Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Dreaming of a Country Life

Well its no secret that im a country gal at heart. I really dont like cities and i dont really like living in the 'suburbs' either.
I wanna move soooo bad...i wanna run to the hill top Julie Andrews style in The Sound Of Music and sing soooo damn loud! Hmm doubt id sing The hills are alive with the sound of music, though.....maybe more of a Bon Jovi tune or something..,LOL.
Anyway my sweet friend Kylie over at abiteofcountrycupcakes is livin' my life! Oh how i envy her! Its ok, she knows that too :) Im so happy for Kylie and her family to have that beautiful country style life that i personally believe is the best way to live.

We are going to move, when the time is right....(she says all the while looking at the clock and asking Shane "IS IT THE RIGHT TIME YET ??????")
BoooHooo i just wanna go NOW. Im so impatient. When i get an idea in my head i just wanna ROLL WITH IT BABY!

Oooooh i long to have cattle again, horses, goats, chickens and ducks.....and PINK gumboots and overalls of course to go out and feed them all in *giggle* And a pink flowery hat in summer too right *GRINS*

Oh anyhoo....theres a house we found a few months back.....we fell in love with it so much... BUT (dont you just hate those kinda but's?) it is not the time for us financially to buy it...oooooh i could cry and spit all at the same time!
Then just now....ok about an hour ago.....i went online to 'check my house' and well it was still there....and the price was dropped too.....i rang Shane and told him, then started screaming hysterically...CAN I HAVE MY HOUSE NOW??????
You know what he said dont you? yup he said NO, STILL NO.
Phooey he is a big spoil sport (just between you, me and the fence post, i had a little cry).

This is the house on the link below and you will see more info and piccies too...and you'll see why i cried.

NOW YOU SEE ???? oooh cant you see me repainting and redecorating in there????

Oh i know things happen for a reason...i just wish they were happening us.
I hope whoever buys her will love her and look after her as i would.

AND if she is still there when we are ready then it was MEANT TO BE....if not , well then thats because something better was waiting for us all along.

Like Kylie said in her post....Sometimes you cant rush or push things, you need to let things find YOU.
Thanks Kylie....that kinda made my day sweets :)

Have a beautiful day everyone! Oh and prayers for me to win the lottery would be much appreciated *wink wink*

Lotsa love n pink kisses

(p.s. thanks for the get well wishes...Sam and I are both still feeling BLAH but we will be ok ) Oh i know what would make us feel much better! A NEW HOUSE !!!!! and i know just the place too.......hee heee hee.



a bite of country cupcakes said...

Oh Shann,
You are so where I was a few months back...
After years of wanting to do the "move" Before kids were born after number 1 and then finally doing it after bubba number 3!!
It is the best!
I have though had to sacfrice having friends and family close and had to go for a smaller house(big sacrifice for me!!)
And buy the black and white polka dot gumboots as they had no cherry ones in my size!!!!
But we gave up our share in our buisness and my hub's went back to workin for a boss..All to make it happen!
I felt suffocated in the "burbs"
and knew what my soul needed was a slower pace and space.
Boy I got it!
There is always the doubters...We had lots a them too!
Why Would you live there??
Why so far from shops??
Well..Good think that so I can keep it all to myself!
Everyone knows what their needs are.
You do need to be pro active and "nike" it!(just do it!)
But we tried earlier to move and was'nt happening and now look!
Keep the faith you will soon be washing mud and poo off clothes,floors and everything else soon..
I just know it!
You deserve to have a bite of this life for sure!
As for shops I used to sit at train lines and traffic lights to get to our plaza for up to 10 mins ..Now I am 7 mins away to country shops and 20 mins to the city and 55mins to Melbourne!
Just not a priority,eh?

My problem is I never want to leave home:)
Take Care sweetie and dream big!!
It'll all happen..It will!

a bite of country cupcakes said...

That place by the way Shann is gorgeous!! But more a Manor than a country house!!
Not too much gumboot wearing goin' on there:)

Kerryanne English said...

Shann, some dreams are worth waiting for.

Be patient, yours must be just around the corner.

Keeping my fingers crossed for lotto.....LOL

Katrina Chambers said...

Hi Shannon - what a great house! Honestly I think that's a great price for all the features it has!! I am sure there is a grand plan for you and you will have your way soon. Start practicing 'The Secret'!!! :)

My Petite Maison said...

Oh Sweet Shann,
I feel for you (because I'm in the same boat), let's get out, okay?

I can easily see you on the top of that Julie Andrews mountain singing Livin on a Prayer!

Hang in there, it'll happen like you said, when the time's right. I know, just want it now (I get it big time). I could easily see you redecorating from ceiling to floor, just invite me and I'll help any old time.

Hey, my hubbies Shane too (Shayne) do you think they're in cohoots together with some big plan to surprise us some time soon? A double plan? Hmmm...

My Petite Maison said...

Oh my Gosh a Roonies~

I just went and looked at it - only the yard part. I can easily see why you want the live the "Country Lifestyle". It's gorgeous ;)

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Your dream home is just beautiful Shannon!! Hold on to your dream! You never know what may come! Glad you and Sam are a bit better!

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Is there an extra room??? I want to live there too! (BTW, could your new
blog design be cuter???? LOVE IT!)

M ^..^

Alison Gibbs said...

