Saturday, 28 June 2008


I am just one of a bunch of awesome ladies participating in this challenge.

You can pop by Brendas blog HERE and see a list of participants on her sidebar....OR pop by Joni's Blog HERE, Joni is our Hostess this week !

Ok this is sooo outside my PINK SQUARE its not even funny... but i do loooove a challenge.
SO HERE I GO with ORANGE stuff !

Firstly it doesnt matter what colour flowers are, they are always beautiful...
Orange Daisies and Pansies (My trusty assistant Sam found these at the local Nursery yesterday...and was heard to shriek across the nursery, "MUMMY I FOUND YUKKKY ORANGE FLOWERS FOR YOU"...LOL.
Out of the mouths of babes hey!

Next up is my gorgeous and crazy baby Georgie, trying so hard to squeeze into my ribbon container for a little nap!

He's mamas boy and no-one elses and has a wicked temper if you cross him. Typical red head you think ...???

Now what would any day be without CANDY...i mean can turn a grey ole day into a sunny and ORANGE one !

Sorry girls i ate the props..*wink*

Now that wasnt actually too hard. Im sooo looking forward to the next challenge now!

Be sure to pop by and visit the rest of the girls with their ORANGE themed items!
Thanks for visiting me and if this is your first time to my blog THANKS SO MUCH FOR COMING and i really hope you stop by again..I love to meet new gals!

Have a gorgeous weekend everyone!

Love and Pink Kisses,

Ooops perhaps i should send Orange kisses today :)


Friday, 27 June 2008

Exactly How Many Is TOO MANY ???

I was reading Janets blog the other day and she mentioned that more than 2 of anything is considered a it got me to thinking...YIKES thats always scary...
I have WAY TOO MANY COLLECTIONS then and i didnt even realise it.

So i thought id share with you my biggest collection...well its not THAT it ???

My cushions !

Ummm i think i counted 38 (including a few there without inserts...and im sure theres some more hiding in the linen cupboard too) and i have 2 more on their way to me via Aus Post....ummm...Does anyone see a problem here???
Now, one might ask what does one do with all these cushions?? Well umm, i look at them...*tee hee* and i admire them...and SOMETIMES i let people sit on them (but i have to straighten them all up before i go to bed, or i cant sleep..i lay there thinking Are my cushions all straight?????) Shane thinks this is serious OCD behaviour and gets a good laugh out of it! Sometimes he will dare me to go to bed without tidying them up.....i really try to...then i end up running back and straightening them all and screaming at him to Just Leave Me Alone, You Dont Understand!!! All the while he is absolutely wetting himself laughing at me. LOL.

At least they dont have names...yet....

So what do you collect??? Im sure theres someone out there with way more cushions than me..??? Please please show yourself and come join me at Cushion-Aholics-Anonymous.

Im begging you. Dont make me be the only crazy one.

Ok now im off to put them all back in their places and admire them some more....

ahhh sweet sweet cosy cushion heaven.

I think i may go shopping and buy just one more more cant hurt...

Love and Pink Kisses,
Shann xxx

Thursday, 26 June 2008


Sshhh guess what?? Today is my lovely MUMS birthday...and guess what else?? It's my Stepdads birthday too ! YES TRULY, on the same day !!! Insert TWIGHLIGHT ZONE music do do do...LOL.

Now i have been threatened with severe punishment if i divuldge their i better not..i value my life way too much, LOL.

Instead i will walk a fine line by sharing some lovely snap shots with you...hee hee. SORRY MUM but you know i had to do it !!!

Ahhh Mum and John (i call him Willow) on their Wedding Day...way way way back in 1988,,LOL.

Thats my stepbro Scott on the end, Willows best mate Bob who sadly passed away a few years ago, Willow and Mum, some girl with a serious face and perm to match (LOL) and the Celebrant.. hmm my stepsis musta been hiding behind her...oh yes i can see her hair ! Sorry Jode !

Ahh Willow, always with a big cheesy grin on his face! Love Ya, you always crack me up!

Mum being the ultimate Aussie Chick with a Koala and a perm...she's gonna kill me for this one ! (Mum it was Shanes idea).

