Monday, 29 October 2007

WARNING !!! One Heck Of a Long Post :)

Got a cuppa? All settled in your comfy chair? Rightio then....

Today i have been a Sneaky and busy lil' bee.
My brother in law and his wife arrive home today from their Homeymoon in New Zealand. Now this is a couple that will do absolutely anything for you (and have done for us)they are kind, sweet and loving in the warmest, most sincere way. Nothing is ever a hassle for them. Oh and did i mention that they are sooooo Blissfully in Love it's sickening? LOL !!!
Well Craig and Sarah were married in New Zealand and since i wasnt able to go i wanted to do something sweet for the Newleyweds upon their return to Reality!

So, with my trusty assistant (Sam) in tow, we headed up to their house this morning and decorated their bedroom with silvery blue and white balloons, blue streamers (their wedding colours) and rose petals on the bed. I also made a Welome Home Mr and Mrs Thompson sign for their bedroom door, some really funny and cheeky 'Gift Vouchers' for them and printed a copy of one of the wedding photos and placed it in a frame decorated with Mica Flakes.
I hope they get a surprise when they walk in the room. I just wanted them to know how much they both mean to me :)
Guys, if you are reading this I LOVE YOU BOTH BUNCHES !!!

The sign i made welcoming them both home.I decorated Sarah's dress,veil and roses with pearl glitter.

Snap shot of part of the bedroom.

Mica Frame with wedding photo in Sepia tones.

On another note.....On Saturday i went Junkin with mum at the local St Vinnies Sale Day. Mum went home with half the store while i managed a few good bargains.
First up was this GORGEOUS blue lidded jar. When i saw it i immediately loved it!

Hey Siobhan dont you love the colour! I filled it with my paper roses.
This next pic is my little blue section of my front room. On the wall is my new and GORGEOUS Tussie Mussie from Julles, and a painting i bought from Alicia about 18 months ago, i adore it, she is beyond talented.

I picked up this huge old hinged desk box at the sale too. Not sure if it's a 'Paint it and Sell it' OR a 'Paint it and Keep it' !

Oh and lookie here, seems that Buzz Lightyear has taken up residence inside! Is that a sign that i am meant to keep it???

Some little pretties i picked up at the sale.

And this awesome cupboard that i havent decided what to do with just the mean time at least i am safe in the knowledge that it is being guarded by my ever faithful Watch-Cat George.

Well i hope thats it.....i think thats it......yep thats it.
For now!

OOhhh we are getting SOOO EXCITED about Halloween!!! ONLY 2 MORE SLEEPS!!!
YAY !!!

Make sure you pop back on Thursday for some of our Halloween photos!

Shann xo

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Shannon Thompson had a i ee i o

This post is something a little different from what you are probably use to from me. No pink,no glitter and glam, no frilly girly stuff....just me and where my heart truly lies....

Picture in your head something like this.

This is Drovers Run and it just happens to be the homestead from my most loved tv show, Mcleods Daughters.

My dream is to live somewhere like this, complete with a thousand head of cattle, horse breeding and training facilities (so my sis could join me), crop growing, sheep shearing, you name it, if its dirty and hard work then i want it.
Yep i am and always have been a country girl at heart. I would trade in my pretty pink boots for a muddy pair of gum boots and my Driza Bone any day.
Growing up my sister and i always had horses. Every day after school, straight to the paddock, and every weekend too. We both entered lots of shows and won lots of ribbons. My sister went on to breed Arabian horses which is how i came to own my beautiful boy Cobi.
When we lived up the coast i would race to the paddock in the middle of the night in severe thunderstorms, trapse through the mud to throw more rugs on him and stand in the freezing cold feeding him warm weet bix to warm up his belly. To me thats heaven, its everything.

Years and years ago before i met Shane, i lived with a guy and we raised and owned beef cattle for a while. I know you are trying to imagine ME out there in the pouring rain helping a heffer to calf, fixing fences, worming the cattle in the round yard i helped build and getting pooped on! I look back on it and my face just lights up. YEP girls i love COW POO !! LOL.
So my dream is that some day (hopefully when im not too old to still do all the things i love) i'll have my property and Shannon The Country Gal will be riding off into the sunset......oh and can i take my cowboy Aaron Jefferies with me???

Hmmm dont think Shane would be too happy about that one ! Oh but wouldnt it make the hard work more fun.....

So there you go....a little bit of info that i am sure most of you wouldnt have known :)

Oh ok, i confess...... my horse had a PINK stable rug.
There you go, i mentioned pink ! ha ha ha.

Shann (Giddy Up)

Monday, 22 October 2007

Christmas Pretties

The best thing a gal can do when shes stressed out with worry?
So thats what ive been doing this past week.
Pretty things will always make me smile :)
Some of these are headed for my EBAY store but feel free to email me if you are interested.

