Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Frolicking Bunnies and some pretties too!

Hi girls! I thought id take a break from the paint brushes and the jigsaw (as in electric, not puzzle)and show you a sweet lil somethin' ive just completed.
Ive been madly creating and selling my kitty cats...

But i really wanted to do a bunny....even better a pair of bunnies!
So without further ado..... here they are !

Arent they so stinkin' cute you could just spit!LOL.

Before i could list them they were already sold to my sweet friend
Amy @ Bunny Rose Cottage. Now we all KNOW they are gonna love living at Amys Bunny Cottage soooo much!

Look they've already started packing their suitcase.....they must be so excited!

And they're off......woops i think you dropped a carrot guys!

I hope they make it there safely to you Amy *grin*

**I have listed my bunnies and cats HERE on my website where you can place an order if you'd like**

***I received some goodies in the post today from another gorgeous gal, Kathryn over at ourshabbycottage. Ive been waiting for Kathryn to list these gorgeous rings and she was so sweet to keep me up to date on them so when they were finally ready i snapped em all up baby! They arrived yesterday all packaged in little boxes with pink ribbon and lots of care.
These are the 3 i got for myself,

Arent they gorgeous! Sam wanted to wear the big pink rose one to PreSchool *chuckle*
I also bought 2 rings for mum but she took hers home today b4 i could take a photo (due to someone named Sam who hid my camera from me..little ratbag, took me ages to find the thing).
I love having a mum who loves everything i do because none of my close friends get the whole girlie shabby chic thing at all...Good grief! So at least i can buy prezzies for my mum and i know she will like them.Plus she's a great mum and she deserves prezzies.
So THANKYOU Kathryn for the BEAUTIFUL rings...2 happy gals here thats for sure!

For those who have asked...Sam is doing a bit better at his new Preschool....still plenty of tears in the mornings but we are getting there slowly *smiles*
He is such a funny kid...makes me laugh with his imagination!

I'll leave you with a piccie of some of my pretty flowers on the front porch.

Have a gorgeous rest of the week my friends!

Love n Pink Kisses Always

Shann xxx


Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

SHANNON!!! I LOVE this post :) The bunnies are just the cutest bunnies I haveever seen! Just like from a story book!! Or a vintage greeting card! I promise to give them the best home :)

The kitty is gorgeous too!!! And so are your flowers! The jewelry is beautiful! Sam is so cute, I cant stand it! PLEASE give him a guts sqeeze for me :)

Love you lots sweetie :)

our shabby cottage said...

Those cats are just so gorgeous Shannon, and the bunnies too! So glad you like the rings! Were they worth waiting for??? LOL! Hugs, kathryn.

a bite of country cupcakes said...

Shann,You have been workin' hard!
Too Cute!
Love the new background on your blog too!

Those rings are something special...Never seen anything like them...
Take care of you and yours.xo

Kelly said...

Oh precious Sam, I hope he has many more precious days of preschool! and Big smiles and less tears!
Now for the bunnies, I love them I am going to have to order some of those ...they are adorable!! I have 4 bunnies of my own and they would look so cute hanging out by them!
And your rings, those are just too cute, I would have grabbed those too. And isn't it nice you Mum can share in the pretties with you??? it is nice to have someone who appreciates the *shabby* pink things! that is why I am so blessed to have YOU!!!

Love ya!!!

Candy said...

Love all your pretties!
Sam is so cute :)
I love your pretty flowers too!!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Shann! I love your new background :) I didnt see it last night when I posted. It is gorgeous, just like you :)

Love ya,

Kerryanne English said...

Hi Shann,
Wow a new background; so pretty and PINK of course.
Looks like you will have lots of orders for your 'Oh so cute' bunnies.
Love your primulas too - makes you feel like spring might just be on the way after all.

joan said...

Hi Shannon,

Love all of your new goodies you have made and those rings are really cute. Love the new background, I love the combo of pink and brown. Hope you are doing well and I'm glad your little guy is having a better time of it at school.

joan said...

Hi Shannon,

Love all of your new goodies you have made and those rings are really cute. Love the new background, I love the combo of pink and brown. Hope you are doing well and I'm glad your little guy is having a better time of it at school.

a bite of country cupcakes said...

Hey Shan after seeing your comment on my blog,
I went back over your older posts and read about your "Amy" post where you got "poofood"..Too Funny!
We sista truly share a bond....Oh and a love for pure toilet humour!

Jannet said...

Oh NO! Shannon....this was suppose to be just quick hello, to tell you that the package has arrived and I LOVE it ALL!! Thank you so much sweetie!! I will post about it later, I'm just in such a hurry right now.....and then I saw your bunnies.....Gosh gotta have me some...they are beyond adorable!!!!!!!!....no.. gotta hop on now... talk to you later....bunches of hugs!! Jannet

Rosa said...

Hello there Miss Shannon,
Those bunnies are adorable!
Sam is very creative, great imagination with those parasols!!
I'm so excited to be partners with you in Sarah's swap, looking forward to creating something fabulous for you!!!

Connie said...

My sweet little chickee, if your friends don't like the girly frou frou-y things maybe you should get "new FRIENDS"!! Hah.... But at least you have your mum! Those are so cute and I LOVE your little "story" about the bunnies. Amy will take good care of them for sure, honey!
Smoochies - PINK of course!

Cottage Rose said...

Good evening Shann; my first visit to your blog, and I must say that I am so glad I found you. Love your blog and your bunnies sooooo cute. I will definitely stop by again soon. Have a great Thursday.


Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

HEE HEE....I knew Amy would grab those. She knows cute when she sees it.
I love your posts and comments..you keep me in stitches..CRACK ME UP!
Like the blog look too.
Pawsh Hugs and kisses, Sheri

Holly said...

Love the suitcase for going to Amy's! Hee!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Sweetie! Thank you so much for the SWEETEST comment on my blog! I just love you Shannon, you always cheer me up and make me smile!

Big Hugs,

Counting Your Blessings said...

The bunnies turned out amazing! You're so wonderfully talented. Blessings... Polly (p.s. did that other package arrive?)

Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Shannon loving the new look of your blog - clever girl!!
Hope Sam is enjoying his new preschool better now. Some kids are just like that and will cry anyway. He'll be fine real soon.
Loved the post you did for your Mum!!

Shabby Vintage dreams said...

Hey Shann,
I love the new blog background!! very pretty!! Im also loving the rings you got from kathryn I have been admiring those for a while!! Super pretty!!
have a great weekend!

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

What darling little bunnies! I am sure they will have a nice new home!! So glad to hear that little Sam is hanging in there (and you too)!!

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Hi Shann!
I have really missed visiting your blog! I have been down with some kind of flu virus, yuk! Your blog was the first place I had to visit since I’m feeling better and wow, I have missed out on so much! I love the picture of your sweet Sam in his igloo! What a little cutie he is! I hope he is adjusting to preschool a little better, bless his heart. Love, love, love those bunnies they are just too darn cute…you are so talented sweetie!
Big Hugs,
Carol Anne