Me and My Mummsy...oooh back in about 1991-ish... Dontcha just love our hair. Good Grief. No-one could ever say we dont look like mother and daughter thats for sure.

Now this is better. Mum and Willow with Shane and I on our Wedding day in 2002.
(Woh damn my husbands cute)LOL.

See mum and Willow, that wasnt so bad was it.???

ANYHOO i want to say a BIG BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Mum and Willow for today. I love you both to the moon and right back again!
Have a lovely night and leave me a chocolate please!

SHANN xxxooo

** Please pop by my Mums blog @ Colls Garden and wish them both a HAPPY BIRTHDAY !

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Heaven Must Have Needed Another Angel

This week the whole world lost someone amazing, courageous and beautiful....Jane McGrath, wife of Cricket legend Glenn McGrath and mum to James and Holly.
Jane lost her battle with Breast Cancer on Sunday and today she was laid to rest.

I have cried and cried every time her name is mentioned..i cannot watch the news anymore, it is just so heart breaking. This remarkable lady and her family have given so much to Cancer Research...How can we ever re-pay them?? Thankyou just doesnt seem to be enough.

When things like this happen it makes you stop and think about the poeple in your life,family, friends...your neighbour... we really are lucky to be alive and we have so much to be Thankful for each day. I know i do.

I personally have a close relationship with cancer...i know many who have fought the battle and won (My gorgeous husband Shane) and some who have fought the battle and lost (my sweet friend Sharyn...i miss her so much).

Somewhere there has to be a cure...something...a glimmer of hope that one day this dreadful disease will be no more...I believe there will... some day.
Am i being ignorant??? No, i just live and hope and keep the faith.

Bless you all my sweet friends, i am so honoured to know you. Please if you know someone who is battling Cancer right now, give them a call, an email, write a little note to them...just to let them know they are in your thoughts and prayers.....every little bit counts.

Love and Pink kisses

Shann xx

This is a link to The McGrath Foundation, founded By Jane. You can make donations there.

Monday, 23 June 2008

GOT MY CREATING HAT ON ! With a little touch of Princess...LOL

Just a quick little HELLOOOOO to all you lovely girls and to tell you im feeling much better now.... Yippeee Skipppy, i was getting tired of being tired and icky. LOL.
My husband thinks i am nutso because even when im sick i cant just sit still or lay in bed and rest....I HAVE TO BE DOING SOMETHING. So last week i tossed the tissues to the side (well not really,they kinda became my best friends for a while there) and covered our bed with LOTSA STUFF to create!

Ive just finished listing everything between My WEBSITE and EBAY...phew it takes a while huh? I am tired now!

Heres a couple of piccies of the goodies ive listed.

There are links to my Website and my Ebay on my sidebar if you are interested.

Oh and while i was busy being sick and creative i decided it was as good a time as any to 'ahemmm, tidy up' all my photos on the pooter.
Good Grief i found some sweeties i had forgotten i ever created!
Check out this Faux Teapot Cake !!

Cute huh?
I think i'll do a post soon of past creations...maybe a little trip down memory lane...Ah yes i can feeling a song coming the corners of my la la...
You get the picture.

Ok lovelies thats it from this lil' pink duck.

I'll be catching up with some much needed blog hopping tonight!

Luv n Pink Kisses (with no germs)
Shann xxxx

Friday, 20 June 2008



I chose PINK not just because it's my all time most favourite colour EVER in the universe (are you sensing how much i love it..??) but because A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO FLEA MARKET FRIDAY.....

The story is this....Every night when i put Sam to bed we sing 'our songs', one of them being 'Close To You' by The Carpenters...well last night we were being silly and changing the words around...funny stuff, and maybe a bit cheeky too (remember Sam is almost 5 and boys that age just think that the words 'wee' and 'poo' are get where im going with this??) ANYHOO then out of the mouths of babes comes this "Why does PINK suddenly appear, every time mummys near.."

You know the song right? So how cool was that ! I LMAO so much! Gotta love my lil guy :)

SO i went to bed thinking about PINK and how i love PINK and then i woke up doing the same! Funny that.

So my items this week are totally PINK related!

