Thursday, 2 October 2008


EEEKKKK it's my birthday! YAY PREZZIES !!!! YAY CAKE !!!! BLAH to turning 36 !!!!
Good Grief where did my twenties go..??? Probably to the same place my perky boobs and buns of steel went ! Now if only i could retrace my footsteps and find them.....

OH WELL...time marches on right. LOL.

Im off to lunch soon with Sam and Mum and im smelling all fruity in my new DKNY pefume from hubby *smiles*

Today i am not gonna worry about the C word and the F word ie: Calories and Fat !

NUP today im going to choose the yummiest, most chocolatey dessert on the menu and eat it all! I may even lick the plate BECAUSE ITS MY BIRTHDAY AND I CAN.

I even made myself a party hat.
Yep im a DOOFUSS !
Should i wear it to lunch you think??

Grrrr to getting older and Grrrrrr to making that face and realising i have lots of wrinkles when i do it..LOL.

Well all i can do today is look 36 right in the eye and GIGGLE !!!!!


Hope you all have a gorgeous day today as well.

I'll have an extra scoop of ice cream for you all !!!

Now i must go because im sure the Parcel Guy will be here soon bringing me lots of gifts and the Floral Delivery truck will be here any moment as well....they will right..???...Right...???

Love n Pink Kisses,
Shann xxxxx


Donna said...

Kick up those heels and have a great time! Happy Birthday, kiddo!

Miss Rhea said...

Hee Hee !! You crack me up !! Nope, you don't look 36 at all !! Happy Birthday !! :)

our shabby cottage said...

"Happy Birhtday to you,
Happy Birhtday to you,
Happy Birhtday dear Shannon,
Happy Birhtday to you!
Hippip Hooray"!!!!!
Hope you have a great day - I'll be joiing you at 36 in a few months too!!!

Becky said...

Happy Birthday! Have a great time today. You look great. Love your hat, you should wear it all day.
Hugs and Love

Shabby Kim said...

Happy Birthday Shannon.. Love your darling little birthday hat. Hope you have a fabulous birthday.


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Wishing you a Happy Birthday!!
You look so adorable in your birthday hat; yes you should wear it out!!
Have a great day, Shann!!

My Pink & Cream Cottage said...

OMG ONLY 36 Lucky Lucky you, I will be 49!!! in January getting way toooooooooo close to the big 50 yuck yuck yuck. Hey Shannon 36 is a great age - well at least mine was- so have a great day & enjoy.
You really are as old as you feel.

Happy Birthday kIDDO


tales from an O.C. cottage said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (or Feliz cumpleanos, as we say here!) I love the party hat and yes, you should wear it!

M ^..^

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Wear the hat to lunch ,it may get you an extra big serving of desert or mabey a glass of wine on the house!!!
You know Youth is wasted on the young!!
Enjoy getting older and wiser...*wink*
I am eating a n extra piece of rocky road with my cuppa especially to celebrate your special day! LOL!!
Take care after all you are half way to 72!!!!!!!

KARA said...

oh Shann I can not believe I forgot your birthday its in my diary and everything, pregnancy has turned me into a right airhead, lots of love and kisses from all over here. Your pressie is going out tomorrow so watch your door stop xoxox

Pearl said...


May you have countless more filled with blessings...

Holly said...

Happy Birthday, Shannon! I hope you wore that cute hat! Ha!

I'm in better shape and health at 46 than I was at 36! But, yes, I do have wrinkles now...

MelsRosePlace said...

Happy birthday Shannon - i wish i was 36 again, its all downhill after 40 i tell ya!! Happy days, Mel xxx

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear SHAAANNNONNNNNN, Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you wore that hat to lunch Shannon! You look so CUTE!!!!

DKNY perfume, yummy!!! I hope you got lots of pretties and ate lots of cake! Cant wait to hear all about it!

Love you sweetie!

Jules said...

yeah right shan obvious;y 36 and still believes in them fairies.
Happy Birthday petal pie.May there be balloons and clowns and a big brass band.Have a fabulous time.
Well its late you would have had it or not by now.I do so love the hat now if only you had the prom dress to match hmm

Kelly said...

Oh happy birthday my sweettie!!!! I bet you smell yummy and I KNOW you look gorgeous!!!!! Even in the hat!!!! Love ya bunches!!!
Email me your address would you??