OMG Shannon that place is fabulous and even more fbulous price!!LOL
I mean it's a bargain.
I think I'd be crying and screaming for it!!
Never mind there is something out there just waiting for the time to be right.

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh my gosh Shannon!!! That house is fabulous! I love it! I can see why you would want to live there it is stunning! I know just how you feel about loving and living in the country. That is how I feel too! Your home is beautiful and you have so many happy memories there I am sure :) That is what I try and think about when I want a bigger house!

I am so sorry you still arent feeling well :( What did you both have? Poor you and Sam, I hate the thought of you both ill.

Sending big hugs,

Bek said...

I love the house, but if the time is not right it might not be right for you. There could be an even better house around the corner.
But I know how you feel. I am there at the moment also.

Jannet said...

Oh Shannon that place is gorgeous, I can understand your tears, I want to move to Australia now, such beautiful country...My dream house would be something like the Ryans in McLeods, gosh I loved that house!!! I'm waiting for my chance of a little cottage too, cuz I'm a country gal by heart. Hang in there sweetie it'll happen!!!
Tons of Hugs, Jannet

Chantilly Cottage said...

Hi Shannon
Wow!! That house is gorgeous ...
Shame that the time is not right just yet but when it is another truly gorgeous house will be there waiting for you.
Glad to here that you are over you flu...
Take care sweetness.
Hugs.. Deb x

Connie said...

Ohhh, Shannon, I can soooooo see you decorating and painting that house! I went through every single room and loved that place. It's gorgeous. Isn't that a bit high for property though. Maybe a bit more talking would convince him!! Yes, chickee, it has Shannon written all over it. Love the sun room and the entry area best.

Kelly said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I am crying with you! I say I move from the States ...go in halves with ya....and we BOTH move in!! haha!!
That house is just as sweet as sweet can be......I will pray for lottery blessings for you!!! lol
But as you said if it is meant to be it will, and if not then there is something better waiting :)
Love ya!

big ((hugs)) to you and Sam to feel better!

Sharon said...

What a gorgeous home. I would want it too. We are looking right now for a place in the country and it is sooooo hard! We have been looking for 3 years and nothing is working out. I guess the Lord wants us to stay here for now. I hope your dreams come true!

:0) Sharon

Sharon said...

What a gorgeous home. I would want it too. We are looking right now for a place in the country and it is sooooo hard! We have been looking for 3 years and nothing is working out. I guess the Lord wants us to stay here for now. I hope your dreams come true!

:0) Sharon

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Wish you could have your house. Keep believing! Twyla

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

let me just say this careful what you wish for. I have a 5 bedroom, 3 bath with a 3 car garage..I love the outside of my big blue house.....not really much property.. a pool and some extra backyard space.
Lately I have been dreaming of downsizing. I am tired of trying to keep up with it all, work, and still have time to create and play. Lately it has been all work and no play. I want to enjoy my life and right now my house..payments and cost of upkeep are making me batty. I would love to have your cozy setting...want to trade?
Perk least you have a nice home and love resides there :)

Laurie said...

That sounds like the life for me too! I totally understand how you feel and I will send some prayers out your way.

Sue said...

Hi Shannon, after reading your post, I was picturing a homestead style with barns etc. But this is on the grander scale!!! It might not be the one, but you'll find one when the time is right! Good luck, and make sure you have lots of room for us to all visit!

Donna said...

That home looks quite delicious! You never know when dreams come true!

Pearl Maple said...

Good luck in that lottery win!

As a displaced person myself, longing for places is a feeling that we know well, but as a really creative person it is possible to live part of that life in your own suburban back yard.

Thank you for the inspiration in the redecorating plan, its coming along slowly but beautifully.

Have been cruising blog land looking for some new swaps, seen any good ones coming up?

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Oh, what an absolutely gorgeous house! I looked at all the pictures and it is fabulous, I especially like the kitchen and the sunroom! Hang in there sweetie, I just know all your dreams will come true.
Hope you and Sam are feeling better, sending you both hugs.
Love You,
Carol Anne

Pearl said...

Hi Shann... What a beautiful house... no wonder you're anxious to get it and turn it into a home... I feel your pain, big time.

Thank you for your recent visit and for such sweet words. You're a very caring soul, Shann... ~hug~ ... I'm feeling a bit better, now, thanks... I go back to the Dr. on Monday... I hope that you and your awesome guys are doing well... God bless...

~big hugs~

Candy said...

Hi Shann :)
It is a pretty house but I bet since its not the right time, you will find an even prettier one when the time is right!
lovecandy :)

Screaming Meme said...

I love your blog! Id love to invite you to my blog...Im teaching a faux class...It's alot of fun!

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Well Shannon I have to tell you that you do get there eventually. It took us quite a while to get to my dream house on top of a mountain but we are here now. Still hard work and the garden is a mess but you do get there in the end. plus we are lucky as we have the best of both worlds as we are still only under an hour from town, plus we live next to the village so all good. So hang in there, step by step!

Deb said...

OMG thaat house is to die for, I see why you want it so, and the price, I thought it would be a lot more than that, wow. Keep hoping, never give up hope, good things come to those who wait. And I hope you shake that flu soon, nothing worse thatn a cold or the flu when the weather is warm. Stay warm and keep dreaming, oh and I would so paint that hosue pink lol, and YES I would have had a cry as well. Cheers Deb.