Friday, 30 May 2008

Perfectly Pretty Packages

Hiya Girlie Girls. Ive been a bit AWOL this week because our pooter got a yukky virus and i was too scared to open any documents or emails in case something went KABOOM. But thanks to a very pooter savvy hubby we are all well and mended and back on track :)

So now i can update you on all the gorgeousness ive received this week.
Ok i'll do them in order of appearance, LOL, thats easiest i think.
Okies so first off...On Monday my 'PrettyChic' friend Jules came over for lunch and a chat. Jules is one of those gals who loves giving prezzies, just like me, so of course what did she bring..?? Yep..PREZZIES!
Since i missed out on my Junque in my Trunk swap, Jules made me up one as a replacement! Gawd she is so sweet. I was ooohing and ahhhhing like a little kid! You have to go visit Jules HERE if you havent already done so. She is so creative and a laugh to boot!
Heres some piccies of what she gave me. Make sure you click on the photos for a better look because theres way too much to mention it all!

Arent i a lil lucky ducky la la. Thankyou so much Jules for being so sweet and thoughtful, just like you always are :)

NEXT up was a pretty Prayer Lady Napkin Holder from my gorgeous Mummsy. Why? "Just coz" she said. I personally think thats the bestest reason ever to give someone a prezzie !

She is sitting on my kitchen bench looking all sweet now. THANKYOU MUMMY :)

Last but certainly not least! A Hostess prezzie from the truly unique and fun Scrappy Jessi. Jessi is in my Parasols and Paper swap and she asked me for my address so she could send me a little somethin' for hosting. WELL i never in a kazillion years expected the box of AWESOMENESS that arrived yesterday. I emailed Jessi right away..i wonder could she tell i was squeeling thru my typing???
Just look at this! Again, click on the image to enlarge it..theres sooo much stuff!

Sam stole the Scrappy Jessi badge. He loved it !

Jessi i know i thanked you like a thousand times in my email but i have to say it again. THANKYOU CUTIE you are one in a million!

So its been a good week here wouldnt you say? LOL. Oh and it only gets better because tomorrow night im off to see Michael Buble' in concert. Oooh that mans so sweet he gives me a toothache *grin*
I'll try and get some piccies of him before i melt onto the floor in a soggy pile of goo when he starts singing 'Sway'....ahhhhhh...dreamy.
Oh and im going with mum and my stepdad, so mum will be a gooey mess with me! ha ha ha. Oh my poor stepdad...what has he gotten himself into?? LOL.

ok lovelies be good and see you in a couple of days with (hopefully) some sexy Michael pics!

Luv N Pink Kisses Always
Shann xxx

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Sunday is FUNDAY

Yep at our house on Sunday there is a strict NO WORK policy.
The day is for the three of us to be together and do fun family things.
So today we 'tootled off' to the Blue Mountains to one of the National Parks.
We went to Jelly Bean Pool (now dont get excited it's not a pool full of jelly beans...but hey wouldnt that be good! OR Chocolate Pool...)Oh i digress..... ANYHOO
Jellybean Pool is nestled at the foot of the mountains and i can remember going there as a young 'whipper snapper' with mum, dad and sis.
Here is Sam and I at the top of the walk down...Sam looking totally unimpressed to be having his photo taken and maybe because we just told him we have to walk all the way down there...and then back up! LOL.

This is the pool. It's truly gorgeous and soooo peaceful..oh except for noisy little boys yelling out "Oooh i wanna go over here. Oohhhh can we catch some fish.."

The walk back up...see my boys up there...notice im lagging behind??? Hey someone had to take the photos! *wink*

A little bit of a history lesson in the caves, LOL. (sorry the 2nd pics a bit blurry)

My men on a rock ...seriously what else can i say about this photo other than i love it.They were having a ball.

Sam the 'Tracker' as he called himself, and i off on our journey.

BUSTED! Now what do you think id been doing in those bushes? C'mon we are all friends here..and when you gotta go...well you gotta go! LOL.

At the end of the day stop for a short nap in a rock (or at least pretend you are napping)....

....and then head to subway for a cookie!

Thanks for reading about our day out.
I hope you all had a gorgeous weekend whatever you did and that your week ahead is full of happiness and pretty stuff.

