Friday, 25 September 2009


Ok, so the story goes like this..... About a year ago we bought a gorgeous big dome light for our front room. Loved it as soon as i saw it, had to have it kinda know the one.
Anyroad.... someone who shall remain nameless sat the light on the lounge in his office (you guessing who that someone is now......) well we have 5 of them wanted to aww check out the new light....there was a computer monitor on the floor beside the jumped, light slipped.....SMASH was all i heard. Then all the neighbours heard was my high pitched shriek followed by a fair amount of cussing (yes yes i cussed big time, cmon you would have too).
So...we order a new dome...wrong one is ordered, it goes back, we order another, the right one this time....lalalala,6 months goes by and gee that light is still not up yet!
To the rescue comes Corey, my niece Beckas boyfriend. 2 weeks ago the light FINALLY went up.
Picture me HAPPY DANCING like a complete tool all over the place.
Here's my beautiful light...oh how i love it.

Well...i did love it. I'm starting to think i just wasn't meant to have this light.
Once it was up, Corey and Shane decided it needed tightening on the Corey starts to turn the bottom piece...that's when i heard it...CRACK...and Shane yelled STOP and i just stood there in total disbelief.....(then i cussed some more).
You know when something happens and you just think WHERES THE HIDDEN CAMERA? AM I BEIN PUNK'D?? Because this just CANT BE HAPPENING !!!!

But it did. Look and see.

Are you sitting there cussing with me?
Every time i walk into the front room i wanna cry. I know we are going to have to remove the dome and order another one because every time the light goes on, the crack gets worse.
So you see now why it's my nightmare? LOL. I gotta laugh or I'll scream.

*** Ok so next week i am DEFINITELY having a GIVEAWAY of the PINK kind. make sure you pop back and spread the word too !

Have a gorgeous and fantastic weekend! I'm off to Rick Rutherford's shop tomorrow to talk with him about my Christmas line.

Love Shann xxoo

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Ohmygosh it's been so long since my last post! Have i really been in my office working for THAT long??? LOL,i must have been.
Well im out now, for the moment, ssshhh, so i thought id pop on by and say hi.
I have been totally and utterly buried in faux cupcakes this past month. Thank goodness they are Faux, yeah you know where im goin' with this...Junk In My Trunk. Thats right.HAHA.
So heres some piccies of just a few Custom Orders ive been making.

These were for a lovely Ebay customer. 18 cuppies to fill her cuppie stand like mine :)

2 dozen to top up the supply at my gorgeous friend Rick Rutherfords Country store @ Lawson.

Another 2 dozen in shades of pink, mint and chocolate for a lovely customer (3 large Faux Cakes as later when i am finished 'tweaking' them).

So yep it's a bit cupcake crazy around here and thats just the custom orders!
I swear i go to bed dreaming cupcakes (Kylie i bet you know what i mean, my little cupcake making buddy)

I am desperate to get to some painting....i managed to finish one item late one night last week!

I painted this pretty display stand matt white, with a hint of rubbing back and then painted my roses on each side and the top. It sold within an hour to one of my favourite customers.

Ok, sorry to rant and rave for so long.
Im going to make a HUGE effort to blog more often and visit the gorgeous girls i use to visit all the time.
I think i may even have a GIVEAWAY soon! Yep, REAL SOON !!!!

So pop back over the next few days wont you...chances are it will be something PINK !

Love and Pink Kisses,
Shann xx