Saturday, 18 October 2008


Hiya girlie girls!
Just me dropping in to wish you all a BEAUTIFUL WEEKEND AHEAD.

Have a fun and be happy, whatever you are up to!

And dont forget MONDAY the 20th is my BREAKFAST FOR BREASTS DAY.

If you havent already signed up then hop on over HERE and join us!
It's going to be a fun PINK day with lots of goodies, and best of all it's to raise money and awareness for BREAST CANCER RESEARCH.So put your best breasts forward and come along!

See you all Monday with lots of pink, hope, love and support and a SWEET PINK GUESSING COMPETITION!

Love and Pink Kisses Always,
Your Friend,
Shann xxxooo


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

I am probley not going to be able to do a post on Monday and Breakky piccies....Things are abit crazy at the moment.
The kids and I have gotten together about 12 hats that we are donating to a local Lions group that distribute these to Girls/kids/adults/guys who lose there hair whilst having treatment fighting this terrible disease.
Every little thing helps and these women do a great job with this little outreach .
I will try and pop by some of the girls and see there blogs in the week though.

Glenda said...

I will be with you in thought as I'm getting my teeth ripped out.Hope you have a great day,and will check in after pain killers take Glenda

Becky said...

Happy Pink Saturday to you.

Anonymous said...

Shannon, Sorry I have to let you down this time.
I've got the flue and really not up to anything right now,
just wanna sleep sleep sleep.......
Hugs, Jannet :(

pink wishes and shabby dreams said...

Hey Shann, you always have the most gorgeous pics, how do you get them to be so soft looking. Cheers and happy pink saturday from me and my mate (The puppy) lol.