Im off now to rest my weary legs :)

Love and pink kisses

Shann xo

Friday, 23 May 2008


Did you bring your spending money girls??
I hope so.
Lets shop!
Oh first of all i have to say PLEASE dont be afraid of O.S shipping...its NOT that scary! Plus my items are only little so really the shipping cost will be like bird feed. So c'mon what are you waiting for??? LOL

Item number one today!
gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous (oh did i mention gorgeous) little metal sugar scoop that i painted up all pretty and sweet. $8.00 plus postage/shipping

Item #2
Time for me to clear out some of my salt and pepper shaker...honestly how many do i need???
This set is sooo pretty! $7.00 plus postage/shipping

Item #3
WooHooo bring back the 80's (i think) with this gorgeous glomesh purse! I love it. My son even wants to keep it ..aww c'mon he's only 5 (well almost). It has a few bumps and blemishes but nothing too bad. $8.00 plus postage/shipping

Item #4 Sweet little heart trinket dish. How pink and dreamy are the roses!
$6.00 plus postage/shipping

To purchase any of these pretties just leave me a comment and email me @ Please be sure to leave a comment as sometimes my email has major dummy spits and doesnt go through.
First in first served!if you'd like me to hold something for you just let me know!

Thanks for popping by and be sure to visit all the other gorgeous ladies who participate as well.There is a link on my sidebar that will take you there.

Before i go id like to thank Polly @ Counting Your Blessings for being our FFM hostess each week and doing a great job for us all. THANKYOU SWEETPEA!

Love and Pink Kisses,
Shann xx

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Welcome To My Home

Todays the day. It's Marina @ Only cute Things, Virtual Party.' What do you love about your home?'
You can show all of your home, one room, or something special in your home that means alot to you.

Like most of us, theres a million things i love about my home and a million things i hate as well. But what i love most are the people in it. So im going to show you parts of my home that are close to my heart because of the people in it and the people i know and love..

Sams bedroom is my favourite room. Its where he tells me the news every day (sometimes about 20 times a day)while he sits at his desk..and where we snuggle up at night while i read to him. Then we turn the light out and lay down and i sing him 'our songs'. You Are My Sunshine' and 'Close To You' by The Carpenters. I've sung these to him since he was a baby.

People always say that the hub of the home is the kitchen. For me this is probably very true. Especially when mum pops in on her way home from work. This is where we end up chatting...mum on one of the chairs and me standing by the sink there...its just always been that way.....its our
chit chat spot.

My bed. Its where i can finally collapse at the end of the day and snuggle with my man *wink*

Oh and usually the 4 cats who are asleep on there too...LOL.
Like this one. My Scampy cat :)

I also love the Star i bought for Shane and I from the International Star Registry as a surprise Wedding Present.

Im also loving this fabric from Urban Gardens and have covered some favourite chairs/footstools with it for my home.
PLUS im totally LOVING the gorgeous rug they are on! Given to me by my Mummsy and Stepdad just coz they love me! I know i know, how awesome and gorgeous are they!

Last but not least.....
My phones...where i catch up on the lives of everyone i love so much. If you look closely at my mobile you can see a message from my sweet friend Mandii telling me last week to put 60 Minutes on, on my TV (Shannon Noll was on) ahh she knows me so well :)

And then theres my computer...without it i wouldnt have met you all. And for that i am truly greatful and feel truly blessed.

Yes it's nice to have beautiful things in your home but what makes a house a home is the people (and furry babies) in it....the love, laughter and memories they create.
If all my posessions were gone tomorrow i would still have the things that are most important in my home and my heart...the people i love :)

Now go get your tissues, wipe your eyes, and then hop on by and visit some more gorgeous gals and their homes!

Thanks Marina for hosting this. Ive had a ball !

Lots of Pink Kisses being blown your way....

Shann xxoo

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Feeling A Little sorry but this is LONG

I dont ever use my blog to have a whinge about anything or anyone but lately and right now im feeling particularly 'bummed out' as i like to put it.
Reason? Well there are 2 actually.
The first one is that there is a very nasty and spiteful little person out there who has been taking it upon themselves to constantly report me to Ebay, no matter what i do. I have had my ME page pulled 3 times (ok who DOESNT advertise their Website on their ME page) and my listings constantly pulled or complained about all in the past 2 weeks. I KNOW i am NOT doing anything wrong and so do EBAY NOW as i have been in discussion with them and pointed out that this person is obviously very threatened by me and seriously needs to get a life! I am not a trouble maker or a nasty person at all but this person has really pushed my buttons. Im in the same boat as all of you, doing what i love to do with all my heart and hard work, and making some money to make ends meet at home so that i can stay home with my son and watch him grow up and not have to put him in preschool 5 days a week. The fact that this person is going out of HER way to make trouble for me is beyond irritating. It makes me so sad and so furious all in one and thats NOT the person i want to be or how i want to spend my days feeling.
So to this person i say this, (i now know that she reads my blog) Leave me alone and PLEASE take your childish behaviour back to the school yard where it belongs.

