU !

So come and have a bit of fun with us :)

Here is what this Swaps all about:

You will receive ONE partner and exchange 3 items of Candy and 3 items of Anything made from Cotton either handmade or bought (go wild, use those creative imaginations). All you need to do is leave a comment and let me know if you are in on the SWAP and email me @ with your Full name and address and even tell me what sort of CANDY you like so that i can pass it on to your Swap partner (because we want you to receive something YUMMY).
This Swap is open to EVERYONE so c'mon gals get your COTTON N CANDY thinkin caps on!
It will be loads of FUN.

Sign up here by end of day Wednesday 15th. Please only sign up if you are genuinely committed to the swap :)

I will email you your partners details on Thursday 16th and items are to be posted/shipped by Friday 24th. Sound Good? Excellent!

If you right click on the logo you can add it to your Blog page. I am still working out the HTML code so bear with me :)


Hugs, Shann xo

P.S Big Thanks to Julles for the Logo. xo

Monday, 6 August 2007

Finally I have Been Crowned ! PLUS i feel a SWAP coming on.....

Well its been a long time coming but today my Tiara Swap partner and i finally got to swap our crowns! My partner was Julles @ Jullies Blog, we live about 20 minutes from each other so we didnt want to post our swaps, we wanted to do the swap in person. Alas Julles was sick with a horrible chest cold for weeks and weeks so i didnt dare go near her, then whenever we made plans something else seemed to always throw a spanner in the works and we'd end up today i went to Julles house and YAY we were crowned! Jullie even made a crown for Sam and he actually wore it for hours! This is a kid who is going through the terrible 4's at the moment so getting him to do ANYTHING nice is a major bonus! hee hee.
Ok so i snapped a few shots (can you believe i had to bribe Sam with lollies to sit still for this photo.)

Here we are in our Tiaras and Crowns.

Here is a close up of My Tiara from Julles, she even made a gorgeous box for it to be placed in when im not wearing it. Because i will be wearing it i assure you :)

And heres the Tiara i made for Julles. I chose a 'Queen Of Hearts' theme because Jullie has the kindest heart of anyone i know.

So there you have it, 2 more Queens in the world and 1 more Prince :)

Be sure to pop backin a few days as i will be announcing my first SWAP. Im so excited !!!

Love Shann xo

Nice Matters.

I am so Tickled Pink to have been given the 'Nice Matters' Award by the Lovely and Thoughtful Mary @ Isabella's Closet. This lady is an absolute doll, make sure you check out her Blog.
So i now pass this award on to some more Gorgeous Gals who also deserve it.

1. My Mummy Coll @ Colls Garden
2. Julles @ Jullies World
3. Steph @ Angelic Accents
4. Colleen @ Frostings and Sparkles
5. Katrina @ Little La La's
6. Peta @ Pretty In Pink

Take your award girls ! You all deserve it :)

Big Hugs,
Shann xo

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Been Doing This and That This Week.

This past week i took a break from Painting and making Faux Treats and did a little of my other favourite thing, Bringing a new, pretty life to old furniture and wot nots.

I decided that since i am keeping the Hall Table that i best be a good gal and sell the old school desk that i have (yes, we are fast running out of room in my house). So i gave it a few coats of white paint (i had it pale pink before that) to freshen it up and have now popped it on Ebay. Its a great lil desk as it has two side to utilise (see pics).

I am also selling this sweet lil footstool i re-covered in the prettiest Robyn Pandolph fabric. Love this fabric!

Last but not least a gorgeous old trunk i purchased on Ebay ages of those "I'll get around to it" things.
I took a photo of it mid-revamping, it was originally a very dirty pink colour.I still may do some more with it, perhaps some roses amongst the know sometimes you just keep looking at something and thinking "It just needs something else...." Thats whats happening here. For now though it looks sweet sitting in my 'Pretty Room' as Sam calls it.

I have loads of furniture waiting for me to get to it....and i will, eventually, in the midst of a million other things.....LOL

Hope everyones having a beautiful weekend!

Love Shann xo

Friday, 3 August 2007

Ho Ho Ho Christmas in July Swap

I belong to a gorgeous lil' group called Pretty Chic, they are a handful of amazing gals that i am so proud to call my friends. We recently did a Chrissy in July Swap (thanks Shirley for hosting for us)and my sweet sweet parcel arrived today. The swap could be anything we wanted but it had to include clues on who it was from (so no peeking at the return sender addresss on the parcel).
My parcel turned out to be from Peta
My goodies included a pretty pink leaf and bauble wreath, cookie cutter, lolly key ring, crinoline lady doliey, a vintage pot mitt, yummy teabags, 2 silver frames, pink polka dot bows,vintage pomander tied in a gorgeous floral bag and the prettiest lil pink rose sweets bowl with blue edging (how did she know i am currently changing my colours to pink and blue). The clue card was so funny, i knew it was Peta right away as clue #3 said that Ryan Reynolds was HER boyfriend NOT mine (this is a constant joke between us, over him).
All in all i was so spoilt. Heres a couple of piccies i took of my treasures, upon arrival and after i unwrapped them.

And heres the poem i wrote and emailed to Peta after i stopped jumping up and down with excitement.

A Poem to my Secret Santa

I woke up early this morning
Cause the damn cat jumped on my head
Then I heard the front door rattling
So I jumped right out of bed
Twas the parcel guy God bless him
With a package addressed to me
A secret santa prezzie I hoped
To put under my Chrissy in July Tree
I didn’t look at the return address,
I wanted the surprise
I laughed my head off when I read the clues card
Tears ran from my eyes
All wrapped in pink with ribbon and Lace
Special gifts straight from the heart
A true friend I have found in my secret santa
Even though we are miles apart
Thankyou PETA you made my day sweet
With your thoughtfulness and card that was funny
And because I love my prezzies so much
I’ll let you have Ryan Reynolds the HUNNIE

Big Big Hugs to you
Love Shann xxoo

See, i was TICKLED PINK !!!

Hugs Much
Shann xo

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

OK OK The Table Stays !

So i think i have won the battle of the Hall Table. (See post BELOW if you arent familiar). I couldnt stand to see it just sitting there in my Dining Room any longer so i oh so casually suggested to hubby that we put it in the Family Room just to "get it out of the way for now"...hee hee my plan started to unfold :)
I moved the old school desk to the Guests Bedroom and popped the Table in its place. Oh i deserve an award for my 'casualness' (yes im making up words now)..."yeah, just put it there for the time being ok. Oh i'll just put some stuff on it to keep the cats off..." HA HA i am sure he's onto me, he knows me too well by now. Secretly he wants to keep it too i am sure :)
So for now, and possibly for always, the lovely bargain table of the year is in my Family Room. YAY to me !

eww i really need to paint that room and get the floors done (we just ripped up the yukky carpet recently).

Bye For Now,
Shann xxoo