Thursday, 30 July 2009

~ Beauty Is In The Sky ~

I wanted to share with you this gorgeous photo i took last night. The sky looks like it is actually on fire, those colours were sooo gorgeous! You just know that the next day will be glorious (and it is).

Thats true beauty isnt it. Amazing.

Love Shann xxoo

Tuesday, 28 July 2009


I just had to quickly pop by and show you the oh`so`yummy desserts that Sam and i made together over the weekend for the 3 of us...we felt like being spoilt :)

Heres my boy up on the kitchen bench being a Master Chef.

A simple Meringue nest topped with fresh whipped cream (dairy...thats good for you), Marshmallows (ummm...sugars a food group isnt it???), strawberries (see....healthy stuff there), grated chocolate (cocoa...uhh well it has dairy in it....)oh and drizzled with passionfruit pulp (see...more healthy stuff, it balances out in the end ..right ??). Sam didnt have passionfruit pulp though so he figured he needed the most chocolate on his to even the score. LOL, cheeky monkey.

They look yummy dont they? They were! I definately recommend making one for yourself as a special treat.

Ok im off now...all this talk of food has made me hungry....

Have a great week!

Lotsa Luv
Shann xxoo

Friday, 24 July 2009

Stuff ~ N ~Fluff

I thought that was a fairly good title for this post because i just know it's going to be all over the place. Im feeling in an 'all over the shop' kinda mood, LOL.
First off i will tell you all that last Tuesday the 14th, my gorgeous litle man SAM turned 6 !!! YIKES. It's like i woke up and my baby had grown over night. He is such an amazing bright boy and i adore him with all my heart.
Here's my gorgeous young man now....
This was taken @ Richmond Park on his birthday.

And blowing out the candles on his cake at his party with all his friends from kindergarten.

They had such a blast!

**This past week ive been sick, which was a real pain in the you-know-what, being that it is school holidays here. BUT Sam and i have still managed to go out and see a few movies, go to the park, play Aqua Golf and lots of other fun stuff.
And being the stubborn person i am i have still sat up at night creating when i should have been in bed resting.
I painted this gorgeous Boudoir Chair and cut and covered a new base and cushion for her. Isnt she pretty!

You can find her HERE on Ebay.
BTW, does anyone else talk about their furniture like they are human..or is just me?
I think when i start giving them names there can be cause for concern.

Well this hasnt turned out to be as scattered as i thought it would be.
Maybe i'll save that for next time.

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend ahead!
Thanks for popping by to visit me.

Love and Hugs,
Shann xxx

Friday, 10 July 2009

What to do with a bed head...

Hiya lovelies,
I wanted to show you all my newest painting. I was so lucky to pick up 2 big, old timber bed heads a while ago (hmm, found them a few days ago in the chaos that is our garage)that i knew would be perfect for painting on. So a few days ago i got hubs to cut them down for me so i could use the top scrolly half...but as the 'cut' bit fell to the ground i thought Hmmmmm, i can do something with that....
No timber ever gets wasted here, LOL.

So i grabbed the brushes....and off i went..
Some stripes to get me started and see where it takes me.

I thought i took a 'mid-paint' photo but i must not have...dang it.

So here is the finished product.

I left the timber legs on so it could be used to sit on a sideboard surrounded by pretties,as a bedhead, or popped on the porch or a zillion other places. OR the legs can be cut off and the painting hung on the wall.
I've listed this one on Ebay , you can click HERE to see it.

So my week of Painting Plenty of Pretty Pink Roses has been busy and fun! I might even continue it next week.

Well i hope you all have a safe and fun weekend ahead, we have Sam's birthday party on sunday @ Lollipops Playland, we cant wait, it'll be so much fun for Sam and his friends. I cant believe my boy will be 6 in 4 days (his birthday is actually on Tuesday next week). He might be growing up but he is still my best little buddy *smiles a teary smile*.


Love n Hugs,
Shann xxxooo

Monday, 6 July 2009

Painting Plenty of Pretty Pink Roses...that's my theme of the week!

No say it 5 times really fast.
I did, i got muddled.
BUT, it is my theme, my motto, my mantra, or whatever you want to call it, for this week.
Ive been so busy with faux Cake & Cupcake orders lately that my paint brushes have contemplated moving house to live with someone who will use them and appreciate them.

So this week im on a mission...and i've had a good start already.
I started the following 2 items late last night (you gotta love late night Foxtel) and finished them today.
They are already on Ebay. Hows that for paintin' up a storm!
If you click HERE it will take you to my listing!

One of my smaller sized timber shutters, bursting with pretty pink roses and goodness! SOLD NOW. THANKYOU !

Pink timber letter holder/thingymajigg with a bouquet of full pink roses.

Tonight i have another large timber shutter to work on...this one i painted the most TO-DIE-FOR shade of pastel aqua/blue....hmm...i wonder what i will add to it....

Till next time, STAY WARM and COSY, it's freezing in my neck of the forest!

Love Shann xx

Friday, 3 July 2009

It's all Hustle and Bustle here.

So...where have i been you might ask? Well ive been throwing parties, having visitors from Queensland and hiding in my office painting and faux baking! Oh and occasionally napping in there on my lil sofa with a kitty katt or 2..or get the picture.Hey we all need a lil' rest every now and again, hee hee.
SO i have lots to 'Show and Tell', it's just like being in Kindergarten really.

Last weekend it was my mum and Stepdads birthdays...YEP on the SAME DAY, hows that hey! SO we had a little 'do' for them at our house, We had such a blast! Its always so nice to catch up with friends, new and old, and just chit chat and laugh the night away.
Ok i'll stop rambling and show you some piccies.
Mum and my Stepdad John, cutting their cake i made them.

Heres the cake....i love love love to poke fun at them!

And i know one day the PAYBACK will be enormous! LOL.

I finally got to cuddle my friend Simons little boy Spencer, he is 4 months old now. Simon and i have been friends for 36 years....yep im that old!

Did you notice the lilac tinge in my hair? Haha funny story about an incident with blonde toner...all better now but.*giggle*

My silly mum in her Princess Party hat. Sshh dont tell her i posted this picture, i'll get a whoopin' for sure! LOL.

Can you tell we had fun? It was such a good night.

Anyroad...after all the frivolity ive finally added some new items to My Website.
It's been a loooong time coming and ive neglected it so much. I still have lots more to finish so please keep popping back!
You can see my new items by clicking HERE and also by taking a peek at my slideshow up the top of my page.

Almost time to pick my little man up from is Report Card day, woohoo, i know it will be great, he is such a good boy.

Nest post i'll show you my goodies for a new client!

Till Then,
TAKE CARE and lots of kisses,

Shann :)