Ok now my second reason for feeling so bummed out (i know, as if the first one wasnt bad enough).
I was one of the VERY EXCITED people to participate in Heathers Junque in my Trunk swap. I was so excited about this one.
My swap partner emailed me her fav colours etc, and i emailed her too.
I sent her what i believe to be a gorgeous parcel.
Here it is. Full of all the things she loves.

It is now months later,and WAY PAST the deadline......i still have received nothing. I emailed her 2 weeks ago and asked did she get my parcel ok? i had not heard from her and was worried. Her reply? She had a parcel at the post office she had to pick up so that would be it. Oh and could i send her my address so she could post me my parcel???
Apparantly i forgot to attatch my address to the original swap questionare...So..why did she NOT email me back right away and ask for it??? WHY wait this long?? Well it is now another 2 weeks later and still NOTHING at all from her.
I am so mad, so upset, so disheartened....How can someone do that to another person?
To receive a beautiful parcel that has been put together with so much thought and care, not to mention the monetry side of it, and to not bother sending one in return is just so rude i cant even comprehend it.
I will not name my swap partner because thats just not something i would do.
AND i would like to say in case Heather reads this that in NO WAY at all do i hold her responsible for this persons lack of caring. My swap partner has let down both myself AND Heather. Heather took the time to organise such a gorgeous swap, and she did a FANTASTIC job too, its just unfortunate that there was a bad egg amongst us.

So thats it. Im off my soap box now. Pity i dont feel any better though.

Im sorry if i have offended or upset anyone with this posting but i really had to get it all out.

I hope none of you have had any of this happen to you, and if you have, then just know i KNOW exactly how you are feeling right now.

Back tomorrow with some JOY AND GORGEOUSNESS for Marina Capanos Virtual Party !

Please rememeber to pop back.
i promise i will be HAPPY SHANN tomorrow :)

Luv N Pink Kisses Always,

Shann xxoo

Saturday, 17 May 2008

You've got to paint a picture or two !

Today i wanted to show you some pretties ive been working on this week.
Somewhere along the line (in the midst of all the faux cupcake hooplaaa) my passion for painting got left behind somewhere.....
BUT luckily i have found it again and this week ive been painting away like a crazy woman! I even painted our letterbox and the Recycle Bin...but thats a whole other story..*hee hee* Lets just say if its stands still for too long, there's a pretty good chance im gonna paint it !

As much as i love creating lots of different treasures, my true passion is painting so thats what i am going to be focusing on from now on. Oh i will still be popping the odd Faux Cuppie or 2 on my Website and Ebay, and i really cannot quit the glitter and frills cold turkey either (nor do i even want to,i mean really, give up glitter? you've got to be kidding me!)...but there will be more painting, i guarantee it! I am also still taking special orders for anything and everything i do.
It's just that i really really really want to paint!
So paint i shall.
Oh and paint i did :)

So here are a few pretties ive finished that will be available on my Website very soon... (maybe even tonight if i get myself organised..LOL)

A pretty timber Spice Rack and timber Cutlery Tray

Finally i painted a sweet little bird..i love how he has turned out!

La Vie En Rose on a small stretched canvas.

Gorgeous Queen Anne side table. I painted and sanded her before painting on some of my pretty roses in alternate corners.

Oh look i popped some new cuppies in there, LOL.they just need some pink ribbon trim and they are wheres that ribbon gone?? oh Sam..?????
Thanks Miss Rhea for the gorgeous heart toppers too. Arent they the sweetest!! Ive already started taking orders for these ones so feel free to email me if you'd like some before i run out.They are definately Unique!

And this one i have just completed. Hopefully it will make its way to my website later tonight.You can click on the image to see the detail better :)

Ok that about wraps it up for this lil rubber duckie. I am kinda cold here in my little office so im thinking its time for a nice hot shower, hop in my jammies and eat something thats disgustingly un-healthy for me (but tastes sooooo good).
You think i might be talking about chocolate??
*grin* you guys know me so well!

Have a gorgeous rest of the weekend my sweet friends!