Item #1: Handpainted PINK rose bookmark. I have painted and glittered my roses onto card stock covered with aged sheet music.
Price $6.00 Au
Postage Aus Wide is $1.00
Shipping O.S is $3.00 Au

Item #2: Handpainted bookmark. More PINK roses on sheet music with a touch of sparkle.
Price $6.00 Au
Postage Aus Wide is $1.00
Shipping O.S is $3.00 Au

Item #3:SOLD, THANKS LINDA SWEETIE ! Gorgeous PINK checked waist apron! Freshley washed and oh so pretty!
Price $8.00 Au
Postage Aus Wide is $4.00
Shipping O.S is $6.00 Au

Item #4: A set of 4 of my Petite Faux Cupcakes. Not over the top Frou Frou, just sweet and simple. Mint and PINK with sweet PINK roses that SPARKLE.
Price $18.00 Au
Postage Aus Wide is $6.00
Shipping O.S is $12.00 Au

So to purchase any of these items just leave me a comment and let me know the item number and i will get back to you!

Thanks for popping by my PINK FLEA MARKET FRIDAY.

Now dont forget to visit all the other lovely ladies who participate in FFM each week...Theres a link on my side bar.

I hope your weekend ahead is full of absolute GORGEOUSNESS !

Lotsa Pink Kisses Always,

Shann xx

P.S Thanks to the miracle of panadol and cold and flu tablets i am on the road to recovery...Thanks for the Get Well Wishes xx.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Panadol, Bakin' and Tweakin' ....

Well.... im sick. YUK, blah, real icky kinda sick.I hate being sick...i know i have to rest but geez lousie with an almost 5 year old at home, how is that ever going to be possible? I see you all nodding and saying Oh i hear ya sister! How on earth do women with more than 1 child manage??? Good grief they are worth their weight in gold. Me? im onto my second box of panadol !

Well me being sick put a damper on our night away with Shane for work. Poor Sam, he was pretty bummed about it, he was looking forward to staying in the 'Hometel' i resorted to blackmail (a very useful tool at times) and said we could do whatever he wanted to do (my mind and my aching bones were thinking can he please say he wants to stay in bed all day and watch Tv..????)..well close, he wanted to make a cake, and he was very specific about what sort.Yummy Chocolate with lots of chocolate icing and those millions and hundreds (100's and 1000's) things AND alot more chocolate on top. Phew ok.....
So bake we did. And no i didnt sneeze on it. ICK!

Head Chef Sam crackin the eggs.

The all important job of licking the bowl and the beaters....whilst being watched by cats who are foaming at the mouth and ready to pounce the second you look away...

TA DAAAAA....Anyone for a slice????

I still havent had a piece :(

Ok now i want to show you some pics of my wall. This is the main wall in my kitchen. Im still under the influence of LeAnne with all her 'tweaking' so i blame all this need to re-arrange again, on her. Luv ya chickie!
This was how it used to look.

But I wanted a softer and more feminine look..

I havent trimmed the fabric at the sides yet...still waiting to see what my cats have in store for it....Miss Molly has already discovered the crystal hanging down from the centre...
Oh and dont you just want to throw up at my tiled floor? Its ok you can say YUKK, because i absolutely LOATHE those tiles. I am at the point now of bringing in the jackhammer myself and just going for it ! Anyone want to join me? LOL. BYO jack hammer, I'll supply the chocolate cake!

Just fiddlin' with colours....thats my new Faux Cake i made by the way ( it will be in my store soon).

Ok thats it from me...i'll drag myself out of bed tomorrow for Friday Flea dont forget to pop back!
Im off now to pop some more Panadol.

Love Shann (no kisses today...dont want to spread my germs...)

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Pink Chairs and Surprise Prezzies!

Hiya my sweet friends! I hope you're all having a lovely week so far :)
Im home today feeling a bit 'icky and blah' but thought id pop out of bed for a little while to show you some sweet eye candy!

This is a gorgeous Victorian chair that i have finally finished (you know, one of those jobs that get started and then pushed aside because a million other things have to be done before it..??).

