Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Can you believe christmas is only 4 weeks away?? YIKES !!! Ssshhh dont tell, but i havent done ANY shopping AT ALL. Oh man, looks like i'll be out with the crazies on Dec 24th grabbing the prezzies! Have you done your shopping? I hope im not the only one who hasnt.

Perhaps once i get all my custom orders finished i will have a chance to hit the shops...ho hum..maybe.

At the moment im suffering some pretty bad back pain and sciatica so we'll see.

Anyroad it's a been a few weeks since i posted so heres what ive been up to amongst doing special orders..
My Website has been a bit neglected so i've stocked it up with some sweet goodness!

Christmas Trees in my store HERE.

And some of my Songbook Angels are there as well....

I've even managed to get some painting done.....

UPDATE:Bread Bin SOLD now Thankyou !

UPDATE: Shutter SOLD now, Thankyou!

Sometimes the painting frenzy just hits me and im like a crazy woman, painting anything and everything in sight! Next stop with the paintbrush??? Umm...our family room i think!

Anyroad, all of these items are over on my Website if you'd like to pop by for a fix of pink and pretty!

Thats all from me, i'll try and be a better blogger....i promise :)

Hoping everyone is well and safe,

Love Always,
Shann MWAH xx

Friday, 6 November 2009


Just a quick one today girlies. I wanted to show you all a big order i did for one of the stores i supply to, 'Rick Rutherfords Country'. I supply Rick with my Faux Cuppies and Cakes and to kick off his festive Christmas Season i supplied him with 6 Dozen Faux Puddings ranging in sizes. They were a labour of love that's for sure but i was so tickled pink with how they turned out! Rick loved my cheesecloth 'wrap' design to give them a real country feel. Lucky for me Ricks stores are only a hop, skip and a jump away so i deliver his orders to him personally which is great because we get a chance to have a chat! Sam always comes with me...he thinks Rick is the bees knees!

My Dining Table was over-run with Puddings!

Some little cuties i made for Rick as a gift.

I have lots more ordered so i need to get cracking! I will also have some listed on My Website in the next day or two and am also taking orders.
Phew, as well as my Christmas Angels, Trees and sweet paintings!
I think i need more hours in the day please.....! Anyone else agree?

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, whatever you are up to!
Stay safe and happy :)

Love N Hugs,

Shann xx

Tuesday, 3 November 2009


This is our 4th year of doing Halloween and i think the locals still think i am a little bit crazy...perhaps even crazier this year.Well i dont care, and PHOOEY to those Aussies who say we shouldnt celebrate it because we arent American. We love it and we have a ball!
So anyroad...we had a little party at our place this year...great friends and all the kids. We all had the best time, i havent laughed so much in ages! Ok ok maybe that had to do with the champagne as well...but oh well, hee hee.
Heres some piccies of my decorating this year on out front porch/yard. We set everything up out the front and freaked out the neighbourhood! Sam dressed up as a skeleton and i went as a naughty cowgirl. My hubs doesnt do the whole dressing up thing...big party pooper he is, LOL.

We had the BEST and FUNNIEST night ever....i hope the neighbours have forgiven us by now, hahaha.
Can't wait for next year! Im already planning my outfit !

Love n Hugs,
Shann xxoo

Tuesday, 20 October 2009


As you probably all know, this month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I hosted a 'Girls Night In' on Saturday night to raise money towards finding a cure for Breast Cancer. A group of friends and some family came over and we had a blast.I had so much fun organising everything.
Lots of yummy pink food, glasses of pink bubbles and some fun games. There were alot of laughs let me tell you!
Heres some piccies for you all to see our PINK PARTY.

Some yummy pink cupcakes

Me with my good friend Sam, in our pink feather boas !

Lovely Allie and me

We played 'Pass The Parcel', so funny, who says it's just a kids game! We also played the 'Toilet Paper Dress' game which was hysterical to watch!
We had a Lucky Door Prize, Guessing Competition and a prize for the 'Pinkest Gal', which went to my gal pal Cherrise who wore a pink fairy skirt and pink horns!She's a classic.

Everyone had a really great time and we raised $215.00 for Breast Cancer Research, and as we all know EVERY CENT COUNTS!

SO thanks again from the bottom of my heart to the lovely gals who attented, and to those who couldnt make it..... NEXT YEAR ok!

