Sunday, 16 November 2008


girls i cannot thank you enough for all your beautiful thoughts, kind comments and emails. I will be back on December 1st and feeling much chirpier about all of this and it is THANKS to you guys!
From the bottom of my heart I LUV YA'S.

Hi my sweet friends.
Ive been going over some things in my head for a while now and this morning i woke up realising what i needed to do...and that is to take a blogging break.
Ive become very disillusioned with blogging lately. There are some people out there who just seem to delight in trying to upset others. To put it bluntly i am just fed up with the clickiness, the cattiness, the whole 'My blog gets 2oo visitors and yours only gets 10' thing. When i started blogging i had no idea it would become this mean competition that some people have turned it into.I just wanted to share my stories and my passions etc and make some gorgeous new friends along the way (which i can thankfully say i have done).
Personally i don't care how many people visit my blog, as long as my friends know I'm here for them and vice verse. I don't use my blog to try and benefit from other people, i don't leave insincere and false comments, which i see happening all the time within certain 'blog circles'. That's not what i signed up for, I'm not interested in such nonsense. I thought as we grew older and 'up' we would leave the nasty and petty school girl rubbish in the school yard where it belongs.....but it seems some people just cant let it go. My opinion? BUILD A BRIDGE AND GET OVER IT, life is just too darn short to bother with all that RUBBISH .
So I've had enough for a while. I may just need a break for a few weeks, it may be longer, i really don't know.
But to my friends, and that's YOU, who pop by often to see what I'm up to, i will say that NONE of this is directed at you or because of you. PLEASE KNOW THAT. I am also sorry i haven't been a very good blog visitor lately...its all just gotten too nasty for me.

PLUS , i have decided that while blogging is fun and i truly love my friends from all over the world, this is who's most important.

and I'm sure you all understand that.
This little guy goes to big school next year so i want all the time in the world with him now while i can.

I'll still be popping by occasionally to say hi on your blogs and see what you're up to, i just wont be posting.

Thanks for being there sweet lil chickies. Im sorry if ive struck a sour note with anyone but i just had to have my say. Those that know me will understand.

Okies, im off and i WILL see you again, down the road a bit.



Thursday, 13 November 2008


Well i could say Bling My Birdcage but Pimpin it sounds soooo much more fun doesnt it !!! HAHAHA.

So anyhoooo...i bought this 'SPIT IN YOUR FACE FANTASTIC' pink birdcage ages ago and yes like usual i put stuff for me on the back burner and hung it it the bathroom un-pimped.
Well....i took a break from painting today and did a lil' sumin sumin for myself.

So here it is...Pimpin the Birdcage 101 :
All you need is a bird, tulle, flowers, lil fake eggs, imagination, any kinda bling you like, oh and a birdcage would help too. *wink*

My sweet pink bird aka: Miss Polly, even has 2 lil friends, Wilburt 1 and Wilburt 2 (thanks Sam for the uh Original and imaginative names...LOL)

Miss Polly even has a swing that rocks....


And when its been a rockin', you get lil eggs !

Well i dont know about Polly but i think ive had too many 'crackers' today....!!

Well i will just blame my goofiness on the paint fumes *grin*

Ok , im off to hang my Pimped Up Birdcage in my bathroom.
Gee i hope they dont poop in the bathtub....

Tutt Taa and Pink Kisses,
Shann xxx


My lovely hubs has just walked in with a gorgeous prezzie for me!!!
Nope cant tell you what it is'll have to wait a few days till its been 'installed'.
Yeeehaaa im off to smooch my hubs now!! LOL.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Lots of Reindeers-a- Leaping

Hey...isnt there a christmas carol about that??
Oh no hang on that Lords a Leaping isnt it. DOH !
Im getting mixed up...must be all the glitter and craft glue ive inhaled over the past 2 days.
(no it really has nothing to do with the blonde hair....really and truly)

So where are the leaping reindeer you may ask...?
Well right here..

click on the image and you can see them better :)

Ive just finished a bunch of them and some are now listed on my Website. You can go HERE and see them.

Be quick before they leap on over to someone elses place...LOL.

Ok, egg nog aside, i am seriously getting the Christmas feeling....i really want to put up my new white tree. I am being good and waiting though....But you know the kids in the back of the car saying "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?".....THATS ME !!

SO until Chrissy decorating time i shall be happy to drool over Mels decorations (who has 3 trees up gotta love her!)

But i do have some baubles in a jar....hee hee...oh i just had to.

Ok im off to clean up the glitter thats taking over my house.
Oh here was my hand today.

Just call me Smurfette.