This Christmas i am really into beautiful Wreaths (i am yet to make one for myself though...) and i love sitting down with all my 'fabric and bits and pieces laid out before me and just letting the creative juices flow.

Here are 2 of my latest Christmas Wreaths
This first one i just love, probably because its so pink and soft. I couldnt resist the fabulous green ribbon, it's so sparkly!

I went for more of a Vintage look here and used my beautiful Mica Flakes. Then i made a rosette with some old lace and adorned it with pretty paper roses. It's very Victorian looking dont you think? Mum has already ordered one from me :)

Then of course theres my fabric Bon Bons that were so popular last year. They are purely for display purpose only and they look soooo pretty arranged on the table at Christmas Time. I used my favourite Paris Bebe' fabric and another vintage style fabric that i have totally forgotten the name of ( Note To Self: i must really keep a list of them with samples).

A very pink and glittery NOEL sign. NOEL doesnt always have the ' above the E, but i decided i should with this sign because i kept looking at it and thinking, how many men Named Noel would want a sign in pink and silver glitter? LOL Hence the use of the ' .

A new creation to add to the list....A Vintage Mica Flower Pot. Simple yet sooo pretty. I have it sitting with my Mica Wreath at the moment and they look so pretty together (no Shannon you CANT keep them).

The other day i was really feeling down in the dumps so i made myself something just for me, to cheer me up :)
I have adorned this heart shape wreath with Mica Flakes and added pink paper roses. From the bottom hangs a lovely crystal thats very special to me as it was part of my birthday prezzie from my dear friend
This way i can see it every day. Thanks Julles, luv ya.

Ok thats it for the 'pretties' ,for now anyway LOL
Lots more going on in my head, just have to find the time to create them all (hmm another 12 hours at least in the day required).OH and to find some Painting time too!

A another CHEERY note.....My Scampy Cat is back home and looks to be doing ok. Lets hope it stays that way hey! Thanks again for the well wishes for him, it meant more than you will ever know. Scamp sends kitty cuddles too.


Shann xo

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Why is everyone looking at me funny?????

Do they think i am some Evil Witch who slaves over a hot cauldron at night creating EVIL SPELLS in the hope of luring them into my witches den ??? (insert loud and scary evil witches cackle here)
Hmm....even the parcel guy is stearing clear of me.....
So Why oh Why are they all looking at me strangely....i ask you...
Surely it has nothing to do with this????????????


I hope all you gals over the ocean there are proud of me! This is my first Halloween decorating year and i gotta tell ya IM LUVVIN IT !!!
Mum popped over the other day so her, Sam and i got to work on the window.(It was great therapy to take my mind off my cat being sick.) Mum was chief web stretcher (man that stuff attaches itself to everything) and Sam, well he basically just used his stickey tape to tape up the whole house while mum and i were both occupied, and he played with the plastic spiders (eww i dont even like plastic ones).

The next morning i did the front door and the candlelabra and also hung my skeleton and scary spider chandelier. Theres lots of fake web, bats and little black and green spiders. IT'S SO KOOL !!!! I just need to find a pumpkin so i can make a Jack-o-lantern....pumpkins seem to be a scarce thing around this neck of the woods....

Shane has been away and when he came home he just shook his head at me and say "you're and idiot", oh but in the most loving way of course! He is sooo used to the weird things i do by now. And hey, what would life be without a little weirdness...BORING thats what!
So many people are stopping out the front when they walk past and commenting on it ! I am sure they do think im nuts. Maybe its just coz us Aussies dont normally 'do' Halloween. Hmm perhaps i'll start a new trend.....or get myself locked away in a 'Special' facility with a nice padded room just for me....???
BAAAHAAAAHAAAAA ( yep thats my scary witch laugh again ).
This is the view from the street.

Looks much better in reality but you get the general idea.

Thankyou all you precious angels who sent more get well wishes for my Scamp. He is still at the Vet (he was home for one day and had to go right back) trying to overcome his problems. I am like chips without gravy without just isnt right without the other :(
I had to add this special litle poem that my gorgeous friend Julles wrote for my Scampy.

Isnt it brilliant. Thankyou Julles xxoo

I will try and be back in a few days with good news and also with some more of my Christmas Creations.
But Please excuse me if i am 'off in the clouds' for a while.I will endevour to try and pop by everyones blogs and say HI :)

Shann xo

Friday, 12 October 2007

Grab a glass of wine for this one...Or maybe the whole bottle!

Ok ive been M.I.A for a week nearly. What have i been up to? Well....i got sick and yukk for a few days there, like some of my poor bloggin pals, ive got my poor kitty cat SCAMP back in the Vet with the same problem as last time and ive been busy creating this and that.
I will try not to bore you with too much chit chat so heres some pretty pics for you to feast your eyes on!

First of all my SOOOO PRETTY Paper Dresses arrived from the lovely LIZ.

