Saturday, 14 April 2007

Workin' My Butt Off....!!!

You know those days when you are just so busy you dont even stop to eat? Well thats been me today.I have gotten so much done but, so i am happy.
This is a photo of the handpainted sign i have just finished for the lovely Shelley (Pretty and Chic Online)that she is going to hang out the front of her gorgeous Cottage that is her work cottage. I hope she loves it.

This yummy Faux Cake is for another customer, Lisa, a real sweetheart. She wanted pink, white, blue and green,roses and pearls...she got the lot! I am really pleased with this one! I want to eat it .It is still drying so it's on a plate on top of my pretty new Cake Stand that i bought this morning. I have needed a cake stand for ages. Not wanted one....NEEDED one...theres a major difference.LOL

This last pic is some totally gorgeous and Oh So Shabby Faux Cupcakes i made today. I wanted to make some smaller ones that were simple yet still sweet and shabby. I will list these tomorrow night. I may even make some for myself......I am just lovin the colours!

Well yesterday Sam and i went to Jullies and it was a blast! We were sooo spoilt! Jullies house is just amazing.There is something gorgeous to look at in every corner.
She has her own Blog (see link to it on side of page) but i wanted to add some pics i took of her unique home.Enjoy!

I love this photo,the roses are from my garden and Sam and i cut them for Jullie. I love how the sun is beaming in on them.
See you all tomorrow!

Love Shann xo


Jules said...

thankyou for the kind things about my house,the roses are even lovelier today have blogged them of course,and sam.My visitors adored the smell from your roses.The new cupcakes even have me thinking hmmm maybe,definitely leading me towards the white shannon.

linda t said...

Wow! Loving your blog!
Saw your comment on Peta.
Amazing cupcakes! Gotta get me some!
Can't wait to look through your blog... I'll be back!

PurpleFlowerFairy said...

i love that sign shannon! it's gorgeous. would you consider making me one in lavenders and purples for me to hang in my ebay shopped that says "purple flower fairy"? thanks! debbie =)

Peta said...

Love Jullie's stained glass and that built in china cabinet. Your latest creations are stunning :) Oh, and hi Linda!

Peta said...

Shann, if you want to come to my house to steal china you will have to get the handcuffs off first LMAO!!!!!


HA HA HA crack me up Peta!!!!! said...

It is always fun to see a fellow rose-painter's work. Such dainty little flowers, very pretty. I'll be back to see more!