Saturday, 2 August 2008

The One Where Something Really Pulls At My Heartstrings......

So last night i was watching The Vicar of Dibley (i know, its the best right.) and they were discussing the important topic of 3rd world countries and the amount of people who were dying of starvation.
It really got me thinking and remembering....
Years ago, before Shane fell sick with Cancer, we sponsered a little boy through World Vision, from Swaziland called Ciniso...he would be the same age as Sam now i think....he was a sweet..i felt like he was partly mine. When Shane got so sick i wasnt sure what would happen to us financially so i cut back on alot of things....this included cancelling our sponsership of Ciniso..i was so sad and felt so guilty. I have always wondered about that little boy.....and today whilst cleaning Sams room i found a letter from his sister to us...

So i have just emailed World Vision with Ciniso's details in hope that they may find him for me....I will let you all know when i hear back.

You can sponser a child through World Vision HERE on their website. If you already have a sponser child then BLESS YOUR HEART and i'd love to hear about your sponser child. My mum has been sponsering a girl named Nathando from swaziland, for over 4 years now i think. YAY MUM.

So...then i was thinking about this

Remember the song ??

watch it HERE

Now why cant we do something like that again ???

Ok thats it from me, i dont mean to preach....BUT it gives you something to think about doesnt it?

Love N Pink Kisses and have a happy and safe weekend my friends.

Shann xxx


Connie said...

What a lovely sweetheart you are!! I'm certainly impressed. I give to many things also. My daughter sponsors a woman and her family in Africa too.

Candy said...

Dear Shannon
You are so sweet!
My Dad is on the board of World Vision Canada which is apart of the main World Vision. So WV is very close to our hearts in my family. I dont have a sponser child but I mail packages to several children overseas at Christmas time and during the year as well.
A nice post :)


Kelly said...

You have definitely got my attention and my interest!!!! I am going to look into it.......have a great week!!!


Shabby Vintage dreams said...

That's so great that people help other like that! Wish more people would it it. Some High Rollers waste money on silly things when they could be helping out others who ready do need help!!

Linda and Laura Lilly Cottage said...

Oh Shannon, I love that episode of the Vicar of Dibley, I own it and each time I see it my heart wants to break and I end up sobbing...usually something along the lines of 'this is supposed to be funny'..which is why it workd so well at getting the point across you are just not expecting it and I want to wear a white arm band too!! I do hope that your sponser child is returned to your 'care', look forward to your news. kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

You are such a sweetheart Shann...I definately need to look into this.

Please visit my blog...I have an award for you & your dear Mom.

Love & Hugs,
Carol Anne xo

joan said...

Hi Shannon,

What a great idea! You have a good heart girlfriend. Have a wonderful week.