I am sooo tickled PINK with how it has turned out.The fabric is from Urban Gardens and i ADORE IT. Ive covered a zillion things with it.
I have it listed on Ebay now (Oh much to Sams horror) with the matching footstool. Poor Sam, i had to re-assure him that i have another one that im keeping for us...what can i say, the apple doesnt fall far from the tree with my boy.

I also got busy last night making a little something for someone i think is super sweet. Its a surprise so i cant show the whole item or the name....but someone will be receiving this prezzie in the post in a few days. I love giving presents for no reason whatsoever so this was fun to make for such a sweet gal.
I hope she is surprised!

Ok im off to lay back down and pop a movie on (Fools Gold...Matthew McConoghey and Kate Hudson)...anyone seen it??? I thought a bit of 'man candy' might make me feel better..LOL.

Have great week everyone. We are off tomorrow night just for the night for Shanes work.Sam is super excited to be staying in a motel !Oh to be a kid again hey.

Love N pink kisses,

Saturday, 14 June 2008



Ever had this dilemna? Too many mirrors, not enough wall space??? LOL.
Thats me right now. Woe is me.

So here they are, my 3 gorgeous mirrors that are causing all my sadness *sniff sniff*
Someone pass me another tissue please.

#1 This huge old dressing table mirror was the bargain of the century for me. I paid $5.oo for it at a gargage sale! WooHoo, you shoulda seen me run to the car with it before the lady realised what a huge mistake she'd just made ...LOL.....hang on, just getting a mental image of me running with this huge mirror...ahh yes, pretty darn funny.
This one IS going on the main wall in our front room. I have even had the light fitting removed...just waiting for an able bodied male to hang it for me....waiting waiting.....big hole in the wall...waiting, still waiting....

#2 Another bargain at $25.00. You might remember this gorgeous one, it was gold. I wasnt going to paint it but it had a bit of a 'mishap' so it had to be painted. I rubbed it back and left all the chips and cracks in it. I REALLY want to keep this one....just have to find some wall...somewhere....Right now its the centre piece on my Dining Table (hmm may even leave it there).

#3 Ok, so a gal must be brave and make the decision that one definately has to
go.....sad i know, parting is such sweet sorrow.. but it has to be done. Oh such a cruel, cruel world....
Yes, this gorgeous mirror mantle is listed on EBAY right now.... I wish someone would hurry up and buy it, its making me so sad every time i walk past it !
(Go on Mands you know you want to ! LOL.)

So you see my HUGE dilemna? Ohmygosh, how much can a girl bear?
It's all just too much for me. I may have to go pour a glass (or 2..hicc hicc) of wine to settle my nerves.

Lots of Pink Kisses.....
Shann xx

Monday, 9 June 2008

Play That Funky Music....

I have a real thing for sheet music....vintage sheet music in particular...the more worn and yellowed, the better.
I recently bought a bundle of it and have propped some on our old piano.

I use to be able to play a few songs....The Rose by Bette Middler was my favourite and i can still play that one...sort of, well i try my best LOL.

So then i was playing around with some of the sheets the other night and i covered this sweet mannequinn with some...then i painted on my tiny roses and added a strand of pearls around her neck.....

She is listed on my website now.

THEN...i re-covered this sweet little stool....and painted on some fuller pink roses...

This one will be listed on my website tomorrow when i can take some better camera batteries just went ka-putt.
Thats if my Sam doesnt steal it first...apparantly he "really needs it" for his bedroom...????
A chip off the old block that kid...he has a love for chairs and stools just like his mum :)

So have you been creating anything sweet with sheet music lately????

Hope you all had a gorgeous weekend and i wish you a very happy and safe week ahead.

Love and Pink Kisses,
Shann xo

Friday, 6 June 2008


~*~* WE HAVE A WINNER *~*~

And it is ......
the always lovely...

Hey Kerryanne CONGRATS. I have your address already so i will pop your tussie in the mail shortly!


