Saturday, 23 August 2008


okey dokey so this weeks theme is SWEETS..ahh yes something close to my heart (and my tummy...and my butt...and my thighs...hmmm) *wink*
Thanks Tegan for choosing a SWEET theme for this challenge.

Tegan has chosen me to be the next host *SQUEEELLLLLS WITH DELIGHT* so read on and i'll tell you the theme at the end of my post!

Now...without further ado...
Bring On The Sweets!!!!

Some of my faux treats from the early days LOL....

Yummy candy! Furry Friends chocolate, banana lollies, jaffas (oops wont be long b4 they are in my tumm)and meringues!

Now the BEST SWEET OF ALL...My son Sam *smiles*

** Now all this talk of sweet made me think of songs about sweet stuff and now i cant get Sweet Caroline outta my head...which is not so bad because i love Neil Diamond anyway !LOL.

Ok so you are all thinking COME ON SHANNON whats the next theme?????

Ok i thought and i thought and i thought some more....Uh where were the jaffas while i was doing all that thinking ..???


So get out into the great outdoors and start snappin those photos! Let your imagination go crazy and get close to nature at the same time!
Date of this challenge will be Friday the 5th of September.
I hope you can all join in !
If you havent participated b4 just pop on over to the Brenda Photo Challenge Blog and let us know you'd like to join in!

Here are the rules for the next lucky hostess.

1. If you're asked to host the next challenge, and you accept the mission, pick a date (usually two weeks gives everyone time to gather their subjects and snap their photos).
2. Pick a theme (can be anything that tickles your fancy).
3. Post the rules and the next host, on your post. The next host then does the same!


Have a great weekend and now im off to blog hop!

Love and Pink Kisses,
Shann xx


teegs said...


I love your pictures.
Love jaffas, they are very yummy.
Unfortunately I cant really eat them because I now have braces.

Sorry for the confusion about the next host, But looking forward to taking pictures of 'Things With Wings'

Tegan xoxo

teegs said...

I had asked Penny from Penny n Pounds but I hadn't heard from her so I asked you. Can you please ask her to be the next host after you.

Thanks, Tegan xo

a bite of country cupcakes said...

Good job on the photos Shann !
And the next theme..Things with wings...You rock sista!!

Kerryanne English said...

Hope you are feeling better Shann.
Sam certainly is SWEET!!!

Just Joni said...

great job with the photos...they are all very...nice (you thought I was going to say sweet didn't you?) *wink

Maria said...

Haha, *sweet* post! Sam's the sweetest ;)
Thanks for the next theme things with wings! And thanks for hosting next challenge!

Jeanette said...

Love the sweet pictures, especially the sweet boy! Looking forward to the next challenge. Great idea!!

Donna said...

Wonderful SWEETS!! And such a sweet Babydoll he is to!! Well done! Am looking forward to Things with Wings!! Happy weekend...hughugs

Tabitha said...

I love the photos ~ very sweet.
Looking forward to the next challenge ~ I will have to take my camera out and about with me these next few weeks!!
love and hugs XXXX

Donna said...

Your sweets are just lovely, particular Sam, LOL!

Ah, I get to stalk some wildlife for next time, huh?! yeah!

joan said...

Hi Shannon,

Love all of your sweets especially your sweet little guy. Great theme for next the next challenge, I've been trying to get a photo of the hummingbirds that come to my feeder, maybe I'll get lucky before the next one. LOL Have a good weekend Shannon. Are you feeling better? I bet all the sweets make you perk up!

jenn said...

your first picture looks so SWEET! lol!

Jeanne said...

Beautiful pictuers and presentation as always. And a very interesting new challenge for us!

Brenda said...

Wonderful photos Miz Shannon and you've complimented them so well with your lovely sense of humor. Thank you so much for joining us!

Cindra said...

Love your photos... and I am looking forward to the next topic. Saturday I start my photography class at our local zoo!!!! Just in time! Can't wait!

Dolly said...


How fun!
I might want to join in...this sounds fun!

Have a great weekend sweetpea!

Hugz, Dolly

Sally said...

Aw, your Sam does have such a SWEET smile. Great photo's. Glad you were able to join in this time. Looking forward to "wings". :)

The Hallman Tribe said...

great photos for this challenge........ and i love the new theme you have! let me go get on some clothes and hit the outside to find some wing things!

Sybil said...

What great pictures. Looking forward to the next challenge!

Rue said...

Hi Shannon :)

I need something sweet to eat now! I have chocolate somewhere in my purse I think ;)


The Shoup Family said...

Love your layout Shannon with the sweets pictures. It didn't even occur to me to use multiple ideas for sweets. But hey makign the sweets... I guess that is all inclusive with the fam! Thanks for stopping by... I look forward to the next challenge chica!!


bichonpawz said...

Hi there! I'm a new visitor to your blog, but also love the color pink!! Terrific blog...hope it's ok if I add you to my blogroll! Glad to hear you are feeling better!

Karen M said...

Love your challenge photos! They are all very sweet indeed. Looking forward to the next challenge. Sounds like fun!!

Sharon Ellery said...

Love your sweet photos. They are so pretty, and Sam looks so cute. Great sweets. Looking forward to the next challenge.