Saturday, 22 September 2007

Yellow Rose Day

The lovely Polly @ Counting Your Blessings is hosting Yellow Rose Day for all us gals who love Yellow Roses.
Ok i was meant to do this yesterday (friday) but i totally forgot.... SORRY POLLY. Here i am but and better late than never right !
So sit back and relax and soak up the beauty of the Yellow Rose....dont they just make the day seem all that much brighter .....

One of my Original Paintings featuring a jug of Yellow Roses

Some of my tins with the sweetest Yellow Roses

My Yellow Rose Faux Cupcakes!

I hope you enjoyed them!
Thanks Polly for including me in your day :)



Michelle E. ~ Vintage Pastiche' said...

Hi Shannon! I came on over from Polly's blog. I did the Yellow Rose Day too. Your pictures are beautiful. I love your faux cupcakes. :)

Since we're all still on Friday, I won't tell anyone! ;)


Lori said...

Shannon, Please tell Sam the man Auntie Lori in the U.S. will make sure he has some Halloween!!! Mom's box is on the way! mailed Thursday and they said 6-10 days! Does Sam or has Sam seen anything special Halloween that he finds interesting? I'll email you this weekend, lots to talk about! Sorry I've been out of touch, my computor has been running weird and today finally had it taken care of! Love and hugs, Lori P.S. Pampered Chef has a website with their products, there for cooking and we have home shows where they come A lady and demonstrates the new products and how to use them and she will make a recipe or two!

Counting Your Blessings said...

You are so amazingly talented! I just love looking at all your goodies. I've never been able to figure out the faux cakes and cupcakes thing. And you paint so beautiful! I love your post. I'll make sure Michelle sees it too. Blessings... Polly

Scrappy Moments said...

Shann, I knew I would love coming to your blog today, Course I always do... Beautiful Job. I just love Your Faux Cupcakes. So Pretty!


Back Through Time said...

You did such a great job! Love your blog!!

Alison Gibbs said...

Love the yellow roses - even if they are a day late. Don't worry they are on time some where in Blogland.

Shabby Vintage Dreams said...

Everything you paint is gorgeous bella!!
Hugs Mandii

FarmHouse Style said...

You are so talented. I love, love, love the picture you painted:)

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...


My two favorite roses are pink and yellow! Yours are so beautiful! I LOVE the yellow rose painting!!! That is just gorgeous :) Your post is so cheerful and made me feel happy! Thank you, I needed that!


KARA said...

oh shann gorgoeus items as always, i love the cupcakes and your painting oh your house must make you smile everytime you wake up there.
Yellow roses are mine and my hubby's flower since the day we met as they mean true love forever.
love you lots

Laurie said...

Oh look at all your lovely yellow pretties. I hope you had fun with the game.