Friday, 15 August 2008

Friday Flea Market....And a prezzie for me ???....yeehaaa

Ohmygosh do you ever sit down to type and just go blank? ACK thats me right now. Im blank. Maybe the blonde hair thing is true...hmmm. For me anyway.
But seriously, i had all this stuff to say (you know, more raving on) and now NOTHIN', ZIPPO, ZILCH. Space For Rent sign inside my head.
Good Grief Charlie Brown!

Ok so i'll just get on with the Friday Flea Market Goodies then shall i ?
Item # 1
sweet lil cruet set for a whole purse bustin $5.00 plus $5.00 postage for us aussies gals and $12.00au Postage for OverSeas.

Item # 2
Gorgeous Lustre Swan Dish. I used to collect Lustre ware but im thinning some out.This piece is beautiful. If you collect or just like lustreware you will love it.
$15.00au plus $10.00 postage within australia. Email me for an exact O.S postage cost.

Just comment me or email me @ if you'd like to purchase!
Thats all the bargains i have this week. Im in the process of checking out just exactly whats hiding in the boxes of my storage cupboards....goodness only knows!
Come to think of it i havent seen the neighbours cat for a kitty kitty kitty...

****Now today i heard the parcel man pull up out the front..i waited for that lovely knock knock at the door to tell me i had a parcel...waiting...waiting a bit more...nope, nothing...FROWN.Bugger. Then a little while later i went to collect the junk mail from the letterbox and wouldnt cha know it THERE WAS A PARCEL INSIDE !!!! I let out a huge WHOOP WHOOP YAY and confirmed for my neighbours that yes i am infact a little bit insane.
I dont care but
I GOT A PREZZIE..and yep im saying that with my tongue poking out and a little NERR NERR at the end !

So my prezzie came from my new gal pal KYLIE @ abiteofcountrycupcakes.It was a JUST COZ prezzie. Awww arent they the absolute best sort!
Lookie what she sent me....even a little jigsaw puzzle for Sam. (I swear this kid is just reaping the benefits of me getting parcels)

How stinkin cute and sweet is that faux sundae!!! Kylies makes some very sweet goodies so go to her blog and have a little lookie! Also a sweet lil Paint Mine Pink dish that i have now put some old buttons in, and a gorgeous lil angel who shall hang over my desk and watch over me while im working (oh ok, blogging and chatting, who am i kidding).
* Kylies son Lucas included a drawing of lots of random pics for Sam, including Spongebob which i must say was a huge hit with Sam! Unfortunately Sam has 'filed' the picture away in his 'special folder' and apparantly i am not allowed to look at it now. So no pic just yet. Funny kid.

Lately the painting bug has really hit me which is good and bad...good because i love to paint but bad because i also love to sleep and unfortunately for me the 2 dont seem to go hand in hand. Oh well. Suffer for your art hey!
SO anyhoo expect lots of painting from me in the next few weeks cause i am going all crazy-like with the brushes!
I did this lil cupcake cutie last night while i was watching Will and Grace...ya gotta love that show! It's listed on my website now...HERE

Ok lovelies im off now and NO i havent remembered what i was going to say at the beginning of this post..hee hee heee...the mind boggles huh?

Have a gorgeously fun and sweet weekend and stay safe !

Luv n pink kisses

Shann xxx


a bite of country cupcakes said...

Wow! I am the first to comment!
Glad you liked your goodies:) and Sam!
My fella just always has to have a hand in EVERYTHING!!!I do!
And is seriously into making and drawing at the moment!

I soooo can relate to te whole sleep depravation thing!
If it ain't one of my kiddos ,It's the craft bug biting badly!!!
(or the checking and altering blog bug!!!!)
Anyway thanks for all your sharing that inspired me to do the same!:)

a bite of country cupcakes said...

OH,I so love,love that cupcake picket...
Where do you come up with these cuties????


hee hee Kylie, its what happens when i dont sleep...
i dont know...the brush just goes and i follow ...LOL

Bek said...

I love the gift you got, it is so special when someone sends something just because. And the picket is sooooo cute, I love the background colour.


Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

What a sweet gift to recieve Shannon! I love the sundae! And how sweet of her son to include pictures for Sam! What a little doll!

SHANNON!!!!! You keep on making the cutest things and I Want them all! I am going to end up in divorce, lolol!!! I LOVE that cuppie picket!!

Big Hugs,

Holly said...

A cuppie cake picket! CUTE! Shannon...You just overflow with cuteness creativity! When I don't sleep, I just get depressed. :<


Sweet dreams!

debargus said...

Hi Shann. OMG I cant believe it, I painted a white fence post like that (A tad smaller though) last night with the intentions of painting roses on it, lol I got 10 of them for $1 each at the local bunnings store in the scrap timber bin. I am so loving your creations, and I am so inspired to make my "pretty room" too. Thankyou for the wonderful ideas. And like you I tend to stay up very late doing things as well, I find I am more creative in the wee hours of the mornings. Cheers Deb.

MelsRosePlace said...

Hi Shannon, sorry its been way too long between visits for me. Love your new blog look - its lovely. Great to catch up on all your news, Melinda xxx

Kelly said...

Isn't it great to get a *just because * gift!!! Bloggers rock!!
Enjoy your things and you guys have a wonderful weekend!!! love ya lots and big hugs!!


Dolly said...

Oh My GOSH girlfriend!
I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOOVE your new lay out! I have been tossing around the idea of painting our bedroom chocolate brown with pink accents and now look at you.... its like fate!
I love it!!!!!

Ok now I am really diggin the cuppy cake picket but I am drooling over the heart chair behind it! It has my name on it!
Dolly Dolly Dolly!!!!!! {HEART}

Pink Cherry Hugzzzzzzz,

P.S. Hi Sweet Sam :-)