Monday, 27 October 2008

Roses and Renovations ! Well kinda sorta...

The day started off with Roses *smiles*
Sam and i tootled outside before the YUKKY heat hit us, to check on the garden and cut some roses.
Sam arranged them in the jug and chose where they should go. My son the gardener. I suppose alot of people would think it's odd that a boy of 5 loves to garden as much as his mum...??? Oh well, rather he do that than be sitting inside watching the TV hey! Anyhoo i are our pretty roses for you all.

So next on the agenda was to put together my newly purchased bookcase for my lil corner of the office that Shane and i share. His corner...very blokey and neat...mine...uh well...i wont even go there...Let's just say that i forgot we even had carpet on that side of the room till today....hee hee.

So off i go, determined that i am putting this thing together by myself! And since i very bluntly told Shane this morning that "No i do not need to wait for you to get home to do it for me you twit. I can do it myself thankyou very much!" I thought id better hop to it.
Sam was my Site Manager and Job Photographer (unbeknown to me)...hence the blurry photo! LOL.

And guess what?? I DID do it all myself...knew i could of course...i even looked at the instructions (unlike a man). When i finished Sam proudly announced "See Mummy you dont need Daddy to help you with anything do you"
Damn straight there kiddo! LOL.

So then off to uhhhhh clean up the office...GOOD GRIEF CHARLIE BROWN why did i even start. Things get veeeerrrrrry messy before they get tidy dont they? Or is that just me? It's not is it...?? Is it..???
Anyhoo i did get it all done and mostly back in some sort of order, complete with new bookcase for my 'stuff' (or 'crap' as Shane would say)

Now i think i deserve a cold drink and to get horizontal for a while because i hurt my back and my hip moving the darn bookcase around (but thats just between us girls ok...). Yes i am stubborn and will not ask for help. Little Miss Stubborn, thats me.

So im off now to join my Georgie who's found the perfect spot in front of the fan in my bedroom....

What a life hey!
Hope you're all having a great day today!
Luv N Pink Kisses and some cool breezes blown your way if you're boiling hot today like me!

Shann xxxx


our shabby cottage said...

You go girl. So glad you completed this task before hubby came home.

Oh, and my hubby doesn't look at instructions either! He says "They are just the manufacturers opinion of how it should go together!"

Love your roses too, Kathryn. XX

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

How you find time to do it all,I will never know...
Your little corner of the world looks lovely,I would like to plant myself there to play

MelsRosePlace said...

Hahaha Shannon - i chuckled when i read about you moving things about with your hips - i do the same and am super strong too (when i need to be) have moved massive pieces of furniture with these here hips! Well we wont even go there as to what a tip my office is - its halloween central here - orange and black "mess" everywhere. ARe you doing Halloween again this year? C'mon dont let me be the only one! Just luvin those roses - how pretty and gorgeous that Sam loves it too - what a great little guy he is. Mel xxx

Rue said...

You crack me up Shann! I do the same thing and move all sorts of stuff by myself. I think "I'm a WOMAN and I can do it MYSELF!" LOL

It looks beautiful and I know you're proud :)

By the way, I received my giveaway and posted it today. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Thank you so much :)

Thank yous go out for all the Aussie girls that participated!


Kelli @ Vintage Vavoom said...

Great job on the bookcase. When I ask hubby to do something for me he always says "it's not that hard, you can do it you know" and I say "I lived for years on my own and of course I can do it, but now that I'm married, I choose not to" are not the only one that creates a mess when cleaning up. I don't know any other way. I love your organized chaos too!


Dolly said...

"I am woman.. hear me roar"!
You are too funny girl!
I think we all need to show our hubbys we can be independant...
it keeps them on their toes!

I also taught my grandson about flowers and how to garden...
Think about the joy these boys will be to there future wives!

Give Sam a big hug from his cherry Auntie!


Donna said...

I'm so proud of you! And your "organized chaos" looks very pretty!

Alison Gibbs said...

Way to go Shannon!!
Isn't it great when we can do it by ourselves.
Yay for a bit of independence.
What pretty roses you and the gorgeous Sam picked.

KARA said...

woohoo for Shann you rock my aussie princess.
Looking lovely and pat on the back, now you need to join me, I have asked for a pink tool kit for xmas its sooo cute

Anonymous said...

Great Job gal!! I adore your organized chaos, so cute. Hmmm....are we talking buttons and beads in those jars up there or is it candy? all looks so yummy to me ; ) Oh I wanna see more! Love the round doily (or is it a table cloth?) on the chair. ~Hugs~

Kerryanne English said...

Well done Shann and to your little helper Sam. We women can do more than we are given credit for.

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Shann!! Great job!! See, us girls can do more than the men think we can, lol! Your office looks beautiful! I will take your heat if you dont want it, lol!

Love ya,

Nancy at ManicForMosaics said...

Your story of putting the bookcase together reminded me of the time I put a tv stand together my myself before the Hubster got hme from work. I was so proud of myself, getting all the pieces nicely aligned and screwing in the HUNDREDS of screws all by hand. Hubby came home and I showed him my handiwork and all the blisters I had from using the screwdriver on all those screws. He asked me why had I screwed them all in BY HAND instead of with the ELECTRIC SCREWDRIVER?! I didn't even know such a thing even existed! Talk about feeling like a fool!

Sharon said...

Go girl power! It was pretty hot yesterday wasn't it? We had all our fans going praying for a breeze last night.


Cottage Rose said...

Hey there Mighty Woman!!! You did a great job on your book case. I love your corner of the room very very chic looking. Hope you feel better.

Have a great week