Friday, 29 June 2007

CUPCAKE SWAP, Lamp Shades and Kitty Cats.

My awesome Cupcake Swap arrived a few days ago. My partner was Ang and she is soooo clever! I love love love the sweet cupcake tile necklace she made for me, ive been wearing it everyday. I even took a totally ridiculous and not so attractive photo of myself wearing it the day it arrived, but i just had to, i was so darn excited. ANg also sent me the yummiest cupcake magazine and some oh so sweet lil diamond candles that i will use very soon on Sams 4th birthday cake!

Ok so you all know my Mum, Coll @ Colls Garden.....well she is a Lamp Makin Queen! Ages ago she made a shade for a standard floor lamp that i loved soooo much! After many attempts and many long months to get her to "Just give it to me will ya" (as i kept telling her) she finally caved in and YAY i am now the proud owner of this gorgeous Lamp Shade made by my equally gorgeous Mummy :) it looks amazing in my 'Pretty Room',bit like it was made for it really LOL....
Ok either the lamp was on a lean or i was drinking when i took this photo...????

Last but not least i thought id share a piccie of my 4 babies, taken today in a sudden burst of sunshine......who wouldnt want to be a cat, i mean seriously...!
Thats my Georgie, Brucie, Scampie and Molly Moo
Scampie is mummys lil bedtime buddy.
Luvs my babies so much :)

Okies thats it from me.
Have a totally Blissful weekend everyone!

Shann xxoo

Tuesday, 26 June 2007


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY TO MY MUMMY AND MY STEPDAD, WILLOW (yes on the same day, how freaky is that)!!!
Luv you both lots and lots and heres a lil photo tribute to you both. A picture of each of you and some pics of the people who love you very much (sorry if i 4got anyone but theres alot of us you know).
ha ha ha i know you'll love it anyway.

I LOVE YOU xxxxxxxxooooooooo

Sunday, 24 June 2007

I like Aeroplane Jelly......but when did they start making it with razor blades????

LOL No i didnt find Razor Blades in my Jelly.....
I have been sick this past week with a severe case of Tonsilitis and my throat was so sore that yep the Jelly felt like razors going down my throat! I wanted to scream with every mouthful but even that hurt. Why didnt i just stop eating the jelly, you might be asking your self......WELL it was PINK LEMONADE flavour...I COULDNT STOP. I mean c'mon, Pink and Lemonade together.....Yippee!
So poor old hubby had to pull his socks up and take charge of the house...HA HA HA. Oh you really have to see it to believe it.
Why is it that we can happily and easily 'Multi Task'. but men.....oh Lordy me what a drama.
I know that my husband personally is a little 'sookie la la' when he is sick and needs me to be at his beck and call every second, BUT this past week i did hear many a groan from the direction of the lounge room when i dared to call out (in my scratchy painful voice) for a drink to take my tablets. Ahhh they really are just big babies arent they.
ANYWAY moving right along...... When i had the energy i sat in bed and did a bit of creating (you really can only watch so much TV). My thing at the moment seems to be Jars and Polka Dots. Dont ask me why, its just turned out that way LOL. So today i hopped up and took some photos of them all.

These first ones i made last weekend along with the Cupcake Flowerpot (which is on ebay at the moment). They are sooo darn cute.

I made this one just for me, for fun and was really pleased with how pretty it turned out :)

And of course...something very Pink and Cupcakey.....

Last but not least....DONT LOOK MUM !!!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!! This is part of your Birthday Present !!!!!
For everyone else....
Scroll down.

I made a Fairy in a Jar for my lovely Mum as part of her birthday prezzie next week (26th). The little fairy is actually my niece, mums Grandaughter, HAYLEY, sitting in a bed of roses. She lives in Queensland so we hardly ever see her. I thought it would be nice for mum and my stepdad to have this little memory of her smiling at them each day :) We all miss her so much.

I was actually thinking i may take Custom orders for the Fairies and people could email me a photo they wanted me to use. I will do one of Sam and he will be a Cherub in a Jar. I also had the idea to do little Fairies in Garden keep watching this spot. I just love getting creative!!