Pink Kisses,
Shann xxx

P.S Theres a new gal in blogland and a new and sweet friend for me. Her name is CARILYN and we just met through EBAY and chatted on the phone today, she is sooo sweet and funny!
I know she will just about turn backflips if you do visit her! AND you'll be glad you did too. You can visit her HERE.

Friday, 7 November 2008


Oh now come on, get your minds out of the gutter...I'm talking pretty things that start with F. Did you really think i was insinuating something crass??? Oh shush, i would never! *wink*

First thing that starts with F is this.....

Yep it's First Friday time again! As always i want to send a HUGE shout out to my sweet pal Rhea for hosting this for us. THANKS MISS RHEA xx.

Here are my First Friday Items this time round.
Im thinning out my Petite Faux Cupcakes..they seem to be taking over every nook and cranny in this house, LOL.
*Note, these are made by me*

Price is $20.00 per set of 3. Postage Aus Wide will be $4.00. Shipping International will be $15.00au.
Now don't forget my little overseas chicks that the $$$ conversion is lookin' pretty great for you guys right now!

If you'd like to purchase a set just email me at or leave me a quick comment.

SET a) Cotton Candy Love

SET b)Sweet Ocean Breeze.

Every gals kitchen deserves some sweet Faux Cuppies...oh and our butts definately deserve ones that wont add any calories! HAHA, well i know mine does!

Pop By HERE to Rheas blog for a list of the FF Girls!

NOW...onto something else that starts with F....

Come take a walk with me wont you...?

A little friend of mine told me we had a new addition to our i went searching or on an 'Expoitition' as Winnie The Pooh would say.

This is 'said' friend..'PinkyDust' (named by Sam)...see she's telling me a secret...

She told me to look over near my favourite pink rose.....come on then lets walk up the little pebble path..

Do you see anything???
I know i need glasses but geez this is ridiculous....

Ok lets get in closer....Yep there she is sound asleep!What a life huh?

Well i think if i was a Fairy id sleep under this rose as well *smiles*
Sam has told me her name is 'WinkaWinkaDinka'..GOOD GRIEF that poor fairy! LOL. Well at least he didnt call her 'Wilburt' like everything else he names, so i suppose she got off fairly lightly there..HA !

I think we will let her sleep now...because she's in for a rude shock when she wakes up and finds out what her new name is....LOL!

Thanks for popping by and please dont forget to pop by Rhea's blog and visit the rest of the First Friday gals! You never know what treasure you might stumble upon!

Have a gorgeous weekend ahead everyone,

Love n Pink Kisses
Shann xxxxx

Thursday, 6 November 2008

And then there was Blue.......

Ok yep you all know i am Miss Pink, no doubt about that huh. Well i do love my blues as well though.
And i especially loved those blue sofas...remember back about 6 weeks or so..?? I NEEDED them. Truly i did.
And guess what ??
THEY ARE HERE!!! YEP last Friday morning they arrived all pretty and lovely. When the guys delivered them i said to them and Shane very seriously (hee hee) "Oh i dont really like them now. They look ugly," HAHAHA you shoulda seen their faces! I wish i got it on camera! Funny though, they didn't really see the humour in it....go figure hey.
It cracked me up but so that was cool!

So here they are. The colour of the pics are a bit iffy but because im still figuring out my new camera...., hee hee 'iffy' don't cha just love that word, it can be used to describe just about anything.....Oh that smells a bit iffy, oh that looks a bit iffy, nah it was a bit iffy.... LOL ...Woops i got side tracked again. I can get a bit iffy like that sometimes !

Ok enough jocularity !

here you go.

"How do i love thee...let me count the ways....' HAHA.

Instant problem: A certain lil kitty cat who's name i wont mention (uhhhh but it starts with M and ends with OLLY) has taken to scratching the corners already. No major damage YET.
Anyone got any remedies for that? (Legal and humane ones please,LOL) I think i may have to get scratching posts and place them near where she is scratching because they will always go back to where their own smell is. Or maybe i will just tie bricks to her feet and see how well she does then...??? Oh I'm only know that! But then again ask me what id like to do to her in the middle of the night when i hear her scratching and then I'm chasing her through the dark house with a broom and using every cuss word in the dictionary, and some i made up myself.HAHAHA.

So ok , any advice would be helpful PLEASE.


Hope you all have a lovely day!

Love and Pink Kisses Always,

Shann xxxxxxx

Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Well technically we already went but thats ok.
Yep on the Sunday just gone, Shane, Sam and i headed off for the day to Sydneys Tagonga Zoo. Shane and I havent been for about 10 years and Sam has never been, so we were all pretty excited.
The zoo is built right on our beautiful Sydney Harbour.

