Saturday, 30 August 2008

BLING YOUR BIRDCAGE...(and ive found my girls)

Got a bird cage laying around that needs some help in the Frou Frou Department??
Well let me introduce you to Birdcage FROU FROU extraordinaire, and all round BLING MASTER.....Samuel 5 !!

Take one very basic birdcage...

Get mummy to spray it a little bit to freshen it up...remove the base (and bird first of course)LOL.

Then take one cute (and very funny) kid

and then let him loose with the birdcage and some of mummy's stuff.

Hey enough posing, you're not done yet!

Get back to work.................yes thats better.

AND FINALLY...after much frustration and hissy fitting to get it 'just right' (oh no, not by me)

I present to you.....
Sam's Instant Blinged Birdcage!

Isn't that the sweetest and most stinkin' cute thing you ever saw! I taught him everything he knows...LOL.

Now I've been told quite bluntly that i can never move it.....hmmm makes the work space on my desk a little bit crowded *wink*

Funny kid....but I'll play along *grin*

Oh, Sams One off, Original Masterpiece Birdcage is for sale at the very reasonable price of 1.25 million $.
Thats fair dont you think??

Ok so now i have to let you all know that I've finally found MY GIRLS ! Oh you lot had me wetting myself laughing at your i wasn't running around looking for my boobs!! *fits of laughter* But yep that would have been a pretty darn funny sight...or a scary not so sure LOL..

So i can finally add you all back on to my favs...ahhh breathes a sigh of relief.
(don't feel sad if you're names not there right may take a while)

Now off you all go and have a happy and safe weekend!
Lotsa Love and Pink Kisses

Shann xxx


our shabby cottage said...

Mmmm, it's like "pimp my cage" isn't it?? Sam did a great job. Son's are great - mine are so appreciative of my love for girly, pink and pretty and they are my best critics! Amazing isn't it?
Well done Sam!!!
Hugs, Kathryn.
PS. did you receive my goodies yet?

Donna said...

hahahaha, he did great!

nbeltane said...

sam thats the most awsomeness birdie cage i have ever seen, well done..

shan.. your girls were not missing just on a little holiday :)



Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

So lovely!!! He is the sweetest isn't he?

Cottage Rose said...

Sam you did a spectacular job on your bird cadge. Your Mommy has taught you well. Shannon I am so happy that you found your girls, I was getting kind of worried for you. Now that I know what is was you really lost. lol' Have a wonderful weekend.


Sharon Ellery said...

Absolutely priceless! Lots of bling going on there :-)

Kerryanne English said...

That is one creative little man there Shann (just like his mamma), so you had better watch out or he wil be taking over the workroom next. LOL

Dolly said...

Aw Sam that is soooooo pretty!
My birdie Kiwi would love to live in that pretty bird cage!

Hugz, Cherry Dolly

Pearl Maple said...

Delightful cage decor from your little man. He is a sweetie to help you with all your shabby projects.

Nothing worse than losing your girls though, how sad to loose all your links. As much as technology is great to allow us all to visit each other through blogs, sometimes it just drives you to distraction.

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

SAM! You did a beautiful job sweetie! You definitely take after your gorgeous mummy! WOW! I love all of your beautiful details! I defiinitely think it is worth a million dollars!

Shannon, that is the sweetest thing ever!!! Dont you just love these little guys? They sure know how to tug at mum's heartstrings!!!

Love you both,

Anonymous said...

Awww, so cute...Sam is very talented like his mom!! Great Job Sam!

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