Monday, 31 March 2008

Bling Your Birdhouse Giveaway Winner AND Some Junkin Finds!

Thanks so much to all you lovely gals for your fun and bubbly comments regarding my Birdhouse in Karla and Beths Bling Your Birdhouse Challenge.
For those who emailed and asked...yes i am keeping it..sorry :( I may just do up another one though to sell. Wait and see!

Now i did say i would include a giveaway and post the winners prize and name here...sooo....
I am pleased to announce the winner is number 3

and that is KAREN @ BlueMufs Corner Congrats Karen. I hope you like what i have created for you!

A sweet lil' birdie heart nest, with 2 lil' birds playing Peek a Boo for you :)

Thankyou again to Karla and Beth for hosting yet another fun challenge! THANKS GIRLS ! Its always so great to meet some new blogging girls.

**** I WENT JUNKIN ****
2 days in a row ! WOOHOOOO for me.
On saturday i dragged my sis to some garage sales and yesterday i dragged poor Sam and Shane to our local Trash and Treasure Market.
A weekend full of junk, what more could you ask for.

Heres my wonderful treasures i brought home with me. All of them will be available in my Website or my Ebay shortly.

Every girl needs a corner wot-not to display some pretties on. This one will be getting a sweet n shabby paint job.
And isnt the frame gorgeous. I need to get painting dont i !

I was bummed that the 3rd table in this nest was missing but Oh Well...they will still be great when im finished with them.
The pink draw will be great for storing bits and comes the paintbrush!

Ahhh this mirror was the best find. Its sooo heavy and beautiful. Im undecided whether to paint it and rubb it back or leave it as is....what do you think? It does have some cracks here and there.But isnt is divine!

Well looks like ive got lots to keep me busy hey!

I better hop to it then.

luv n Hugs,

Thursday, 27 March 2008


Celebrate Spring with Beth and Karla for their

“Bling your Birdhouse” Challenge!
(Otherwise known as “What do you LOVE about your birdie’s home?”)

This is a SELF-linking and SELF-swapping challenge.
Show photos on your blog of a birdhouse you have embellished, in any way your artistic heart desires. If you aren’t an artist, you can share pictures of your favorite bird’s happy home.


Well Girls....., I CAME, I SAW AND I BLINGED !!!!

My birdhouse was pretty gosh darn BORING when i bought it from a tatty ole shop..seriously folks my heart ached for this birdie house...i just had to buy her and BLING her up.

SOOOO..without further ado....My Bling Bling Birdie House :)

Click on any pic to enlarge them.

The roof tops are covered in pearl glitter (and so is my kitchen now...oh actually i shoud say permanantly.)

Can you see the lil' birdie inside the top nest? She's keeping watch for naughty kitty katts....she knows i have 5 of them lurking around.

Are you under the assumption that i like pink and roses??? LOL think i went a tad too far???
NAH of course not. You can NEVER EVER have too much pink, mint and roses, oh and of course SPARKLE !!

Ok so then i thought maybe i'd change the pictures a bit and have some fun.

Oooh this is a bit kookie and fun! LOL

ok yes, loving the black and white.

I think this is my fave :)

Ok so now a GIVEAWAY is in order. YAY FOR GIVEAWAYS !!!
Dont you just love to win stuff?? its sooooo fun and i love having giveaways!

Im thinking i will keep the prize a SURPRISE though.....
Yep i will keep you all guessing, arent i a big meanie !

I will tell you though that it does involve birds..hmmmm.


Everyone who leaves a comment is automatically entered. I'll keep it running until Sunday the 30th to give all you lovelies a chance to pop in. Then i will notify the winner by email or blog and post your prize on my blog!

Sound good???

YEp i think so too.

HAVE FUN and remember to pop on by Beth or Karlas Blogs and visit all the girls participating in the Bling Your Birdhouse Challenge!

Happy Days!

Shann xxoo

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Sweet Eye Candy!

I thought today that id just post some piccies of some new things that will be headed to my Website in the next day or so.
Some times i think i maybe rave on a bit too much so today can just be EYE CANDY DAY for you all *hee hee*....

So here you are my lovelies
*wink wink*

Sweet handpainted fence pailings.

Butter iced Flowerpot with Roses galore!

Of course some yummy new Faux Cuppies.