Lotsa Pink Kisses Always,
Shann xxoo

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Treats With My Sweets

Yesterday i was a 'weee bit' naughty and bought myself a gorgeous old 2 seater sofa for the front porch. You know when you see something that just calls your name (shannon, shannon, like a fog horn...)....(cmon we've ALL been there MANY times)..but you know deep down that you really shouldnt buy it...Where will you put it? Will you have to eat 2 minute noodles all week just to pay for it??
YES i too pondered these questions when i spotted THE SOFA !
But i NEEDED it. I mean REALLY NEEDED IT. As bad as i NEED chocolate (im not kidding).
And then the sales lady said it was only $30. Well HELLLOOOOOO...COME TO MAMA sweet sofa i said.

And so it did.
And a new love has developed....

And this afternoon the sofa was delivered so i thought what better way to celebrate than to have afternoon tea on it with Sam when he got home from pre school.
I bought him a little celebration prezzie too and wrapped it. My Joy is his joy afterall :)

But first i had to get dads cat off the sofa (no Logan thats not your new bed darling).
You see it??? You see my sofa?? Aww isnt she just lovely !

Some yummy cakes and a drink waiting for my boy and I.

Opening the prezzie ......i looooove giving prezzies.

TOY STORY #2. Apparantly i am a 'really good' mum , LOL.

'Let them eat cake'

Time to bring out the throw blanket, it was getting kind of chilly.

I love my little man. He's so funny and witty and he's my best little buddy.
I love that we can just cuddle up and read a book together and giggle....thats what its all about. I love being his mum.

Thanks for taking a trip down 'mushyville' with me . LOL.

Big Hugs,

Monday, 12 May 2008


Hiya Girlies !

Ok i have sent everyone their SWAP EMAILS with their partners details so PLEASE PLEASE if your email doesnt get to you or you have ANY questions at all PLEASE let me know either by email or pop a comment on here and i'll get back to you right away.

I hope everyone is happy with their partners and that i didnt muck anything up....i was a weeeee bit tired when i was sending all the emails out.

Oh there were a few girls who need to get back to me with their full names and address' so can you sweeties please do that a.s.a.p ?

remember to email me if you need to!

Thanks and HAVE FUN!

Big Hugs,
Shann xxoo

Friday, 9 May 2008

Pink Icing Inspiration

Not Pink Icing that you can eat...but Pink Icing On The Cake by LeAnn.
LeAnn's blog is one of my absolute favs! I just adore everything about her. So the other day LeAnn had been 'tweaking' the Porch as she called it.LOL. i loved it sooo much and she unknowingly inspired me to get out in the sunshine yesterday and 'Tweak My Porch' as well. My poor ole suffers from neglect because i am always doing up things inside the house instead. Plus my Dad and Sam are constantly trashing my porch so much that i tend to throw my arms up in defeat.

BUT not on this day!Poor porch looking so unloved and basically very squiffy (yep its a word ok).

First things first...take everything off the porch and put it on the lawn to get washed, painted etc etc

Sam said "Are we having a Garage sale Mummy?" Me...sell my chairs?? i dont think so sweetie.
While everythings drying (yep i washed it all, even the concrete) lets play hopskotch up the driveway.

And bring Georgie outside to play in the garden...

Oooh what was that? "I tawt i taw a Lizard."

I let the lizard go...i needed to roll in that dirt so badly.

Ok isnt my Burgandy Iceberg Rose fantastic!

TWEAKING OVER and things are much prettier on the Porch. We even ducked up to the Nursery and bought some punnets of Primulas. Sam and i planted them together. He is definately going to inherit my green thumbs :)
Here they are all ready to thrive in my freshly painted, CANDY STRIPED planter! i just love it.

The chairs got a bit of a tweak too. A fresh coat of paint and some pink fabric on my favourite shabby green chair. This is the sunniest and sweetest corner to sit. Sams chair is right there next to mine.

A comfy and pretty cushion for the wicker chair (Dads cat says Thanks..)

I looooove my wrought iron setting. Ideally id love it in the front garden but i worry someone will pinch it.

I cant wait till the weather is warm again and we can start painting the outside of the house (bye bye brown guttering). Im thinking white with very pale pink trim work.
Oh and i need to do a sign for the house too. Our home is called FAIRY FLOSS COTTAGE (thats cotton candy to you O.S gals)...can you guess why??? *wink*

hmm could it have something to do with all the pink ..maybe....

Oh todays the last day to sign up for My Swap ! So hop to it if you havent already! Thanks to all the girls who have already signed up. I'll be emailing you your partner very soon!

Have a gorgeous weekend ahead and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all of you for Sunday. I hope you have a fun and beautiful day with your loved ones. Oh and breakfast in bed of course! That goes without saying :)

Big Kisses,
Shann xxoo