Arent they gorgeous! Thankyou soooo much Liz i really adore them. You are awesome and clever! Yours are on their way...i was a bit late, im sorry. Oh and i just realised i forgot to take pics of them b4 i sent them...bugger.

Next up is a bunch of surprise lil' prezzies from my gorgeous friend LORI. Lori was my MUMS partner in My Cotton N Candy Swap and she sent along a bundle of pretties just for me in with mums parcel. Lori you are so beautiful and thoughtful and sweet and i love all my lil' treasures you sent me. My heart is so full :)
My gorgeous prezzies from Lori all wrapped up so beautifully....

Look at all that sweet stuff! I am spoilt.Luv Ya bunches Lori.

I had so much fun making Paper Dresses that i got to 'fiddling' with some more paper items. I was inspired by my Lace Parasols....

And VOILA' My Pretty Paper Parasols!

Im thinking a Paper Parasol Swap may be on the horizon....what do you think??

Next are some items from my Christmas Line.
This partucular Wreath is in my Ebay Auctions at the moment but i am already taking orders for them in a variety of colours.On this one I used some gorgeous Ashwell and Ribbon n Roses fabric, pearl beading and the prettiest pink baubles. The main feature is the Pink Poinsettia flower and faux crystal drop in the centre. The best thing is you can use it any time of the year. I think i'll be making myself one too :)

Whats this???? Glittery foam balls on Kebab Skewers???

Well they make the heads for these of course!
My Sweet Angels available in my Etsy.

These will be in there new little Cupcake Angels..ready to hang on the Chrissy Tree.

Im also busy now making my Fabric Christmas Bon Bons and some gorgeous Christmas Signs. They should be ready in about a week.

Now last week i was having a big office cleanup (ha ha its a mess again)and i realised i have so many sweet cards and tags that are precious to me so i made myself a Memory Board for them.

Theres a photo of Sam there sitting on the vacuum, its my favourite. Either side of him are my Pa and my Grandad, they are both gone now but i know they would have adored Sam :)

Well thats it from me, im off to ring the Vet AGAIN to check in on my Scampy....i hate him being there.

Shann xo

Saturday, 6 October 2007

I have an ETSY STORE now !!!!

Im sooo excited i have just opened my very own ETSY store today. I will be filling it gradually with lots of sweet girlie things made by me and some gorgeous vintage finds as well. I really hope you can find a minute to pop in and say hi to me. It is quite nerve wracking but i am totally excited all the same.
Please remember to take a peek and let me know what you think.

Hugs Always, Shann

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Happy Birthday To Me...Cotton N Candy and Pretty stuff too.

Well...i dont really see any cause to celebrate getting OLDER so i have re-named is now Happy Present Receiving Day. Oh thats sooo much better.
And in sadness of me turning YIKES, 35 !! i decided to be a big poser and lovo and try and get an updated pic of myself. Yes its all very lovey dovey but who cares, i feel old and frumpy and i wanted a nice photo !
So this is me standing under the Birthday streamers (left over from Dads birthday on sunday) in my front room.

NOW....imagine my surprise this morning when i get an email from Lori telling me to pop by her blog..... Awww she did a special and awesomely sweet Birthday post for me. She is just too gorgeous and i love her bunches and bunches. Im sure she knows that and i am so honoured and glad to be her friend :)
ANYHOO my mum, sis and my 4 nieces came over for lunch and we always giggle like idiots when we are together, which i just love.
Here are some of my prezzies for the day.My family all know just what i like.

Oh and lets not forget the SHANNON NOLL CD. YEAH BABY!!!!!
Lori look at that wrapping paper, little kitty cats with pink Tiara's TOOOO SWEET (my GORGEOUS cushion from my sneaky and gorgeous mum and stepdad was wrapped in it).

I feel spoilt and loved and i thank all of you who left Birthday comments and emailed me too. This is my first bloggin' birthday and i am totally warm and fuzzy inside now :)

Now...could this not have been timed any better????
My COTTON N CANDY SWAP from non other than Miss Dolly @ From My Cherry Heart arrived this morning. YIPPEEEEEE Candy for breakfast!
Where do i start with all the goodies....i feel soooo spoilt. Dolly even included a special lil' parcel for Sam. He was so wrapt!
Heres some piccies for you all to OOH and AHH over.

My Gorgy-Pie parcel arrived complete with a Cherry on top in true Dolly style.

Ohhh i wonder whats wrapped up in all that pretty pink paper and hankies??????

Ah Haa. lots of pretties and lots of yummies too....oooh where do i start??Check out those paper gloves that Dolly made!! Beautiful or what! AND real true American COTTON CANDY, oh i am sooo eating all of that!

Sam started right away eating some of his special Candy from Dolly.

Thankyou so much Dolly i love it all. You are so clever and you know me so well. I am over the moon with my prezzies. LUV YOU BUNCHES.

Ok thats it from me today. I am off to eat more CANDY yumm yumm and chill out with my boys.

LOts of Hugs,