Friday, 24 October 2008


Helllloooo again lovely ones! Thanks for popping by!
Today is one of our FIRST FRIDAYS hosted by my sweeeeet friend RHEA over there at sweetnshabbyroses.

Rhea put on her organising and thinking cap and came up with this AWESOME Thanks and smoochies to you Miss Rhea :)

If you want a peek at my First Friday listings you can click right HERE and it will zoom you on over to my Website to the First Fridays categorie.

AND for a list of all the gorgy-pie gals who participate you can click HERE!

SO off you go now...go on....have a peek and buy some chrissy prezzies. OH and for you lurvely international chicks, remember our Aussie dollar is kinda BLAH PHOOEY right now BUT it makes it an AWESOME TIME for you guys to be buying from us!

OH HANG ON you better finish reading my blog and then go shopping ok *smiles*

Okies now heres some suuuuuper pretty stuff for you to peek at!
My all too gorgeous Bestest Buddy Rexine opened up a new shop a few weeks ago, just up the hill from me. I popped up for a visit and dropped off an order of Faux Cuppies too.

Welcome to LOGANBERRY LANE in gorgeous Glenbrook Village in the NSW Blue Mountains..come on in.....

Looks gorgeous already doesnt it !

When you first walk in....Pink and Pretty...My favourite part of the shop!

Another pretty pink room...***ooooweeeee***

Some gorgeous French Decor...

Even a room for the littlies...soooo pretty and sweet. Sam was checking it all know, making sure it was up to standard! LOL.

Now why didnt i take the photos once my cuppies were in the shop...hmm maybe i was too busy saying "Oooh I'll Have that and that and that!"

Well heres the Sweet selection i took up there.

Isnt it a gorgeous shop! Im soooo tickled pink for my friend to have her own little Shop Full Of Heaven *big gushy smile* Only problem is i keep buying stuff! hee hee. Well i look at it as helping her achieve good sales...yes thats what i keep telling myself...!

Ok chickies now you all have a SUPER SWEET WEEKEND AHEAD...i have a busy one planned, including going Junkin' on MY OWN on Sunday (ahhh bliss be thine), so hopefully i'll have some bargains and treasures to show you!
Im in the process of bringing my Etsy back to life off i go to create!


Shann xxxxx


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

oh lovely wubbly jubbly...
so many lovelies and your cuppies look spankin too!

KARA said...

oh how yummy gorgeous are these piccy's yummy.
Sorry I haven't been around - long story, hope you are well.
p.s. I have tagged you xxx

Holly said...

How fun to have a shop like that right up the road!

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Shann; How wonderful it must be to have a shop like that. I love it she has so many pretty things. Thanks for showing us.

Have a great weekend


Connie said...

Oh, Shann, sweet chick, I love them! Just so adorable. I'm quite partial to the faux treats. NO weight gain, huh???? LOL

Connie said...

Shann, forgot to mention that I've given you an award on my friday, October 24th post on the blog. Come over and get it, sweetpea. You are one of my absolutely favorite bloggers and crafts women. I lloooooooveeee your blog and eye candy, honey.

sexy said...