Oh so sweet telephone table.

ooooh now lookie here...
whats this....

Well i did say it was EYE CANDY DAY LADIES !
(I tell you these are not in my webstore thats for sure...and do you seriously think i'd sell them???) HA HA HA

Luv Shann xo

Monday, 24 March 2008

It's Good To Be Back.

A big Hiya, Howdy and Hello !

It's so nice to be back, ive missed all you girls so much :)
I want to say THANKYOU from the bottom of my heart for all your love, caring and support these past few weeks, and in particular this past week as i have struggled to come to terms with the passing of my sweet friend Sharyn.
I know that Sharyn would want me to continue smiling and enjoying each day with my family so that is what i shall do !
I have also found that head down and back to work is great therapy!
So i have some sweet new items on their way to the website over the next few days that i hope you'll just love.
On saturday night my girlie friends and i got together for a 'giggle night', we all needed it so much and we had a ball. It was SOOOO GOOD to just relax, laugh and remember.....
Heres a snap of me and my bestie Kylie :)

Onto EASTER now.

every year i tell myself not too much chocolate for Sam....ahhh what the heck but, its easter and well we have plenty of toothpaste in the house! LOL.

This year the easter bunny left footprints in the form of powder through Sams bedroom. Great idea huh? Yes well maybe if my Sam was not so cluey..."Mummy these footprints smell like your powder in the bathroom" (he runs to bathroom, gets the powder).... "Now come and smell them" UH OH....ok so i am made to get on the floor and smell them "Oh yeah they do a bit dont they..." ok think fast woman... "You know what Sam? I think the easter bunny was tired from all that hopping and he had a shower in our bathroom and used my powder!" The response? head tilted, finger tapping on side of face as he considers this....."Yes well next time you better lock your powder away mummy"....ahhh nice save.

The very questionable footprints...LOL

Sams rather large stash.....

Having an Easter Egg hunt at Aunty Traceys house :)

I hope you all had a safe and happy and MMMM CHOCOLATEY easter *hee hee*
I know i did!
I think my butt grew overnight! Either that or someone shrank my pants (oh yeah i think i'll roll with that one...)

Back in a day or 2 with some sweeties and eye candy for you!

Lots PINK KISSES being blown your way!

Much Love,
Shann xxoo

Monday, 17 March 2008

Hello everyone, this is Coll posting for Shann, who is not up to this at the moment.
Shann wants to thank all you wonderful gals who prayed for her friend Sharyn for her recovery.
Sadly, Sharyn lost her fight on Saturday & today she is with our Lord. Shann is devastated as they have been friends since they were 5 & in kindy together. We are all trying to come to terms with her passing, it was so sudden.
I am sure that Shann will post when she can & will thank you all herself. I thank you too.

Friday, 14 March 2008


My sincere apologies to everyone for the delay in posting the winner of my Giveaway.My head has been, and still is, somewhere else far away....

BUT it's unfair to make you all wait .
So without further ado my trusty and cute assistant will now draw the name out...



I'll be popping by your blog to let you know the good news!

NOW...i have signed up to be part of FLEA MARKET FRIDAY , a gorgeous idea courtesy of the lovely Polly @ Counting Your Blessings. I feel as i have signed up i must uphold my end of the bargain today, regardless of my own heartbreak at the moment.

You can see the list of Sellers participating by clicking HERE

This Friday im offering some little pretties @ great prices.
You can click on the Item Description and be taken directly to that item on my Website where it can be purchased!

1) Sweet Handmade 'BLISS' hanging sign.

2) Sweet lil' LOVE handmade hanging sign.

3) Pair of sweet vintage ashtrays ( oh so sweet for display ).

4) Amber glass dish. So pretty.

Happy Fleamarket Friday Shopping...I hope you wore your comfy shoes!
Hugs n Kisses
Shann xo

*** To all the lovely girls who have left comments and emailed me with prayers and thoughts for my friend Sharyn and her family...i THANKYOU all so much from the bottom of my heart. This is a hard time for eveyone who loves her and we are getting through it as best we can...and please know that all your prayers are heard and appreciated.


Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Please excuse me....

Today i was meant to draw the winning name for my Giveaway.
Im sorry but i am just not up to it all right now.Please forgive me.
One of my very best friends is in hospital and we are unsure right now if she will make it.
My heart is breaking, she has been my beautiful friend for 30 years, since kindergarten...

