Friday, 5 September 2008


'Things With Wings' is the theme this time around and hey I'm the host!!!WOOHHOOOO

It seems that all the bees, butterflies and birds must have known i was trying to photograph them because they were either non-exist ant this past week or they were just plain rude and turned their backs on me and flew away. Little buggers. I couldn't even manage to get a photo of a plane or helicopter.Now this is particularly pathetic because we live near a hospital and the Rescue Helicopter is always flying in and out..but oh no...not when I'm ready with my camera! It seemed to turn up at the most inconvenient when i was cooking, washing or in the 'ahem' bathroom *wink*

I did however,manage to get a shot of Sam with his 'pet' magpie who visits us each day for a feed.
The thing you should know about Sam is that he loves all living things and no matter what it is, it's his pet and he names it Wilburt (yes this is anything from ants, bees and magpies to elephants).
So here is Sam and Wilburt number 5 billion, sharing a cupcake, LOL.

Then i remembered my Cupcake Angels i made and sold last Christmas.....they had wings!

Now this cheeky lil Mr Blue Wren was doing his best to get away from me...HAHA you little rat, i got you in the end! Well...kinda.

I hope you enjoyed my THINGS WITH WINGS theme and that you all had fun gettin' outdoorsy and snappin away with your cameras!

Be sure to pop by HERE and visit all the girls involved with the challenge!You can also sign up there if you'd like to join us.

The host for the next challenge is the lovely Amanda @ Penny 'n' Pounds
I cant wait to see what Theme Amanda has for us !

Until next time...

Shann xxx


Sharon Ellery said...

I was thinking the same thing about all the birds and butterflies hiding this week. Good thing I had fall-back photos :-)

Love Sam's friend. Sam sounds like a Dr. Dolittle apprentice (talks to the animals).


a bite of country cupcakes said...

That pic with Sam is too cute...How special to have a maggie visit and to be named Wilbert too!! Special that is! special!
I too did the blue wren thing,Must be the only bird around! lol!
You did a great job as host...Well done xo

a bite of country cupcakes said...

Shann,If you are ever..ever in Melbourne I want you to come on by!!
The boys big and small can hang together and we can eat and hang together!!
As for naming my place I thought Hhhmm With so many creative souls out there,Lets see what you lot come up with.
I think alittle left of centre and quirky would be nice.
Anyhoo,may even give the winner of the choosen name a little something!

joan said...

Hi Shannon,

This was a fun challenge. I love the photo of Sam with Wilburt, it's so cute. And your angels are sweet. I went with lots of angels also. Have a good one and thanks for being the hostess.

Amy (Meredith Teagarden) said...

As a grilie girl I had to visit your blog based on its alluring name! Very cute!

Maria said...

Hi Shannon,

Thanks for hosting this week's Photo Challenge. The theme was great fun and I loved to find some winged creatures. So you got some pictures although they were so hard to get *LOL*. Thank you again and have a nice weekend!

Cottage Rose said...

What a great photo of Sam and Wilbert. Have a great Friday


Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Sam is so cute, I cant stand it! What a doll!!!! I wish I could hug him and kiss his cheeks! Such a sweetheasrt Shannon!! I love that he names animals Wilburt, what a CUTE name!!!

I remember those darling cupcake angel ornaments! I loved them, such a clever idea!!

I am going to miss the birds and the bees here pretty soon:( I will come to your blog and visit them though :)

Love ya,

Pearl Maple said...

Lovely post for spring & things with wings. Don't you just love those Magpies and Blue Wrens, they have such personalities.

Brenda said...

Wonderful things with Wings. I especially love that free loading Raven, how neat that would be!

Adeline's Shabby Cottage said...

Sam is SOOOO sweet with that bird!! We're having pet issues up here too lol!! Wilburt..too sweet!!

Can I say....I LOVE LOVE those cupcake angels!! GORGEOUS!!

Oh, and I gave you an award thingy. It's perfect for you.

Linda said...

Hi Shann,
I love Magpies, they have the most beautiful call, we have a family that live in the trees around our yard they seem to swoop on everyone but us, maybe it is because we like to give them treats from time to time.
Cheers Linda

Country Wishes said...

Cute pics Shann, Sam sounds like a vet in training.. My boys love all that stuff too they both want want to be the Crocodile Hunter - crikey

Kerryanne English said...

I think Sam may be on to something having just one 'pet' name - no confusion there!!!
And Wilbert sounds like a pretty universal name to me - go Sam.

Great photos for the challenge Shann.
Have a great weekend.

moma grits said...

great shots..doesn't it always happen that way just when you want or need something it avoids ya! thanks for hosting!

Lori said...

Hi sweetstuff! It's so funny how your Spring has sprung and the leaves are beginning to change colors here and fall is upon us! Is Sam excited Halloween will be approaching?? Or have you kept it quiet awhile yet? Only precious Sam could feed the animals! Have you to read Dr. Doolittle together who talked to the animals? Have a pinkie day! just dawned on me that before I know it I have to put all my sandels away, BOO*HOO! Sending love to you, Lori

Tabitha said...

Great photos ~ I loved this challenge, thanks for hosting it. I am just off to upload my photos now.
love and hugs Tabitha XXXXX

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Hi Sweet Shann!
Your Sam is absolutely the sweetest little guy! I love it that he names all of the animals Wilburt, that is just so cute! Is he doing a little better about going to pre-school? I hope so. I remember my Jeffrey having a hard time with that too when he was about Sam's age.

Fabulous pics Shann and I must say your cupcake angels are adorable!

Love & Hugs,
Carol Anne

Wow Sam...the birdcage you made for your mummy is awesome! Way to go!

Jeanne said...

Best laid plans huh? Still love what you did and your presentation is very creative. Good challenge! Had to think more than I expected.

jazzi said...

Nice shots; fun theme! I like the cupcake angels.

Donna said...

You did Great Sweetie!! What a Precious shot of your son and a magpie!! Thank you SO much for doing such a Wonderful job as Hostess for this round!! Well Done, indeed!! Happy night!hughugs

Cindra said...

That's amazing that Sam can get the bird to come to him! He would have loved the aviary I visited at the zoo today. Hope you have one nearby.

Gail McCormack said...

Hi Shann
I love what you have come up with!

Nita Jo said...

Loved your pictures! Especially Sam and Wilburt... how sweet!

My week got away from me, and I didn't get any photos done. I had so many ideas... I guess I needed a set of my own wings!

Thanks so much for hosting!
Nita Jo

Melissa Jane Searle said...

Hey Shannon!
Yay! Another aussie, Hehe So glad to meet you! :-) Thanks for stopping by my blog, and all your best wishes, that means alot! :-)
You are right! It does take alot of work, and effort, but hopefully in the long run will work out. :-)
Hope you enjoy reading my blog! I have also added you to my favs aswell. Hehe Would love to get to know you better!

Mel (heartandhome)