Birthday ((hugs))

Suzie Button said...

Happy Birthday to YOU, Shannon! I just love how Pink your blog is!! I just posted about my prize I won on my blog, pop over to see, and make sure you sign up for my giveaway too, it's open to Oct. 6.
can't wait to receive your prize! yeah! Suzie

Rue said...

Happy Birthday Shann!!!!

Just be happy you have 4 years until the big 4 0. I only have one year left ;P LOL

Have a wonderful day and here's to having all your dreams come true :)


Simply Dandy said...

Hugs to the birthday girl.....36!! I can remember being 36......once!! You are just a baby!! I hope you have a wonderful day with your family and friends...get lots of goodies and eat whatever you want...Happy Birthday to a wonderful Aussie gal!!


Simply Dandy said...

Hugs to the birthday girl.....36!! I can remember being 36......once!! You are just a baby!! I hope you have a wonderful day with your family and friends...get lots of goodies and eat whatever you want...Happy Birthday to a wonderful Aussie gal!!


Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

I love your hat and you must wear it to lunch.....

36...I will be 39 in Dec. Eat lots of cake and ice cream too. Pooh! I have been trying to diet for months and I just can't stick to it!!!

Also....The Pink wall candle holders were at my space in the store and on my website....I went last Sunday to get them and weigh them so I could give you a shipping quote and they were gone. No one remembers selling them.....I am a bit bummed because my shabby starfish that I love....was missing too :(

I will go this weekend and see if they were misplaced in someone elses booth.

Enjoy your day~Sheri

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

You look 29! Happy Birthday you silly, fun, talented girl!

Lori said...

Shannon, Don't forget to stop by for your birthday surprise!!!!! Love, Lori

Sue said...

Happy birthday Shannon! Hope you had a lovely lunch! Oh what it would be like to be back in my 30's!!Enjoy, you are on the down slide to 40 now....LOL

My Pink & Cream Cottage said...

Hey Shann,
So how was the birthday lunch, & did you wear that hat?? I bet you do not feel any different today than you did yesterday huh? Thanks for the pep talk, have decided not to let it bother me anymore, life is just toooo short, hope your *friend* pays what sh owes you. Ok so have a great day.
Lyn xoxoxoxo

Kerryanne English said...

Happy birthday sweetie.
Enjoy your birthday feast and savour every last calorie.

Hope you feel special today.
Big birthday squeeze hugs,

Sarah said...

Hi Kerryanne,
Have a great weekend,
Sarah xxx

Debbies-English-Treasures said...



Carol Anne's Boutique said...

You look absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Hope you wore that cute hat and had the most chocolatey dessert ever! Sending you lots of birthday hugs sweet friend!
Love Ya~
Carol Anne

Dolly said...

Happy Birthday Princess!
I hope your day was wonderful!
Filled with lots of cake and prezzies!

Hugz, Dolly

Vintage Tea said...

Sorry it's taken me so long to stop by and say Happy birthday, I hope you had a great time

Victoria xx

Gail McCormack said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANN!! belated birthday now isn't it
Hope you had a wonderful day - you don't look 36!!

pink wishes and shabby dreams said...

Happy Belated Birthday Shann, I hope you had a wonderful day, you deserve it lol, you are always on the go and making something gorgeous, Thankyou for the super comments on my quilt, I am very chuffed with it too, it is the first one I have ever made, though I do make shabby cushions by the truck load. lol. Cheers Debra.

Sandy said...

Happy Belated Birthday Shannon! Sounds like you had a fabulous day.
Hope you have a wonderful week.

Whim & Fancy Designs said...

Shannon~ Happy Belated to you! I love your party hat! Live it up!!!

Ali said...

Happy birthday hon, i thought i already posted, but i can't find my name lol. Glad to hear you enjoyed your special day. Enjoy all of those pressies the posty bought lol. ox you crack me up girl. too funny. ox Ali

Counting Your Blessings said...

Happy, happy birthday... a week late. Hope you had a wonderful day and got all the sweetest treats you deserve!! Blessings... Polly

IsabellaCloset said...
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IsabellaCloset said...

Shannon, HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY to you darling!
So sorry I missed your special day. Hope is was fabulous!!!
Hugs & much love ~Mary~ :-}
PS What a fun hat!