Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Ooooh i just loooove prezzies !

Can you tell by the heading that im EXCITED ?????
Well colour me PINK coz i am one excited and happy lil chickie!

I'll show you why ..and then i'll TELL you why....

Did you shriek and fall off your chair ???
Isn't she LURVLEY !!!!
Only one problem...i cant find 4 candles the same colour in my house...oh well any excuse to go shopping for some.
BUT best of all...MY MUMMSY GAVE HER TO ME !
I KNOW !!!! IS she the best mum ever or what!!
Well theres a story to this...its long so i'll try and shorten it.
We went antiquing.We found the candlelabra (ARGH mum saw it first). Mum bought it to re-sell on Ebay (i could have cried or tripped her over, or both). SO..then really wicked woman (think the evil queen in Snow White) bought it on Ebay and the sale fell through. Mum relisted it (yes, even after all my begging to just give it to me already )and then mum said "well if it doesn't sell this time you can have it."

You're picturing me now aren't you...sitting there wishing bad things to anyone who dared to bid on it...*hee hee*
GUESS WHAT?? YEAH that's right...IT DIDN'T SELL !!! So after all this time it was truly meant for my dining table. I told mum she could have saved ALOT of time and heartache if she'd have just given it to me in the first place....Parents. i swear, they never listen. *wink*

here's one more look (a close up).... because i know you want one *smiles*

So speaking of my mum....I know many of you read her blog and she hasn't been around for ages.....she is just very busy working and her knees are giving her absolute sheer hell right now (theres just no delicate way to put it im afraid), but she does say HI and maybe she will blog again soon, perhaps after her knee operation which happens on 4th December.

Even with crappy knees my mum still manages to have her gorgeous home and garden. I took these pics of her front porch area on Sunday as i was leaving (really quickly with my candlelabra before she changed her mind). Oh, id like to see her chase me with her bad knees anyway ! LOL, sorry mum. You know i Luv Ya.

It's such a pretty and sunny spot. That's mums Canary 'William' soaking up some sunshine in his cage.

Nice place to relax with a glass of bubbles and a chockie huh? LOL, been there, done that!

Hope everyone is having a gorgeous and safe week so far!


Shann xxxxxxx

P.S Just to tease you all....

You'll have to come back to find out wont you !


our shabby cottage said...

Hi Shannon, that candelabra is so gorgeous! Good on Mum for giving it to you. Fancy the sale falling through like that eh?
I hope your Mums knees improve. Doesn't sound like she's having too much frun right now.
I wonder what the something pretty sweet is!! "wink wink!"
Kathryn. XX

our shabby cottage said...

What is frun??? LOL can't type for quids!!

a bite of country cupcakes said...

AAhhh,Man I love that candelabra too!
I think I saw Manddi had one abit like it and that started me off...Needing one! Lol!!
Looking forward to knowing the something pretty sweet...I hate surprises so will be checkin' back regularly...Yes I will!*wink*


Kylie you doofuss you already know the 'something sweet'...LOL.

a bite of country cupcakes said...

Well, Yeh I know,I know.......I was playing along with my Poker face!! lol!!

Crystal ~ CJO Glassware & Gifts said...

The candelabra is GORGEOUS, and how awesome that she *finally* saw the light (no pun intended) and handed it over. Very sweet! :o)


Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Sweetie!! I have missed you! I LOVE the candelabra!!! Stunning and so perfect on your table!! I kind of like the mix of pink and white candles :)

Your mom's home is beautiful! I feel so bad she is in pain :( Tell her I miss her :)

I cannot wait to see or hear what the something sweet is Shann!!! Cant I just have an itty bitty little hint?? :)

Love you,

Connie said...

Ya know, sweet chick, I just absolutely LOVE dropping by to read your adventures. Plus your photos are among the best ever!!!
Smoochies.....to your mum also ;-)

Donna said...

I don't know, but I think I Like the pink and white candles, together! It looks so...You!hahaha...It's Really beautiful! You've got a swell Mother!!hughugs

claudie said...

I have a similar one but I sprayed painted it bubble gum pink, I think I posted it but not sure. It sits on my desk.
So glad your mom gave in. They can be so stubborn some times EH? My mom is 90 and still going strong.
Have a great day..It's raining here and getting cooler.

For the Love of Cottage said...

Hi Shann,
I guess it was meant for you. Tell you mum that I said hi and I miss her. Something sweet...hmmmm....more cupcakes maybe??


MelsRosePlace said...

Hi Shannon, loving the candelabra and yes it probably should have been yours all along! Looks lovely, hope your week is going well, Mel xxx

Kerryanne English said...

I know what the something sweet is too... but I can't tell YET.

Don't you all just love surprises?

Love your candelabra Shann - it was meant to be yours.

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Ohhhhhhh Sweetie, your candelabra is gorgeous, you have a very dear Mom that's for sure! It looks stunning on that mirror too! I just love visting you, you are so creative!

I am so sorry to hear your Mom is in such pain. Please say hi to her for me. Love her porch, it looks so inviting and relaxing, just beautiful!

Love ya,
Carol Anne

Lori said...

Shannon, I just knew that I had to stop and visit you before my head hit the pillow tonite! You gave me the laugh I so desperately needed after my day (see current post) and feel free to email your thoughts!!!! Now how could mum deprive you and tease you like that??? Honestly that said, "SHANNON" all over it!!! Mine isn't as pretty with the flowers and is silver but it's always out! Oh it must be her knees to have held you off so long. Is she having knee replacements do tell me! I had one ICK-ICK double ick that was!!!!!! Sending love, Lori

TattingChic said...

Your candelabra is absolutely gorgeous, beautiful, smashing, lovely, and fabulous!

Gail McCormack said...

You're funny ShaNN!!!

Donna said...

What a nice mom! I sympathize with her on the knee!

Shabby Vintage dreams said...

Hey Gal, what an lovely pressie!! Youve got one awesome mum!!!

Sharon Ellery said...

What a beautiful candelabra and what a lovely mum too :-) Oh, there's a fab candle shop in Glenbrook called Candleberries (smells so good - can you imagine maple syrup pancake candles).


joan said...

Hi Shannon,

I love it, it's so pretty. I was worried about your mom and am so sorry to hear she's in pain but I so understand, it's hard to do anything when you are hurting. Hope she is feeling better soon and can't wait to hear your surprise.

Pearl Maple said...

wow now that is some candelabra, how lucky for it to find its way to you

have a great weekend