Love N Hugs,

Shann xxxooo

Monday, 19 October 2009


I know, i know, im late announcing the winner of my CUPCAKE GIVEAWAY, it's ok im kicking my own backside. You know when you think "I'll do that next...." and it gets pushed further down the list? Yep that was me. SORRY GIRLS.
So anyroad, i finally put everyones names into a hat (well a jardinere if you really want to get all specific) and my trusty assistant, Sam, drew a winning name for us!


Congrats hun, i'll be emailing you any minute now !
Im sure the cuppies will love living in your beautiful home ! Can i come too...???

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway. I've decided i might do one every month. It's nice to win something isnt it, no matter how big or small. Just the thought of a special parcel coming your way is exciting!

So be sure and keep and eye out for the next one because it will definately be PINK and perhaps even PINK AND CHRISTMASSY !

Luv n Hugs,
Shann xxx

Saturday, 3 October 2009


Ok i promised a GIVEAWAY and here it is .


So of course it must be some of my FAUX CUPCAKES !!

This trio is sooooo stinkin cute with gorgeous teapot/teacup wrappers. Click on the image to enlarge it and see how cutie patootie the wrappers are.

So...all you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post and your name will go in the draw to win this sweet trio.
PLUS if you link back to my blog or mention my giveaway, your name will go in TWICE. WOOOOT WOOOT !!

Sooooo sweet n simple ! AND ANYONE CAN ENTER. Waaahhooooo !!! (If you don't have a blog please leave an email address where i can contact you in case you are the lucky winner.)

I am going away on Monday for a little family holiday so i will get my trusty assistant Sam to draw the winners name on Sunday the 11th. So keep your eyes open for an email from me to say HIP HIP HOORAY YOU WON.


Big pink smooches,

Shann xxxxxooooo

Friday, 25 September 2009


Ok, so the story goes like this..... About a year ago we bought a gorgeous big dome light for our front room. Loved it as soon as i saw it, had to have it kinda moment...you know the one.
Anyroad.... someone who shall remain nameless sat the light on the lounge in his office (you guessing who that someone is now......) well we have 5 cats...one of them wanted to aww check out the new light....there was a computer monitor on the floor beside the lounge....cat jumped, light slipped.....SMASH was all i heard. Then all the neighbours heard was my high pitched shriek followed by a fair amount of cussing (yes yes i cussed big time, cmon you would have too).
So...we order a new dome...wrong one is ordered, it goes back, we order another, the right one this time....lalalala,6 months goes by and gee that light is still not up yet!
To the rescue comes Corey, my niece Beckas boyfriend. 2 weeks ago the light FINALLY went up.
Picture me HAPPY DANCING like a complete tool all over the place.
Here's my beautiful light...oh how i love it.

Well...i did love it. I'm starting to think i just wasn't meant to have this light.
Once it was up, Corey and Shane decided it needed tightening on the bottom.....so Corey starts to turn the bottom piece...that's when i heard it...CRACK...and Shane yelled STOP and i just stood there in total disbelief.....(then i cussed some more).
You know when something happens and you just think WHERES THE HIDDEN CAMERA? AM I BEIN PUNK'D?? Because this just CANT BE HAPPENING !!!!

But it did. Look and see.

Are you sitting there cussing with me?
Every time i walk into the front room i wanna cry. I know we are going to have to remove the dome and order another one because every time the light goes on, the crack gets worse.
So you see now why it's my nightmare? LOL. I gotta laugh or I'll scream.

*** Ok so next week i am DEFINITELY having a GIVEAWAY of the PINK kind. make sure you pop back and spread the word too !

Have a gorgeous and fantastic weekend! I'm off to Rick Rutherford's shop tomorrow to talk with him about my Christmas line.

Love Shann xxoo

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Ohmygosh it's been so long since my last post! Have i really been in my office working for THAT long??? LOL,i must have been.
Well im out now, for the moment, ssshhh, so i thought id pop on by and say hi.
I have been totally and utterly buried in faux cupcakes this past month. Thank goodness they are Faux, yeah you know where im goin' with this...Junk In My Trunk. Thats right.HAHA.
So heres some piccies of just a few Custom Orders ive been making.

These were for a lovely Ebay customer. 18 cuppies to fill her cuppie stand like mine :)

2 dozen to top up the supply at my gorgeous friend Rick Rutherfords Country store @ Lawson.

Another 2 dozen in shades of pink, mint and chocolate for a lovely customer (3 large Faux Cakes as well....pics later when i am finished 'tweaking' them).

So yep it's a bit cupcake crazy around here and thats just the custom orders!
I swear i go to bed dreaming cupcakes (Kylie i bet you know what i mean, my little cupcake making buddy)

I am desperate to get to some painting....i managed to finish one item late one night last week!