If you could please find a minute in your day to say a small prayer for Sharyn her family and friends and i would all appreciate it more than words can say.

I know God will watch over her.


Shann xo

Saturday, 8 March 2008

It's all about Pink isnt it.....

Hee hee, for me, no truer words were spoken! I am a PINK-A-HOLIC and proud of it.
Every time i am shopping i gravitate towards pink...all the time.
So when my lovely husband offered to buy me a new light fitting for our bedroom.....what do you think i went for?? You guessed it..PINK !! Well really lets face is, is there any other colour that matters? LOL
So heres our new light fitting hanging oh so pink and pretty in the bedroom.

Then of course i just had to choose one to go in the front room (aka The Pretty Room) as well. We just have wall lights at the moment but i really NEEDED a HUGE dome chandy to hang from the centre of the room. Notice i said i 'needed' it..*wink*
Heres a pic of it from the stores catalogue as we havent had it put up's from the same collection as the other one, with the frosted pink glass...ahhhh i love it so....

I cant wait till it's up!

Next on my agenda was to finally cover this gorgeous lil' footstool ive had in my 'To Do' basket for a while. Ive popped her sort of half under the coffee table...crossing fingers and toes that the cats dont discover it and think OOOH Mummy made us a pretty bed...grrr, i love my cats but geez.

Isnt that fabric TO DIE FOR !
Im covering a gorgeous old Victorian chair at the moment with it....just waiting on more fabric to arrive then its all done and off to the website she goes.
Oh ok you twisted my arm...heres a sneaky peak :)

So are you all pinked out now? LOL

Oh, when you're out blog hippity hopping next, please pop by my friend Bek's blog @ BeksShabbyDreams and say a big howdy hiya hello. Beks reasonably new to blogging and i bet she'd love you to pop in! She is a real sweetie and makes some yummy faux treats too!

Thanks lovelies xo

Big Pink kisses

Shann xxxx

**Dont forget to enter my SUPER PINK GIVEAWAY..just click here to be taken to it ** or scroll down to the post below.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

SUPER PINK GIVEAWAY In Honour of My Store Opening !

Ok Girlies i have decided that since i couldnt celebrate MY WEBSITE OPENING in the poshy chick style i had intended (see now why arent jammies classified as poshy..?)....i thought i would celebrate with you all and say THANKS for all the well wishes on my blog, guest book entries and emails, by giving some lucky pink lovin' girl the chance to win this ultimate pack of PINK GOODNESS !

You will receive a mixed media of my roses on sheet music, one sweet sweet smellin' lavender strawberry, 5 faux lollies and 3 cute kitty katt tags.

What do you think? Perfectly pink or what?? LOL

All you have to do is leave a comment ON THIS POST and if you mention my giveaway on YOUR BLOG i will enter your name 1 more time.
PLUS any purchases made from my website automatically go into the draw as well!
YAY for you guys, i think they are pretty good odds dont you!

WINNERS NAME WILL BE DRAWN YET AGAIN BY MY TRUSTY ASSISTANT SAM ON MARCH 12th. Then i'll be emailing you to let you know you've won!

I would also love you to pop on by My Website PAINT MINE PINK and say hi and PLEASE offer any suggestions etc...A gal can always use some useful tips from talented women like yourselves !


Lotsa Love

Monday, 3 March 2008

OPEN FOR BUSINESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well break out the bubbly stuff girls because PAINT MINE PINK is NOW OPEN !

I really wanted to do a whole day of yummy cakes, balloons, streamers and bubbly but i am sooo tired from working on the website that instead im celebrating in my jammies, feet up, with a vegemite roll and a can of coke...Ahhh heaven...LOL
Not a glamourous sight but OH WELL.

ANYHOOOOO i digress as per usual!

I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE for you to pop in to my new boutique and say HI.
Im still fiddling so please excuse any thing thats silly :)

If anyone has any postage questions PLEASE email me right away !



You all mean the world to me xx

Lotsa Pink Kisses Being Blown Your way......

Shann xo

P.S While you are web browsing be sure and pop by my sweet friend Siobhans NEWLY RE-OPENED Website THE VINTAGE MOSAIC BOUTIQUE. Siobhans Mosaics are absolutely stunning!