Sunday, 14 September 2008


Ahhh a lazy Sunday morning....rained over night....maybe a a bit of a storm..not that i heard it...SNORE SNORE SNORE LOL...left hubby in bed to sleep in...watching cartoons with Sam...."Sam im just going out the back to give Fraser and Chloe their biscuit (morning ritual)...walk out the back "Good morning buddy, wheres your sister?" ....???? check yard, check garage and all its hiding spots...Chloe hates storms and tends to hide....uh NO CHLOE..panic sets in CHLOE???? CHLOE!!!!!! You panic, it must be like losing your child...i ran to the pool yard, i even looked in the pool!She wasnt there Thank God. Then i ran to the side of the garage where the pool filter etc is...YEP there she was! (She has gotten in there before you know). My poor scared girl, all soaking wet, covered in mud and very frightened.

Yep, she squeezed past all that stuff.But first she squeezed through the pool fencing to get there! Go figure! I guess when youre that scared the adrenilan just kicks in .

Mummy HELP ME !

Ok before you all think im heartless, i did send Sam inside to get Shane and my camera and Shane was working on unscrewing the fence while i took pics of my girl. I had too, it was just so priceless!

It's ok Chloe, daddys here to help you now.

Yep, thats right, i sent hubby climbing over all that stuff to get in there (hey i did it last time coz no-one else was home to help, so i figured it was his turn)

Can you believe we've been here 3 years and we just discovered this was a gate??? It was all bolted down. We had no idea, it just looks like fence.
Ahhhh see, the things you discover in the pouring rain and mud.

Straight to the tub for you my sweet girl. Girl??? you are in there under all that mud arent you??

Action shot. Look at the colour of that water will ya!! ICKY POOEY!And the mud on the floor! My bathroom will never be the same.

Yep she was under there alright...

Now her and big brother are inside on one of mummy's blankies getting warm and dry.
Oh and being watched closely by Mr Brucie, LOL.

So all is well again in the Thompson house...NOW CAN I PLEASE HAVE MY BREAKFAST ??????????
Good Grief it's almost time for lunch now!

Hope your Sunday morning is not as eventful as mine has been *smiles*
Stay in bed and have a few extra winks for me will ya !

Love N Pink Kisses

Shann xx


a bite of country cupcakes said...

Aaawwww,Poor Pooch!
I bet it was worth it to have a swim in the tub and a snuggle later on the blanket???
What an eventful morning,Shann...
Feet up plate of toast and a cuppa should finish it off nicely...Add some Chocolate in there too for a balanced diet!!
Take Care

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh poor baby!! Isnt it amazing how much we love our pets? I feel like I could do anything for my sweeties. I bet Shane didnt like waking up to that, lol!

Hope the rest of your days is relaxing :)

Love ya,

Kerryanne English said...

I think you need to sit those boys down and explain that this is NOT how mummy spends Sunday mornings...LOL

What a way to start the day Shann - hope you have all recovered and enjoy what remains of the weekend.

Bek said...

Poor puppy, sounds like a busy morning was had by all.

Hope you had a yummy brunch.... and the rest of the day involved less work:)


Ali said...

Oh poor oh Chloe, what a start to the day. Glad she is safe and sound, and i know that panic feeling alright. It is the worst. Glad you are all safe and sound. Talk soon cutie and your blog is always fun to read lol. ox Ali PS. hope you are feeling better real soon hon. ox

our shabby cottage said...

Poor Sweet girl. What a hero hubby is eh??!! :)

andrea said...

ooohhhhhhh!! I JUST LOVE THESE PHOTOS...AND THE RESCUE!! I WAS NEVER a doggie person...actually always was annoyed with people at the coffee shop with their pooch...OH but since I got sooty for my sons 10th birthday..nearly 10 yrs ago...He is my BABY!! hence my logo...and I am NOW A PATHETIC DOGGY PERSON..and as such..I am a much more tolerant...caring person for having a poodle (or whatever).. HE CARES AND LOVES ME (well i dov that for him)....i know that may sound silly...but it is true!!
loved visiting your blog...and sooo glad all is well re the pooch!!

Gail McCormack said...

Oh Shann what a worrying time you've had! Thank goodness all's turned out well
I can't believe how I worry about animals lately, what on earth is the matter with me?

Linda said...

Hi Shann,
Glad to hear that Chloe is ok, our dog Mackie is also scared of storms, he has gotten himself jammed under Pauls workbench, stuck under the car, and even run away twice, luckly he found his way home, now he just stratches on the back door when there is a storm coming and he hides in the bottom of the pantry.
Hope you have a great week.
Cheers Linda

Donna said...

Aaaw, the things we have to do for our furbabies! Glad that she got rescued and cleaned up!

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

Crazy doggie....I always check the pool first when I can't find sophee-a She fits right through the fence so I get so worried. She is scared of the water which makes it good,her big bro. loves the water but he knows how to get out.
Speaking of Sophee-a....I showed my pretty parasol pic that you made me~finally.

MelsRosePlace said...

Oh bless her muddy little paws..i am glad you found her albeit scared and mucky! i would have called the dog wash service! you are a brave and good dog-mum, Mel xxx