I painted this pretty display stand matt white, with a hint of rubbing back and then painted my roses on each side and the top. It sold within an hour to one of my favourite customers.

Ok, sorry to rant and rave for so long.
Im going to make a HUGE effort to blog more often and visit the gorgeous girls i use to visit all the time.
I think i may even have a GIVEAWAY soon! Yep, REAL SOON !!!!

So pop back over the next few days wont you...chances are it will be something PINK !

Love and Pink Kisses,
Shann xx

Friday, 28 August 2009


Someone needs her coffee fix i think......

Silly Molly kitty katt.

Have a great weekend!

Hugs n Love
Shann xo

Monday, 17 August 2009


Today is Cupcake Day for the RSPCA.All around your local shopping centres, schools or offices you may run into someone with a heart of gold selling delicious cupcakes to raise money for the thousands of mistreated and neglected animals that need our love and support.
Up until last week i was all set to sell 100's of yummy and delicious cupcakes (that i was baking and decorating with the help of my gorgeous boy Sam), at my local shopping centre. However it seems the bakery in the centre kicked up such a fuss at the thought of someone selling cupcakes near them, that i had my stall cancelled. I was so upset,angry and very very disheartened. This was for charity after all. This also left it too late for me to find an alternate venue.
Therefore, today i have listed a selection of Faux Cupcakes on Ebay, with ALL the proceeds going to the RSPCA. Once the money has been collected i will be posting the deposit receipt on my blog.

So if you cant get out today and buy a real cuppie, please pop on over to my Ebay auctions and place a bid. Remember EVERY CENT COUNTS. The RSPCA do a wonderful job but THEY NEED OUR SUPPORT.

You can view my listings by clicking HERE.
OR if you'd like to make a donation directly to the RSPCA you can do so HERE.

My official fundraiser letter from the RSPCA.

So please pop by, spread the word, do whatever you can!

THANKYOU SO MUCH from the bottom of my heart. Im sure the animals all thank you too!
We have to look out for them, because, after all, we are their voices!

Love n Hugs
Shann xxxooo

Friday, 14 August 2009


EEEEKKKKSSS how excited can one gal get over the thought of cute as pie NUT CUPS !!
Well let me tell you the answer...VERY EXCITED !
I cant wait to get these stinkin' cute bundles of cupcakin love out there!

Im going to go French Crazy over these! I already have a big order for them!

And these cuties....YIKES im in love. One of my stores has already rung me and said YES PLEASE!

How could they resist pink and white polka dots! I know i cant.

Excited much? hee hee i know it's crazy isnt it.
Okies im off...just wanted to show you my sweet arrivals and wish you all A VERY HAPPY WEEKEND!

Stay safe,

love n Hugs,
Shann xx

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Oh look...ANOTHER man in my life.

Oh i wish ! LOL.

Now any of you who know me well know that i am just sooooooo super dooper in love with Shannon Noll. Ahhhhh sigh.
So last night my sis and i went to see him @ our local club. WOOHOO the man did not let us down. He was just awesome, even better than last time i saw him. My little dude Sam wanted to go (he looooves Shannon as well) so i have pinky promised that next time i will take him. I bought him a poster last night so he is over the moon. Little groupie he is :)

Heres my sis and i ready to go.

Here he is....sexy beast :) gotta love that cheeky smile.

and ..singing me a love song...hee hee.

breathe in...breathe out....i have to remind myself....

Yep...loves the man.
It's ok, Shane knows all about us...LOL.

xo Shann

Friday, 7 August 2009


This man...well he is something truly special.
He makes my home beautiful. I love him for that.
Every room i walk into, i 'feel' him there....
He understands me.....like no-one else. (Well maybe like you guys do).
But this guy...well what can i say...

He knows i NEED pretty placemats...it makes dinnertime just that much sweeter....

And he understands my NEED for loveheart paper doilies......

He knows that cookies are even YUMMIER when they come out of this jar.....

AND he totally gets the whole 'cupcake' thing.....not many men do.

And that a cake bakin' n creatin' kinda gal like me, NEEDS a cake timer....

This fella also knows i NEED to serve my guests cakes with super sweet forks and spoons.....

And that i NEED a gorgeous pink, butterfly cake stand to display my Faux Cakes.....

Do you see now why i adore him so....?
Who is this wonderful, romantic man you ask??

Im sure you have all 'met' him before....


How do i love thee....let me count the ways...LOL.

Love N Hugs,
Shann xxoo