Today it's all about BLUE baby ! AND THERES A GIVEAWAY TOO !
Now just between you and i, i kinda have a thing for blue...ssshhh dont tell anyone will totally ruin the whole 'pink thing' ive got going..LOL.
Well anyhoo blue is my second fav colour i think :)
And who doesnt need a little blue in their life huh?
Blue is the colour of the sky on a bright summers day, blue is the ocean in all its beauty, blue represents a new born baby boy (and thats pretty close to my heart)blue is that little bluebird up in your tree.. singing away merrily, 'blue' is also a great song by Leann Rimes, Neil Diamond was Forever in BLUE Jeans, Blue is Blues Clues and my son loves that show, blue is also how i feel when i go out Junkin and come home empty handed :( .... and last but not least...Blue reminds me of my lovely Mum (its her fav colour).

So with all that said...LETS SHOP !

A pair of so cute blue sweets/candy bowls. Actually I have one of these in my bathroom with my bath crystals in it !

1a)$8.00 plus postage/shipping

1b)$7.00 plus postage/shipping

2) Super sweet, set of 6 Doilies. 18.00 plus postage/shipping

3) One of my sweet Tussies made with old sheet music,lace and millinary. $18.00 plus Postage/shipping

drum roll please...

Purchase one of my items and/or just leave a comment today and maybe tell me something that you like about BLUE and you are automatically in the draw to win this sweet lil baby tussie.

I will draw the winners name on Sunday evening once everyone has had a chance to visit.

If you wish to purchase an item just leave a comment telling me which one and i'll get back to you!

AND dont forget to pop by and visit all the other lovely FFM participants! Theres a link on my sidebar.

Happy Friday!

Lots of Pink Kisses
(oh actually...BLUE kisses today) LOL

Shann xo

p.s anyone count how many times i said BLUE today ???

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Feeling Nostalgic

The sweetest will never fade away...
Everlasting memories...
Tommorrow a new day.

Author Unknown.

Roses for my sweet friends.
Have a beautiful day girls.

Keep those you love and those who love you close to your heart.

Love always,
Shann xx

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

" This Thing Called LOVE "

Just letting everyone know that my swap partner for this particular swap and i have been in touch re: the missing swap parcel, and all is well in our neck of the woods. My gorgeous parcel is on its way and my swap partner and i have a new friendship.
Thankyou sweetie!

Twas in a crowded Sydney Entertainment Centre that he started to sing....."if you're ever gonna kiss had better be tonight.."...then it happened...across an ocean of 10,000 pairs of eyes, that our eyes met......Ohmygosh i thought, Michael Buble is singing to ME...women were screaming out I LOVE YOU MICHAEL...but he only had eyes for me. Slowly he made his way towards me..those women were now shoving me, pulling my hair,hissing at me, even my own mother was trying to give me an atomic wedgie.....all the while he was looking only at me, singing to me.....he came closer, took me in his arms..i leant forward to kiss him and.....HEY !!!!! WHO PINCHED ME !!!!!
And i was just getting to the good part too ! Party Poopers!

Had you going there but didnt i ??
LOL *wink*

Oh well, twas all but a dream...
BUT i did go to the concert with Mum and John and we had a ball! OOOOHH that Michael Buble' is easy on the eyes and ears! He was just incredible and funny and sexy. Stupid me forgot my camera so i attempted some phone pics but they didnt really turn out (maybe because i was too busy screaming,singing, jumping around and wiping the drool from my chin to keep the phone steady..yep that just might be it)

Heres mum and i in China Town just before we had dinner.

We did a bit of window shopping and lookie at this shops window display!

Girls can you see that cute pink bike! I NEED it. Tracie and Rachel do you think id get very far riding that one? LOL.

ooh Sheri sweetpea this ones for you! A Pawsh Poodle Snow Globe. LOVE IT ! I just had to take a pic of it for you.

And heres my lovely Mum and my stepdad John just before we went in for the concert. Mums getting cosy with the Michael Buble' programme my stepdad bought for me :)

Ok so heres the only photo that resembles anything other than a blurr.Hmm well kinda. Oh well at least you get the jist of where we were sitting!

So there you have it. AWESOME night out, and mum and i contained ourselves very well i think *grin*
So no need for the pink ambulance Tracie...but thanks for the offer chickie babe!

Oh and anyway if i ran away with Mr Buble'

Id break Shannon Nolls heart *wink*

Whats a girl to do ???
Can i have them both?

Love n Pink Kisses Always,

Shann xo