It's just gorgeous.
Oh but geez why didnt someone remind me of all the walking.....up hill, down hill, back up a hill...and where was the drinks man to cool me down along the way??? I swear i walked off every piece of chocolate ive consumed this year and my butt even feels a bit sexier too!! LOL ! Watch out J.Lo !! HAHAHAHA

Anyway i digress, as per usual.
I'll show you some piccies of the day. So go on make your coffee now and get cosy.
I'll wait.........................................................................................................................................................................................................You right now? Goodo, c'mon then.

Hows this for a pretty face to start your day off, huh? Isnt she gorgeous!

Loved this...I can almost hear her saying " Just go over there and play and give me a break will you, you're stressing me out!"

Some lunatics that escaped from the monkey cage. I felt sorry for them so i brought them home with me.

The little one was pretty cute but so i thought id cuddle up to him....

Sam is fascinated with snakes...Uh, No Thanks ! Especially not a Taipan!

My absolute love for Meerkats saw me take about 50 photos of them! I could have sat there all day and watched them. They are so curious and funny. Sam, my dad and i are devoted fans of the TV series Meerkat Manor.Sam adores them as well.

Arent they the sweetest things!

Now not so sweet and tiny...this Silverback Gorilla was HUGE. They are so fascinating to watch.

Sam loved the seals so much. I think he has plans for one in our pool......hmm...

ok now for something funny. We hopped on over to see the Fennec Foxes who, it seems are in mating season (well thats what the sign said but i now think it was just a cover up for their filthy minds and actions..LOL)) im standing there poised, camera ready for a great photo of these cute lil fluffy' yep i got a great photo alright. I snapped the shutter just as the male swooped in from behind the shrubbery and this happened......

Ohmygosh i felt like a Voyeur ! What a classic, everyone was laughing their butts off ! So yep i can confirm that it is indeed mating season...
because.....20 seconds later he was back for another go.....

I know i know. I gave up trying for a 'sweet' photo after that. I felt kinda dirty but it was pretty gosh darn funny.

Ok compose yourself will you. It's only Fox sex afterall.LOL.
I know it just sounds funny right!

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty....see how i casually changed the subject there...?

And heres one for my International Chickies.One of our cute but smelly Koalas.

This is how tired we all felt by the end of the day! LOL. We had just the BEST TIME EVER !

Ok if you're still here then THANKS for playing. Hope you liked our piccies (yep even the rude ones), LOL.

Have a gorgeous day chickadees.
Love n Pink Kisses,
Shann xxxx

Monday, 3 November 2008


On Saturday morning i hit the local St Vinnies with my lovely mummsy, for their MEGA Sale (they have it twice a year and its HUUUUGEEEEEEEE).
Sooo much stuff....tables of stuff...ahhh it's surely a junkin gals heaven. Mum was finding treasures left right and centre it tell ya! Every time i turned around she had another piece of somen' sweet in her arms! LOL. I found a few goodies myself after a while...well actually i spotted lots of things i could have bought but i was being good and waiting.....waiting...waiting...for that certain something...i'd know it when i saw it, surely it would call out to me........AND THEN IT DID !
Tucked away amongst the odds and ends..i first saw a glimpse of the back of it and i was immediately curious...i swear i knocked more than a few people over as i raced to get to it....I was like a crazy woman. A crazy woman on a mission!
Finally i made it around to the front....
I grabbed my mobile phone and snapped a quick blurry piccie of the item that had stolen my heart...


It was love at first sight....and for only $40.00 it was ETERNAL LOVE at that!

after literally climbing over a pile of 'stuff' and almost impaling myself to get to it (oh but it was so worth it), i sent mum off with my cash to pay for my new best friend while i 'protected' her and hissed at anyone who dared to come to close..LOL.
Now i have this gorgeous piece at home with me...


Even Shane was impressed...i didn't even get the usual "Oh great, where do you think you're gonna fit that?"
Ahhhh see, our lovely French Friend was meant to be with us!

I cant stop looking at her....oh and she goes BEAUTIFULLY with my new lounges (remember the gorgeous blue ones i posted about a while back???...Well they are here now!. Piccies next time!)

Ummm anyone else see a French Provincial theme creeping in here..???


Okies im off to go and look at my table again..heehee.

Hope you all had a great Halloween! I will post piccies of mine and Sam's costumes in a few days!

Au Revoir

(see, more french stuff...*wink*)

Pink Kisses,
Shann xxx