Thats all for now :)
Hope everyone had a gorgeous weekend!

Much Hugs,


P.S YAY only 2 more weeks of plaster to go.(Sam is now trying to 'bang' it off his leg by hitting it against everything.....the mind boggles.)

Monday, 18 June 2007

My Sad Little Boy

My brave little man has now had the horrid plaster on for 3 weeks. We are at the halfway mark now. He has reached the I HATE THIS PLASTER point and its frustrating and heart breaking. On Saturday he sat on our bathroom floor for almost an hour crying and yelling at me to "Get a knife and cut this plaster off. I hate it." he wouldnt come out, wouldnt let us near him to console him at all. It was awful. Finally he calmed down and he and i played cars all afternoon :)
Tonight Shane is away for work so i thought i'd surprise Sam and make the two of us a picnic on the family room floor for dinner. He was in my room watching a dvd so i set it all up. When i went and got him and brought him out he squeeled soooo loud and laughed his little butt off !! We had one of his favourites, omlette, and i put his juice in a wine glass for him. I think that was his favourite part, he kept holding it and saying "Cheers" to me :)
I'm glad it brightened him up a little.

I know there are so many kids, and adults too, out there with illness' that far exceed my Sam's, but when it is your own child it feels like your heart is breaking. I hope i dont sound selfish for that.

Here is our simple but sweet picnic
Shannon xxoo

Sunday, 17 June 2007


Drum Roll Please........
KATRINA FROM Little La La's !!!

Sam picked your name from the Pink and White Basket :)

I will be contacting you via your Blog.

Thanks again all the lovely gals that entered.
There will be more Giveaways to come!!!
Arent they such fun!

Shannon xxoo

Friday, 15 June 2007

Here a Chair, There a Chair, Everywhere a Chair Chair.

Ok so someone asked me the other day what i collect. I said i didnt really collect anything as such.....then today i took a look around and HELLOOOO how many chairs do i own??? I dont really think i collect them but...they just seem to 'Gather' at my place of residence :)
I am like a Foster Mum for unloved chairs LOL
Occasionally i sell make room for another hee hee.
Shane doesnt get it of course, its a girly thing.

Anyway heres some (LOL) of my chairs.

Boudoir Chair i have just done up. Listed on Ebay at the moment.

My 2 scrolly metal chairs.

My new chair i have also just done up. it was a mess when i bought it (for a whole .99 c )

My bargain parlour chair in my bedroom. i will re-cover it one day....

Another chair in my bedroom......

A couple of sweeties in the Hallway.

Ahhh my favourite chair in my sunny nook.

My Jarvi chair. I have another one beside it and also the 3 seater lounge. I adore it.

Chippy white Bentwood Chair.

Another Bentwood that i have just painted and rubbed back. i may paint some old roses on the seat and sell it.

I bought these 2 a while ago now.$30.00 for the pair! BARGAIN !! Just waiting to find the perfect fabric for them.I am definately keeping these!

See theres not THAT many. Actually i think theres more in the Guest Room...oh and wait i didnt include my 8 Dining Chairs.
Maybe i do have a problem after all.
Anyone know the phone number of Chair-a-Holics Anonymous????

Bye For Now
Much Hugs,
Shann xxoo
P.S Dont foget to leave a comment on my Previous Post to be in the draw for my GIVEAWAY!!!

Sunday, 10 June 2007


Ok gals here it is....My second Giveaway!
I've been havin' fun lately fiddlin' with cards and papers and ribbons etc so i thought i'd make 3 oh so pretty cards for this Giveaway, with a touch of my handpainted roses on each one!
All 3 come with pink envelopes too so you can send them to someone special or keep them for yourself :)
Just leave a comment on this post and you are automatically in the draw!
This giveaway is open to EVERYONE.

Thanks Gals and GOOD LUCK !!

Luv Shann xo

Friday, 8 June 2007

AND just a bit more of Wedding Week.....AND a 2nd GIVEAWAY coming very soon!!!

