Saturday, 13 June 2009

If i knew you were coming I'd have baked a cake.

All is good and right in the world when you can bake a cake that wont make you put on a zillion kilos. Sorry, no i havent un-earthed a miracle (and lets face it, every womans dream)...ive just been 'baking' faux cakes. Totally fat free!
As of a few days ago i have a new store/s i will be suppling my sweet stuff to and im sooooo excited im still happy dancing all over the place. I cant say just yet who it is but i can say WOOHOOO ME, *throws confetti in the air and dances around with pom poms*.
Heres a lil' snippet though of a couple i've made that are listed on Ebay now.

Some pretty lilac/lavender in French/Country for a sweet change. This one is listed HERE.

Vintage style pink and cream. Luvs it. Click HERE to see the listing.

This one has been snapped up already!I really wanted a slice (or 2) of this one!

A Custom Order for a lovely Ebay customer.

Next week i'll be hibernating in my studio creating more and more sweetness in the form of large cakes and cupcakes. *NOTE TO SELF: Do not lick the spoon, i repeat, do not lick the spoon.

Oh but today i have baked a real cake! I had to remind myself that i COULD lick the spoon this time (thats if im fast enough to beat Sam to it).

Hope you all have a gr8 weekend. We are off to dinner tonight with the relos.I cant wait, i get to snuggle my new niece again.

Love Shann xx

P.S I didnt beat him to it ...cheeky little rascal.

Friday, 5 June 2009

~ WHAT CAME FIRST.....Pink or Blue....~

Something ive been pondering (i almost always ponder the serious stuff you know)...What came first...The Pink Chicken...

OR the Blue Egg.....

Told you...only the serious stuff...

So then i my house what came first...

I blame the perfume bottle on my mum...a prezzie from her...not that im complaining...

Ok, 3 jugs out number 1 blue frame....or are we going by size?

My pink and blue porcelain....eeekkk how could i not ?

Even the magazines are blue....

Ok i had to throw some blue in here to make Mr Paint Mine Pink feel more macho...
(you'd think i had lots of pink around or something...).

So anyroad...i dont know what came first....maybe it was the Pink, but im sure the Blue was just a hop,skip and a jump away......

Love and Pink kisses (there i go with the pink again).

Shann xxoo