Ok as promised ive added some more of my own wedding photos. Sorry they arent very clear, our scanner has pooped it so i had to take a photo of the photo. I did my best but :)

Ok this first one is Shane and I making our way back up to the lighthouse after our photos. YES i did walk up and down all those stairs in that dress!

I love this shot of the Bridal Party on the rocks at the beach, we are all just chatting away....

OK OK a smoochie kissy kissy yukk photo. I like it but, we were meant to be all romantic but i couldnt stop laughing.

My Two Dads. My Dad on the left and my Stepdad on the right. I had both of them walk me down the aisle :)

Me and my Girls! Thats my sister on the left next to me.I love her to bits!!!

I just had to add this photo! Theres a story to it. The photographer wanted me to be all 'dreamy' like and smell the worked until i realised there were 2 huge bees near me, if you click on the photo you may be able to see them. I am allergic to bees so i wasnt 'dreamy' for too long! Oh we also call this the 'Bees and Boobs' shot...LOL

Hope you liked my piccies gals!


Check back with me on Sunday evening for my SECOND GIVEAWAY!!!!!
I luv luv luv Giveaways
But you'll have to wait till Sunday to see what it is .....

Till then !
Much Love
Shann xxoo

Thursday, 7 June 2007


Wedding Week is drawing to a close so i thought id add some pics of my fav wedding movies !!
Thanks STEPHANIE and LORI for the Wedding Week Theme! Its been fun.

LOL who doesnt just love this movie to bits! I can pretty much quote it!

Who could resist Adam Sandler with his 'I Wanna Grow Old With You' song...Awwww

Matthew.....need i say more....????

And my fav....Steel Magnolias. Remember Shelby's colours were Blush and Bashful and her mum said they were Pink and Pink !!!

In honour of STEPHANIE @ Angelic Accents...The Grooms Armadillo Cake. This is a bit of a giggle between Steph and myself.

Might add some more of my pics later.

Bye for now,
Shann xo

Tuesday, 5 June 2007


The lovely Stephanie over @ Angelic Accents is having a Wedding Week this week. So in honour of that i have posted a pic of myself and my lovely Mum (you all know her @ Colls Garden) on my wedding day. Also a piccie of my cake, unfortunately it was taken in really bad light, but it was gorgeous. I designed it, but if i had to do it all again it would be soooooo different (dont we all say that about our weddings?).
Anyway, here they are!

Oh and also in honour of WEDDING WEEK....heres someone i'd marry in a heart beat!!

The lovely Ryan Reynolds ( i would have to fight Peta @ Make Mine Pink for him though).


Shann :)

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Painting and Painting and Painting some more....Oh and did i mention Painting???

Today i finally got off my butt (thats right, 'coz i am sooo lazy) and started painting my dining room chairs! I had to brush the undercoat on and then hopefully tomorrow i can get a few hours to myself (palm Sam off to his Grandad)to hook up the compressor and spray them.
Cant wait, i should have done it long ago.
Once they are finished i will paint some roses on the backs of them (or i may buy decals and cheat LOL).I also want to re-cover them. This time i will also protect the fabric from the cats!
Here they are with their undercoat and with my Georgie checkin' em out(see what i mean about the cats).

I had some fun the past few days painting again. I have been so busy
filling Faux Cupcake and Cake orders that it was nice to be painting once more. I am putting the Faux Treats on the back burner for a while, there are so many copycats on the Ebay bandwagon now that i am just so over it. I will still be listing maybe one set a week or so but thats it. Back to doin' what i love most, PAINTING and re-vamping furniture!!

So heres my listings for Ebay this week.

Tea Time tray with my handpainted Teacups and Roses

My Sweet Cupcake and lollie art (i dedicate this to my SoulSista Colleen over @ Frostings and Sparkles,LOL)

I created this late last night (usually when i do my best work). Handpainted Cupcake pot with real patty cases!

Sweet Sweet smelling Lavender Strawberries.

I like the Powder Room one so much that i kept a piece of that timber to do one for myself :)

Hope your weekend was sunny and sweet!

Hugs Much,